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Professional Mouth Rig & Lip Sync

Jared Freitag, Animation Supervisor

Professional Mouth Rig & Lip Sync

Jared Freitag, Animation Supervisor

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8 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Setup

    • 4. Mouth Design

    • 5. Mouth Rigging

    • 6. Attaching the Mouth

    • 7. Animation

    • 8. Thanks

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About This Class

With this mouth rig, made in After Effects, lip sync has never been so easy. We'll use a very powerful tool called Joysticks n sliders, within after effects, to very easily attach your mouth to a controller. With a simple placement of the controller, you can move the mouth quickly into position for a seamless transition from pose to pose. I'll show you how to animate the lip sync quickly to get you through minutes of dialogue with ease. You'll also see practical use of this technique as I demonstrate on a *REAL* client project!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Jared Freitag

Animation Supervisor


I have been squash n' stretching in the animation industry for 8 years; primarily as a freelance animator. I walk the line between Character animation and Motion Graphics to bring stories to life. I run a small animation studio named Backwoods Animation where big things are happening.

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1. Intro: This is Jerry with backwards animation. And today we're gonna be creating a mouth rig in after effects. It's gonna be a very easy to use mouth rig. It's going to save you so much time when actually doing dialogue and lipstick. One plug and you're gonna need is joysticks and sliders. If you don't have it, you need to get it. But I highly recommend it. I cannot recommend it more, but we're gonna be creating mouth Rick that seamlessly moves from one pose to the next. There's no jumping or popping for different mouth shapes. And if you see the character that we're actually putting the mouth on you like, where did this character come from? You can take my previous course called Professional Character Design and Rigging. In that course, we go from the ground up surely gonna create this character. He's very agile and flexible character, a lot of fun to enemy. So take that course and come back and we're gonna add a mouth to him. Another bonus. Very end. I'm gonna show you using this technique of mouth bringing welcome to close bakery. What's that? No nuts. Okay. And gluten free and vegan. Not a problem. Real life experience. I'm going to show you something that I got paid for from client. So it's gonna be in the shape, so let's get into it. 2. Getting Started: So before we get into the tutorial, the one plug and you're going to need for this is joysticks and sliders. If you don't have it, I'm sorry. You cannot take this course. Um, it does cost a little bit of money. It is 39 95 but it is totally worth every penny. This is such an amazing plug in, and I don't know how I would animate without it. Honestly, I did it for years. And once I discovered this, I if I was to lose this plug in, I would just quit as an animator, I'd say Sorry, we had a good run, but I'm done. I'm done. So this is a very used tile plug in, and it's worth every cent. So go get it. You will not be disappointed. 3. Setup: Hey, you might remember this guy. Yeah, I just did this character for my professional character design and rigging class. If you have not taken that class, you might want to do it. It's located somewhere in my skill share file or whatever you wanna call it. And, um, yeah, it's a really cool rig. So if you have a rig similar to the one that I built, you will understand and follow this tutorial a lot better. So take the time to go do that. Otherwise, let's get into it. So since we're dealing with the mouth, what we need to do is we need to create a new composition for the mouth. There's gonna be a lot happening within it. So we want to make sure that everything is kind of uniformed within its own composition. Well, tuck it in their real nice. So what I want to do is because the head is not in its own composition. Everything's broken up. So everything you see here is a layer right there, right on this composition called character poses. Um, So what I can do is I can select the mouth layer, and I'm going to all right, let me see if I have any animation. I think I have some animation on the position. Yes, I dio um So what I'm gonna do you What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna break up my joystick control for Hiss head. So if you select your head control for the joy for the joysticks and sliders, what you can do is come to this little guy right here, and this is called unbind. I'm