Produktivität steigern! Schritt 6: Überprüfen und Optimieren | Meike Hohenwarter | Skillshare

Produktivität steigern! Schritt 6: Überprüfen und Optimieren

Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

Produktivität steigern! Schritt 6: Überprüfen und Optimieren

Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro: Produktivität steigern! Schritt 6: Überprüfen und Optimieren

    • 2. Überprüfen

    • 3. Optimieren

    • 4. Skillshare Projekt Schritt 6

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About This Class


In 7 einfachen Schritten zeige ich, wie auch du Ordnung in dein inneres und äußeres Aufgaben-Chaos bekommen kannst. Dieser Kurs enthält Schritt 6.

Dieser Kurs hilft vor allem UnternehmerInnen,

ihre anfallenden To Dos sinnvoll zu ordnen

  • klare Prioritäten zu setzen
  • ein simples System zu entwickeln, um den Überblick zu bewahren
  • und immer effizient an den wichtigsten Aufgaben zu arbeiten

Ein aufgeräumter Schreibtisch und ein aufgeräumter Kopf sind die Folge!

Inhalt dieses Kurses ist SCHRITT 6: Überprüfen und Optimieren

Wenn du deine Business-Erfolge planst - wozu ich dir auf jeden Fall rate, ist es wichtig, auch immer wieder zurück zu sehen und zu checken, ob du dein Soll erfüllt hast. Wenn nicht, ist es Zeit, Schlüsse zu ziehen. Darüber hinaus ist es wichtig, all deine Abläufe stets zu optimieren.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro: Produktivität steigern! Schritt 6: Überprüfen und Optimieren: I loaned her sequel comments. It is miss, even tiling course, but they make your health it any productivity to stay gone. My name is making a in bata on the potato me Selves, doesn't and oysters productive mention. So productive does me oft mentioned fragment, which, after the Silas Clay Uresti popular online, who is heavily under on them, talked happily Coach ing's owned happen. Also the Malena T and D Motome on this being fragment mention him off test of the sandwich Pretty Estate management Kihei, Minnesota V becomes to those artists took it back owned in an thought off the dizzy Fraga Harrington Emperor Hang a fang inquisitor from Team A productivity turned weaken was flanked on medium sets in front ceiling on the writing Frontin you butter it. Management owned him off the productivity. Tim Abbott I took on the serious Kate Alecos eHealth Stuffed is a platform on 10 productivity. Its course haven't had since even want a quizzical tell Valley. He means even straightened productivity. Akira was has since productivity the kids em for 17 states signal. I took a solid soc a tactical. You're leading with service with one person, a girl of yours. Anger, Sterritt, Scinto. The sales genetic scenes of the village today into the house for you the hot, hard to talk and for his midfield. So tune on the indecent course kits from the magazine Bassem a stone come so vastly and still in ST Thomas X from course productivity each take, um, in the most ex Kate. Some people proof Montrose optimism as the test, the sewage strategy, we but IRS us, too, if you'd infertility it since our solicitors to gun to class axed was murdered just in the next invoke humanist. More than nice you are into union for Tina and awesome stuff here. Own design is not really does my plant working also view tickets is not electors talking about inflicting Rick Mast on Just is this all is also off the gang, and we his world having human plants or are full of food on the enough team comes together into proved even initially. Take another, Cruise says it's as it assesses the movie detectors to iMovie. The showers stopped toe. That's a huge moment. Get body off. Course based won't and it's relatively ticket. Soccer is not really that still standing cop Timmy is, Does it? This has just get em up. Life it in off a base that were concurrent to Constand. Ignore ambitions. Fail now I'm owned. Yeah. The sisters were too pumped on teams year. Indecent course. Target the human shit against free for the metal cools. 2. Überprüfen: so on Shawn's into your cash rate noma sex for nonsense, even shitting. So productivity it on trip Mama's X is known over peripheral topped Imean as a necessity. This esteem have not to live in a damn Sinden offically basically sheltered over all this interest in row F turned off the system and there are from there s a interesting for this as we can still have a boyfriend of it is time for a reason. Pissed off course, This is angry to switch. Take statistics to fag A A sort of him Americans a planning committee into him comin on the harvest, their options and motel get sacked, but it's so out shot as a few leaves Plan Winkelmann can seem so when planning on, you know, get here at the service station gets actors and vitamin planting As the gleam on Tom had IMA granary option It'll wrongly Kidman planting Dustin talk on time off into sleep Even so , Vistica I said this about his team A plan like this happen vision on the skids of a problem The study is a leading may sick of a spinach Of course, as innovator Sean marriage does was younger human Emily Martin made and that's apartment or take a human Lenovo will up with us the most vigorous Get on him after the electrically Kampar targets begin. Does your arrest is not distinct? Benioff Course Momentum Guns in the vase. Mercy. Younger No minimally Mariah in the city feelings are on the team law. If it is not like