Project Management Certification | Become a Project Manager

Mauricio Rubio, Serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, PM & MBA

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11 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Become a Project Manager Promotional Video

    • 2. Welcome to the amazing world of Project Management

    • 3. Project Management Fundamentals

    • 4. The Phases of a Project

    • 5. Change Management in Project Management

    • 6. The Difference Between Good PMs and Great PMs

    • 7. My favorite Project Management Tool & How you can use it to Manage your Projects

    • 8. Other Project Management tools you can use

    • 9. Calculating your project budget

    • 10. Job opportunities and salaries

    • 11. How and where you can get Certified as a PM

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Project Description

Your Class Project consists of interviewing a Project Manager. That will give you a true sense for what a Project Manager does, the benefits, challenges, etc. You can ask them the following questions to get started:

1. How long ago did you start Managing Projects?

2. What is your favorite thing about Managing Projects?

3. What do you think are the perks of the job vs. other roles?

4. What are the challenges of being a PM?

5. What has been a major accomplishment you're proud of?

And you can add your own of course :)

Student Projects