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Professional Skin Glow Retouching Technique In Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Kasia Banasiak, Photographer and mix-media artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (23m)
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About This Class


In this lesson you can learn how to professionally edit your images in an easy way using Adobe Photoshop. I'm going to show you what is the secret in that glow magazine look. I'm going to explain what is important to remember while editing your pictures. Photo Retouching doesn't have to be complicated. It's really great add to your portrait photography too.

The most important is, that it's really easy to do !!!!! once you know how :D





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Kasia Banasiak

Photographer and mix-media artist





Hi, my dear students!


About me:


my Facebook page---> facebook



I have been photographing since 2007. That's when I decided to move to the UK and explore. Photography has always been my love, however, at the very beginning, I wasn't great. I was trying to learn how to become a professional photographer and develop my own style. After a few years of self-teaching, I've graduated from The New York Institute of Photography course in Professional Photography and Business. My focus is on portrait photography because I think you can tell so much by looking into someone's eyes.

By watching my classes you can learn useful tricks and techniques to make your pho... See full profile

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1. INTRO: Hello, everyone. My name is Kasha. I'm 28 years old and I'm a freelance photographer, be photography for over eight years and have graduated on New York Institute of Photography course in professional photography. In this lesson, you can learn how to professionally edit your images in an easy way. I'm going to show you what is the secret in the Glow magazine. Look, I'm going to explain what's important to remember while editing your pictures. The most important is that it's really easy to do once you know how. 2. Lesson1: First of all, we need to open our image. Always remember to shoot in the raw format so you can open it up in the light room. Why is it important? For example, if you overexposed or under exposed image, you can adjust it in light room without losing the quality like here can raise the contrast a little bit. Sorry, I will decrease saturation a little bit as well have different options here told by on top . For example, if you lost the white balance during the shooting, can sample it from the white parts off the image. However, you can't always rely on it. This image we don't really have white parts like pure white. You can basin so contrary. Use it. It's another to find useful if you wants to brighten up or darken just the parts of the image. Me too. Just paint over the party you wanna just and then play exposure with contrast. Different stuff. To be honest, I don't want to do any of that, so I just clear all go back. If you think you are not going the right way, you can always click on this option. Press camera defaults. She not gonna do that right now. Just gonna open the image 3. Lesson2: always remember to copy your layers. I make quite few copies of my layer using control and J always leave one visible so I can compare it later with Oh, some editing. First of all, you got to get rid of any sports or being cause or any defects. This mortals got very good skin, so we won't have to much work on it. So what we are choosing, it's ah, hearing brush tool on the pressing old and they're clicking. Right click. They're sampling there would skin pattern and just paint over the one we want to correct what I do next emerge all the layers have created before using control shift and E and then copy them again. So this way I make sure if I need to delete a layer I'm not gonna delete there isn't one. 4. Lesson3: or did think pictures I used tablet. However, you can still use the mouse, but the tablet will give you more professional effect. But if you're just starting out, my house is good enough. Okay? Now it's a time for dodge and burn retouch effect so I can show you the way I retouched pictures. So we go to layer new layer. We have to change the moto overlay on Don't forget toe take feeling with overlay neutral color 50% of gray. Creating this layer will give you that glow that professional magazine. We touch effect and will smooth the skin down as well, which you're gonna see in a second. Make sure your great layer it's on visible mode and make sure it's marked. So you gonna paint on it and then I have to choose either Dodger Baron. Let's start from Dodge. But you have to make sure with Dodge, you've got white color on top and about 6% of exposure, not more, because it's gonna give you that plastic effect on. You have 6%. You can always add on top of it. Okay, lets start then, but dot chosen you can just different sizes the brush. The hardness always keep on minimum. And, yeah, let's start with bulge. You usually paint over the highlights area, and we've bearing over the shadows area on this. You really on some shadows to be bright enough, For example, like her under eye bags, stuff like that, or some no shadows in the skin to make it look younger, make less creased. 