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Project Organization (A To Do List That Works)

teacher avatar Katrina Manetta, Business Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating The Worksheet

    • 3. Conclusion

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About This Class


Do you ever feel like there's not enough time to do the things that matter to you? What about that project you've been putting off for a year because theres not enough time? I personally believe that we can do it all and it is my mission to show you how it can be done.

In this class, you will learn how to manage multiple projects at once. Those projects can be anything from loosing weight and spending more time with family to reading a book and renovating your kitchen. You can take on as many or as little projects as you'd like. I'll also provide you with productivity hacks to give you the experience like you actually have more time in your day. 

Skills needed: Basic understanding of excel

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katrina Manetta

Business Coach


Hi friends!

My name is Katrina Manetta. I am a brand builder, business coach, and spiritual teacher. I am destined to show you how to have anything you want. 

With over 10+ years in the self development industry,  a background in religious/spiritual studies, and successfully coaching individuals in building brands, businesses, and beautiful lives, I am here to give you what I know. 

Currently I own an online beauty franchise, where I manage and mentor a tribe of women who are reaching for the stars.

Follow me on Instagram to get deeper in my head

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1. Introduction: hi, guys. And welcome to this class project organization of to do list that works. So I'm so glad that you're here, and I really want to just give you a little bit about what the classes about. So this class is on how to organized multiple projects at once. So for me personally, I have usually three or four projects going on at once. I'm a blogger, and I just finished up school. I just reorganized and completely read in my entire room. And I'm in the middle of a seminar Siris on my computer. So I wanted to know how Mina manages all, and I went out and found a way to do that. So I'm sharing with you guys in this class the way I manage my projects or my to do list. And I really hope that it gives you guys invite value on how to do worth. So for this craft, you will need some basic excel skills. Nothing technical at all. Um, I use Google sheets, which is a form of excel, and I'll also leave a link for you guys to see how to use that. Lastly, I love for you guys to visit my blawg at e l l e k. I'm that come where I share even more tips and tricks on how to manage your crazy lifestyle . So, guys, if that suits you, please enroll in this class. It will give you lots of value on a managing your to do list and your projects, so enroll and keep watching. 2. Creating The Worksheet: Okay, so for this section, I'm going to show you how to create the project organization. She So, as you can see, right now, I have a blank spreadsheet. I'm using Google Sheets. I really like to use Google sheets. Um, because you can access it from your phone and updates if you change anything on your phone that I can go to my computer. And if I made the changes, it's there. So it's just like an always automatically updated, but she I'm so if you don't know how to do that, I will leave a little link in, um, in the about page off the class and you can learn how to use Google sheets. Okay, So as you can see right now, the worksheet is blank. Um, it's an Excel document. Google Sheets is an Excel document. Um, but it's through Google instead of Microsoft Word Microsoft office. Um, it's a blank sheet. Besides that, I have project organization appear in the title, and then down here, I have some tabs, so that's the first thing you're gonna want to do. You can title it, whatever you like. Mine is just park project organization. Um and then down here. I have in combined Project one project to Project three something to show you how I enter this information into the book deep. So I'm in a first star at Project One. I'll show you the combined tapped effort, er, after we finished project born project to in Project three. So this is gonna be a project of something that's either ongoing, re occurring or something that just has several tasks that need to get done. So, for example, something re occurring might be like every week I need to do laundry. Or every week I need to clean the house or 3 to 4 times a week. I need to wash my hair, something like that. So I'm gonna call this the chores, spreadsheets, other tourist project, and you can just enter that there. You could enter it down here to reading the chap. Okay, so then on this tap A, you're going Teoh, enter the different chores that need to be done, and then in Tabby, you're gonna enter the date. So, for example, laundry, laundry, laundry, laundry. So I'm gonna do one month's worth off project organization. You can make this a full year's out if you want, you can make this, um, one week, you can do whatever you want, but I'm gonna do one month, so there's four weeks in a month generally. So that's why I put laundry down four times. Okay, so now I'm entering day and date. I like day and date because I like to know the day of the week and then the actual date, it's gonna happen. So, for example, say I'm gonna choose do laundries on Saturday, so I'm just gonna go ask for Saturday. I use s for Saturday and Sunday. It doesn't really confuse me. If it does, you can do essay a few What? Our whatever. Symbol of the day of the week. You could literally right Saturday if you wanted. So we'll just do that. Okay, so the data day is Saturday, and now I'm gonna enter the dates of the month that Saturday falls on. So we're gonna do for July. That would be July 9th, July 16 July 23rd in July 30th. Okay, but now I'm gonna enter my other tours, so that might be, um, clean house and say I want to do that weekly. So again, that's gonna be four times and they want a clean house on Thursdays. And then every Thursday would be 77 7 14 7 21 10 7 28 Okay, so I also like to do another tab here, which is called Symbol, and this will be the chore Sin ball ch. That just kind of, um, helps me for when I go to the combined tab, which you'll see at the end. Okay, so now I'm gonna for Mantis. I'm going. Teoh, just make this little more reader friendly. Um, So you conform in it however you like, um, you can see here how I'm formatting it. I'm just making you go in the middle. I'm gonna make this to have a little bit bigger, okay? And then you always want to