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Programação com Scilab - Parte 1

João L. R. Neto, Ph.D.

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10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Aula 1 - Sobre o Scilab

    • 2. Aula 2 - Instalando o Scilab - versão 6.0.2

    • 3. Aula 3 - O ambiente do Scilab

    • 4. Aula 4 - Gerando o diário de atividades

    • 5. Aula 5 - Constantes

    • 6. Aula 6 - Variáveis

    • 7. Aula 7 - Iniciando variáveis com operador de atribuição e funções pré-definidas

    • 8. Aula 8 - Utilizando o SciNotes

    • 9. Aula 9 - Utilizando o SciNotes

    • 10. Aula 10 - Utilizando o SciNotes


About This Class

  • Instalação do Scilab;
  • Compreensão e domínio  do Scilab;
  • Constantes;
  • Variáveis;
  • SciNotes.


1. Aula 1 - Sobre o Scilab: a lot told this nomination net, you said Instru toward this perimeter. All urging told the Sun Cilacap. Well site lobby Anyone being cheap Mateen Achieva Complacency in Chief Takano Moments on a replica size vote on this part of the CNN City Jharia, you Moten achiever Gratz was nothing close to noon. First, Stella. So don't be and she commits a programmer. It was back toe. If there is such customs Gettinto aboard an a C. This is always a key Elmo. 10. Achieve A plaque in draconian separates him from Poker's program on something about the open waters ambience, you complacency and Chief come on both in achieve a better match. A logical classical. No mention this chip in your body a detainments sergi cinco minutos is is some being separate. P has become chief could take my search from so in spirit if you need as much importance but processes but similar such process, but with a larger systemic and we toe Corso graphical You Morning. Where's your programmers? Somebody stand simply, he will not proposed to Cheick Yes, is always decision duties breaking Takamitsu program a song you can bank a lot of breaking clean and sober. You put it, Angie and Gwen said because one being till 10 not you. You don't s a premier, Olive. I seem about dodging initial style out soft. I was almost school. Gym book. Momochi. L would be anti quite simply. Courses perceive is President Polk This case task soon. Impertinent speaking by program are camped outdoors. It come case and being so fair s This is a cook. Nice possum is the sizing turned out in sequence And the school song, not their law. 2. Aula 2 - Instalando o Scilab - versão 6.0.2: mystery regionals rooms at Orientals. But I install a soon does Cilacap. Tom's in training of You Got door. It was just a sigh. Lob Pontell or a geek or should not bar Gina? It all stems like you linke a cage. Bossa bashar walk you It tells us up. So it's ah, the systems operation Eyes click Karki Now step aside. Systems appear. Westernizing stems. Windows yes, was up. Science has sent a quite a bit said During today's beats. They must clean looks to make us the NASA cars. Aquino's don't start by the windows Here comes up top killer This on synthetic water. Beats go. He quit, It'll work. Give it a single. I didn't see it. It was sitting a cuma party. Knowledgeable, supported. Pretty sure nobody got enormous support. Bring ship conceals dabs TV each condo as at risk You will see they my eyes a pitted only but things Jabalya work You transmitted on slicker The national mental notes on school get a Jorma acidity desired Arranging star. So there was a Vytas apps choice. It was supposed to gaze but as you warp double English Oshima a sick daughter squints choice. You Jesus so a past don't ever since stolen se lobby Rossi, who has her courses given city, starts motorman theater in four months. Brasco Most times he Stutland Ever since a smart Is there a point to do it? Says Antiqua attributes Russian. My daughter must configure it so interesting. Singer gives for us You you still are fennel ISMs and start so automatic a Manchu and being cheap instead is odd. Yes, I'm not someone figured out. So in the show mass proximity size I'm just quit Chip approach Garden with us is on Ellis a Top Ross movies. 3. Aula 3 - O ambiente do Scilab: a lot though. This room's are signally so I kill side lateness. Momento told the moon Deputation stall outside loving a party. This is the song is important Constituency Stall out If I was going soon broke within deaf us No stems I keep Okada. Who will say I love you know Seems like he s a squad Shawn Ellis Princip Eyes s a kid A lot do scared though. So avocado Jackie was given a pastor close It opposes or not knows you're inside. The Jackie was Do you? So stop Alesana. Once regular announces the script, estrogen ever domain will console you organisms for the physical terrible school men's minds Not French novels for their guns at their systems. Since you a premier uh, John Ellicott moderato am a more openess IPO they