who's the architect? Operas off on Capri, the tribe uber you were, in fact, TV at the salmon mark. Anybody grab in, said City, my heart. So he really meant waking right up in here English to summon on this against as the sort of animal video Marv Eminem for video in who it said had told to my willing refer Live mainly even visual image in Easton Senior sorry for Hasn't Yanni thought in order for the N guns? Filatov is name for neat With your gross Salim's plan is on. This is little shadow Well viewed. Just leave him. Hartmut Enemy Philip, this is has the assertion into the Manafort items and an egg until you know them. And I heaved human under insanity, little breaking and I history Lieberman, Eggen. Insulin. Yeah, and then, er this Kerch in Turkey are key. Plant A Z Yeah, sort perfectly for her coat. Planning on time is this. V stickers emits three review of the Faggot you pull from Pistol. No, of course. So it is to have heating from innocents. MLM quota guns, cash on hobbies. That's all right, because if you're hiking borders and then Yelstin time will not this year, I said, Have it starts off with the shaft for 6/2 board. When? When? Yeah, super, don't come to street in Italy. Here, fag, mercy, business. Take time here for a name on Monday and the most of the fact Von is the school eating habits thus far. J. Anguish. It's a habit of anthropoid Ticketmaster, from tyranny for animal and by Malaysian flight gannets. Worcester As at the Sundance Vistica, over, Poor from Smashed lamented the movie, The marking shortest on this being systematically cooled. When the show's just tell you this acquittal, MB straight argue against 50. Castro took it, not a super proofing camps not really got any guns inside, and other even often lead to a protectorate nobody can see are but distant employees getting so far. Rancic woman visited us. Forget their test, and then guns and Mystic Ismet listed Boca in an hour walk. The book is there speaking first testicles, the more not well enable humanity. Ari, with a whole long heart to match prints stuff because the coaching and had none of us are him at a splendid medicines animal in the Boca. Stop Assess, Eminent of okay has two billion had tonight and ghosts anti Minto Abbott on whether this need to start listening Quintana stationery and for to feel off the agenda, only it can offer a pistol in the other river. New quotes, not almost serving and not really his off it. Attack me, stick to sort of Stephen talking for him and plan. Um, not that I'm not, and I don't remember from having doubts are expressed as it this has plan. In the summer. Sun was booked. Happened yet skated on this visible proof, having helped us all right, Martin on the even member John pistol, Of course, every hits in for Number seven Kalinda when this happened were hoping to him I'm frontal quickly like a plant, Riveted said, for pulling environment, vomiting coast and poking angry fan, and somebody will have a convict. It is common practice. Nandi hits the habit before nominee must mean distance change. Don't into this project influence and us and numerous discomforts kinds of amnesty course important Tiesto man Focus. Active investors protect our having your medical simpler, Commit said. I don't have a flight. Employees Expedia system, aspirin project filmy silver or half aborted. Matt said Name and not the materials sector to sort this meeting from pretty cryptic Martin segments toe hosted stuff rt instrument plant. I have Europe with that. It's just, you know, obviously not essential. Only done has to do too much. Be taking no trash. Don't feel any argument IPO yet, please them as a few fresh eagerness moments. TVs. I said this was even sons didn't do so. I commend or have tested it equal. He trashed on any plant so hot this is our skin shot. The matters. It's needed to solve its decreased and embraced racial that has to do tuition to leaving hundreds after the English. It fixing Tamina on Soviet of a satirist is about as to not try and assist against a shorter on time company. Redeeming a sound through permits. Assume it's often to me of the vein Egotistic sentido Both the factor most omitting a tire Vistica Yeah, so hostile and I broke it in for him. Yankee Plan Trustee More with a total broken piece of us curricula Trev idiot insulin stickers. And he had space to open Sontag angle long and it sort is too. Mm zone took kind until you hear the antitoxin. So just in for any hybrid life, it was two under the maximal image, don't it? Said women just to get to know how my review embassy in most lavish Gonzalez array Tavist US Weekly came act on TV beneath for our g Komen having here highly punk did it after they happen. The bullet points kept his mercy to MP mark. Inhabitants are risky shaft on video. Many are super short. He sneaked off to fire him on the night Involve Margaret Disneyfication, after which the same preferred anger shit stomach meter feel 40 normal on the merch red turkey And I said that says this is stone dirty To do the tech names to the harvest on the team is off the end and said the review passengers on these divorce regular off by schooled enough. The under inside name student said Denise to Boca Pranced. Does master involved message Broken ways and centimeters? Olive. It sticks there. Tell me Toe Veron comes over. Not really off eating talk. It's It's good When the entered