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Profitable Tutoring & Coaching Home Business Course

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 59m)
    • 1. About this class

    • 2. Earning proof

    • 3. Finding Your Niche

    • 4. What to Tutor

    • 5. Getting Motivated

    • 6. Starting a Business

    • 7. Creating a Website

    • 8. Tutor Websites

    • 9. Exploring Thumbtack

    • 10. Coaching Gig on Fiverr

    • 11. Rate & SEO Optimization

    • 12. Creating Meetup Groups

    • 13. Monetizing Meetup

    • 14. Finding Clients

    • 15. Facebook Page & Ads

    • 16. Creating Business Cards

    • 17. Congratulations great job

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About This Class

Profitable Tutoring & Coaching Home Business Course

How to create a profitable home tutoring & coaching business with little to no experience necessary. In this class you will learn how you can create your first online and offline business as a tutor. I will start with the basics, my background and how I got into this business then show you how you can do exactly that. We will explore all the websites where you can teach online even if you have little to no experience. Find topics that you are good at and how to eventually start your own profitable coaching business.

Finally a business you can start fast easy and simple without any experience necessary and even having internet access is optional helpful but is not required. You can start this business online or in your local area I will show you every possible way to increase this business and take it to the next level. Why should you listen to me? I have been doing exactly that and I am still doing it. This is one of the easiest and most flexible business you can get into and everyone can do this.

Course Focus...