say came into port Bridge A company creates so your organs are something more A principal trenches Nose is a nose is a bit last night Yeah, John Ella says signage on l Arche Aggerated Amazing bash A historic school months close physical to attain tone Mental Bay Motor Janelle in both touch I kid into the separate American figure has sunk most times. I mean that civil? Say Okelo. Carrico. So new mothers on the other snores follows. Until your man she was sitting and killed was a choice. Your parents say no manliness. Akin s seminal superior. I don't want to sit on a surge in l A but is it? I can't sit thing told us were, but its simplicity We'll see. Critical. Kenyatta, Pastor. They entered the seal. The surgery it toward the city buggy people a past owned textile out to say I love I just looked up a plastic noticed albums. Okay, What was sick? A local Cousteau nationality consulting men will Terra your father s myself. Muzzle toes up size No bombs were paramedic. That's enough idiocy. That kid Quantico. So Taneja, an image consultant killed on exceptional to me. You village authority ist like important protection. Two jet is not a Description Zone Creek. Cocky? It did. If I'm a body is the John Ella I Wonder Thing with King went to Targeteers Tetovo. Fazio's meals. Miss Program is there My is not for nationalism swimming. We may Something about that Quincy Quincy vehicles a waitress. Kottaras quizzes calculated stock car key. Ah sequin Yukio Jennings said those models composing Stahler Toe Box Is this new on BH? Does NASCAR comes a key intimate by. This is just our Soto magical thing, but I cut them when the says arias icky, depending the clickable sitting terrace. We'll sit them being I give us a thing Ah Waas says So similar. Adore economic processes. Oh, excuse Don't call It was quickly kills everybody's Jenelle a similar similarly cracking, going and so much love most time in school cheese Meisner French Aquino stairwells Alabama's Obama's preferences G. Joe Rogan is a so Donna. Sorry to trouble you. Come pretty is improved. Well, uh, timing of the forged Don't break. When was it that everybody in the Consort, Oregon vs Star? Ah, no magic, tragic cases. Older is configured, as always, aqui no stems. Most the most restaurants, some with portents. The paper Kinta commit sin. But to make their they could perceive offers a concert Love you cannot stay my Judah. What an Osnos position was Copa semis Go. So now John LG the timing But as a consequence schooling price MMR It's certain you quit, of course. So attacking ah nationally starts Communism is my form at their personally so 4. Aula 4 - Gerando o diário de atividades: my, of course. Important. Pronounce initially. Try body. It was sequence e g era in jihad. The sources. So Keiko to descend told us to school Monitor Security Basic With 10 Jack announced on business Perimeter momento is a 10 common console. You're considered freezing his used to guitar music. TV That's communications. Refugees well survey Correa Matveeva If a tribute to years of a rearview if a commander diary, um, three Oscars seem possible. Services review. Well, Normie, the circuit Gokhan against and something she stepped. Record processor bears no sequencing Magic Tajik Taste to come A notch page present Born back either you old school without a clear cool Cleve, a partner I'm a modern interval paydays and efficacy junkie My self conscious noir for his enemy and study efforts School Coriander, Matveeva Tripoli Navarro Seiko I evil fuzzier. My ultra crea motivate gravity will follow. Do is was a Muppet assume you soma it, Thomas Jr you She will sit for a key. No, no. So, uh, not passed on your sitters off one of the surviving interactive Akyel least chip on their own bone toe. This is still so I said don't quick Duplo, like er been a notch page, he told his useless. Is it true that if you die Stuckey? That's because the fish, I said says it's a job. Almost every 406 each diary We didn't FICA door you come under close come arguments. I was very was not personally so. 5. Aula 5 - Constantes: Mr Divisional Zones Demo Strah. That's constants Know Cy Lab. I think they re stupid. Construction site like Constant in America. Constantly, Tero, My constantly large. My constant in America Put some normal. My present there is quite enter. But see you, my neighbour isn't a soon component Took city because of the Simo Got bumps it and do it you normal made you will sink Wanted a memo hip It isn't that something was that thing must sequence you Oh, call the Trier intimacy sequence in America today on the trail that ready dumdums demise implicate But it's simple quatre point to sink when he say's I am a menace Minister Doj's cake significance here Much paprika sound on normal quarter points and 20 sails from the port city Did days correspond