Um, I haven't and 40 me Newton order in the food team in detail at names that are here in my chest. We still it's the tactful off on penetrate their own trick vacuity. Alice is essentially typed and also visa available, complaining and guitar. Yeah, as it does so Theme this may. Maybe that's a trick shot. Hugo helped us was a human on the house, even though not a consequence. Insults introduced, inject and punked. Any chops understand Dictator whom sods? Venturoni, just the Muslim faction who convict us on a window in standing other shafts. The name stuck till I start to be nick for auto. Is the infection so cool just to, in fact, And if I'd said making the sin cast 3. Optimieren: so intended and go to seek your s for Leslie. His system off. Keep out past Timoteo from the hell from Quanta Tom gets infocomm standing Kia Optima Wrong to murder Steamy Austin namely her all speak common on the movie Nick and his mom start renounce and The Majesty mummify it said Have money myself pushed him to stand own tickets Actually, any gives are from women Opt immune can murders here infiltrating an anti for me and for personally given an apple TV stick Stenson onto our essence in Bridgeton Copped immunization Francis team a bundle Eso is a couple of telepathy. Haven't Agnes Ganic So Tune invented an eclair and its athletes who told him to mystery was inter call from time since it omitting can syntax appreciate sticked which has a moment of us 2 to 1 person Keeps said Appreciate ticket mentioned But David is often did taking this number right to TV's V zero risk personal craft and irritate could in turn on the tail This came is the spoon dreams is that this has them for the sick Nikita Smart video tizen advances all front up And it was Neustadter Sunder. Even the six shot a 68 et captain to summon faster than connection to in and bash Believing Casteix of visitors. Telephone IAM When the here and it least it has just done. And for a little fanatic, right Max did a moment lunged in house or the Eastern best, preventing its ingenuity piecework on car? Because it was an cough Mother Mossad involves up. Gave him all of us off and you get this knee. And for Soma, want little shop in Southern Hank, Just anemia. Investor on vacation on topics invocation him also sits as a protest, and Kaufman so his. Our political principle, often big wahine order often vehicle to work on C connectors, egg nitty to cut. Also sits identification and producer en coughs. I'm working to him. A liberal descends to a supplements. It's no. There's a taking elliptical wanted when he hits off the post. Most many me Milic off most of than hanging this the moment it was under arrest. Come on, Martha's nears Antonoff cover. So constant foot and attack feel basics Entry um, Max, often desperate, So the operative meter houses happened Home office on the chapter gave with em for work to house the play. But this is a visitor Cindy talking with him on many employees. Guns feel right at Takoma, the field began under attack of anything the option and enter mean also heart pops. And where the perspiration mutilated and cool notice on us, I mean the beta unfired equipment and Jewish does. He does even engaged in our Mahood of the four market as a decision in From Off the Under, Inside the Target Hap Mui and for practicing dancing tackles the House bill in the mail communicating glance Attack also how it's been on. So come on, this I this field base happened will not interrupt Alec Guns were CAFTA's against feel optimum Young's powertrain. Um, the set is not a little icky inhibition for Hamel, of integrity and for normal Levina as evenly activity where I'm moving to sell Obama wanted liqueur. This is not really cold. Woman and partner hot on kindle heart on the anguish till they have about the league anus, Phil. But I figured I'd try to talk even. Come on. Come on, Vic Antonoff Government Functional view to element Never give Miss Kitty dimming people services to hold in inland are so craven that in devious and trailing Landon over five, all the sudden stickers escaped dance. Feel it, Lloyd Dizzy admitting. Also he marked weapons. Elgindy, Kamata, Monte Island Marketing Services arm Peten Toe can sit and Essen. Right there are oak leaf on last night's initiatives from King isn't on the name of doctors was from supermarkets. Uh, this keep lighted. The they put services on stickers is keep tied to drug against Really, for she didn't a platform and fewer even did against in certain Franca, open up a new verse on stickers as a support provide as our human BASEketball League Eema. If Moses to Secret Service, My Villagers vaguely selbst my home and do not really im lipson intermittent up now, but masters to polluting the test Alec used when still ballistic is just them for answer. Malamud. Hey, construction it most on. So tell him, and there was Billy Graham aft on flight off Bassem. After thinking Mitterrand must is there any average 20 via Texas golfers, Kansas investigates the relation of US foreign minister for an itch down there and that raccoon on tender 18 every village don't groused, wounds abashed, really hate directors did not. Oliver Lake, obviously to be a Soviet. Those human undertook even onto must leave it us was to key on the mast guns based on those mystical and comes in the centerist leap Ling's team off. Amir is ever picture medicine on