gonna unbind the head. It's gonna completely disappear. Now. Why it did that? I think because I have I parented it to the neck after I did all. Okay, so let's undo that hand. We're gonna problem. So this is great. I'm glad we're finding some problems so that we can fix them. So all of this stuff is parented to the head and the head is Let's see, because this my head see head? Yes. Okay. So what I'm gonna do is everything that says, see head, I'm going to select, select, select, select Select. And it is a lot of stuff. All right, Now that it's all selected, I'm just gonna hit none. Okay, so now when I select my head control and I unbind everything stays where it should. And now just it unbind it, which is great. That's exactly what I wanted to do. Um, I guess what I could do is select everything again now that it's been unfound and we can attach it to we attach it back to my head control. Um, there we go. So that should fix the problem. But that aside, what we can do now is I'm going to select my mouth. And now that I have my mouth selected, I'm gonna use this as kind of like a reference for the scale of my mail. So you can either do control shift see to get your composition organ composition. Um, all right. I always do this layer pre composed. Okay. And then I'm just gonna call his mouth Camp one. That's fine. All right. So now what I get to do is I go inside of my mouth, calm, and we have this tiny little mouth that is okay. Hit you on the keyboard, and we're gonna delete the position, okay? And then I'm gonna center out my mouth so it should be right in the center of my giant composition on. We're going to scale this composition down because we don't need all this blank space. It's just wasted space. So I'm gonna do a nice scale. Maybe around here. Looks pretty good. Um And then what we can do is will center it back into position on this composition on. Then you go composition trim cop. I'm sorry. Crop crop comp to region of interest. Tongue Twister. Uh, let me just give you an idea of how big this composition is. This composition is 117 by 110. 4. Mouth Design: All right, So we're going to start designing what are teeth and mouth will look like. I'm going to just start with a basic G, like very generic teeth shape. Okay, This is one way to do it. You can get by with just simple white teeth. I'm gonna delete this mouth because I no longer needed. All right, So we can call this top teeth, and then we can duplicate it. Hit w on the keyboard and rotate is down. And now we have you guessed it. Bottom teeth. Now, if you're OK with that, and that's kind of what you want your teeth to look like. Let's reorder him. Top teeth go on top. Unless you have a under bite. And no one's judging you if you do, but you could have an under bite. That's fine. Um, so if you're okay with that kind of style for your teeth, great, you can move forward. But if you want to add a little more interest to it, uh, you can do that too. So I think I might I'm gonna add some interest to it. But the question is, how do I want to do it? So maybe what Aiken dio is. I'm actually I'm gonna do this on the top teeth layer. What I'll do is all click there. I'll drag these guys around. I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do with these teeth. I don't know how I want him to look, so I'm just having fun with it, okay? Keep that in mind. Always have fun, no matter what you're doing. Have fun with it. It looked like a weird tooth. Maybe maybe it looks great. I don't know. Um, yeah, it looks fine. That'll do another one and go kind of make this one a little bit rounder. And don't be afraid to get weird. All right? You can always adjust. All right. I think that looks weird enough. Maybe open a space. Kind of like a little too like monster esque. I don't want him to be a monster. Just wanted to have some, like teeth. Um, all right, so no monster teeth. I'm gonna kind of square this up a little bit. Move this over. I'll put this year, move it over clips, and you want to make sure you don't connect on the top here because it will put a line across. We're just gonna leave it open, All right? That looks pretty good. And what I'll do is because I like both of them, and I just want a mere it. You can go control G. And it makes a group. Makes a nice little group there. You can duplicate the group, and we're gonna change the transform. Too. Negative. They were just going for ease. We're going for speed. Speed, baby, I want to get this done quick. All right. What do you think? Do those look like teeth? No. Great. I don't care. Maybe we'll pull up the, um, center portion of it. Yeah, I looks better. All right, Well, we'll see how that works. I don't know. I'm just going to duplicate the top teeth again. Stick with what I got. Rotate it down, center them to each other. Actually, we need a centrum in the world. Good. Are they center? Here we go. So top teeth to will call bottom teeth. We were down. All right. Now we've got to make some lips now for the lips portion. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start clicking. I'll put one there for the corner of the mouth One for the top center of the mouth, another corner. We'll do a bottom corner. Then we'll do a bottom center and then another bottom corner and close it up, all right. And what I will do is I'm just gonna make this, like, the back of the mouth, so make it a color that looks like the back of the mouth, and I'm gonna create some more stuff. So I'm gonna do Oh, actually call this one mellf one maybe and they will come here. I'll call this one lips. So lips, we do not need a fill. So I'm gonna delete the Phil, and I'm gonna move lips to the top of my order. Next. What I want to do is I'm gonna find the path of lips and I'm gonna find the path of mouth. And I want a parent the lips path, using this pick whip to the path of my mouth. So now what I can do is I can just lock this one up, and anything that I do to the mouth shape is gonna manipulate the lips shape. And so what we can do is we're gonna add around corners to this one, and we can play around with this one, but we're gonna I don't know. Maybe we'll goto 15 for now. Okay? And I'm gonna duplicate or copy that mouth or the round corners, and I'll paste it to, um, shape one here. 5. Mouth Rigging: So in order for joysticks and sliders toe work, you need a total of five key frames. Let's counter now, one to three. 45 If you do not have five key frames, this will not work. So be very clear. And, you know, make sure you have all 54 It's not gonna work if you have six. That's one too many. Not gonna work. We're using simple math, your people. Very simple. OK, so pose one is gonna be our neutral pose and are neutral pose. We wanted to be kind of clothes. Teoh, maybe like a smile. You know, maybe not quite. Maybe not quite there yet, but, you know, getting close to a smile. All right, so that's our neutral pose. Okay, then Post to is gonna be when your controller goes to the right. And how do you want that to look? Typically, I like to do my O or U shape at that point. So what does that mean? Well, that means we're gonna be creating very small puckered you. Oh, and don't be afraid to get really tiny with it. Okay? We're gonna go microscopic because you can always can always, um, animate less right. You don't want to be bound by poor rigging. Um, and sometimes I like to kind of push it off to the side a little bit just to kind of break up the position of the mouth. All right. I actually think I might pull these down like this right there. They look good. Okay, so now we have a neutral pose for a joystick. We have a new shape. Now we're gonna move over to are controller left, so we'll just paste that copy and paste. And this is gonna be kind of like an e shape. So you can, like, raise up on that a little bit. Move this around. They will go like that. How does that look? Pretty good. Okay. I like it. It's looking good. Fine or not. Finally, next, this will be your controller up. So this is gonna be the smile. So let's get a smile. So, in general, we could move everything up a little bit. These two guys are gonna come together. These two guys will move up, and then this will come and collapse up there. I'm gonna solo this so we can see if it's actually smile That's pretty good. It's not perfect, but you get the you get the gist right now, our character is missing. Teeth looks a little old, but this is good. We can actually see what our mouth shape is doing. Okay? Finally, this is the big grand finale. Is gonna be kind of like a a big a or maybe like, a scream like, Ah, Okay. So you wanted to come down? Kind of dramatic. Maybe we can pull this one in, but you don't want it so big that it kind of, like, distorts it in a strange way. Okay. All right. That's looking great. So now we have our mouth in our lips doing everything that they need to next. What we need to dio is we need to animate the bottom teeth. The top teeth are not gonna move. Lock it in position, bottom teeth. We're gonna hit P. And maybe we'll hit our so hold shift. Our all right. So we might animate the rotation a little bit. I don't know. So in our neutral pose, our teeth will come up like so it. But it really depends on what you want your neutral post to look like you might want your neutral pose to have no teeth. And that's okay too. Um, but I think I think I want my neutral posed to have teeth in it just a little bit. So I'm gonna key these positions next. We'll move forward. One frame. This is the O or U shape. So the teeth will come down and I'll move him over just a little bit, kind. Like