* Explore teaching websites

* Start Tutoring & Coaching business

* What niche, price and get organize

* Creating business cards & Website

* Work online or locally

* Where to apply

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. About this class: who wouldn't welcome everyone. My name is so gay. Welcome toe our quest. In this class, you'll be warning how to go ahead and create your own to doing business from scratch. I'm gonna be teaching you how I set up my own to doing business. And you can as well. I used to be just like you. I used to start, and I used to go and try to find ways to make money online. And one of the most ways that they did and I was successful in doing is to start my own toe doing business. So what I did, I would be all explained in this course. But this class itself is gonna cover their few fundamentals for you, including forcible, for to set up your own to doing business well defined the kinds What websites for you to actually use, how to quit your own business goats. And best of all, how to create your own website for your gun and go and book clients yourself all together. This is gonna be the ultimate Christ for you. In order for you to get started with, quit aiding your own. Put a business from scratch, please join me for this class. I teach over 100,000 parts students and have 50 plus classes on. You know me. If you don't like this car's for anyways and you can get a full, we can't. You're gonna want this class because it's gonna teach you ways how to make money online. You haven't seen before. This was one of my first and best ways how to make money on wine. The reason why I'm teaching you this is because this is exactly what they do. And you can learn for me how I created my own to doing business. Well, I teach coins how to make money on eBay and someone. Now, if you are interested in the morning, everything about this class make sure you sign in today. See you inside. 2. Earning proof: so he would is the only statement of how much money I was able to make teaching us the students how to make money and, as always for them toe benefit on art such as photography and e bay sewing, and so on. Now for you. In order for you to make good money doing exactly that, you have to be able to teach other people what you know. Now I could potentially have shown you as a platforms that I use as well, such as Coach the World meet up. And so on some of those places, it's harder for me to keep track off the owning such a zone, meet up itself. Well, a lot of times, if student meets up with you imposing, they actually give you cash payment. Other things that makes it much harder off. Will me toe actually show you how much you can make online is on a scientist Gregory's itself. Well, you can teach classes over hell, but also the payment over here is not the same. So this one, you can't actually show people how much money you can make on the line, because just in the way this platform is actually designed. So let's go back to my owning statement and I want to tell you a little more details about this. So forced about for the year 2018 I was able to make 570 free box, which is great because only half the year is only over. Which means that by the end of this year, I could potentially make up to 1000 bucks on this part. For in the year 2017 I was able to make 588 which is not as good as the one that I was making for 2018. Those are two years that I was active on this new platform that I'm testing out, which is called Take Crescents. Before that, I was using Meet up instead. So there you have it. This is an awning pool for you to get inspired, and this is not necessary for me to show you how much money I am making online. It is more to show you that you can make money with it. Also, to show you that I'm not just teaching you something that I don't actually do myself 3. Finding Your Niche: finding a niche for the area of expertise that you'll be teaching. How do you go about and do this? One of the best places for you to go ahead and do so is to go to a side such as coach the world. It could be any too excited as a matter which one here, what we're gonna be doing is searching for coaches, which is teachers typing in the thing that you want to teach, such as photography person search itself and you're gonna be seeing how many competitors you're having over here. And in this one, there was only one which is great. So you wanna have as little competition as you can in those different to doing cites. Another thing that is very important when you're working for image for you to teach is to make sure that you have a wide variety over different choices for you to teach. And also you have to think about what things are you really good at? So that's the big thing about it is not only you have to concentrate on one specific topic . You also have to concentrate on something that you're really good at teaching. So the first thing I wanna do is tow head to another side called Take. Questions. That come and over here, though, is many different things that people are teaching online. So what we're doing here is just getting a deal's off what kind of subjects that we can teach online and make money with it. So if you're good with academics, there is a few different subjects that you can teach you computer skills, crafts and hobbies or languages. Music were forming out visual outs, and here are the top online who essence that people always request. So any of those topics is gonna be something that people are always looking for, and it's highly in demand. So what you have to do is pretty simple. You have to go ahead and forcible, find an area that you're very good at. So over here, let's go into photography and work for photography teachers. That's gonna be one away for you to find out that demand for that specific nature and how much people charge for that area. So if you're good at specific subject, you want to go for a bunch off those different topics, so it's going into piano hell and work for a teacher in who teaches piano and take a look. Get who is teaching it. Walk away. So we have one of here in Schenectady disposing this, teaching it online. Lots of online competition. Not so many people are teaching it in Posen. So this one comes up up ahead for this specific subject. Let's go ahead and work for something else. What say you want to own Cookie? So type in cooking? Westland search and let's see who is teaching this specific area. And this is mostly an online class. But a lot of people are teaching it online, so this gives you an opportunity. If you want to teach this who work? Oh, because nobody is teaching that specific subject area. Those other subjects is well here. And the great thing about niche ing is that you're concentrating so much in one specific topic that you'll be the best at it. So the more better that you get about more like, Oh, you get the others competition in your subject area. So this is an Elliot that I'm teaching as well. Search for competitors. You can see me like hell, which is showing up here, and you can see other people who are teaching It also does electric coming form the home country itself. So there's not that many competitors hold teaching it locally at all. In fact, I don't see any whatsoever, so that definitely makes me stand out in the search itself when it comes to that specific topic. So this is the great thing about Mitch ing. You want to concentrate as much as you can in one specific subject earlier that you have almost no competition whatsoever. Now one thing I do suggest for you is to compete in many different natures, because this way it's gonna give you a lot more jobs. So if you want to teach piano, you want to teach your language, and you want to teach photography at the more up together and create different four files for any of those services on take Crescent's. It's more likely you're going to get booked for many different subject areas online. Now. Don't just go ahead and do this in one specific websites. Such a steak questions do so in as many different websites as you can, so you maximize the mouth off clients that you can get for the special niche that you'll be teaching and for that specific topic as well 4. What to Tutor: Well, what should you be going ahead and to doing? Students were This is the ultimate question. When they just got started into two doing I wasn't really So what? I should be to do it myself. And it took me a while to figure this up. But I'm gonna go and shortcuts for you and teach you what things should you be doing in order for you to figure out what exactly should you be teaching your students what to actually do? So, first of all, you have to figure out what things are you good at? Think about all the things that you have done in your life. And what exactly are you good at doing when you figure it out? What things are you good at? What are you good at doing? What qualification to have and so on. This is going to get you to the next level to be able to actually to the people what you're good at doing so I myself let me use me as an example. I was selling on eBay since the year 2000 and I saw thousands of products online and therefore have decided the best way for me to do the people is to teach him with how to make money on eBay. Another thing I was also go that is, photography and taking pictures. So those are two different business models that I have decided to to the people. Individually, I went to a ghost. I have decided that both says one on one, teaching them how to do things I can reach out. Toe got more people by teaching online classes. So that was my poor progressive. No, what people can do this they cannot teach online. It's much harder for you to teach online. Then it is percent oppose. And, of course, some people like their connection. 112 people. Plus you can charge a lot more individual hands on Western some people, especially with photography. It's much harder for you to teach their stuff online. Some people want to have the actual camera in the hand and won't things that it is much harder for them to one online. They want to have a personal connection with you. Therefore, totaling one on one individually is sometimes a lot more beneficial. There was subject that you could on your teacher, and you can teach them online. You can when you teach them one on one Such a zmapp economics, science and so on. So if those are things that you're very good at, it is time for you to figure out what things do you want to teach individual people? Did the piece of people out write down all the things that you're good at? What college to go. You got what education you have, what things you can teach someone else and then make a whole waste of those items. Then it is your turn to figure out which of those items you're gonna be teaching one or one people how to make money with all. Of course you can teach them economic science mapping. So on it is all. And it all depends on you what you're good at and what things you can translate to somebody else and teach them very well. Not good, but excellent. You want to be the best teacher you can in that specific subject. If you're not good enough, all your competition is going to go ahead and win over those clients dependable your where you might have a lot of people who are going and competing against you. Well, I leave myself. There was a lot of bars of photographers who are doing the same exact thing. There's not that many people hold teaching eBay as myself. So you have to differentiate yourself and figure out how many other people doing the same exacting. Well, you can go and promote those things. And so on in the next video, I'm gonna be showing you a few occasions where you can go ahead and promote. Well, you're gonna be teaching things. Still, it's more than one location for you to do this. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this actually kill advice for you. Which way you should go ahead and go for. If you're not kill yet. Get a piece of people out and make a west. This is gonna be the most beneficial thing for you to do. That's gonna get you to the next level. See you in the next meeting. 5. Getting Motivated: getting motivated. Walking for yourself is something very hard for other people. A lot of it is putting a lot of time into Quit eating a business, setting your own hours and figure out what you want to do next. This is not for everyone. When you're just starting walking for yourself, you gotta self motivate yourself to be able to do something every single day. A lot of days. You don't feel like doing book, but you still have to show up to your job with walking for yourself. There was no boss for you to tell you what to do. You have to tell yourself what to do. One of the best ways for you is to manage your time. You know, some people work 9 to 5. So why don't you go ahead and set up your own schedule? Well, you're gonna be walking into five as well. So the same exact house that you would actually usually walk yourself in and 9 to 5 office job. You'll be doing the same exacting at your own piece. So what you're gonna be doing over here, you're gonna be setting up your time where you will be spending some of the time in the morning getting motivated to get the drop down, which is going to the gym and doing other things before you get started. Then you're gonna be sending up a few times that you're gonna go and find potentials. Find clients, woken your website and start to promote your own business. So spend at least one out every single day to promote your business so you can get and find those clients. Eventually, you're gonna have some people who are gonna be booking with you. Those are the people that you want to keep. It is very important for you to keep those clients walking with you because if somebody is a repeat client, it's more likely they will keep doing business with you. And you want to keep them as long as possible. Those are the kinds that are easily that are coming to you. Plus, some of those kinds might find you other kinds as well. So keep this also in mind. If you don't have enough clients, you should spend one out every single day trying to find additional crimes for your business marketing promotions When you extra business for yourself is all things that you should be doing every single day that you are going to be working. Of course, on the weekend you can take two days off to relax and enjoy yourself. Then you have West extra energy to go back into the work week and get all this work that you have to do and get it done fast, easy and simple. 