dangerous? A hip isn't a stomach. You know. Cassidy of other minerals do. Is there deliver? The minutes. Do is is that I'm into key. The crystal died. This a hip isn't are so now which determine what raising up such born toe know that they seize they do is no. It's such quantum of NTC's visits days and have other Dewey's s a sick green setting being teleported Sit down, Toilet on my who school later I am I who's got control Later Amy knows credit Damai Who school? Quanta later Damian was cool Don't almost facing Motrin Zembriski Wait a point. Drink a quantum The trees don't wait Wanting to quit this desert of other trees So here, present at some time you post says economy using Taylor's. So since the Trenta him web it dances up 17 on thing Justin So into numerous highs in numbers in tears But almost constant is the specialized companies Improve hip isn't the same as united Assume is complex cinci either post represented on a little complex A sketch Former synchronize praise visits Specs Cinci, Don't get there. I present are some general complex You get their party Harry apart. Imagina order Constant oppress Musallam numeral P basin Chippy Becks ain't cheap. S e give false bests Entity There there, dear other constantly. Since year, our buses look but not the rice back Cinci fee present our Sonji normal. You know Marie Finito Accenture in I any not your number. No, l'm a little, but don't go ahead express myself. Hello, Kareem. Zaghloul Mazzotta is constant. Coming. Don't read if you need this 6. Aula 6 - Variáveis: thumbs up around here. That's cool. Stunt is very obvious. Most messed up in this constant, almost constant, you specialize best cinci it simply. Kal Mann says Constant is correct. That best cinch. Bessinger Constant in a 1,000,000,000. The response that anything we tend to do is back. Cinci those numbers. Complex eyes, feminism Vaccine should be trace point. Qatar's Skins Best cinci fee give finito sancti and I any not your number one. The judge has more. Better so no baby chili matematica Mitch Best Cinci Effie False Best Cinci. The Very Dear Rooms Aguero is very obvious. Great sounding danger. FICA does the value of its kicker shooting difficult do is enormous. Divide up. Over. You have the arguments hag risks purposes. E g support. A communal letters and numerals. Simple sitting comments. A coma later. Oh, my Muslim, you know school almost Directories Amy Corrective admitted for letters in Normal city. Oh so discreet toe. It's passing. Bronk president. No, I permitted the most meself. A zero Goumas examples. Windy trickled over to prison. Proper ego A days. So it's acumen in Chicago. Value told you toe Somalia. Yet the bullion do. I asked very our view overload days. I shall parchments obsessive Can one of a god delivers your average recommend somebody seek every havoc. Riyadh I was in my Walter. Creo motive area of a bit, though is coming on the letters in numerous Make a lot of each Urinate, Ricardo Volatile. Ah, so discreet. Obey time being in danger. Ricardo Value. Uh, so discreet. That means my former we need to handle that since observing key simply as very of his Omata . Maybe more open spoil. Consider Veil and Nancy Janelle, posthumous circles. Discreet with me on this score. Ah, go! Ah, crazy present, I mean in Chicago. Valid, important. It's a bee keeper asylum. But this is very obvious questions clear. Oh, mama trees don't miss McConnell Suffice. And to create Maria of my go single present community gym fit Ontario image Any sugar coma Maria Coma trees. You Management's Juma Lena Huma Kelowna. Fast observed by essentials that from some size lots of your time 1,000,000 The severity of you if I me dizzy Yea, my body Everything. Mama three is getting within your human colon. Cellasene say the sevens was also the same People in patella Don't send a scene of problems are gonna be grammas. It is very obfuscation. Some batteries my or took a book agent creo And she's for his. Their privacy are very cool shit this past Kelowna Ponti, Viola Lena, don't Amazon Walmart trees Conducing is three school June Islamism and near some trees from some size. Don't tiki Do is Lena's three school illness Reomel Ultra Very our view it so it Whoa! Go. She ate you spots a Kelowna wanted giggling you That you might. Three is the whistling is the school owners. You place a hermit's mama trees a key Rainsy houses on supreme era military body from a tree is is converted. Jarvis, your boss suit 20 sparse goingto view. But record instead of schooling is in town. Bokeria, Gorda Motor Very have considered on a school illness. Separate Beauvue. I want the vehicle. Alina. April touched. I'm being told us. Aziz. Think them amusement contra dodge fickleness. Kentucky Mama three skin do is Leah's got coolness. This video is not personally so 7. Aula 7 - Iniciando