Project Management: A Building Block to Success

Danielle Cotte

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12 Videos (15m)
    • Meet the Instructor

    • Introduction

    • Key Concepts

    • Foundational Skills

    • Project Background

    • Define the Project

    • Plan the Project

    • Budget Plan

    • Risk Management

    • Communication Plan

    • Execute the Project

    • Evaluate the Project and Final Thoughts


About This Class

Throughout our lives, we have been asked to complete projects without really being taught the basics of how to actually execute them. You were given a set of project requirements and a due date and were expected to work with your team to deliver a final product.

 Now think back to how you felt before, during, and after the project; were you overwhelmed, frustrated, or disinterested? This is one example of how learning the basics of managing a project could have turned an exhausting experience into one leaving you with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a project manager, or just looking to sharpen your event planning skills, this class is a good place to start. During this 15 min class, you’ll master the basics of project management, how to set a project up for success, and how to execute upon your plan to achieve the desired results.

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Good general overview of Project Management process. Not very in depth but gives a person new to this a basic understanding on which he or she can build.
Very informative class and didn't take much time to take. The only feedback I have is that the instructor speaks rather fast. I think in some components she could have taken a little more time to elaborate. Otherwise, valuable knowledge.
Nice high level overview of project management. If you are looking for a brief overview, this is good for you; if you want something super in depth, 15 minutes is not going to cut it :)





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