6. Starting a Business: hello and welcome. And you're probably one doing if you're starting a business, should you actually start an l l C. And is it required, Especially if you're gonna be to doing online to doing, imposing, getting students, and so on. Forcible there, Leo. Reason you should get an l. L. C. Is simply to protect yourself from getting sued in the United States. If somebody sues you, there was your company. You can declare bankruptcy off the actual company entity and all the assets off this company is going to go all the way to zero, and you can start a brand new loc, which is kind off to say that it's a great way for you to limit your liability toe almost nothing. So if you always take out the money from your company and you always just put it aside away from the business company, you're pretty much safe. You're not gonna lose much if somebody does decide to sue you for a lot of money. That said, this is not for everyone. And if you're gonna be doing to doing consulting and studying something this small most of the time, it is not going with wild so with L l c. Why should you actually do it? There was less regulation. You can pass the taxation right into it. It is and your own business. You own management, you can go ahead and you can file things as expenses. Also posting that asset protection. And it is a separate entity from your own entity or money management and so on. So this is grateful people who want to start doing business. You can start your own bank account. That's gonna be L. L. C. In a separate bank, all you can do it in the same exact being. Just open up a different kind of a business account. So those are a few things for you to keep in mind. You can also open your credit card under LoC as well. Before you get, start with Elsie. You can also do something else. You can start a db a. So it's good Simple D B A. Which stands for doing business as and this is the easiest and fastest thing for you to actually do. Of a db A. You're just starting your own business under your own name or under an assumed name on all you have to do is just to file this in. And the cheapest way for you to go is United States. Just go to your workers state to the county and just fire within for 25 bucks. I think it's a little bit more expensive. Wait now, but this is the easiest and fastest way to get started doing business. And what we see is just more complicated because you have to submit special recommendation . You have to put two different newspapers and put the ad in the O that you actually have a never will see. And I did this myself. And one of them, actually unfortunately went out of business just as I did it. So I had to find and different one to put the end as well. So this is it. This what you have to do? And there was many different companies you can get started, and I used legalzoom for all this stuff. It is the cheapest and one of the fastest. Wait for you to get all your Rego needs. So we goes on that. Come, this is the site you should actually go into. And over here you can start doing business very fast, and you can decide which kind of business you want to start stunning with the sole proprietor tell and going all the way to ever see cooperation on profit and so on the one of the command. If you're just going to start with to doing this one and you can do down 10 you can do it d be a So those are the ones that have the least amount of people work for you to get started The easiest and the simplest way for you to get started with could eating your own business And it is grateful for your tax purposes. It is great to keep your finances separate and also you have the legal protection just in case somebody goes about and tries to sue you for anything. So I do recommend for you. If you're gonna go into this and you're going to be doing a lot off different kind off things and you want to go right away to the professional level, I will see is the way to go. And over here you have to go find your name, and you can just type it in here and see if it is available in your area. Packages start as low as 80 bucks pass filing fees, and it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. For most people, if you're just getting started doing business, as is what you should be doing this one over here with we go zoom, it's gonna cost you actually more money to get started. But keep in mind that loc to do every night you have to do is gonna cost you. Sometimes in the neighborhood of 500 person box, with all the expenses, fees and everything else comes together, D B is the cheapest one. And if you're doing it on the line with the convenience and simple as that, it actually starts at 99 bucks. But you can go to your local state county and you don't have to do it online, and I'm so it is gonna be so much cheaper 7. Creating a Website: another place you can get started is called weeks that can't. This is the primal place where I have my own website, which is mine Quest also have created a bunch of different kind of websites over here because it is easy and simple to use for you to get started. All you have to do is person create a new site, and over here we're going to go in the book. What are our choices? And the one that would command for you to actually pick is gonna be the business one. Now, you want to start with your own weeks editor by choosing at temperate because it's the easiest one for us to do. Then go ahead and find the consulting and coaching one over here as well. There's gonna be a few sections for us to pick for is gonna be the business at wise oh consulted, burning and all kinds off different other sites as well Hugh present to and you have a few other successful websites that they created for you. Those are the kind of websites that the high command for you to get started with as well. The reason for that they created the template for you and then what you have to do next when you find the template director like I was on it and you can view it and edit and make it work exactly how you actually want. But so next at this site and it goes straight to the weeks. Ditto. And your job would be to go ahead and edit the site and to make it work exactly how you're actually wanted to look like. So the next step for us is to go for this and take a look at the graphics. So if you don't like the graphics themselves just west on the graphics, why in the different graphics you won't actually use and replace the image and then what you have done? You can also work for for you images from Wickes itself. So here are a bunch of different images and person business. And just pick the image that you actually like that you want to use, such as this white here. Off course, you can find something else instead. So far it's been swept up present search A lot of people using a wept up. This one looks interesting like down one was on it. Present choose image and pleasant Done. And this is actually as right. So So you have a bunch of different images for us to pick form. So we have image number one, Image number two that I just added an image number free, and they just dragged it to actually be image number one person down here, and it changes the image. You can also add a link that goes to a different kind of website to your own email and so on, including a white box which is actually standing out as your own squeeze speech so you can create your own squeeze speech that works exactly like this. So over here you choose the squeeze beach that you like, such as this one. This is actually the same one that they use myself on my website. And over here you can manage the way it actually works by just that will quickly on appeal and working and adding extra features to the squeeze speech. So the hell we have a few choices with the text. We can change the text the way it looks around. You can also change their way out over here and we can change and graphics as well. So if you don't like the way it actually works, you can always go ahead and change it and make it so much better. Next thing that we won't actually do here, this person save and publish if you're actually done. Even if you're not done, it's still beneficial for you to save your work. Just in case after you do this part, the next step will us is to go back in here points on this. And now we're gonna be taking a look at other things such as the home page, which we can go and edit our team, which is a different kind off beach in Hewas. Well, every one of those different pages, we can go ahead and access with Wix itself. And if you don't like something here, you can always drank it around. You can go ahead and edit. You can write down your own information in here. So what makes itself a lot of things that come up here? It is not complete yet. You have to add a lot of extra information such as I'm an image title. You want a title? The image there you want to describe what kind of services you provide and do for your clients, including, If you already have a client, you can go ahead and add examples off kinds that directory service. If you don't have any clients yet, you can go ahead and hide the specific beach by placing on the power menus and pages. Poison quienes Wasn't this thing with you I was on setting and puts over here would says, Hide from menu So it's no angle is going to be shown in the menu, but you can still access and edited, and when it's ready, you can go ahead and show it to everyone else to see. So if you're walking on a specific page and it's not done yet for anyone to see, that's what you should actually be doing. Go back to the home page, make sure you put as much information as you can hear, including describe about yourself what you can awful, what kind of things you offer to the client, especially when they're just going to get started with you. Some of the graphics may not be appropriate for what you're actually doing, so make sure you go ahead and fix the graphics and make it look so much better. Also heal. It is copulating 2023. You want to copyright this instead to the you that it's supposed to be copyrighted. Those are some basic and it's that you should be doing to get started with Wix itself. 8. Tutor Websites: So let's explore where we can find some awesome to doing jobs to get started teaching online the first place, I highly suggest for you to go into its code. Indeed that Com You can find all kinds of different jobs over here. What you have to do is just type in tudo, and then he typing your zip code or your locations and pleasant find jobs boasting you're gonna be a Roni is how much money you can potentially get in your area or ever your actual live. If you're interested in moving to a different place, you can do so as well. Let's go ahead and do that. So in New York City, find jobs and you can see that the tootling that you can get their salary for that is 25 bucks an hour in the bigger city. Now, not one you can find a worker to doing jobs with, Indeed that come. You can sometimes even find online to doing jobs over here as well, so make sure you take a look and see what kind of jobs are available in your area. Another location. How he suggests for you to go to is going to kill that Come and kill that. Come. You can also find a lot of to doing jobs. So let's go ahead and take a look at how much money some online to those are actually making. So here you can see some specific people advertising for what they're actually doing in here as well. So make sure you do this ourselves now. Next ways that the holly suggest for you to get started with to do it is called Cropsey. This is one of the force places I got actually started with two doing people actually open the franchise with carbs E. And you can even open your own franchise in a franchise when actually happens. You're opening up your own job. You're your own boss. You're hiring people to work for you and so on. Of course, this cost and big investment. So keep this in mind. But a lot of people do this themselves, and you might even have one in your local area. So if you're good at teaching any of those specific subject, which is math science for language, reading college and so on and even study skills, you can potentially get hired by Cropsey first you want to do is to find if those actually availability for your services. So you poisoned becoming too low by thinking up all the required information Over here. The next place hurry suggest for you to get started is called Tudo That come or you have to do is to person subject and then subjects you can go ahead and find which kind of to those are available in every one of them. Not only that, any one of those subjects, you can even become a to do yourself for them as well. Now the pricing is also different here. So this is like a membership site. Will people pay as they go along? You can pay for one hour every single month, two hours free house and pay as you consume as well. So this is great if you want to actually become a tudo. So over here you have to go ahead and a pint to become the total. You're going over the way at the bottom, plus on teacher or two for us. Then what you're gonna be doing is person a pirate now and it's going to get to the specific location and over hell, you can see what kind of jobs are actually available and which kind of states and locations . Some of it is actually one line as well, so it doesn't have to have an actual job that is actually in your location. You can even broken line when you're teaching for Toto that come another location that you can start to doing. And this is actually online to doing is called Shang to does. This used to be at textbook location, while you could just go ahead and exchange of textbook for money, and they actually evolved into a tutoring service You ever heal? It's very easy to join you person becoming too, though, and you apply to this job top to those can own up to 1000 months, starting it 20 parks, and now we have to do is to person sign up right now. Start with your basic information, great an account and get started to doing online the next location. How we suggest for you to get started is called W Y Z, and this is exactly well, I began my journey with two. Doing this was the fullest website I have was signed up and I got a bunch off different tootling jumps form it. This one is pretty simple person become a to doing person, a pirate now. And there was a lot off doing jobs for you to find and walk for. This is a little bit different than other jobs over here. Most of the time, you're really looking for students over here where it says my business. You boys on jobs and you can go ahead and find a bunch of jobs that are available in your field. So there's no jobs over here that are feeling my field itself. But you can do on high no need jobs. President. Search for all my subjects. And here we go. We have 68 potential jobs for us that are available online in different cities. This is mostly microeconomics, and he was some other ones Indeed. If you like the jobs that you see, Hugh, that is matching up for you President applying for a job, and then you can select your template if you're actually have one. If you don't have one, you can add a new template. And, of course, you can go ahead and white some information