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Programação com Scilab - Parte 2

João L. R. Neto, Ph.D.

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8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Aula 1 - Expressões aritméticas

    • 2. Aula 2 - Expressões lógicas

    • 3. Aula 3 - Expressões aritméticas matrizes

    • 4. Aula 4 - Operações matrizes 01

    • 5. Aula 5 - Operações matrizes 02

    • 6. Aula 6 - Operações matrizes 03

    • 7. Aula 7 - Operações matrizes 04

    • 8. Aula 8 - Operações matrizes 05


About This Class

  • Expressões aritméticas;
  • Expressões lógicas;
  • Operações com matrizes.


1. Aula 1 - Expressões aritméticas: distribution of them fellas, Zapeta duties are reaching magical. You can't say for sure, but as soon as I can consult, don't Bombs kill missiles on the premiere drew a president and premier Oh ho Parador added to match cards. So Montavo Creagh Dhu is very Oklahoma very have missus. I wo ah vexing evil Soma What we believe are ever bear Soma job my Zuma Construction America Why didn't they sink in? Totality phase more better somebody to magically just soma just some What's that? It a memo? Better soon Just super trestle say ego Ah, men's Why didn't they sink mantles each? They said you will pay a door the sutras but they must Azia much applique Assume she's ego of Is this I think they sink podemos fuzzy us juvie zone A simple which fed inch for positivism and ego Trip buoy Very Avila And who has touched much of is, um quite a Cinco DVD Do pull Do is he told his soles a bit I do this bus goes neca soma sutras So much Bricusse so JV zone continuing must represent us. So Zapeta there's a region match because from the gulf as open as soon. Jimmy Scala going over to present mama trees. Don't take your humans. My trees is prone to take Emma three c Your boss affairs Lcg today My old school gil moment of my body I have an ink Don't liberal looking awesome Kill Silas in civil contest cause they see Okocha They may know school with the Matveeva demagogue school Whatever you have so much pre couple is improved You see Boo Marcos touch I don't notice the stair moss the monetary safe we would precut Look what he supports The bay safe A tow copado Judges sewn There's some quad. True towards is the limits The mammoth three c Boston days Our speaker A cell phone with you, Commander Well done to see now So the grass on don't miss my former super try Quattro He told the immense the mammoth three c April Jojima woman about their like you people do to move over Fazio Jesus don't gvg towards the immense three C from Zagora Most roles open door is rhe Match goes well paid under control very of his composers Ah balm Speaker key I go Ah, screen the old woman trees. You moaning in three school on us Most remote from a tree is a key. You talk about a post Assad more para. So this is those trees. Homes will kick a contest. So So my says Lewis Batteries 20 face more parents somebody geometrical is an open data. Just so I got up opened on commodities the most anti got off Azuma much replica So job is this Bit delighted is an academic inquiry is how much precut some pecan estimates. Kobe. They see how much money Because so Matt ratio now stands Kobe Seek ahead. Reggie Movement of collusion going on genius you think won't get our door that can a chasm The post big mama does mattresses in the tourist transport What about the deterrent supposes So our post was Jasper seems born in grief is a much Bricusse. Some pokey office obvious is transposed to get a meeting of euro Kelowna No carcinoma trees be the most amazing example Cleared Guzman trees is a kitchen over Ah UMA trees Be not steamers Views donors implanted Eo Stilton Thomas Replica It says Lose my freezes. Obvious is be Everton problem. Oppose Boko known Consider get in their color. Hagrid's in which Colin geometries going on Julia's. That reminds Apostle for some, um, Mahmoud, because some point up want consider you, you bozo para much public at some point a point I had to face in which, because so you can know Carson on 2000 more pair of summat ratio, much Republican Gather remained. Go his bondage Leone called on on which Pelican crew without a simple just you know, much because so much ratio I see the maker Magic Zonta may perceive offers its a former so for their resemble ah Toronto baggage of his own beer Getem if ice on TV's own point a point. 