color code your different projects. So for this, um, I am going to color it dark blue like that. Okay, now, this is the really important part. So once you have this filled out, you can go up here and highlight the section. Then you're going to go to data filter, and as you can see what that did, is it added thes little drop downs? These little drop down things, and you're always going Teoh sort by this date tab and then a tizzy, which really just means alphabetical order. But since it's a date, it's gonna do no more numerical order from theory. Earliest date to the late estate. So now you can see it arranged my project in the border of the dates. So what this is supposed to say 7 28 So you can see if you just made a mistake there. My date was off. I can see it better than I did before. And then I just sorted again. And now it went back into order. Okay, so now I'm going to enter project to and so say, for example, maybe you're in school. Maybe you have, um, a project of something you want to work on at your home. Um, like fixing the kitchen cabinet, something like that. So it's usually a project that's gonna take more than one day. Or maybe it's an ongoing list. Um, for example, I'm a blogger, and so I always have things. Did you for my blawg new posts to put up. So I just continue to add to my project. It's called my project was called Blawg, and then I continue to add things to my list. So in this example for project to I'm just going to enter, um, maybe like a school schedule, like a syllabus that you can just simply enter. Okay, So as you can see, I entered, um, a class syllabus in here. You don't really have to know what all this means, but it basically just copied a syllabus, and I put it in here, Um, the symbol here. It's a communication class. So I put that for the symbol. The class, um, actions that need to be complete are here. So, um, you can see that. And then the day in the date on, then I also added things that were in the syllabus. So that's another thing to keep in mind that you can add other tasks that you might not directly see. So, for example, um, say that this was due on the 13th. And then after that, I want to review it. And then the exam is on the state for things that are like that, I absolutely have to be done on that date. I put in bold lettering. So for example, on exam. It's going to be done that date. So I bowled it on. And then, like I said, I added in the task review the day before and again over here, I reviewed the day before this. So just the task that I need to get done. Okay, so then again, I'm going to highlight list, go into data, filter views, hopes, give me filter, and it adds a little tabs. And then I can go here and sort it in case something wasn't sorted. And then again, a minute. Do that for project three. So for project three, I'm gonna give you a little insight to my blawg and how I get that done. Okay, so for this one, I just entered about a week's worth of stuff that needs to be done for my blawg. And that would be, like, the third week of July. Um, And so, like I said, this is totally your strategy. You can completely customize it and change it the way you want it to. And you can always add to these lists or not add whatever you need to do. So again, highlight. Does Dad uh, filter and make sure the dates are in order. Okay, Perfect. So now here comes the really cool part under combined. So I'm gonna go to each of my projects, and you can have his money projects if you want. I think my current one has, like, five or six projects on it. Just running to do list, basically. So I'm gonna go into my chores is the 1st 1 And for combining, like to just do it weeks worth. Otherwise, it gets to be way too long, you know? So I'm just going to go to a week. So the first week of July already passed, Um, so the first week of July already passed, but I'm gonna do the week July 3rd to July 9th. So I'm going to come over here and highlight everything from July 3rd in Iowa July 9 and copy it and then paste it into combined. And then I'm gonna go to class and do the same thing July 3rd through July 9th in paste. And then same with my block. There was nothing for July 3rd through the July night ball Action Day date. I'm just formatting this right now, okay? So good. And I'm gonna highlighted again. And this is where the magic comes in. Data filter change this sort. And now I can see him. What needs to be done in order. Okay, so let's let's go to the third week of July just so we can get a better idea. Okay, so the third week of July is July 17th through July 23rd. So I would highly thies to and copy it when I like. The do is change toe black so that I know that I don't have to use those anymore. Go to combined and paste. Same thing in class July 17th through the 23rd copy. Make it the lack and paste and my last 1 July 17 through the 23rd copy Make it black. Go to combined and paste. And now so what? This usually was end up looking like a sense. It's 1/3 week of July and I'm doing the combined bi weekly. These would all be blacked out. Um, from previously entering them in the combined. Okay, make this readable. Just formatting again. And the magic Thor. And then what? I really liked video you Like I said, I usually five projects on here so listless would be like way down here. But, um, then I can just take here and put a bottom border to separate the days. So here's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So now when I go into my list, I can see what needs to be done on each day of the week. So Monday on my to do list is just one thing Tuesday of two, you know, And then that way I can even kind of arrange some different things. I can say, You know what? Thursday is looking a little busy. You know, I have to go to that That luncheon. I'm gonna take clean house, and I'm gonna do it on Friday instead. And so then you can just rearrange your schedule the way you need to arrange it. But now it's all clearly defined. You can see it in one place, and it really just works for me. So that's how you create a project organization. She 3. Conclusion: Okay, guys. So that's how I manage my to do list and my projects. I hope that that provided you with some sort of value on that it will make it easier for you to manage your multiple products. So, like I said, please visit my block at e l l e k m dot com. I have a lifestyle in leadership block, So I talk about all sorts of different subjects, ranging from productivity all the way down to fashion and food. So I really hope that you guys will check that out. Also have a YouTube channel. Same ideas. My block. You can visit me at my user name, Katrina Monetta, and keep up with me. Guys, I really hope you enjoy this class and I will see you guys next time.