over here And you just tell them what kind of things you can do to help this guy out. So he is looking to get trained in Google AdWords, and he wants to get help for this certification. Wants to get started right away. I'm not really good at Google AdWords, so I'm going to be skipping. So next thing I'm going to be doing is working. What does the jobs have available online for me to find? There was a cycle. What? You stood Hugh microeconomics, biology and so on make. So whatever job you're actually finding Hugh is the job you can actually do. So we have a photography student over here. I can definitely do that. Puts in a pipe for job. And here we go. So this guy is seeking and Trudeau who is going to corroborate his computer screen properly ? Well, I'm not really into doing that and for the shop, so this is not gonna be the right match for me. Remember, you have tohave the white matches for you. Even if it says this is a potential job for you, it might not be light for what you're actually teaching. So instead of just wasting your time applying for jobs, you might not be able to get o teach. You want to make sure somebody is over there that you can actually go ahead and teach them for whatever job they're asking for? So here we go. We have another one, Hugh, who is looking for help in Nikon. So hello. And to be spending much more time, I want to make sure that he is actually open for this job out of time. Some people just posted up there and then, especially if this is a few months back, you don't know if this job is still available. Therefore, all you're doing is submitting the application and seeing if this is gonna work or not. Now, one of the things this specific site is acquiring you to do is you have to have a twist 150 characters for you to send this in. So one way to shortcut this is just to include the biography. Worried afterward. So I'm gonna do exactly that in person, submit application, and now we're gonna go and look at weight and policies, and it's gonna be 20 bucks. Now we're gonna be changing into 40 imprisoned save changes so that we go. I ended it. And now let's go to the dashboard itself. And there was different kind of subjects that I can go ahead and teach. So if you want to start specialising in different subject, you have to go ahead and apply to teach for those subjects on the line. And that is the great thing about this specific site. Is that auto? You're competing with other people with different subjects. You can go ahead and find most subject that you're qualified as well. So here is all the different kind of subjects that I'm actually qualified to actually teach . If you want to add a different kind of subjects, all we want to submit your qualifications, you can go ahead and do so. So the first thing you can do is just for president would says, Submit qualifications and you can go and post in why you should be qualified to teach this subject, which is very simple. You just write down why you actually do this, what you have done and so on. And it's like about posting your title and the subject qualifications with the four lines that's gonna go and convinced, however, is reading it that you're qualified to teach this subject usually approve, such as a website, would go a long way for you to go ahead and get the qualification to teach that subject for some other subjects, you have to actually take a test such as this one. Here we see those take tissue and another take test for this one. So you just wasn't Take a test and it's gonna bring you to the actual test, which is the study skill test person. Begin the test and you can go ahead and answer a bunch of questions about 24 different questions for this test. And if you pass this one and then pass it collecting, you pass for this specific subject area. And if you want to add extra subject that you're qualified to teach person and subject. Now let's say, for example, you want to teach maybe science. You were good in geology, just present geology and then present ed selected subject off the oppressed on and selected subject. There was gonna be maybe a test that you have to take. Let's take a look at Georgie itself, and yes, you have to take a test in order for you to be qualified to actually teach that subject. So go ahead and add every single subject that you're qualified to teach by placing on and subject and then what you're gonna be doing next, you're gonna either take the test or submit qualification, and you keep on doing it until you get its many different qualified things that you can teach right in here because it's gonna give you the most potential jobs for different kind of fields. Thank you so much for watching. And now it is your tone to get started with two doing online. First thing I do suggest for you to do is to apart toe as many different places as you can . Those are gonna be different kinds of to doing sign. Once you're tryingto all those different places and open and teaching account. The next up for you is to see which one actually accept you after you get accepted to some of those online jobs. Then go ahead and start to look for some of those teaching jobs online and gets that it applying to the because eventually you will get some of them and they will actually hire you to teach online. Good luck to you, my friend, and see you in the next actual 9. Exploring Thumbtack: So one good place that you can get started and over here get a lot of clients is go tom tack dot com What's again? The specific Web sect. Over here, you can find anything you want, but you're looking forward to doing so. You control here any specific subject math through the leading science or studies, test preparation and so on. You can even teach photography, So photography Detroit and you can find full instruct those in my area. But this is just an example for you. Those Aczel different awesome and cool subjects that you can teach with Tom Tag and find clients that are going to do this for you so you can let your stuff for the site and then what you're gonna be doing next is hunting for jobs. So it switched to the business section off this, and now what's gonna happen is in the business section, you're getting request and in the request themselves, if you like what you see, Hugh, you present view that details, and now you're gonna be bidding for this specific job. So how do you bid for it? Well, you simply go ahead. You write down what kind off a job that you're willing to do for them after you read the full file, and then next thing you're gonna do is actually send them the draft over it and wait for them to respond. Now, after this is actually done, they actually subtract money from your account, and eventually you will get clients. So make sure you charge them that appropriate, wait for your services and you can change, and you can charge whatever you actually want. But the more you charged us, likely you're going to get those jobs. So I now have over 200 requests over here. Most government is the photography, of course, him as our clients as well. Sometimes you get people who are not work. Oh, so make sure you don't get those specific jobs because if they're not local, you won't be able to reach out and actually do the service for them. Pressing on services There was a lot of different services for us to pick form and over hell. You can go ahead and add an extra service that you're willing to do so you can actually do such is to doing person. And it's always and they have more than one poor for over here. I'm using my photography poor file. What? Coming over service? Um, actual fling. It's gonna be classes. So, tobacco, few essence points on this, and now it's set up their photography. So this person next and here is my preference. I can travel to my kinds. My clients can travel to me and I can walk, actually, mostly on the Internet person save. And now what type or photography I am I gonna actually teach. I'm gonna teach almost anything except time lapse. It is the most complicated. One especially to teach online was the next. I'm gonna be taking out that complicated things over here because this is the stuff that I want to actually teach you. The easiest things to teach is usually the best things for us to actually teach. What type of Camilla can you will teach and what's going to suggest that one as well. Let's put every single day of the week except the weekend. But of course, if you do this, you might have our place cards. So it's just four star that was put everything in here, person. Next, I'm available the most times almost all the time. Now, why would I set something up like this even if I'm not available? Well, it's pretty simple. If they go ahead and send me a request or notice, I can always reschedule for a different time slot. I can always reschedule for a different time. Next, And when do you walk? So make sure everything else here is giving the most availability as possible because you want to get this job and you want to get as many jobs and as you possibly can when you're just getting started. And here we go. I questioned. Finished. Now, what is my maximum budget? You So this is actually important. And I will actually only pay for the actual contacts. I we see. Which means that if I get an actual business client, they're gonna charge me money. If I don't get their business kind, they're not going to charge me anything. So make sure you go ahead and you put in what is your budget? Which is how much money you're willing to pay for this specific service. So the higher your budget, the more waker you'll get more jobs. But you have to be super careful with that because you have to put your credit card on file . So when you're just getting started started 15 you're not gonna get so many quiets. But at the same time, you're not gonna get charged so much money, person to finish Wake Io. And now video set in the wedding for another service. Of course, you have to have your credit card information here as well, so make sure you do this to, and now, after you're done with all this, you're going to be finished and you can go ahead and get started with that specific service that you'll be actually charged. Now, one thing I do suggest for you, even if you're actually thinking well, I don't want to actually pay 15 bucks for this. This is very beneficial for you because one specific client is going to actually pay for itself a few times over. So for this one for 15 bucks, you can when you get 3 to 6 quotes, which is potentially wanted to clients. If you go ahead and you spend upto a fund of doors, it's more likely you get 8 to 11 clients, which actually works in the neighborhood off 24 toe thought, if we different quotes that you will be actually getting so the more clients, the more quotes, the more likely you're gonna beginning bigger money with thumbtack itself. So when you go into the actual Tam Tak, you have a lot of different events for us to pick form. So make sure you go food is and take a look at what kind off different businesses you can start such a stew doing and anything else for that matter. It is a great way to get started teaching different things online and imposing. 10. Coaching Gig on Fiverr: another location where you can go ahead and start. Actually, Sonia Services, it's called Fire oh dot com. Over here, you can actually coach and get paid by doing this totally watery. To do this, what you have to do is to register as a so on Bible person selling, press on gigs and create an actual gig, a bunch of them that is already active. But you can create a new one as well by placing on creating you gig. So let's go ahead and Crete and you get to quit in your gig or you have to do is to present quit and your gig even have a peach that looks exactly like this. And remember is going to say I will do something I'm good at. I will. You you white coaching session, the category this is gonna be in is gonna be writing translation video animation business is that correct category. Next thing it's gonna be in, he's in business dips. Now the next step is gonna be there. So ching tags for this and this one is gonna be is coaching life coaching and tootling to a door. And here we can put business to adore just business and then business opportunity. Then remember, if this doesn't work for you, can always change those keyboards around next west on safe, which is gonna be saving the gig. And now you're going to go into the pricing off the gig itself and then walk off. We packages person trying. Right now, this one is gonna be the basic one. This one is gonna be B A p, and this one is gonna be be five. So what did they get in the basic, Which is gonna be 15 minute session in the VHP. They're gonna get 30 minutes procession in the VP five going to get five sets. Oh, 30 minutes, since you can do whatever you want here. But this is just an example off the different sessions that you can actually to hear the price for the basic one is gonna be 15 for 15 minutes. This one is gonna be utility box for 30 minutes. And this 15 times story we're talking about big coaching session and not fireable. You can make more money than just five bucks and this just proves Do you how much money you can make on fire which is a lot of money. So this one is gonna be 100 50 bucks. So you're gonna be charging them extra to the way with this item much faster in everyone off those gigs. So the basic gig is gonna be the leveled in three days, and it's gonna cost five bucks for that. This one's gonna be delivered in two days, which is gonna be the cost for this is gonna be 10 bucks. This one's gonna be the whoever. Within one day, the extra cost for this one is gonna be all the way a whooping off 25 doors. But that's going to make money on hell, by the way, Going faster the Soviets and they have to pay even more extra for this Now here is additional things and amount of services you can do over here, which is next 20 minutes. Procession for what? Next? So five bucks. I will also deliver it in additional one day so you can actually tip yourself a lot of times over by adding all those extra services, extra gigs and gig extras and so on wasn't safe. Now it's done for the description itself. Well, you're gonna be typing in exactly what they're getting into this session and you have to type in everything you want. So it's gonna be coaching obsession with me over here. What you have to really do is to type in a lot of things that talks about what kind of a gig that you electrically eating. This is very important in the description when somebody actually buys it, you want to tell them exactly what this is gonna be all about. You can actually both the actual points, and you can emphasize the things with bullet points, such as with me one on one. It's good video. After you're done with this, you can also add frequent add questions to this. The frequent ask questions is gonna cover everything that people want to know in advance, which is, please. So time. Skype. I think the requirement. This is also very similar to the frequently asked questions, and over here you can post in as well the same exact things about giving the actual edification information such as Facebook or Skype information. And this can only be put right here because with terms of service or fiber, you can actually shell information about getting somebody outside off Bible itself unless it has something to do with this job. So therefore, you can only post it in those two different locations for this gig to actually pass next up is the galley for the item that you would be actually giving. So it's golden poison brows and that this one right here, we have the image and we can just drag it what we want to and you can add up to a free of them and another one and limo. And this one is too big, so we can have tractors. Keep that one. So it's sad down one instead and drag it the way you want. If you don't like this one, you can just strike them around. Another thing I highly suggest for you to do is to create a video gig. Whoa. You call and tell everything you can't in 75 seconds. So this is very important for you to get them very interested in what you're talking about , because this way, you're gonna get them to sign up. If they don't see the video gig, it is what was likely for you to get paying clients So you have to walk and create an elevator peach and tell them everything that this gig is gonna be included, and then maybe they will be interested enough to buy this gig form you. And after you're done with all of this, you're gonna be pressing on safe, and you're gonna wet Bible approved this gig, And if it does your set and now you can coach online on fiber. 