Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Crashing or Overlapping Tasks & Gantt Charts - Class 5 & 6 of 8 | Wolf Matejek | Skillshare

Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Crashing or Overlapping Tasks & Gantt Charts - Class 5 & 6 of 8

Wolf Matejek, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer

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    • Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Crashing or Overlapping Tasks - Class 5 of 12

    • Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Drawing the Gantt Chart - Class 6 of 12


About This Class

Welcome to class 5 and 6 of the 'Project Management SIMPLIFIED' class modules.

In these classes I introduce you to the basics of Project Management which will need to be acted upon to ensure a smooth and successful Project implementation.

This module combines two classes, Class 5 - 'Considering crashing or overlapping tasks' and Class 6 - 'Drawing a Gantt (Bar) chart'.

Class 5 will explain to you the way to crash or overlap tasks, why you may wish to do so and the implications this may have on your project.

Class 6 gives you a quick introduction about Gantt charts, what they are and how to create one for your project. In this class I also share with you the link to Chris Croft's site, where he has an excellent video on how to create a Gantt chart in Excel from scratch.

The complete 'Project Management SIMPLIFIED' class consists of 12 individual modules and covers the following aspects of Project Management:

  1. Defining the Project
  2. Listing the tasks
  3. Estimating times and costs
  4. Finding the critical path
  5. Considering crashing or overlapping tasks
  6. Drawing a Gantt (Bar) chart
  7. Calculating resource requirements over time
  8. Assessing and mitigating risks

All class modules combined will to give you an insight to Project Management, so you will be able to understand the work involved. It will unfortunately not be able to turn you into a fully fledged Project Manager, which only experience will be able to do. Yet it will give you the best footing to kick-start your Project Management aspirations, either by managing projects in your freelancer career or getting involved in projects while working as an employee in a company.





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Wolf Matejek

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer

Wolf has for more than a decade been helping passionate people like yourself, in building their own successful and profitable service businesses.

He states his reasons for wanting to help people to be the best they can, as: "You are the person that inspires me to use my business coaching, mentoring and training skills in making your business a success."

As a trainer Wolf has travelled across the world, delivering programmes on a diversity of subjects including soft-skills, motiv...

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