Programing Drums with Garage Band/Logic Pro X's Drummer - Part 1 | Teresa Andrade | Skillshare

Programing Drums with Garage Band/Logic Pro X's Drummer - Part 1

Teresa Andrade, Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Filmmaker, Design

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Intro

    • Creating Arrangement Markers in Garage Band

    • Creating Arrangement Markers in Logic Pro X

    • Using Drummer in Garage Band and Logic Pro X

    • Logic Pro X Extra Drummer Features

    • Practical Example

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Drums are the rhythmic backbone of most modern music, and one of the most complicated and tricky instruments to record and mix. Not only that, but most home studios today do not have the space or equipment to record them. 

But that does not mean you can't get a good drum sound. Software instruments have become really good these days, good enough that I use them in a lot of my productions. 

In this class I want to show you the basics of using Garage Band/Logic Pro X's Drummer. Drummer is a great way to start programming drums for beginners, as well as a cool source of ideas for people who have some more experience in doing so.

First I'll  show you how to prepare your song with arrangement markers before you insert the drummer track, then I'll give you a tour of the interface and finally you will see me go through the process of using drummer to program a track.

By the end of this course you will have a usable, but still rough, drum track for your song, which we will polish in part two of this course.

The project with most votes by October 15th will get a free mix of the song posted as the class project (up to 30 tracks).





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Teresa Andrade

Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Filmmaker, Design

I'm a music producer, audio engineer, filmmaker and designer from S?o Paulo, Brazil. I started to record music in my bedroom at the age of 17. Soon I was recording my friends in exchange for beers and burgers. The passion grew stronger and all I could think about was working with music.

However, when time came for me to go to university I ended up in law school. I did manage to sneak in a bachelor's degree in film along the way. During my college years I used film school as an excuse t...

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