Profiting from Airbnb with your Spare Room (intermediate to advanced)

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5 Videos (21m)
    • Escaping generation rent

    • Refurbishing - DIY and Hiring

    • Refurbishing - Standards, Quality and Snags

    • Refurbishing - Considerations and Laws

    • Refurbishing - Suitable for the Tenant + How to get Cashback


About This Class

What is Generation Rent? How does buying a property allow you to escape? And how much is a mortgage vs rents?

What are the habits of financial success? How to create extra income today without working more for it. How to prioritise expenses to live a full life but use your money wisely to invest in your future. And many, many more financial tips and tricks learnt from years of training, reading, mentoring, sharing, chatting with other experts, and leaders.

Checklist for choosing the right house to tick all the boxes for making money. A grand plan for the whole process, so you begin with the right information to get a great property at a discount.

Refurbishing requirements - when DIY and outsourcing are the best choices? Legal and practical requirements. Tax.

Renting out - how to create stunning listings easily? How to guarantee your property has demand before you buy? Adding value, optimising, support from others.

Further information and extra resouces I recommend to continue to learn.






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