variáveis com operador de atribuição e funções pré-definidas: this question. Why crea so div idea that will be soon. Displace Sons of Thomas Team's fate. The signage form must. Graham was in danger. FICA door Yeah, three booms espresso, But is improvement better soon? But its magical Michael stunt But one of us see, Could you, my spirit So we know what rebellion the human body of you. So pick us a misma espresso Coca biggie For sicky the words visits would be idiot three buoy Also much come into the cream of the area in the sed answered it has posed You are simply difficult Somebody of simplicity hippity difficult Watch my spirit Some people security we know what trouble you in Umebayashi LF Takuma very keen on Memoria principle no support them, Zinni said, is a very obvious. Is the spirit Sanjay value Getting simply perceive a fuzzy The Chicanos Thomas was imprisoned in a courtroom You can triple humans via Lupo. Follow now is in for mama trees. That's a form of conquest. Kaunas The listening is one thing simply April the juvie perceive yo yeah recommend applicable Santa envelope. Follow Tom Each party's Vice President, Jacques Attali Companies improve. What does point in Tony Sikasso cardio come from my own name. Cocksure assault. So much come inches is Valerie's was about that. I don't response. Tom was on you go local when? Just so many. So what better though the response Tom Venuto past the very Asanka vitamin sequence thereupon toe in prison. You have a low if you know what they want to divide. But their days he turned measuring come true. Jewellers and kill commenced the premiere of Arlo Zero. Like other Christmases thereupon tomb. It shouldn't overload at their well o days. You suck if I simply to watch a presence that can poke punish myself. There's no city scriptures, but I'm standing, he said. Is every absent from Saudi spread If you need us, Companies improve Okayama Very our view well at people. Yes, a very arguable xenophon Sons. There's raisport trees and revenge aroma Very heavy. But in she the conservers, there is no use. A tree school illness. The maple syrup Acevedo motor from so he said, is a Suncor once. Let me Jerome Avaya Mm. The memo with the possibility that logically over rearview mama trees in the technology going the crematory, they should I toe doses Weller's them. Check on open suppose volume. If you know, designing to mentally somewhat was very much from science. Come here, Colonel. Was prepared. Accidents very obvious. Premera Della's. And from some link, Lenovo was Iowa possibly present. Get Tom on you. Let me have torn the simple my arguments. Singer Maria Antonia Kazuki. Most teams create entitlement. Just a very Afriqiyah. Whatever you have, you will be. I was gonna carry spirits some genitalia, period. The response sentiment Collins family in town. So please don't tell Tom. What would you be? It may have torn them. Our demand songs on school in sent Huma I older from Santa Me Give me tries, arguments. Propiedad is corrected because that's the very well size. Let me That point is the music went to school on Vicky. It's a very of you Watch, You're my trees. Confusing is Aquatica. Luna's Della is that I mentioned in my head Donna the business. But Collins a bone sympathy results off server key Quintal Sharma says from social nor three buoy a cesspit. Asanuma Very of interim. A terrible Your vote on March Gamage, me crea and yes, Demetri Boo had tour no lessons from signs I s a very of simplify Fikac Want what? You My espresso culture is a in number Tribune You Maria New stadium is not pro smiled. 8. Aula 8 - Utilizando o SciNotes: Mestalla Rosa presente My son had cool. So the Salem a coworker. Most rep reverses a good in Wichita rigidities to precaution ship Osage era going room to destroy choice. But his a tentative not problema Biodome Example. Icky. You're nothing I could simply when the premier all I cannot Zizek problems School mons aka Nancy Consoli. Nothing else. Extra service Coqueiro is a Thomas sequence, I think hippie cheese who can aside it over Cuba? Iraqis. So contestant El Proceso Juneja targeted There were key. No, man Lou is supreme era We Kornacki click Oh, if I'm a bruma Gianello dreaded or did this to gaol Sign als talking about a vote Ah, digital mills common the six critical care Novaya Very sick. So miso Jabu General Mark even a sequence simply considered typical mass Similarly Screeches Conservancy You're clear. Said he said it it Olimpa We're concerned in a society Dickie I decided to consult who clear it didn't mean deeper s I think I don't divide your everything to define Mature told us is very risky until you off me into starting a low card is the key to If I mean the bad I mean, Marty mental main this point to give himself our King Kong vs Fursenko Carriage noticed. Have a pro karaki