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Profitable Filmmaker: Create a simple video ad for businesses

teacher avatar Arnold Trinh, Media Professional

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. What to shoot while you're in the field

    • 3. Creating your advertisement

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About This Class

Learn how to create a simple video ad using just about any piece of video equipment you have. 

In this course, I teach you about how to shoot a simple advertisement and make it professional quality.  What that entails is how it's presented and the way it looks. This course breaks down the structure into a clear formula for you to follow and give to your clients.

You will learn:

  • How to find a location that is engaging for your product
  • How to properly place text in your ad
  • How to properly color your video 
  • How to notice sensory details in the field
  • How to add specific details to make your video stand out
  • And more.

Profitable Filmmaker is a series meant for anyone wanting to make a side income in videography. This course is meant to be a framework for someone to take a product they get and create an ad that clients can use on paid advertisements (Instagram, Facebook, etc). 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arnold Trinh

Media Professional


Hi friends, I'm Arnold and I'm here to help take your branded content to a professional level. Creating photos, videos, and design that can be useful for all types of digital marketing. 

I'm a commercial content creator with an emphasis in the marketing and advertising world. Professionally I've worked with brands like Blenders, Timberland, and Lululemon to create powerful and engaging pieces to help better market their products. 

These classes gather from my experience and focuses on helping you find your creative flow and get started with crafting a beautiful well polished media.