2. Aula 2 - Expressões lógicas: distribution novels follow subs Operadores Hellestrae, NYSE Common Armitage is And what the hell are so not content? The hell asana velour is is simply you have taken your head turns she have false over the derecha hella So Tom's comments off a cinema premier test accuse unrepaired Hella So now Jego dodge the vocal locus again See which hella? Some trees Ego! I opened up the door. Is it wise? A sees off them educational Every lodge Don't it hit Orna False sees Maior, we grow on trees. We had a turnover that dear Ok them I want to get raised my go off house mice falsity over that The provide a better deal. Ah, bomb school Kagoshima value our view If he Ego three Equant j ego of the chasing Double billing We'll go to hell asana a few men or you Whoa man Nor do we go I she fells Ah Would you fed inch So parent Tom wants patella c f you I would fit into thing we do is up soy ice two we go I sure they had that deer will Boston Maaruf It was Ah yes. See Obaida do Alison? Oh, kidding me dot com o Mormonism His name because they're not here almost frozen. What is embarking? Bokeria? Cuma. But er view she is mom a little Oh, mama trees do modeling a tree school. Luna's people for their signature. Hella. So she's my order glow. Louise. Don't kick in the face. A key, the compatible told us. Is that the man skit. Don't hit the enter. He become toe semi. Oh, we go a do is Don't the trays hit Dorner's there. Others act trees a moment. Good ways. What amount could do is sing Amount? Could do. Is comes. I gotta calm para Quantico does it? Does the tourists wanted vehicular air? Lena, don't get on with their local now questions, My lord, is it will hyla? So now it's his older salaries. What little You don't kick it in the head or no, cause the room a mental Tokyo do is get on the year. DOJ's and Men law no women or the killing false trays in the Nordic acquired through the other. Dear. My eyes were zip. Mm Louise threes. He go chemical stunted potato dont hit during that false Napa case. It's a consultative. Others know Max no egg. Whoa! I s a sequence simply terrible. Rooms are christened Dionysus Place. So is getting up. Every night is open The door is large Double puzzle Seek each picture on my most constant Louise, My order. Go on Do is oh, threes ego A single I don't know there that there is always the pokey s s. But it's so murky. Do is my own No Morococha do is might say God do is calm marketing move Don't wear that very false difficult there that there a second time being Whoa, it's ok falls my school market over that deal You care? False expressed some don't free there that dear my eyes. My example. Goon Very a visa. Guara She's Igor Cuatro. If so, has said Bandel Threes don't go out of his father's signature Hella song One school Communism accuses e go on days Mama's via gotta She's miler. Look a vessel he She's my own look Is it in town? Voto False one was it make first song Fan Alizadeh She's a quad through No m I look here she's, um article Syria. She's a quadruple alia Maior Kitrey Sveta zero. She's a quiet room eyes didn't know where my or who? Kid, there's fall So come expressed some Akitaka who? Parrado Lord school. We I don't remember that they didn't fall. So do is But it's some false. It didn't stop being repaired at the large Hunan Do you know when I got some? Don't seal to Mahalla soon. Dois maior, look a trace. It's a lot somewhere Media falls Seal Negar killed too. Do is my order trees Don't do is my Arctic it raise It falls my son *** somewhere Civilta do Ducky. 3. Aula 3 - Expressões aritméticas matrizes: Mr Feature Films. Father was up. It assumes that each magic has come up freezes, travel geometries a key, uh, number and Okies pass a Kelowna on TV. Lilia don't like you, Mama. Trees do Isn't straight school owners. Okay, um, Ultramar trees be some being condos. Leon's Trey school owners Horrible. So madrasas my trees is you don't have some awfully fate. A pokey the some bemusement. Tom, William Henry Purcell. My amatrice is a decision to make him Tommy sealed Juvie decimal trauma trees, Akil money A preschool. Luna's So Kiser. See, Soma, I'm eyes. Did they take him away? Who is that image, Please? Come on, my pretties. Djamolidine preschool owners of what it was in the military school illness. I'm saying about a tailor. One of them says here, I hope it a Sonji mooch replica. So there's Kemet. Reza geometries. Beer. Well, geometries. Uh, this is B on the vehicle contest. Doing well. Bookie Nokia Hagar. Probably much become a trees. Open a cemetery. So geometries Izzy GQ normal to call. No geometry says you're going No matter. Julius Dewa drama trees, comas do asthma trees. A QR thing was near the three school one is you be. It was in his three school in this damage because so no for a perceived kick. Your post fuzzier. Bigger. Monta says my trees. This prison. But these big transport cemeteries Psycho Parrado transport this song. Don't care, Aaliyah. Vero! Kelowna, You gotta calm Ophelia. Almost like bottled water key Ive almost smoochy Publicar I'm a trees are This is efficacy . Amatrice be transposed. I