11. Rate & SEO Optimization: So how much should you be charging for whatever was subject that you're teaching? Plus sc. Oh, this is very important. How do you wank yourself on any off those two doing sites? We're gonna cover both of those in this actor. So the first thing you want to do is to take a look at your competition, and it is pretty simple in de crescents itself or any other website that you'll be actually teaching online or you have to do is to type in the name off the subject that you'll be teaching, such as photography. Press on So much for your teacher. And here we have all the local and international and, of course, national competitors as well. So over here, one thing that I wanna actually emphasize is most of those teachers are not work. Oh, they are actually coming from annual in the United States because the location itself is actually set for in home studio and online, because the online people are competing full jobs annual in the whole country, they were showing up over here as well. Now, when you're going to go and try to find which weight should you be charging your clients. One thing that is very important for you to do is to find out how much do you value your time? 8 15 bucks and hour is all you make in your day to day job. It is great for you to make 15 bucks for one hour session, but then again, you should be working 9 to 5 instead. So if you don't wanna work 9 to 5, you should value time a lot more in charge. 15 bucks for 20 minutes. Session This way. In free house, you can make way more than you make six hours in a 9 to 5 job. Now the more you charged, the more you make. This is very simple, but you're not going to be able to get a lot of currents when you're just getting started. Therefore, how we suggest for you charging the worst amount possible just to get reviews. As you can see here, people who get a lot of reviews get a lot off jobs with this specific person is teaching online. She got 40 abuse. She's already at the top off the food scale, which means that you're beginning more and more jobs on day questions. What you want to do is to make sure you get a lot of extra jobs by going ahead and putting your online profile to the cheapest possible. It's such as this one right here. She's only charging 15 doors for a 15 minute session. So 30 minutes charging 30 bucks for 60 minutes, it is gonna be 60 doors, so you can do the same exacting as well. So actually, go ahead and post and competitive wait for the subject that you'll be actually teaching. Then get as many reviews as you can for any potential student. And even if you have to walk for a very cheap weight by getting people to give you reviews , it's going to get you a lot more walk in, take questions because the question is gonna notice you and is going to send you a lot more students as well. So keep this in mind. Also, the way that you're charging is not very important when you're just getting started teaching online. There was another strategy here as well. This is for advanced people. You actually post in your way to be the highest possible. You want to beat all your competitors and actually upscale them in the way that you charge . You might want to know. I'll get a client. Not that many kinds are gonna sign up, but when they do, they're gonna pay you the top door for what you're teaching. This is only could be done if you're super qualified in this subject area. If you're not, don't. I will actually do this. It's actually gonna walk against you and you're not gonna get any jobs. So this is another way for you to go about and do this is to go and present their teaching Poor file. You want to see what they're actually out doing and why are getting so many jobs? One thing that works for them is the description that they put in for what they were teaching. Also, the different levels that they were teaching. They cover every level beginner, intermediate in advance. Next thing is the experience. They tell how well they've been teaching and they tell about themselves as well. And they put a lot of information here what they do with their experience, education, language, and so on, including pictures off the work. So make sure you go and do all of this. You want to differentiate yourself, form your competition and you want to be the top dog in the few that you're teaching. 12. Creating Meetup Groups: one of the best ways to get extra clients and line is using meet up itself. There was two ways for you to go about this one way is, of course, toe work for clients by working for something that has to do with what you're actually teaching. Let's say, for example, you teaching photography or you have to do is to type in photography was on so much and see what kind off activities are going on in your area. After you see what kind of activities are going on on your earlier, you can go ahead and go to those events and see if you can find kinds face to face another way for you to go about and do. This is to person groups and see what are the groups around here that you can actually join . So I already have the photography meet up and classes go. There was competitive groups here as well. That could actually show up you two, so make sure you check them out. All the different groups joined them up and go to those groups. Get to know to people face to face if you want to get started with at different doing business, which is just tootling. Let's take a look at what we have here. There was zero people interested in English tudo. Now, if somebody is interested in some other kind over tutto such as Just Warrior was on that. Let's see what kind off, as all to doings are potentially in the area. So so it always springs do it yourself educational group and a few other wants. Let's type in eBay. Maybe there is eBay groups that are teaching people how to make money online with eBay. No, it's the coca this those four people who are interested in this connected e eBay meet up. There was no other groups that are teaching eBay, so this is a potential thing for me to get started in my area. There was no competition for this whatsoever. Now, if you want to know if there was other groups that are farther away, person 100 miles and you can see here. Here is one Connecticut eBay and e commerce cells, so this one has 67 cells that are doing exactly that. Now, if this group doesn't exist in your area, it means that you should actually go ahead and start your own grope. This is actually the number one way for you to get started and actually do this kind of thing now, since I reached all the way to freedom when groups I cannot go ahead and do this. But if I am going to meet a pull, I can now actually get started in Crete. Almost unlimited amount off. Meet up groups online, which is really amazing. So I can try it out for free for 30 days and actually can go my bland to the next level. So let's go ahead and start in. You meet up group and the area that we want to start the specific meet up group is gonna be actually Kobani, New York. Now, next step for us is to pick the actual topic this group is gonna be about. They're gonna be at doing photography group so to doing in photography and just pick the actual topics that you actually be teaching photography, photography classes, group photography for those for the shop, street photography, photography, business, photography location and to them which is actually teaching. So education, Toto, technology and education, cloning. And so and you have to keep picking this until you get all the way to as many as you can, which is about 15 of them. So let's continue until we get all the way to 15. And here we go. This is 15 topics. Make sure the topics always different as possible. Every single one of those topics is a special topic that actually is going to be sent by meet up itself to people already want and are interested in those kind of topics. So you want to make sure you spend this much time as you can walking on those special keyboards over here in this section, this is the most wide apart off everything. Next step one is to name the group, you should name it exactly what it is. Forcible. The location off the group should be the number one thing imposed in here. Next thing, what is actually going to do in the group itself, which is gonna be a photography. Lastly, it's gonna be classes. So Albany photography class is the most simple. You make it, the better it is. The next step for you to do it here is to introduce yourself and put down your qualifications tell us who you are, who should be actually joining this group. What will this meet up group actually do And so poof off your actual walk By putting all those free factors or combined, you go indeed to get as many people who are interested in this topic as possible. So this is basically what you have to do in order to get started with made up itself to get extra to doing clients for your online and offline business. 13. Monetizing Meetup: Once you create a meet up group, the next step for you is to monetize the group. Before you magnetize the group, there was a few things you have to do. So in order for this to be successful four Sting you wanna have its many members as possibly can Toby Actually, members of the group and 1/2 551 of them. Now you don't have toe have that many. You can have even 50 esque song. Is there active members? They enjoy the go up down more than likely to pay for the group and to support it. Next thing I do suggest for you is to hold as many meetups as you can and more meet ups that you have. The more likely the members are active in the group, and the more likely they are going to be paying for some off those group extra features, such as monetizing the group itself and adding monetization to it whenever is possible. Also, make sure you add group follows toe the actual event itself, and this would definitely get a lot more traction to the group as well. Forced anyone to do is to copy and meet up and this is the easiest one to monetize It is to monetize an actual meet up that you're going to be having a meet up event softies select the area, the boys, and how many times a week you guys are going to meet. Next step for you to do is to go all the way down and start to actually charge for this event. So it's set a price for this and they can Edo pay you in cash or even a credit called for a specific amount of money when you're holding an event. So for this one that we're gonna actually pay firebox to join up. And since I have so many members, there's only so many people who can shop at any given time. Also, you can give a we found as well, but it is not the quiet. You're the one who decides how much money you want. A charge for any of those Brandt. You can charge as much as you want, but keep in mind, the more money you charge, the less likely you have Anybody who is actually gonna show up for that specific event members can also bring guests you can have as many people as you want to shop to a day event. But keep in mind the more people you have, the more crowded it's gonna get and they're less likely you'll be able to organize in charge money, especially for the event itself. One of the best ways for you when you're charging for those events is toe have a credit called being able to pay for the event. If you're doing camps payment, you have to collect the cash when somebody just comes to this event and it's becomes a very bigger process. Unless you have somebody at the dojo can collect the money, it's actually much harder for you to pull this off. Then we're for critical. So this is one way for you to make money on meet up. There was other ways for you to go about and do this as well. One of the ways is to monetize the group, so let's go ahead and do exactly that. To monetize the group itself we have to do is to take the group present, managed to group manage money is gonna be what to press on next, and after you do this boat. You can go ahead and monetize the actual group itself by going over hell and setting up the membership dues. Well, remember, Subdues you can automatically charge and cover up the Children for the actual up coursed off managing the group itself, a person gets started. And over here we can start with the minimum off five bucks a month. All 20 bucks Anyway, you can charge much more than that if you actually desire or want to. The more we charge, the less likely that people are gonna actually go ahead and in the world in the scope. If you have a very small charge Anyway, it's very likely that people are not gonna pay much attention. And it worked. You pay for the dues. So keep this in mind. This is something you want experiment with That remembers how the money is going to be used . Couple meet up, cause help. Compass Kate, Organizer's and college. More engaged members have a result found, provides surprising equipment improve, meet up and so on. So make sure you let people know what exactly they're paying for and make sure you check everyone of those different lists, including also so if you have something else that it is coupled. Make sure you write down in this remember pay. Do so you can actually make them pay the