Professional Outdoor and Nature Photography 1: Getting Started

Charlie Borland, Professional photographer for over 35 years

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10 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction to This Course

    • 2. Understanding the Photography Business

    • 3. A Look at Cameras

    • 4. A Look at Lenses

    • 5. Photo Accessories

    • 6. Understanding ISO

    • 7. A Look at White Balance

    • 8. The Histogram

    • 9. Exposing to the Right for Better Exposures

    • 10. Understanding Depth of Fileld


Project Description

For this course, a great start to learning about professional outdoor and nature photography is to explore magazines and calendars and any other printed material that uses nature photography, and then explore these publications for any images that you think are fantastic. Save a reference to these pictures such as cut them out or do a screen capture, or any method that allows you to refer back to them. 

Why do this? It is the beginning of an idea file that you maintain as a resource to locations you may go photograph later. This is part of research for new places you may want to go photograph that are marketable. So get started on your idea file. 

The way I do this is to copy or scan and just enter GPS coordinates, into documents in Microsoft One Note as an online place to store these ideas for suture places to shoot. Evernote and similar will also work. 

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