have opened a some free pussy view A sutra sometime ABC game is my haggard I just sound so full. So we try. Uh, man has been saying in problema that has do is marked Reza was industry school owners. Be do was Lena's three school loans I give his own Muslim patella Was your BG uh four b uh , which break division for your fit? Well, go ahead. Not so much because some voters, because the much quicker So it was a a c Geechee sequential Paradorn Ah, Kim with you, please be don't That's a former I'm insurgent free which because single ahead you great angel cards some time each poor kid Nobody is your hag Ridicule New political museum Amatrice think so homogeneous That water got a personal care if there's so much bigger Soma Tricia has a beautiful home to pick us, so don't appoint I don't get killed Fast way God has said be ah born toe. But I don't move because so be no i e equals zzz because my three sections that I mentioned they convey sissy on doors Is squad through say's visits? Satch E Yes, Simple judge governments Because the jig is up tambien abuse my for McCain which Picasso prospers in which, because some point upon first positivism point a point early has been one jiji do born toa baja will be di fitted with his own pronto a pound. Yeah, no coverage of design That helps Was the Dodge possess a gauge? Don't self is here. Uh David, You poor baby. You'll know Mirador did you to pill dinner? Manado? Ah, I don't care about big. I was told If Eugene o Donnell Manado People move Mirador Dems are gonna them on strike come from So no better. Don't sit there. So cause there have Ah, I'm a put pain soon. Come on, Theresa Navarro! Cuadrado There was since it conflicts Louise don't wear is on damage. Police particular particular physic in which require rocketing do is lean years now. Wow thing do its thing as a free school. One is much precooked. Mattress, Some HR dressing is a trace cones. I got a suitcase and a very gradually Vaca their own. This is Valores. Oh, Cuadrado don't come much quicker. At some point a point was in part a k A teller. Where city you go. Ah, pronto Corporate G potential DOJ's. I don't gotta get your face fully. The voice volatile Cuadrado is so Cuadrado's so cuadrado A simple judge. 4. Aula 4 - Operações matrizes 01: What's into this? You viewed nausea. Commit some of following poke dealing feeds. Ontario is socking Mexican ozone, Italian polka, Mayes said. Humans mattresses connection party Jeremiah trees kick significa a semantic my trees is then to the asylum. Deokman Santayana Mama Trees. Yet rebellion do shows followed his home. A very of you over Sharma Geometries. Yeah, go make a posse City. Valerie's Nazem Batteries Koshetz If albacore shits fashion cautious keenness in Tennessee entrances. Those score sheets. I want your vote in city with Valerie's Yeah, good set of others are the authorities. Don't article taking key Dispersing Bronx Uncle Luna's daughter Go article Take nothing, Mama. Trees you Molina God Colinas, Escalona Spotting. See? It's possible opening certain day. Vili. Don't almost the shock me spot spinning. Quint. You don't talk you mama trees. Jew Molina. What coolness Don't get there very of you. Three. Other use value Risk is no Amazon odds. Hippity intel thing Villa, But sit about our school owners. The MSM on the other three woman trees. Julian Part Colon Isn't opacity a positive? It's possible. Separate Kaunas. Overview. Miss Cleo Motorman trees. Antico shades them Is Maman era. Don't Gorda Wolf Azuma primarily Ponti vehicle by incluye segunda Lena a boom pick a tent pissing each more magical. Luna's The selling getting say is that I mentioned Wow! Muybridge Kaunas. There's a Premera Lena though one was not a winter like you go to mama trees be conduit zinnias God, coolness, You're positive Major Mama Trees, Zandra Parrado Response. I don't want Felicity says Epic e se has sabih a vote for this against money Bush era Molina give like Miss a. Does there zero pronto up there He's soon. Alina Nickel Luna Gotta not signaling appointees era Oh, response is a passive a scissor pronto. Some only see colonias variant of desert capacities thereupon tomb at their own. A separate Madalina. But the volume Yes, Uganda Lena put your pointy villa that they mean like a salty mulling on it. A super process. Molina COMESA doom passages thereupon tomb by Somalia's thereupon tomb, their meaning. The lease, the misma manera quasi women sample both Reza g. No Cassidy do is Leon's total zealous. Others has do Is New Year's or totals, as Nina Skin was such a venomous three stink, remember which call on us 5. Aula 5 - Operações matrizes 02: most consider I gotta summat. Reza, Don't start That opens up it out soon. Superhero Seok is very is along with a mental into the cemeteries. No