dues for this group. And if they refuse to pay, they will actually be removed from the group automatically. So you can let them try out the group for 14 days for free. And then if they decide they, like, get they have to pay for the go. You can let them try it out for 180 days. And if they're off the group, they either have to pay. Oh, they'll be kicked out of the group. So it's up to you to decide how long this trial period is. Connect us, but make sure you let them know before the tri appeal it actually ends. What actually gonna happen? Specially waited in that there's a trial billiard that they have 60 days. If they enjoy the scope, they will have to be and pay for the group itself, which is gonna be, let's, say, five bucks a month or so, and that's going to go ahead and cover their dues for the middle group itself. One of the cool things about this. You can see how much people already paid for those specific events and for everything else how much they chipped in as well. Now, I don't like to actually do this too much, because a lot of times, if you keep on trying to monetize the group, people are not gonna like it. And there was likely to be engaged with the cope itself. You wanna stand off and don't actually force them to pay money and adventure? You want to get them to pay more and more as the time goes on. So put a lot off emphasis on creating the group community. Wait on. You want to put the other more emphasis on paying for the group and monetizing it now, in order to collect money, make sure you go ahead and sign up. Your repay repay is one way for you to get paid with. Meet up. It is very similar to paper, but meet up uses this specific organization instead. Another good thing about meet up is that you can go ahead and create a way for them to chip in for the group itself. So all you have to do is just personable it says Chip in here and figure out how much people want to chip in for something like an activity for the group itself, all just to support the group over here. It's pretty simple. You just put in the amount of money they're gonna be chipping in, which is stand 15 25 or 50. This is the committed amount. You can sell it as little as five bucks instead. And then what you're gonna be doing next is putting a note that's gonna tell about this way that you're going to be chipping in present chip in five box and then what you're gonna be doing next is going ahead and using this to send this toe everybody and what they can actually see is this menu. So what that wouldn't be doing is they can chip in for the actual event itself. And that's exactly how it's gonna look like it's gonna let them know exactly how much there in the chip in and give them an option just like this. So that's the way the chipping actually Woakes. Now there was other ways for you. Toe also monetize this group, and the last way is to actually sponsor the group person minutes sponsors like hell. And now I already have a few sponsors that I could eat it, one of which is I'm selling my own line clients over here. 1st 1 in the 2nd 1 I can also had something else to this group as well. Person and dishpan. So and over here is the sponsor name. What is their offering to the group itself and their website as well. So if you're an affiliate member off you to me, you can also sell your online classes over here. Or you can sell your to doing services. You can sell just about anything you want. This is a way for you to monetize and sponsor the actual meet up. So there you have it all the different ways. How you can go ahead and monetize your meet up group and get money with it. 14. Finding Clients: So if you want to get started teaching online or in Post, and the first thing you need to do is to find clients the best place for you to find clients, and this you can do worldwide is to start teaching on Craig List. So the place that you go into is, well, it's as community present classes, and over here you can post your own class by just pressing on post. Let's take a look at what are the competition that we have to put up with. So what's type in photography and see if there was any photography classes around, which is great. None of them are actually competing against mine. Second thing is, let's take a look and see if anybody's teaching eBay crosses placing on such as, Well, no competition whatsoever. So this gives me the opportunity to post over here teaching eBay and photography classes. Also, depending on where you actually have, this could be very beneficial for you. You can also find demand over here as well, by working at what kind of classes other people are teaching online and get some ideas So some people start off by teaching F. We cross just to get people interested in whatever you're doing. So this is something for you to keep in mind as well. So go ahead. Take a look at what kind of classes are going around in your local quick list to get started. Another place where you can teach online is called Coach the world. Over here, you can teach toe many different students, anything that you're actually desire. But I want to teach is called photography. So just type in photography, Poison search. And you can see how many competitors you have going against you. Interesting enough. There was only one competition over here, so this is great. So if I teach photography in here, I have absolutely no competition whatsoever in coach the world itself. You can teach almost anything you actually want. If you're an expert in anything, you don't have to prove that you're an export. You just have to say that you are. Then you can post a listing Over here. There was all kinds of different things that you can teach over here, including languages, different topics and so on. After you decide that you know what you want to teach, you can go ahead and create your own teaching poor file over here. Then you can go in charge. How much you want to charge for each and every lesson, And then if some of the books in tow, they're gonna pay you this amount. Next thing that this hardly suggested for you is to write down what are your qualifications and post a video as well. If you get any clients, it's gonna be great because you get a pretty good amount of money. Anyone can go ahead and register and coach the world and start teaching two other students . The only disappointment about the specific site is that you have to bring your own students to the specific marketplace. The next place I highly suggest for you to do is to actually start coaching and teaching on Meet Up. Over here I'm teaching digital photography classes. I have 39 potential students, those people that I can teach them one on one classes online. I can also teach other things as well, such as eBay courses two. So if you're interested and you want to teach them using meet up itself. What you have to do is pretty simple. You have to poison start a new group, then it's gonna ask you one is the destination, the location. But it's on next, and you can pick what kind of topics the meet up is all going to be about to meet up itself . That I'll be clean eating is gonna be based on eBay. So I have to do is type in eBay itself and click on the different topics that I want to actually cover. It is more about what kind of off students that I'm gonna actually get because what they do , they send a blast of email toe everyone who might be interested in those specific topics. And then they're gonna go ahead and in the world for free in your meet up group. What's the end goal In your specific meet up group, you can go ahead and start going and promoting your group itself. So I have two different groups here. The biggest group that I have is called the Adventure Photography Club, which has 550 potential members. So after you create a big group has a lot of different students in, though, and they're not necessarily students in this one, which is just adventure photography club. But over here, when I decide to do an expedition, it is pretty simple for me to do. I person buying the meat up, schedule a specific meet up. And when I scheduled to meet up itself, All right, down. What is going to actually happen in this Meet up what time I want actually do this when I want to meet what place I want to meet us. Well, post a picture up, and then the most important thing eventually is how much I'm gonna be charging the people who are going to be coming along. This is the biggest benefit off me to create an actual meet up group because you can charge for every specific meet up that you actually are hosting. Especially if you even the big city, you don't have thousands off people or even hundreds of people show up the one location to meet up for a specific event, which is gonna be free out of times. You have one in 10 to 20 people who are showing up. If it's gonna be a paid event, a lot of times, the 10 to 20 people is gonna go induce to around one or two people, depending on how much you charge for that specific meter. So if it is a photography lesson, you have to keep on trying every single week, every few days, until eventually you're gonna get clients Meet up is a little hado to for you to get started and get along. But it's Stephanie a great way for you to build a community, to show your expertise and eventually to get a lot of money in the process. The next place that I really like and I use myself is called Take lessons with they questions. You can go ahead and teach in a wide variety off different topics. You do need some kind of qualification to teach some of it so you can prove to them that you're certified in some of those topics. So what? They teaches business just history, photography, ocean show studies, study skills and so on, and you have toe just post it down. They don't really abort if I what you're qualified to teach. But they have to have that subject over there, so that is important. Some of the few places where you can teach and you can set your own waits as well. The great thing about a crescents is that they do bring you their own students, sometimes also. So not only you can bring your own students from your own locations. You can also get students from them as well. That is what a real are about Deko essence. Also, you can set up your own amount of money that you challenged students. So with business over hell, I go ahead and I said my own weights. And over here you can see for 30 minutes I said body box for that obsession. For 45 minutes, I said $60.60 minutes. I said 80 bucks. Now, the reason why my prices are a bit high over here is that a lot of this money goes to meet up. They actually keep this cash to themselves, and then they go. And every single time you get another meter with that student, you get to keep more and more off that money to yourself, an adventure you get to keep up to 90% off the cash, and it's great because they actually book your for five different lessons. I really like the way depressants itself does it. There was an actual interface that you can use here, too. So with that, said Dick Presents, is the number one place that I would like to send my students into and directory book Wessel with me. Obviously, there's a lot more places where you can go ahead and teach online and to the so let's go into and find us to doing locations. So to telling Oh, no jobs and points on that And there was a lot of other places. You can do this as well, and on indeed that come, you can find some one on one to doing jobs. There was something called Total that calm. There was other sites to many different sides. Well, you can to the on top of that com, you can become a total yourself over here by just placing on becoming toe, you can start an application. The only thing about this specific side is that you have to actually pass a subject exam, and they're looking for a specific kind off teachers, and they also have a mark session. Those kind off sites. You have to have a lot of course medications in order for you to get in, though, much harder for you to pass and to become eventually and to the on those sites. So if you're really good at something and yet you don't have the qualification to teach, those kind of sites are going to be much harder for you to find a to doing job. There was other sites as well, which is called a V I. P. Kit, the VP kid. You can teach English on while set up your own hours, and you can own from 14 to 22 bucks an hour. This is a site that I have tried and I applied with previously, and I wasn't able to get a job in. So this is pretty competitive, but you can definitely get this job. You're mostly teaching English toe second, English, Bono's who are not based in United States. They're usually based in China. So you have to do is send up with Facebook. Schedule an event. Well, you can go ahead and you will be interviewed for this company. And then if they like you and they decide they want to go ahead and hire you, they will do so and you can go ahead and teach English online, studying it from 14 to 22 box. And now one of the reasons actually don't like this so much is because the base pay is so low for me. I get 14 to 22 bucks and hour over here. Well, I'm a self charge with my own services, much higher weights. So keep this also in mind, although this is gonna be most steady work, and you're gonna be teaching online. Once you do get and you pass the hiring stage, amount of money you get here is much world, and you can get walking for yourself teaching on the line. 15. Facebook Page & Ads: in this video, we're going to get started creating a Facebook page for your to doing business. So to get started doing so the first thing you want to do is too quick on this triangle like menu. Creaking it. It's gonna show you add different menu. Will you go down? Well, it says could eat a peach. There isn't Waibel. Creating a peach is quite simple. We want to bring traffic to it locally. And, of course, friends that you meet anymore. So, for example, if you go meet somebody down the street and they ask you name, you tell them your name and then you tell them that you have actually have a to doing business and they can find you online. And all they have to do is end you by searching your name on Facebook. So that's how you actually go ahead and get started. And then when the do you could be eating and having a Facebook page where they can go and see everything there is to know about your business. So that's exactly what we're doing right now. So we have two different pages for us to pick, form business or brand or community. Oh, public fear, Go so re out an actual business or born under its press on that next thing, what is the name of our page? This actually should be final. So whatever it is, it's much harder to change it once you clean it. And Facebook might not even approved the change so peaceable. Careful with that. So what's going to eat? What? We really want to be the final name for our beach, which