5. Lesson4: For example, when you make mistake like I just have I've done it deliberately to show you how to fix it , you have to go to the brush and then change the color to black and change it to 50% in the B section, which will give you 50% of gray. Just gonna paint over the gray layer to work like a razor. Okay, you can go back and you can set the capacity, Teoh. 5% decide how much off the mistake you want. Raise or even more. Oh, up to you Or maybe even more was that was a big mistake. Okay, right. We're gonna finish up with a dodge. Now. I don't think there's any more areas to be bright enough. The reason why I've left the first layer invisible so I can compare if I'm going the right way difference. It's not that visible when you look at it now, but when you compare it, the difference is huge. On a only that dodge layer, we're gonna do the bare layer. Now you have to switch in here to Baron on. Remember to switch colors to black, right to dodge and black to burn always remember about that. And now we're gonna have paint over the shadows areas. If the model is called makeup on, you can darken it up with Dajun bearing as well. So it's more visible and darken up around I area can try to talking up a little at the house cars on sports. However, if you use bearing on the light areas becomes just read. So you have to be careful with that. Okay, Once we've got doesn't very insult it. You can decide how much of the effect you want. Just leave it 100%. I'm happy with the results have got, but you can decrease the opacity if you want. And now I'm gonna show you a different technique you can use on a great layer toe highlight and darkened different areas. I would like to darken the background, the bid, but with dodge and burn, I don't think is the best way to do so. Go up here and open the curves to create to Chris layers one with highlights, one with shadows. So I will be the highlight area. I just use the mouse for it. Just go on pretty extreme and you will find out why in a second. And then let's create another one. Groups with shadows pretty extreme as well. And now we've got to delete the mask You you need and swap it over with the black mask using okay, and they're musk button and with the other ones as well. So this way we've caught our previous image visible. So when you have the colors said upto white, which was the brush on low opacity about 6% again picks. Do you do exactly the same what you were doing with a Dodge and burn? However, we've already dodged and burned highlights and shadows areas on the face and the body, so I would probably only use it for the background. This time can change names. Highlight on the shadow. Make sure you are actually painting on a layer mask, not on a layer itself. Okay? 6. Lesson5: Okay, let's rock and roll with curves layers. It's gonna show you what I do how to do, - right ? Uh, that's all I would say for the curves layers. If you want to go back and the raising the thing, you could always change your caller toe black because our layer mask is black, so painting over it with a black brush will work like a razor. I don't know where you use the curves layers, because I think it's just too much for my images. I try to keep them as natural as possible. I remember that retouching is like a makeup. It's supposed to enhance your image, not overwhelm it. However, sometimes your images got that mystic unnatural moved to it and you want I did a little bit more, but it's all up to you. Remember to keep the balance. The last thing I'm gonna do. I'm going on marriage 1st 4 layers together so I can see what I've done and how it used to be So a make last four layers invisible and I used control shift and E March 1st Bowl, and I make all the rest visible again. If you think your result is too strong. You can always decrease the opacity where you have yet. However, I'm happy with my results. So I just leave it the way this the last thing I want to show you is how to paint on the main layer using dodging baron with a great car. So you have to go to the black color, click on it on change, be to 50 so it gets 50% of gray and now you can use touch or Baron. It's all up to you. I am showing you this technique ISS because where you paint with great color on the main layer, you get more of a shadow and highlight without the glow. So, for example, if you really need to dark in some areas here but you don't want a glow, you want just that natural effect. That's the way you do it. Or it's really good for highlighting the I white or writing the chief as well. We cant see additive here right now. I'm just show you on that I this part of swell you want to okay, 7. CLASS PROJECT: the class project I would like you to and a picture of your choice using techniques you just learned. And I would like you to make it at least obvious as possible because those techniques and this lessons about teaching you how to edit pictures so they still look natural. So they're not all of us that everybody say, Oh my God, that's been photo shopped. It's not really a natural. She she doesn't look like that. It's about enhancing the rial image. I would like you to oppose to work before and after down below. Aunt, engage with other students on what you found. Difficult what you've enjoyed on how else you can use those techniques because that's the way I use it. You can also use them for landscape photography, like all other things toe bring out dimension from from the image to to bring out the subject. So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I can't wait for your projects