Project Management Skills for Travel Planning | Wendy Riches | Skillshare

Project Management Skills for Travel Planning

Wendy Riches, Think. Plan. Do.

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8 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Get started: Choose your platform

    • Break it down: Start with what you know

    • Create a budget...and create freedom

    • Itinerary and transportation

    • Accommodation and sightseeing

    • Other important information

    • Summary: Recap and share


About This Class

Do you dream about traveling to exotic places but never seem to get there?

This 27 minute class will teach you how to use simple and practical project management skills to turn your travel dreams into reality - quicker and with less stress!

You will create a trip outline for your class project - an actual planning guide for YOU to follow before and during your vacation.

I grew up as an airline kid, and I've had the opportunity to travel to Australia, Europe, Asia, North and South America many times. I’m also a project manager by trade, so I created this class to combine my 20+ years of business experience with my love of travel. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about me and my work, you can find me at Marketing Design Creative Vancouver, on Facebook @MDC Marketing Design Creative, Instagram @projectmanagementpro or Twitter @WendyMRiches





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Wendy Riches

Think. Plan. Do.

Wendy is an experienced project manager with more than 20 years spent working in advertising agencies and client-side marketing, and is the principal of her own creative services company. She has worked for some of the largest retail names, as well as the tiniest agencies. Equal parts diplomat and driver, Wendy knows exactly who and what it takes to get the job done on time, on budget, every time.

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