fuss. What Zola he look I'll see each from Spokeo. Keira is Elias of a man Tiki Dr Michael assessing the excessive with the nuclear attack at their silly Yes Segunda Kelowna Don't is that I mean she's got vocal Cocula trays vehicle A do is don't Premier Lien See middle never Genetics and cell Kenya Don't still don't Lanta though I use it in here too. Who easily? The bus system Being cook is allowing group my head Photonic e you care is a lot told us. Is that a man to strike this and that restores their inventors? Get stone! So this is news NASA Guna critical Don't kick You want to sue? It's people totals those elements Detours azaleas My choir tickle. It's a misma been a simple So defeated is Owen does an image Djamolidine, I don't consider you there isn't Maria. Who s C? But he said, uh Blaster Lena Tortoises of Indians. You don't get onto so I'm just confused you No quarterly in some ways is It means that part of the year usually granted into Jamaat Obadiah much in London booms at border strike edema Tereza table You got Deputy Miro out there deaf settling you dont simply premed in the videos. Who's the Dementors? The sister. I don't want to see if he's a goddamn was open toe sports big primedia but that they sit on yet if I don't cram into June you so cause Etc Move that coming into pass Tirico Culture Syria whom you don't imagine I could possess Visit Salton Lose Lius that their sister the don't ticketed face grew up in a meter Nia it bagel accidentally acquire telling me scoop up anemia. But there's Sierra Yeah Kington Ducky! Yeah, he does a Mantis That sister Cool dance is the equivalent of three. As a rookie dark, it dawns on them and sister Right now the media The Dixie era that came today considered on a glorious try Yearly mantas gentle geometries My ski sequester those leaders Would you call owners? No incision bustle uniform? I don't want Higaki mostly we're showing up over you. Have you carcinoma Tereza? What started as a genius? You're Carew does. This is what that means is that a cynical doubles They're going to sue. So this is a genius myself. Hippie to do is raise is so that means that Syria cool. 6. Aula 6 - Operações matrizes 03: Wisconsin. What fell on the geometries is even was about a dog or a humans from signs, bicycles but a modern models. Geometries is the premier Koyama trees. Top Premier Alina. We'll see Cyclical Luna's must see gondola. Don't bank on cyclical illness, Matey said. Alina. Some bank on single coolness. Fisher Bullshit. Don't take mama trees, you trays leaners. Cyclical Luna's from some size mida, Munero, A gym and son. No matter. Reza, you devoted Luisa Who? Manse Now Alina Kelowna. Your posts. A terrible years. This is those elements, said Huma. Mattresses. You Molina conduce school Luna supposed to you guys, but in to do my very of Don't put his improve. There you go, sighs. Ah. Meanwhile, the tour Mama Trees. Gee, you modeling and was schooled Skin a Premera, Kelowna Normal. Julius. See you in the courtroom. Numerological Luna's Dama Theresa Notre from song from some link Bascomb argument. My trees Yellow. Me Doc went to Dr Gillian Mantel's new batteries. I don't see all my matters. Countries in a single owners on the keys of them MP's. Some Elmaghraby those sig, each as so much is elementos dental geometries. It Goumas up signs of people sign was follow CG You get Osama equal consequent Who meant Syria to Kaunas? Don't get me. There were some other school. Luna's the batteries? Yes, if in some Soma the apostles Ah Segunda who meant you guys care? So my toes every minute Italian. Someone told us the school owners the matter is intoxicated by mida A. Some of those elements of the Celje some of the Dementors. There's he, destiny, some trays. Lena's don't don't kill some summers, your body area time being No guy. The school owners was telling us You told me down are so much tortoises? Llinas there certainly told us that cycle not so much does. Is Nias a cycle in a summit? Does Aziz? A simple judge wants this single somewhat. Salama's was named patella who are from some brunch. You telling me don't do too Boston. Being of is my former was El Segundo, whom it, Tom Midopa due to, they told us is the business someone told the school illness Compton Dane Common, um is gonna cause the SoMa. It is a media so much totals, anything. A pagan called on a pocho on someone no part due to the total sizing Inspector Kolanovic Alana. They're from song mucks Mida My new Marama Sonando number trees who are from sone Mean mida . Hamas. An adenoma trees them is my former Afonso Ming Elem a Satan segunda home. It lme those men largest Valery's in cada Lena making a chasm atresia domain of Alona Selena Do is Manav Alona Saliyah. Manav Alana Selena do is comment on being You're person would, uh, I show my men off loading Goddam with the school illness Domino Voluminous. A Kelowna, they told us is the years, though, is ketamine Do is toys vacuum? Yeah, Cassie's a phone. So mean made a Maja Adichie Magica swallowed Islam Batteries. You're from sone assisted the have you middle. Jeez. View Pedro visiting me. Answer my Zenaida's name batteries. 