Program a Web Server in Ruby, Part II | Martin (Chaim) Berlove | Skillshare

Program a Web Server in Ruby, Part II

Martin (Chaim) Berlove, The people side of programming

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6 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Coding the Server Class

    • Starting Up

    • Learning the Library

    • Building Blocks

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Learn how to run your own web-served application from the ground up!

This class is a continuation of "Program a Web Server in Ruby", but feel free to dive right in! This class will still make sense even if you haven't watched it yet.

We'll be using webrick, a server library that comes native with Ruby, to learn how start up a server and build a web application from the ground up.

It's probably best if you have previous programming experience. We'll be diving into concepts like object-oriented programming, HTTP headers, and command-line coding without much explanation.

However, everyone is invited to learn! Here are some helpful links with reading material that can help you follow along with the lessons:

What is a web server?

Learn Ruby fast:

Learn Ruby interactively:

Reading files in Ruby:

The Rack library:

Some tutorials on using Rack:

The webrick library:

A very simple webrick example:

Webrick's AbstractServlet:





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Martin (Chaim) Berlove

The people side of programming

Software developer and aspiring renaissance man. Broad interests in technology, computing, and most other things. I like to specialize in the human side of software engineering.

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