the jaws pushing out. Next is the e shape up. Before we move on, let's make sure that we Keilar rotation. Okay? We need a key frame for all areas that we initially key. Or if they ever get keyed it all five key frames people don't forget. Next, we're going to move this over and rotated just a little bit, okay? This is kind of our e position. Like a a I'm walking here a All right now, we're gonna go into a smile, so I'm gonna copy these key frames, and I'm just gonna push this up a little bit. And now for our grand finale, bottom teeth come down and this really depends on what you want. You're kind of shaped to be if you come all the way down. It's gonna be a big, uh, or a sound, but if you leave a little teeth in, it might be more of it. E. Okay, so it's very important that you okay, I understand what you're trying to create. Okay, I'm going to show just a little teeth, and then we will Keilar rotation. All right, guys, we have all our animation done. Next, What we get to do is we're gonna mask our teeth. So using our lips shape, you're gonna duplicate it. I'm gonna put it above the top teeth, and I'm gonna rename it top. I see a mask. So for the top teeth mask, we can take the stroke off. And we can make this whatever color we want. It really doesn't matter cause we're not going to see it. Next. Select your top teeth, and down here you should have a thing says toggle switches, slash modes. If you don't, it's gonna be this little guy right here. Expand or collapse and opened up. Now, when you switch, it is gonna toggle to this thing called a track. Matte. So you want the top teeth to become an Alfa Matt with our track, man. Okay, so what it's gonna do is it's going to turn our top teeth mask off and then in the top teeth, it's going to create an Alfa Channel masking out our lips. Okay, that might be confusing, but, you know, just do what I did, and it should work. So now I'm gonna do top teeth, a mask to duplicate it and move it above the bottom teeth. I can rename this one. Um but, um, you a mask and we're gonna do the same thing. So select your bottom teeth, click over here and do Alfa Matt bottom. Now, when we scroll through, look at that. Okay, so that's working. Perfect. Now, de select everything in your layer and hit you. This is gonna bring up all of our key frames. So the only thing that have key frames or bottom teeth and mouth one. So now the fun part, we get to actually rig it. So now, moving into joysticks and ciders, what we're gonna do is we're going to select all the layers that have key frames. And again, how many key friends do they have? Five. That's right. Five key frames. Mawr less, it won't work. 123455 key frames. So with our two layers selected, we're gonna come right here to the square, and we're going to create a new joystick. And I'm gonna rename this one now, and it's gonna make a very large joystick, but that is OK, Um, so I'm just gonna I'm gonna select my mouth origin. It s on the keyboard. I don't to scale it down just so I can see what I'm what I got. Okay, so now when I move my joystick, let's see what happens. We have animation. It's a lot of who, And if you go outside the boundaries of your origin, it's going to do some weird things. So stay in bounds. So let's look through it. We got we have a smile that's looking so good we have a neutral and we have ah, wide gape. Um, and if we come over here, we have a E which can have a wide gape as well. This right here could be kind of like an f sound. This will be your m sound. This is your new well on. Then you can get some different shapes and here. So this is a very awesome, versatile rig. You might not be aware how awesome it is, but when we get into the animation section, you're going to see how easy it is to use. 6. Attaching the Mouth: Now we have a mouth rig. What we have to do next is we need to bring this controller into our parent comp. And what does that mean in here? We need a controller. So let's come back here. Teoh, our mouth composition, Select your control. So the mouth control and right here is going to say, move joystick to parent cop. And we're going to select your whatever you named your parent cops. A minus character poses. We're gonna send it to the parent. So now I can just turn this off and then here, inside of my parent cop is gonna is gonna throw my controller way over here for some reason . And I'm just gonna put this into position, okay? I'm gonna find it. It's scale, and I'm gonna put this to I think 20% is what I've been doing, all right? And then I'm just going to move. I'll just leave it for now. So that puts our mouth down here in this bottom section of the in his body. It's like, right around his belly button. Now, if your character has a very hungry stomach and your stomach is where you eaten things Hey , That's great. You can be that weirdo with the mouth on your stomach, But our character doesn't have a mouth on a stomach, so we're gonna move it back into position, and we're gonna rig it back to the head. But first, let's just seize it doesn't work. Yes, it does. That's looking great. And the other beautiful thing is we don't have to scale the mouth because the mouth is already in the perfect size because we used our original mouth as a reference. So let's get into rigging it back onto the head. So come down here and find where your mouth comp is. Another crucial thing is, if you ever decide to scale your character within another composition, you have to make sure that your continual raster ization is selected at that little star. So go ahead and click it next. What we're gonna do is will drag the mouth up and we're gonna put it right where it belongs . Okay? And that means that it belongs in the center of the head and we're gonna put it up, maybe right around here, center it out again. So now we can hit P on the keyboard. If we hit page down, his head's gonna rotate to his left and are right. We can just move the mouth over to follow along. And if we had page down again, it's gonna move it to his right are left, and we'll just move the mouth over to match. They look about there, all right? And if we hit page down one more time, we can copy and paste the origin by selecting the first key frame or up here. You have this very easy to use button called origin. You can click it and then we're gonna move them out up to follow, and we just want to make sure it stays below the nose. Okay. And if we had page down one more time, we need the mouth to follow along. Okay? It's a mouth will mouthful. Well, one, we need the mouth to be below the nose. Get on down there. Okay. And the mouth does not need to come down to the bottom of the jaw because if we open our mouth, it's gonna break. It'll probably break, no matter what. If you have your head down this low, but we want to make sure we have a little bit of room. So put it up, tuck it under the nose. Okay, so let's counted out again. How many p frames do we have? We have 1234 five key frames. So next thing that we need to dio is hit you on the keyboard to pull up all of our key frames, There's gonna be all the key frames for the head. Um, So then select all those head elements and then come right over here. We're gonna select head rotate, and we're gonna bind them all back together. So once we have done that, computer is going to do its magic, and we should be done. Let's see what happens. So now when we rotate the head Hey, look at that. With a mount that moves with it, that's wonderful. We get to animate the mouth a man. This is so cool. You can smile. You can talk. He does it all. One thing that I'm seeing is the nose is a little out of place. I need my nose to go. I'll just put the nose all the way at the top. Okay? It was getting blocked out by the eyes. for some reason. All right, guys, I hope yours is working. If it's not, let me know, and we can talk it through, but mine seem to work very easily. So if you follow my instructions, do it. How I did it's gonna work. So good. Um, so now the only thing left to do is to show you how to animate. I've got something special for you guys and let's get into it now. 7. Animation: So instead of showing you how to animate the mouth three that we just created, um, on our static character, I thought I'd mix it up and actually animate on a character that I'm using for a client. So this character has animation applied to it, and I thought it could be cool to actually do a lip sync with a character that has full animation to it. So this is just to kind of live in it up in your mouth rig should function the same way that this, um, characters mouth rig functions. So let's get into it and see how I would set up three animation for this mouth rig. So essentially, what you'll do is you will import your audio or your dialogue here, so you'd go file import file, and then you would find your dialogue. So my dialogue happens to be this one, and I would just pull it in, and once you've gotta imported, then you selected here within your project files, and he just drag and drop, okay? And so that's how you get your audio into your composition. Now, once your audios in your composition, if you select your file in double click L so l l it's gonna bring up your wave form Thies. This is essentially the peaks of your audio. So whenever you say a word, it shows up as a kind of like a mountain. Okay, so this is each word and each syllable filling that word. I'm gonna use this as a way to actually line up how I control my joystick. And I think this Yeah, this is my joystick here. Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, another thing you might want to do you, uh, let's say that your dialogue isn't quite loud enough If you do know how to do this. Great. If not, what you can do is you can bump up your decibel points. Um, sometimes you might not need Teoh. Sometimes you might need just a little boost of, like, six decibels. One way to know if you are in the right decibel range is come over here to your audio tab and what you're gonna do is just hit period on the number, pad or decibel. Welcome to call his bakery. And what you're trying to do is you want your audio to hit right here in the yellow. It can peek into the red just a little bit and that's OK as long as it doesn't ride and the red the whole time. Um, but if you're hitting, let's say that you're hitting down in the green pretty good. So we'll do like maybe negative eight or 10. That's too low. You don't want to be down here in the desperate. You want to be up right around like negative three approaching zero. But make sure you're not riding and zero, which is where the Raiders, anyway, Long winded explanation. Let's get into the animation. So the way that I do this is I always start by I do about, I don't know, maybe two or three seconds in this case Will dio close to three seconds. Okay, so I'm gonna double click my audio, I'm gonna find my mouth control, and I'm gonna put it right below my dialogue. If I hit p on the keyboard, don't bring up my position on then the next thing that I do to save time and make sure that everything flows smoothly is I'm gonna so loathe head. So hit the solo button. Next. I'm gonna so low the mouth origin so I can see where my boundary is. And then finally I'm going to so low the mouth control. So this is gonna make my animation process so much quicker because there's gonna be a lot less information that's reading on the computer, and I can just go for it and have fun. So the first thing that we can do now is weaken Set a key frame. So go to the beginning of your dialogue. Make sure that you've hit P on the keyboard while selecting your mouth control and key that position. And if you hold control in scrub, you hear that? But you can hear what they're saying. It's pretty choppy, but you you get a picture. You know, it's kind of like a malfunctioning robot. Balcombe do Chloe Bakery. And so this is going to give you an idea of what the word is. So because we're saying welcome, probably right around here, her lips were gonna pucker together. Could be like that right here at the peak. My word, it's gonna be the well, so it's gonna be in e shape well, and the mouth right here at the Valley is gonna close a little bit. Another thing to note is that the mouth doesn't always close shut for every word. It doesn't do this open shut. Sometimes it's left open and a gate. Uh, and that's important to make sure that your mouth it doesn't feel like it's working too hard. Um, if it's chopping open and closed too much, it's gonna move too quickly. And it might look a little awkward, so don't feel like you have to shut the teeth every time. And then it's gonna be this. Oh, well, calm. So I'm gonna move this over a little bit on then we have the m shaped so that the lips they're gonna come together come welcomed. Uh, the tech low Welcome. Teoh. How is Chloe gonna look cool? Oh, but so I think it starts off is kind of like a big Oh, and then it clo puckers into a small O. And then when she goes to E, that's the e shape. So we can move it over Chloe and then right here, because that s the t. They're going to come together. Chloe's and then the be the being the M shape are pretty similar. Maybe the lips are a little more puckered on the B. All right, now we're going into bakery. Welcome to close bakery. Okay. Okay. So bay car, the er sound is kind of like a puckered lipa's well, and then bakery, and then we'll come around to smile. All right, so now we have one quick little line of dialogue. Done. Let's see how it looks. Go to close degree. Go to call his bakery. Welcome to call his bakery. Welcome to closed. All right, It doesn't look bad, but I'm gonna show you a way to make it look perfect. All right, You guys ready for this? So select all your key frames. Hit F nine on the keyboard, and it's gonna go easy. Ease. Next. What we do is hit our graph editor. Right. Click on your graph, editor. And make sure you have edit speed graph selected. It might save value graph, and it's gonna look crazy with these x and Y coordinates. So go to the speed graph instead. This is all we need to worry about next. What you're gonna do is select all of your key frames and you're gonna grab anywhere on here. You're gonna grab to the left of one of your key frames, like so, and you're gonna crunch him all the way over. So you're gonna have this real quick spike and then a nice Easy Valley Spike. Easy Valley. Now