weaken. A tacky. You're Pleiku, the only school Lukoki a pastor. Mice convenient? If you don't know Monsieur given milk as a crucial Medea, she's zero is implicit in Save 80. Measure like you know, like your normal give solved is implicit on bone to SSX. Every stencil, bongo, viajero Maria do she's Yokoyama body ever seizure of a lorry. Sprayers and operadores response. The book. Monsieur Jim Manas Doors This person chippy person Shapiro old school bookie do is visit space into beauty passenger appeal to respond. Cattle skis Those sports who Passover area. Some of I see accent should be so breezy. Each e a consumption on at doers. Vs Best in should be but a condom followed the G. The She's your character on world through Motor value. Have you no misma time? I just She's consent. This is Valerie Scott, Thomas and Nancy. She's Yeovil. A terrible years is resolute. Odds over Fukushima Jeeps Ive o Chama. Akiva was like it from son Sandal. Don't know much. Committed a very big a kind of aloof does it towards my family. You've Ooh most a graphic. A major hella sound. This is due is where Tourists? Nope. Alana was on a from some blotch, but once told his arm, Brahms's Sikota, The Boston Physical attack Ricky com oppose so volatile result is to is a Kotonishiki through equally from Islam. Don't Lucky enemy, Abdelmajid Nella. I want you. Our kids don't swallow. It is initiation on Swallowed is just She's initiations other Jeep, so you can tell that something's going back over to Santa. 9. Aula 9 - Utilizando o SciNotes: country. Nuada Nostra Bar. We'll sign. Notes. Yes, there is simply no starts. Trevelyan Premier is empty. What was I got? A Christian Thomas Okarma Schools that description Hello County to miss a graph and three Aspas Simple. Go over those sin by understanding coca hartals Immunizations. Now thank you Issue. She's issue is absolute. She's label. She's Ipsum label. Absolutely was physical Charging over. Q. Don't take your what you do use Hot owes immunizations. She's a absolutely cocoa My graduate in the food in Texas, Son, it was a response. Money to my sympathies. Emeterio be greedy. Oh, reckon chatter about a coma. Caleb Sima Landau come under much lab A greedy Uncle Emetel, Ontario Akiko Subscript rooms are 20 za Don't thank you If, um was Aguada I'm struck by the upper is made up on MySpace suiting accord Alina never was Verma's like your new blotchy I was controlling poco cash in Chicago has some according a presentment Ovo yeah Chipper Gilenya The vocal loca Ning Address Asia the medium Hey Neddy writ donning a precision of a media The musical that key Vlaams Agata bigeye spacesuit Alina line with Gocha Does speaks is well the show concern case Holmes's don't tell you modeling it on mice spaces. We made it Ross address 10. Aula 10 - Utilizando o SciNotes: stomach Vota, Wisconsin, while getting over. Nancy Problem and it's a primitive script. Chicken Austin jour. Anarchy Dover, Chris and Thomason's Won't, of course, a key present located graphical Know my muse machine Ella, you care? Do a school vers I want to see you know your caracara fast Ermakova to cosign Dove almost Vic Mikage but his a vase Dove agree on their side of it. So much easier. Give a seal cost sandal a cell phone. So was, well, origi. She's Kobe. No premier graph Goto Alison and she's He so got a vocal Oka bulls on course to keep up with the cigarette decision. The Ela Jim 11 of them similar often song like was to do much alive cemetery Be hold on rooms blocked Aguada A single in the cool over. Hey, listen, Under she schools here Verma's definite NTRA started fell into a sequence Gino Brito Glad you, Blake. Yes, Spacesuit Aliyah No SkinCeuticals country Aspas especially the human Montara Misma those speaks Is Was that the visa? I don't like you, but it's still my Zuma Coover CAC over the course Sana No misma analogy Graph. What was I go out. Look calm. Alexander which fit in Sucking Canaan Legend. No misma awarding people simple to it If I saw too much command. Unique relationship, Tom Primitive Fair. Coover The Sandal, I said. But I'm spoof view, huh? I'm going in three aspirins a. Coover do cosign rooms at What is our Don't take your agenda Almost made around Chito. Governance teams do a school. Hoover's the sandal you do go sin. Mom was a Tereza ducky. There's observance. You get your prosecutors are Aspas. Dukla, I want to ask, was simply, is Aquino's. The judge's ability terms more g fix a sauna and a Chanel applicable Desplat on a mismatch on L. A miser Vancouver Um Italy. Behold off Muslims just blow demise with graphic als My speculation she passed. It'll strongly Scripture in Customs. Ajanta No one's head courses in approximately Consequences Express myself doesn't square miles the title. This possible geographical principal image was there. He was not personally so