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12 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Repurposing Course Intro

    • 2. Why It's Okay To Repurpose Your Content

    • 3. Start With Video For Repurposing Success

    • 4. Finding The Time To Repurpose

    • 5. Repurposing Pictures

    • 6. Making Money With Repurposed Content

    • 7. Expert Round Ups

    • 8. Marketing Calendar Repurpose

    • 9. Content Repurposing Conclusion

    • 10. Snippet4 Want A 100X Return Give Out More Gifts

    • 11. E282 Hustle Grind And Repeat With Matt LeBris

    • 12. Snippet2 How Small Steps Turn Into Big Steps


About This Class

Are you tired of creating new content because you're told that creating more content is the answer to getting more traffic?

You can get the traffic, provide your audience with value, and make money. However, you can't do it with the model most people teach.

Content creation doesn't make the bucks. Rather, it's content marketing that gives you the ROI you truly deserve.

Creation is a part of the puzzle but not the biggest part. If creatives got paid to create content, many of them would be wealthy. But that's not the answer.

The answer is repurposing your content. You get more mileage out of each piece of content you produce. Instead of creating new content week after week, you spread your existing ideas out to cover more ground on various platforms. In this training course, you'll learn exactly how to leverage content repurposing and make money in the process.