let's watch it. Welcome to Kali's Bakery. We'll go to Kali's Bakery. Welcome to Kali's Bakery. Welcome to Kali's Bakery. All right, it's very subtle, but in my opinion, that looks so much better because the mouth is quickly moving into position. Um, and it gives a more natural look to it. And as we go on and we have long stints of dialogue, you're going to see that this is going to make it look so much better. Because if you don't have that, it's gonna look very robotic is gonna be almost, like, just shapes, moving from one to the other very uniformly, and it doesn't look that great. So make sure you crunch it over like this. You might even be ableto do it. Even Mawr. I don't know if that's gonna help or not. Let's see. Welcome to call. He's angry. I'll go to College Bakery. Welcome to Kali's Bakery. Welcome to be angry. All right. I think it even looks better. Okay, so that is the gist. So the three things or the few things to remember hold control and scrub that, Will, you know where you're at in your dialogue, Um, to make sure that you key frame everywhere It needs to be in that you've crunched over your timing so that it's like a real quick spike. And then that And then as it follows, the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move this control down. I can close this guy down. I'm gonna open up my next line of dialogue. So I l l on that. I just move forward to here. I'll do keep copy the key frame, paste it. What? It hit the decimal. So I can you can actually hear what she's going to say. What's that? So that's my next line of dog. What's that? That's right. So the lips will put her in. What? What? What when it comes to s that, What's that? And then we can go to a smile. And because we have already set the key friends, it should match or mimic what we've already kind of determined it should look like, So you shouldn't have to worry about it anymore. So now if we hit Space Bar, we could watch our animation and see how that part looks altogether. Welcome to call his bakery. What? That welcome. Closed Avery with that. All right, that's looking really good. So what? I'm gonna go ahead and do so that I don't bore you with this section is I'm gonna actually animate this whole line of dialogue. I'll do it very quickly. Um, roughly, I can do roughly, like, three seconds of dialogue and, I don't know, maybe a minute or two. So that's just a timeframe to gauge, like, how long this whole process should take. Using this reading method, it moves very, very quickly. So you shouldn't have a problem moving very fast. But I've been doing it this way for a long time, so it's very easy for me. So don't be discouraged if it takes you a lot longer. Um, it's just a matter of getting the rhythm and understanding how the control works and where it should be on each syllable for each word. Um, but yeah, have fun with it. Play around with it and let me get into this and then all show you the final product. All right, well, here it is. The final product. I thought it would be really cool to show you guys on actual piece that I did for a client so I could show you a practical use for this mouth rig. Welcome to Chloe's bakery. What's that? No nuts. Okay. And gluten free and vegan. Not a problem. Welcome to Chloe's Bakery. What's that? No nuts, Okay. And gluten free and vegan. Not a problem. I just think it looks so good. And the time that it used to take me to do lip sync a long time ago, it was just such a pain in the butt. And now that I have this, it's like, Well, OK, I don't mind doing lip sync because it goes so quickly, and it looks really good, too. So I hope that you guys have fun with it and you can explore some different mouth shapes in different ways that you can use this like, don't feel limited, Teoh, Um, a very basic design. With lips, you can get very realistic and do a lot of fun things with it. So I hope that this helped you out. This was informative. And please show me what you guys have created. If you have a really cool mouth rig for a character, I want to see it. All right. Thanks for watching guys. 8. Thanks: Oh, I, uh Hey, you're still watching, But thank you guys so much for taking this course. I hope it worked out pretty well for you. Show me your examples. I want to see your mouths. Shut your mouth. I want to see what you guys made. I hope it it looks cool. I'm sure it does. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments or discussions section. And I'll do my best to reply and answer any questions that you might have. Um, And if there's anything left out or missed, let me know. I always update my videos. If somebody says that this wasn't working properly, or maybe you could do a section about this instead, I like to update it and and give you what you want. So thank you guys. So much for watching