is gonna be in Italy. That said, it's it makes it really simple by simplifying whatever it is. Now we have to add a category to this, which is gonna be education, website and person. Continue. Next, you're gonna be adding a poor for a picture toe our page. We actually need to different profile pictures to get stunning, beautiful, poor. For pictures, you have to go to a pixel bay and here we can get fully images that we can use for anything that we actually want without any calculated notice that is needed for this. So we have to get Stipe in education, present so much and just pick some picture that's going to represent our business. So Oh, I like this one it saved on one that's gonna be one of them. And next one, it is gonna be Well, that's a lot of books. This one right here, this one looks find as well. So you don't need to spend too much time searching for the perfect image. You can always go back and change it. Riddle. The main thing is eating your own Facebook page. You want to actually could eat it forced. So then you can go back and search for a better image after debt. If you're squatting, food is you might be able to find the better images off the world's anyways. Now, one thing I do want to give you a tip. Hell is when you find an image such as this would heal. This one is also good to it. Save that one as well. If you go with a bit mowed down, you have keywords suggested keywords on the bottom. We've suggested keyboards, you compress on it and you can find similar, like working images. That's gonna get you even better images for you to use. And this one is kind of neat as well. Would you like that one too? Now Another thing I want to show you is that there was something called sponsored images all the way the top those things you can't actually use because it's gonna give you access to another page, which is gonna be shadow stock. This one. You have to actually people to use the images. Let's go back to Facebook and up World out for for image, which is gonna be this one here after the up or down. One next step is to upload the cover photo, which is the bigger for water that will be using. So we have two different images that we upload this way and sometimes it will show up. And sometimes we have this issue. Well, it actually doesn't show up. So you go toe at a couple just for photos. He was the cover for though we just puts on this and here it is, and poison to see. Now that's looks kind of meat, you know. Now add a button. So if adding a button, what we can do is send this directly to a week's website. Since we actually created a week's website was on contact you, which is gonna go ahead and you can actually answer every response all. Of course, you can go ahead and create a special bottle that goes directly to your website instead. So subway or make a donation presents up with person next, and we can have a website link, which is gonna be my actual website. I see. So that's another way for us to do this. Of course, there was more than one way for you to do the same exact thing over here. What said there? So description. So what you have to do is kind of just say what exactly that you are actually selling on this, which is kind of cool by having the short description written down on this site itself. Now, after you do this part which is, we have the so description already done for this. There's a few other things we can do here as well. At page rose, which is ending, it means to the speech. So if you have your bodies walking with you, you can definitely add them is wrong. You can also get funds to like this page. This is called social proof, and they totally command for you to do this. You get as many people as possible toe come hell by person when it right and they will go ahead in the wake. This speech, You want to do this usually Wait. Oh, but if those people are not actually clients, you should do this right now. So this is one thing that's really important. Next thing is the way this thing is, actually, or go into it here. You want to go here and fix this and go to Settings Person edit page, And over here we're gonna be changing the way those things are always. So the first thing that stone is posed, we can move pictures at the top groups is gonna move to the bottom about this page is gonna be moved to the top videos, is gonna move to the top and so on. So you want to move everything in a way that is arranged, that it is need a cool Okay, next person at a tab. And now we have another thing that we can add to this, which is gonna be the shop page with boys on that. And now put some clothes. Let's move the shop beach all the way at the top off this screen, and now we're gonna go back to the page itself. So now we have an actually supposed over here on this side, and we're gonna be using that to get people to shop in our page. Also, tone on instantly. Prize. Let's press on this and told us on. So use the return key to send messages. Everything here we can choose what we want on and off. Massengill. Greedo? Yes. So this is what I want. Stay responsive. When you can get on your computer, you should on its own as well. And send instant replies when anyone sends your message. I'm turning this onto. So it's gonna give us this standard way off that Facebook actually talks to people. And if you don't like, it was a little change, and we can change the way it reprise right here, which is really cool personalization. We can do it as well. Well, it's gonna add opposing force name to this conversation that wasn't safe. And they're going to be doing the same thing I hear which is remind those and also at was so personalization to this as well. And what's at the force name. Do this So it looks like somebody is actually really talking to this person. But they are not. And you want to do this Toe airway, single one of those make. So it's all on, and this one is on as well, and we have this also scheduled Now, after we get all this done, promote people to send messages that are so qualities on and everything else looks kind of need general assistant, we can go to this one and it goes right back toe the same thing, which is the responses and everything else included in here. After we're done with this boat, you want to go back to our peach after we were done with this politics going back to our page and here we're going to be doing this shop. So it's person shop and they're gonna actually turn this on a person gets started. And now we're going to be turned you on our actual Facebook shop person get started. So go ahead and fill this up. Put in some kind of information in here. It doesn't have to be a quit, especially if you're doing this from your house. And if you don't want to give your actual occasion Don't actually do it. But you have to put something in here to get this to actually show up. So make sure you do that after this person next. And now it's asking us what kind off currency will be using, which is gonna be United States. So that is totally fine place on finish. And now, well done. So what you have to do next is set up the payments, which is going to be asking us to for legal details if, in case you're gonna go and actually get Facebook to process their payments, which is not so what I'm gonna be doing. Instead, I'm gonna get the payments toe, actually, go ahead and get it from another location, which is just my own one business. So therefore, I don't need all this information to be posted in here. So what I'm gonna be doing instead, I'm just gonna be adding my website, so the payment is not going to be processed. Buy Facebook. Also, it's asking us what kind off business I'm in, which is described what this business is all about. So go ahead and some eyes what you're actually teaching here, so people know what kind of product that you're really selling and they're more likely to buy. Next step is to present at the product, and here we go. So what kind of particle would be adding? Well, basically, you can add any product that you'll be soon, and I can sell my classes Over here. You can sell your online classes. You can actually sell your viral gig. You can sell anything you actually want over here within reason. So how do you do this for forced about? You add an image off the item that you'll be actually sound, so just take a picture that you like Hell, that's gonna present the product that your son, which is gonna be just a totalling package. So it's get just one picture off somebody who's a total and add the picture right here. When they use that picture totaling, So is and this one is gonna be only 20 bucks by, and it really is. Doesn't have any shipping to this. They don't policy. Well, I guess we can put 30 days, but it's not an actually physical quality. It's actually water product instead. So let's go ahead and add. Puts on in the photo. So, like their picture off the item does you'll be sewing? Use this photo. The name of the product that you will be selling is gonna be one doing procession. The price is going to be 20. And over here you can describe what they were getting, which is doing session. And now what we're gonna be doing is just placing on safe and it's gonna ask us for our email. So let's go ahead and do that. So there we go. This is processing right now, and Facebook is gonna actually try to approve this item. Sometimes it will prove it. Sometimes if it doesn't like what you're selling, it's not gonna prove. So you conduce score here, then try again until you get a bunch of different problems that are in your shop. So I would like to create, like, one to doing a Session five, too, doing sessions free and so on. You keep on adding it to this. Nothing you want to do here is in the description itself. If there is no actual wink that goes directed to the product, you can do it with the wink, and you can do it with farm. If knowing actually exists, you can just put your website right here where people can go and porches on this item. So that's another suggestion for you to actually do here. And now we can press on in this shop really to you and it Beijing vote. And we can add the website to this as well. So let's take it in in person. Save changes, and we can post in that it's always open. And we can even have the actual street location in case your conducted business from your house or maybe even Starbucks. So you said that when you feel all of this in another few things that you can do here is you can go into some management and you can add more things in here as well. So that's upsetting. It's gonna be Well, you can add additional things in here, which is the foreign policy customers, soldiers, Steve, registration, taxes and so on. So there you have a D just finished grading off Facebook page. Now, this time for you to generate some interest in the speech itself, which is to contact your friends or even post the force post for the speech. Next up for you to do is to promote the speech person promoter right here. And we have a few things that we can do here. One you can just post a message and get more messages to Is Busta Post free is create a custom advertise point. The one I suggest for you to do is to boost a post. So it's press on this one. And if you have a poster ready, you can just go ahead and boost this one by boosting their post itself. What you're really doing is advertising this post and get more traffic to your Facebook page. You said on you do this once. You already set up this business. You already finished with the page itself and you have a bunch off likes to it. But we're gonna be covering this anyway, just in case you want to go ahead and actually do so. So the first thing that you want to do is to quit. The audience for this speech wasn't clean the audience, and now they're going to be looking at what kind of audience we wanna actually add to the speech itself, which is gonna be coaching session you're gonna be targeting all genders. The age will be. Actually targeting is gonna be from 23 all the way to 50. Let's say 60 new occasion. This is pretty important and we're going to be just getting our work with City and Dave ethnicity off this area, which is the city and all the suburbs included. Next thing will be doing is looking for people who are interested in life coaching. Let's do that. Coaching inputs on that and this is a very specific audience and you can only reach upto 1000 people and examine. It was then that it's not enough, so we want a definite add more to this. So what's add people who are interested in eBay in Tokyo and now religion even more people know it's at people who are interested in photography. And now the leaching even more people at home. Do you wanna have at least a few key words over here that we're gonna be using? And now the a witching, a lot more people who might be interested in this So it's now if you want a super target toe, only one niche and special area within a very walk away. You can do so as well. Stephanie. Good tow experiment with this present save next. And now, after we do this boat, we have to set the women for the advertising you're going to be using for this. So this one exceeds my account of limit. So it's going ahead, and we set this and they have different choices for us to pick for five bucks for day 10 box, full day and so on. Let's do it, buck for day. This way. We're doing the cheapest possible target for this for the next 14 day. And they're gonna be running this ad until September 2018. No, we have to see that everything works well. Said minimum budget door today. So your budget needs to be at least 14 box. What in days should actually can voto 14 box. I'm not sure what's actually wrong here, but this would actually work. Technically speaking, if this doesn't work for any reason, you can go ahead and customize their mother days. You want it actually like this one? Who it with more, which is running it a buck full day. And the situation is only one day I don't know why it took you like this one more than the 14 days one. But this is much cheaper, Willy, because we can experiment by doing this on you once. Now we can change a lot of things in hell. 14 days, 15 bucks each day. I'm not sure why it works this more. And some of it eat, actually. Doesn't the Ministerio off Facebook? I guess the more money you give them, the more don't happy toe under ads for you. So 15 bucks a day. They were off this one day. What? You do it for 14 days. But if you bring it to a market day and you tried to wonder for 14 days, it's not gonna hurt you unless he wanted for any one day. But of course, if you are attempted to do something like this, you can want it for one day, every day and every day you can do it manually, just like this, because you don't pay any more than a book. But the good thing about this, you know, with experiment with everything in hell and to make it most suitable to actually go ahead and make it work for you, and it's gonna