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Project Management Fundamentals

Mike Clayton, Business Speaker and Author

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6 Videos (49m)
    • Project Management Fundamentals Trailer

    • The Basics of Project Management in 4 mins

    • Define Your Project

    • Plan Your Project

    • Deliver Your Project

    • Close Your Project


About This Class


Oh no! You have a Project to Deliver!

But this is new to you.
You will need to know four things:

  1. Does your Project have a Firm Foundation from Day 1?
  2. What are the Ten Things You Need to Build into Your Project Plan?
  3. Are You Really In Control of Your Project?
  4. What are the Essential Disciplines for Closing Your Project?

Each video is around 12 minutes and will introduce you to the
absolute essentials of one of the four stages of Project Management.

Over the course of four videos, you will learn:

  • How to Define your Project to Assure the Success You Want
    And download your free one-page project definition template.

  • How to Create a Robust Project Plan that covers All the Essentials
    And download your free Top Ten Project Planning Tools Summary.

  • How to Maintain the Correct rhythm for the Project delivery Heartbeat
    And download your free Project Delivery Checklist.

  • How to Close your Project when You Know its over, but it Never seems to End
    And download your free Project Closure Checklist.

In the first video, The Basics of Project Management in 4 Minutes, we recommend a free eBook, 'Decode the Jargon of Project Management'. This is now in its second edition, and you can sign up for your free copy here.





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Mike Clayton

Business Speaker and Author

Hello, I'm Mike.

I'm a business trainer, consultant, author and speaker. Over the last 15 years, I have trained many thousands of supervisors, managers, leaders, and professionals.

Since 2002, I've been helping professionals, managers and leaders to excel in their roles with management, leadership, and personal effectiveness training.

I have written over a dozen books for major publishers like Wiley, Macmillan and Pearson, including: Powerhouse, How to Manage a Great Proj...

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