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1. Trailer: One of the main things that I realized is that as a budding film maker videographer, you need to make an income while you're doing it. So one of the easiest ways to make an income is to create ads for businesses. And right here in this lesson, I highlight this easy, simple at that I use with a lot of companies and businesses that I work for. So I'm gonna guide you through every single step that I do when I go out and shoot this ad , and this ad is very simple. It's basically just one shot with text on top. And some of the biggest companies use this style ad, and also some of the smallest businesses could also benefit from using this type of bad. So how you can make this look like a professional quality add? And with that knowledge, you can go on and make your own ads for companies, businesses wherever and make some money to be a full time videographer. 2. What to shoot while you're in the field: Okay, Welcome to the field guys. Right now, we're out here in the forest wilderness of San Diego and I shows a spot because it's a perfect fit for the product that we're shooting today and that we're shooting today is these. They're Jews made by artisans in South America, named Spirit to From a brand that some my friends in Los Angeles created and well, there. Actually, my friends, now that I met, ran and I collaborated with them, and we really got to know each other, and I really support the mission behind what they're doing. So we're out here shooting issues and issues. They're very outdoors, you rugged, not rugged. But they're very outdoorsy shoes. It's perfect for justice element that we're in right now. And while we're out here only you to notice a couple of things as we set stage for our shoot, one is the things that are moving in the background. Since we're shooting such a stable shot, it's important to notice things that are moving that adds an element of depth, and it shows that is actually a video and not just a photo. So right here I noticed that there's branches that are moving. There's these things right here, grass that's moving and the different things that are moving here and the same time. I'm also noticing sounds that are going on like the branches touching each other, birds that are chirping. And once you get into post production at adds an element of death, like all of these different sensory details at depth to the video. And that's what makes you stand out from just an amateur video maker to a professional video maker. So let's get on with it. And shooter first scene, all right, reason why I chose the spies because we go out and find spot. You need to find a spot that has a bit of movement in it, and I noticed that some of these branches right here well, there's a draft coming through. It moves branches, so that creates a little bit of a dynamic movement when you're shooting your ad, even though it's a stay with shot, having some dynamic movement adds a lot to dimensions of it. So what I'm gonna do now is set up the scene so that I can get a shotgun and show you the many ways that frame it. Ultimately, there's a couple of easy ways to frame that I'm gonna highlight for you, but there's a few ways that frame it, and we'll see how it turns out in the first win, when frame it is with this up, down approaches hidden it at a 45 degree angle so that Creates wouldn't have a view that we could do that. And what we're trying to aim for is around 15 to 30 seconds of clip. So there's actually something I noticed, too, that there's leaves over there that are moving, which could be another interesting element that I added to another at all. Right now that I'm done shooting with that one, I'm gonna move onto a different shot. And sometimes when you're shooting with a tripod and it's on a slope angle, you got really move around and figure out where it is staples right now for your outward. And another thing that I like to do to was defined props that are fitting to highlight your subject with. So I see some wood around here, so I'm going to go pick up some good and then put my shoes on top of wood Right now, we're also recording this other shot, so let's go through with this and get some blood while it's recording. So this is the piece of wood that I found. I'm gonna be putting it over there and having the shoe lay on top of the woods That really stands out in. Okay, so now I have to shoot on top of the wood and it's highlighted pretty well, but there's grafting away so I might move the grass out of the way so that it's more focused. And now we're recording. So let's see how it goes, Remy, for another 15 or 30 seconds of reporting. Okay. So earlier also mentioned that there were other shots that I could do. And I noticed one right here with this, uh, fern or branch moving. So I want to move over here. Now that I have propped up, I'm gonna go ahead and start recording, So I'm gonna get one more angle of this. And then I think we have enough for an ad in many different ways to actually even make this at from the left. So this is the last shot that I'm doing a notice earlier that as the light was shining down on it at a certain angle, there were parts that were blown out, which means that there's no information being captured. So I moved the shoot around a little bit and doing this last shot right now, after I finished this last shot, we're ready to go into post production. 3. Creating your advertisement: I looked at all the other clips and this was the best one. Here's a preview so you can see what's going on. Basically, it's just a shoe right here. We're gonna have some text on this. We're gonna have some text on the left side popping up just saying different things that represent the brand. And finally, we're gonna have a brand low at the end. So first of all, what I noticed here is that it's a bit too dark, so let's brighten it up, all right, Shadows a little bit. There's a bit of blown out highlights right here. So I'm gonna make the highlights our little Okay, Cool. So now we have this, and this ad is around one minute. So far, so good. We have plenty of material to work with. And what I mentioned earlier was we should be working with 15 to 30 seconds of video. So basically, let's just cut it down to 15 or 30 seconds. So usually the beginning has a bit of jitter or something. So I just cut that out just to be safe. And now this is play it from here. Okay, so it seems pretty stable It's on a tripod. Nothing's moving around. Too weird. We're gonna aim for 15 seconds. And once we get to 15 seconds, which is right around me here, we just cut it. Okay, great. So I also made this list of things that are sayings for the brand, which is a spirit to So what the lines are going to be is conscious of the people in disadvantage. Espiritu works with skilled artisans to create amazing products and a better quality of life. Now, let's insert this into our video. Usually I like to place the words somewhere on the 2/3 of where the other side is. So, for example, it's 1/3 of thief frame with a shoe. Right now, what we're gonna have is 2/3 the other 2/3 be the fought and text and words so conscious of the people in this advantage. Now, I like it to be all in one line, because that just makes it look a lot more uniform. So I'm gonna drag this out and put it around here, okay? And now you noticed that the white in the white on the tree is kind of It doesn't stand out the white is hard to notice. A good way to combat that is actually to make a dark layer and have it be underneath of text. So what I'm gonna do here is go down to color, Matt, and I'm gonna create a layer of black. Okay, Someone named this black and then our dragon underneath, and then I see it's completely black, right? So we got to do is go onto that black one and two of pacenti make it lower, like maybe 20%. 20% too low, A 40%. And sometimes black might be too overpowering, so we could make another color, such as a gray or something. Dark gray also works very well. So now let's delete this black and put it in grey. Great. So great. Looks for your right. All right, so now we go back to but pay city. Make this four year so again. Okay. There. Conscious of the people in this advantage? Usually it's good to have your texts. Last run. Four seconds right here is going for five. I have heard people in the industry mentioned four seconds is a good time here to have your words run. So we'll leave it at four seconds. Okay, Cool. Great. So now we got the first part in Let's go on the next part in a good way to keep the text in line with the same position throughout the whole video is actually to copy this first text layer, actually, even easier. You'd copy that, drag it over and just replace it. Another thing you could do to is just drag is dragged us over and cut it. This example, though I want to go with having these two that we dragged over from earlier. So cautious of the people and disadvantage spree to works with skilled artisans. Okay, So cautious of the people in disadvantage. Reach you where it was. Where is what? Skilled artisans. Okay, great. I see. Okay. And finally, the last one is to create amazing products in a better quality of life. The instance We're ending it. I think it's our right to have the period be over here. Great. So now you notice that the texts actually transitions very abruptly. So good thing to do is spread it out just a little bit and we go to effects and then faded in. So I already have crossed his off typed in. But let's type it in to get crosses off. And what you're looking for is this effect. Basically, what that does is it dissolves and makes it look like a good transition. Now, at the end here you drop in and his spirit to Logothetis because, as in a Viet, so I found logo and I dragged it in here. So here's a preview with local looks like it's just all black. So a good way to work with an all black logo is actually to have it fade into white. Perhaps. So let's make it fade into white again. We need to go over here and then make a white screen. Since we're still only aiming for 15 2nd and will make the whites were going a little bit more. Let's try it like this seems kind of abrupt. That's not too bad. Okay, great. So this is how our ads gonna run conscious of the people in disadvantage, the spirit to works with skilled artisans to create amazing products and a better quality of life. And that's it. Now we have the ad. Let's add the other elements to make this a bit more powerful. All right, so I found this bird Scharping sound effect on my computer so I would drag it on. And since I mentioned earlier, you have to notice what's going on with sounds you're hearing while you're there. It's important because now you implement those sounds into the video. So I heard birds chirping sounds. So now I put in some bird chirping sounds, and that's gonna add so much more depth through video, and that's how you really need.