take a bit of time for you to make this actually work. And one of the things you have to actually do here is always change the images in here as well. So if this image is not working well for you, next day you will be using a different image. Also, you're gonna be changing the keyboards around, including what kind of people you're actually bringing the traffic to. So one day you're doing a buck budget on one thing, another day of doing about project on something else. Eventually, you'll be spending only 14 bucks attracting local clients to your actually Facebook to your actual Facebook page and see if it's gonna can vote to actually paying clients to make this gonna vote toe paying clients to convert this to paying clients. One of the things hurry suggest for you to do is to write down in the actual post what kind of things you want them to do for you. Which means that when they go in hell, you're gonna give them a 15 minutes if we coaching session. So every potential is going to get that with this 15 minutes we coaching session. What you're really doing is you're trying to convince your student toe by a full session with you You're gonna give them a lot of value in the 1st 15 minutes, and then in the next few minutes, you're gonna try to sell them and actual session makes. So you do this after the 15 minutes are over. This way to get the full value off the free session. After that, you're gonna go ahead and talk to them about the paid session and what you can actually teach them in that specific session. So to sign up over here, all they have to do is quick annoyed something like that and highlight it in different kind off once. And this one looks actually the neatest one. And you can also show this page in your story as well if you want to. If you don't, you don't have to do this poison. Show it now. And now we have this highlighted right here. After we highlight this. What hell, You can go ahead and pin this to the top off the page so everybody can see what you also is right now that is going on for this specific page. So this is it. This is all you have to do in order to create your amazing force Facebook page with an actual Facebook store, the people can go ahead and show up for the things that you are. Sounds such as your coaching sessions online. 16. Creating Business Cards: the force do you want to do when you're getting started with your to do in business is to create your business cards. And for that, I usually go to Mr Point that come now, before you get started with the point, you should go to Google and type investor 0.0.50 ports and off and see what kind of waffles you're actually get. So over here you can get a what cheaper waits for rest up wind. So it's put us on one of those offers would heal. He was a great deal in there, and it is fortified by two people and you can get it much cheaper magnets for 10 bucks and so on. I do suggest for you to find an awful that you actually like, such as this one. Enjoy. If I parted business cards starting at 9 99 wasn't so code. And the next step for you is to present copy the code itself, and now you're done. So piece this and check out and you will get the cheapest late possible for this. So after you did the specific part now, this time for you to create your own business called so let's go ahead and play its own business cards. We want the police, me, um, business cards. Next step for us is to browse their designs. Was a lot of designs for us to pick from. And here we're gonna be typing in so doing and we have a few choices for us to pick for. I do suggest you find a very nice looking graphic for us to actually use because this is gonna be the front page of your business. And when you give it to somebody you want to look as legitimate as possible, this one seems the most interesting one. So it's person selectors design, and you can choose a different kind. Of course, put as well, the green one looks the most fancy after your presents, like their design. Next thing is the people thickness off this product, which is gonna be standard over here. We have the one traces as well, Matt and glossy Matt is going to be a little bit slick looking and feels more professional . Met is not going to look so good because it's gonna be interesting, but I don't make it so much. The glassy one looks so much more professional. It is for active, and I like the way it works. The other choice is hell is encoded and problem some of those choices my actually bringing the price point much higher. So watch the price point when you price on those just in case. So let's go ahead and take a look. All those seems to be okay except the poor one, which is gonna be much pricier. So the one I want is the glassy one and the same thing over here that believe me in one cause much more. The Bohemian Plus is also going to cost us much more money. So we put a price on standard. And now the finish itself, though, is different kind of finish for us to choose form. Of course, the metallic finish is the most beautiful one, but it's also is one of the most expensive ones for you to pick from. So I don't like a man for you to pick the most expensive working for this project. You're not professional yet, And unless you're making over 100 bucks for every client that gets the business coat, it's not really wolf it for you to invest this much in your business cards, but it's still very woven for you to have a professional business card clean. Eat it. You're not considered a professional. Unless, of course, you have a business card. So every time I create a boy in your business, I start off reading a brand new business card for myself as well. I want people to know that I'm qualified. And also I want to show them my business. Covered a few tips about the business card. Never put your home address on it that phone numbers should always be your business for number. Sometimes, if you give it to somebody and you don't trust them of the phone number, you might as well quit, eat and special for number from Google. Now you can also put in your email your job title and your name is Well, you don't have to put your last name if you don't want toe so it's going can't and feel in the blank. Next thing is the job title, which is gonna be on Line two, which is not gonna work for us if you're gonna be handing this in to individual students. Therefore, you have to type in What kind of Trudeau you're actually gonna be all just be a general Tuto. So, Dodo, let's start being everything with those swish coach and life coaching. So this would be and would walk in most situations. And that's what you want to actually do. Next step for you is to, of course, to have your web address written down in here as well. So I have a website. I'm gonna be just typing it. Then if you have a website, you can go ahead and type in in over here as well. Include your email for number and the rest of the contact, including your company information. There was also a back beach that you can use as well in the big page itself. There's a few choices for us to pick from and we can do the blank one, which is the cheapest one grayscale, which is gonna be a lot more expensive. And the reason why you want to have an actual back page is if you have appointments for this so they can write down the appointment. Remember when it is at, If you don't wanna waste money on this, you can always not include anything and make it break. Some people like the blank college because you can write any kind off notes. Condom. I do suggest for you to invest in the one that says Appointment on it, and you can do a little bit more extra here. If you want to buy pressing with more, you can go ahead and you can fixed it so you can add different things to this can. And wines. You can make it wobble. You can bring in sheeps as well, such as this one. You may have a shape that beacon post in, and here we can go ahead and do extra things. It is arrange sent to back, and this one actually is the same course. So it's not gonna work. So let's give this end of something else. You can make it black and pressing on that again. Range and bleed Backwoods oh, sent to back and so on so you can do it actually is and walk in front of this graphic. But it works for the world right here, so that's kind of cool. There's other things you can do here. You can still change the call in case you decide. You know, like how it actually looked, like, kind of like this guy. And I don't. And here's how it works in the bull. Always check the different cause and see which one works the best for you. I don't like the hour over. He'll what? Sometimes when you poison more, you get different choices for us to pick for. And you can actually add extra tax here as well. So it's personal text and we can add new tax fuel to he was a new tax field. Make another right here and add the will go for our company information. Hewitt is study more and come I smoked. Oh, by running. Okay, that sounds much, much better. The company itself is gonna be my company, and he will be Go make sure you capitalize it as well. So here we have what we are going actually use for our to doing business make it a simple as possible President Mole. If you wanna change a little bit off the details if you don't need those extra things here , just puts on healing person their lead and let's go ahead and get rid of everything that's not needed pretty much. This is all set for me. And this is really simple to doing bracket I was. So if you want to change the course, just voiceover hell, personal cause and you can change it. Toe any designer call your actual like so you can change the different kind of forms and you can make them work as wacky or interesting as much as you want. Just make sure it's legal so people can actually understand what it actually says in the front itself. Other than that, if they can't understand what it says, your message is not going to come across and people are not going to visit the website, especially if this is the primary way that you're gonna be contacting your clients something. You do this person preview and you can see exactly how it works. Like if you actually holding this item, then placed on the backside to see her talks in the back and side by side when you're down compelling how it actually works when you're done comparing how it actually works, you're gonna be placing on next. And now we have to do. Is the person that have reviewed and approved the design person next. Once again, make sure you sign up to the account if you have already done so, If you're Hammond, it is time for you to actually do that. Now we have the different price points for us to work for 500 of them is only seven cents boat item. So think about it This way. Every single business card you hand to a potential customer might be costing you seven cents. But in the long run, you can actually get on 22 50 or even potentially 300 or 500 bucks Pull client. So keep this in mind and think twice before you give this toe a client is a really wolf it for you to actually waste this amount of money. If it is so, make sure you give it to them also, the more business cards you get, the cheapo each business card is gonna cost you. So 1000 is allowed six cents. I recommend for you to start at 500. If this business goes well, you will continue an older more radio on. If it actually fives and it doesn't work for you, you only actually spent 33 bucks wasn't approved and this to the court. And now it's gonna give us a few extra office for us to choose for. Let's press on standard people because it is the cheapest one. Another thing I do suggest for you to get it is to purchase a business card holder. The ones that they do suggest for you to get is actually the following the metallic one is the cheapest one, and it only cost six bucks. So every time you go ahead and you go to places, you can use this and protect it from water damage. And, of course, you can carry those business counts ability from your wallet. Now their second best one that they do a command and this one looks the best one is the phone the rattle one because it looks the most offensive one as well. So I would add this to the coat because I don't have this specific one. And I do like how professional it actually looks like Next step for us to do is after you choose this. You see, the total card purchase price went toe 45 person. Next as well, make sure you skip around most of those choices because they're not really necessary. You also get T shirts and even a kado magnet. This is something I have tried before and it wasn't working for me, but it doesn't mean it's not gonna work for you. So definitely go ahead and see some off the other options for you. How to advertise your business such as greeting he sold and so on. That's actually pretty cool as well. Having a T shirt that describes your business and you can walk around and having a professional will go down just for you, for a very cheap price. Place on next is going to give us more office wants to choose from. Of course, the best one for us would have been to just go to the college itself. So person go to court and we're gonna be skipping on all those offers. And here is the poem a coat. Now, before you go and present check out. Remember, we had a poem, a quote for us to use. It's question based pressed on a pie and see how much we actually are going to say so with this promise code be saved 16 bucks on our porches. Which brings us the poachers itself. Toe only 29 box, which is pretty great. So I kind of get the business, got hodo for almost a week and parts and get 500 business cards for me to actually use now if I didn't want to use their business card holder. And I just wanted to get just the business coats themselves. I'll be paying 20 bucks, which actually translates to maybe as little as four cents. Bull business card, which actually beats pointing your own business cards themselves on just a piece of ways of people and not making them look professional. I know some of you guys want to do it as cheapest possible, but this is a belly required investment. If you want to start with to doing, you want a simple national, and by giving an actual, very nice looking professional business card, it definitely is gonna put your business to the next level 17. Congratulations great job: Thank you so much for taking this course. It took me a few months to actually create this class. Since you're taking this course, I want your feedback. I need reviews for me. I need to know what you think off this class. How well it was. How much did it help you and what you think in general, about this class and about my teaching method? If you like, this goes make sure to what others didn't know what you think of this class itself by writing your own honestly view. So let me know everything that you think this class is all about with that said thank you and see you on the inside, But