7. Aula 7 - Operações matrizes 04: Mr Vigen Organs fall asleep is from soils by money pill Amatrice is primitive from some myself from Sun Jaggi double cracking Vitor d Praise an immense What? A vocally on one mattress day! Okay, Contests Iraqi who vetoed a co create fickle cardinal jargon Openess, hippopotamus trees, miso example Kulesza from some Bokeria mama trees they think jogging there. Louise Doubletree on local. Okay, civet toe The the second the Jackal No Suspiriorum batteries. They sink. That's like a primitive. You're going up in Sipo a segunda jack on a taco Vitto They know Mom's amazing example Quincy from so looking acu mama trees Matt Reza evokes try elements There's summat reserves under a cell phone So, my dear doing one was about Ella don't take Emma Tereza Doom. You go. Uh, Jogi Ma trees, huh? Mental zone. They destroy a Jack Connolly figure in her son Jack and open spoke Jonah inferiority stray limit toe through it. Yeah, Hamas in a new vitto down straight. Um, the madrasa gonna post obeying strike edema Trees Ah ha Giordano sipo don't seem clean off . Yeah, Amazon innovator Did ways understand their Kamut Reza Crescent in my small in Yuma, Kelowna he owns a sophomore from sunken faced a year. Ah, my three strangling Fill your mama Theresa, don't with you my history be from some it through Ah, don't be David Kia Three Strela in for you I'm happy to discover the moved under Key A fun song three. Deliver me Meet Gina. Um a tree strangle are superior. What was I go to them on striking from Shona, um Or from song metrics. Don't look geometries A key babe who was leaning a story School illness You from society from some kickoff is accusing each of a crea mama Priscilla Mood a four month among trees Toto maturity does in history school news to transform un quizzes Valerie's mama trees Julia is say school illness. Don't thank you, my son. Example will transform mama trees Be whose other from Soma tricks Au mama trees G trees Venus It do a school on us. Don't! There came Amatrice be transformed May Elena Mama trees, trays Lena's do a school in the schools Mayors most Valorous get chewing babe 8. Aula 8 - Operações matrizes 05: question one of NASA's villages. So prepare a son. Geometries is almost very most from soybeans. Jeroen mattresses, elementaries don't geometries was under full song once. Battle visual cuatro quadrillions Aquatica Luna's My My Preschool motor. Example. Once crematories be was another from some Zahra's trays. Lius three. School illness. Darla. Major Mama Trees praise Leon's preschool owners that contains songs, human sized batteries, corn llamazares I feel so I majella O Mat Residential Dodge Catalonia's critical illness The matter is intention. Dive Unicorns Now. Jack Afrin, Sanjay Hunt Majella Mama Trees would still be so money for me. You new models are the authorities in Tony Romo's geometries. A key You're hungy. Is there a single tracing as single coolness? It's a romantic, but it's to be Sony for me and 30 You. I don't think he a month theories. Trey zinnias, aquatic alone. Us numerous. Gerrard's Elliot or Damage Want to still be Sony for me? My smoked so dainty values my moment. Amazing what Some closer from Sanjay Hunch. Emphysema disturbed with so many for me, then told him that Tammy not going to follow. Okay, that's some serious sicky musk Reomel very of you. You have a Manto? Definitely. Valenti days. It does da greater measure and mama preschool toys in today's dozy. Any measure? Roma mamma trees. The reasoning is cyclical owners Numerous Aaliyah tours Distribute Sony for me Nick Vivaldi Days and three days. It does my son Example Quote from Sanjay Hunch geometries fee that we love our Lorries Aaliyah, Tories some of trees. But the reasoning is single coolness and still be so. Manama What you meant A C anyway and three Hospice. My manager, We may you this view pad around do respond to seize. I couldn't hear I'm arteries in Hong Kong dollars All their torches in his view patterns You email You imagine we may you he just view by the round do respond to seize my son Isn't problems career? I'm only patella on screen Think of the immense once transports 20 everything that the city of Kelowna Bucaram A video of you Mama Treece was under from Sanjay Hungy goes a little elementos Cueto, Go! Luna's fasten ma Muta! Soon! Aaliyah! Toria There! Hear me! Gouveia Gov don't likey atresia job