Professional Consulting Chapter 4 - Introduction to Business Process Design

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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5 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Thoughts on Business Process Design / Re-Engineering

    • 2. Business Process Design - Part One

    • 3. Business Process Design - Part Two

    • 4. Business Process Design - Concluding Lecture

    • 5. Building Business Cases


Project Description


Professional Consulting Chapter 4 - Introduction to Business Process Design
Building a Business Case for a Business Process Design Effort

After completing the lectures, the student will have an idea as to the components to include in defining a project relating to improving a business process or series of processes.  Until more definition work is done through a series of further workshops is completed (a methodology that I will also be providing shortly in a follow-on course to this lecture series, detailed business cases won't be able to be developed.  However, at this level, high-level or overview business cases can be created for the purposes of evaluating which processes show indications of returning good return on investment.  

This project therefore is for you to take a look around in the corporation you work in today and select a business process stream you think could show significant improvement if it were to be re-designed.  Then, build a high-level business case for undertaking this as a project in your own corporation using the business case development overview I provide in my final lecture and the concepts and strategies for improvement that I outline in the lectures leading up to it.

Post it back here in the project section under a "Vanilla/Template" company name when done if you feel comfortable doing so or just keep it handy for your own personal reference and future use within your own corporation.

Good luck with your project - be sure to stay tuned to my Teaching channel here for further class releases as one of my future classes will provide you with a detailed methodology for completing a full business process design project. 

Best wishes, 
Dan Grijzenhout - Class Creator

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