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Project Cost Management - PMPv6 edition

GreyCampus I., Training for working professionals

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5 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction to Project Cost Management

    • 2. Plan Cost Management

    • 3. Estimate Costs

    • 4. Determine Budget

    • 5. Control Costs


About This Class

PMP is one of the Most sought out certifications in the Project Management Industry. GreyCampus is a "Registered Education Provider" (REP) of PMI and is renowned to provide structured content to our participants.

PMI has recently updated its curriculum to the new PMBOK 6th edition. This module discusses the definition of the project, its importance, relationships, programs, portfolios, operations and other components in Project Management in alignment with PMBOK 6

Learn from one of the world best experts and practice the mock test to understanding your progress





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GreyCampus I.

Training for working professionals

GreyCampus transforms careers through skills and certification training. We are a leading provider of training for working professionals in the areas of Project Management, Big Data, Data Science, Service Management and Quality Management. We offer live-online (instructor-led online), classroom (instructor-led classroom) and e-learning (online self-learning ) courses. Our growing suite of accredited courses is constantly upgraded to address the career enhancement goals of working professional...

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