a graph as of X medicine that gets the home, the big Kameni deeming it, it'll be I could become and gaming it off guard the radium basic identity weapon It worked . Discounts to Martin van DeSanto, often an animal far distances off to the meaning of article life between on and come on, the still full of large makers during this must hold stem here at the antis and how much of either even dressed math, although even to mention the break, it's got an video Todt is enough for our leaders. Has to hear me are lazy Manaka. Normal arm Sevilla film a fever only to see the M 16 8 as a process that can be an timidity , an oft was needed here, National Martin, even Nashville and for what network shown obscene of actor else in order, even mark the traditional was local wound up half notice on stickers. I was this week. Ticket Open Gets Messed All this week was Tony CNA, Proust Hip meat off. A sentimental deep note of thanks to Countries doesn't even run on my problem. It is alleged that on Hamlet is the economy of Internusa Atlantic, after some people of it mobilised the advent of McChrystal inexact Shinhoster in cop on the humble on vacay awesomeness. First no weeks ago. It's really too much be from Preakness, often off cabin from from to do lists and so on. Stickers You believe you take fish? Vast mercy. Angry Spanish Martin was most equipped crossing on Candy Nosaka movies. For me, his anguish filters is immobile slanders. The Is my heart Newton. I gonna hear the comma. Safety is our number one. Most things aren't exactly movement. Rooms on Split know how. Bank first technique to them, anguish certain for healthiness above in this age, tended, Beeston can studiously don't enhanced. Take Illinois of Indian Constitution Chair released also the village with me on candles on the younger fang and absorption it to send how extreme feel a product on the universe. Gen Victor, by no battery, protected frustration because it's neat. Does it needs met so don't help. Something doesn't immature Oliver is Will he poetic the most Eastern about Martin? Will he Name is garnished as it is Has to me a common off right and second cancer minute. That's Indian Is mom owned humidor stunts. Kabul are not on the list of us. Get out and do what in lasted 20 Monte Mom Really him for us. We ve nicked heretic actually happen. Double who live in it, even study angry Help won't emerged topic tomorrow and demand for my asthma. Ms. Colonna really help protect difficult incentive but even know DD Inter sand friend on the magnet They peaches whom did like the bone Things long felt me Selves Does mercy mercy Also don't assessment was on dresses. You can also make man an egg An employee a Vagn cynic facility in the city. Contrition instantly confirmed Maternity indie Happy man A protector on for your Venator's off their album First Yankee Gun and the Security Philip, or you're taking a ticking off from help on the pain of a mommy toe. Have anemia faced Which there does Mr Egg Neek looking Mac 20. So full of feeding your pathetic in the hands up in the Soviet delegate, taking the fallen behind most convicted of the auction Detective from Rich Chephren With my employees active, erratic Martin Daniels doesn't Estes Start that Issue me a in a G in. I'm dreaming on this vegan about the bond markets to any comport you couldn't get. Take the test. Haveman Implant Limited isn't course for a stigma on the hammer. Eunice E Books Five months ahead. You have a fast needs me parallel off on doctors food Extreme That'll decisional fanatic Rapid man employees must be freed again. She's wasn't really off my guilt bring It was, in fact, a few. So activity off man A to do list and for feel you basically being was a busy time for film . Any gum for sheet in NATO does have return. This gift will have is to make him cries on. That's really a vision of in in it. That's with us. Mommy, don't something awesome. Yemen. You can't worked in least help this Davina get Woodman oft as a guinea city. For I had set up standing to send on planet and even so, waters to the Weekly world. First on the that's custom Astorga Himeji Animus on the weekends. No. See. Before that first 4. Skillshare Projekt Schritt 6: Cantel etc. Onto Hosinski Shaft system in Different isn't cool on the shore fella truly to contest your Annika's Meet Niman many the whiskey find heart and having mechanical sapyta number three. But isn't video of injustice in Anbar Intimate cans to pretty up Minsky? She keeps MPV atong system mitt thumbs up or the thumbs down doesn't mean Tom in the Tom in the room on the trophy. A talk Siem That's the year that yes, I'm clicks invented. This is yes. Angry ex Temple set forth in this the pop tears in fenced off on position here The statement officer does this. Yes, it's back here. Owned two cancers. It's gay. Help! Chicken order wasn't really here. Are super is to Canton or nearest the to describe include a public review Is practitioner tells toe. Definitely meet ironist Berkeley a strong There is a crucifying had order includes private feedback. This is practitioner attrition t on me as I mean to me and does meet and Williston course then considers Oh, Huma on time Kicks the info off. Submit this festival scene wanted in video fingers to so wet Russ touched it Share. Leave a review on no any ground. Jonas to leave a review is without the scare. Here's in a review, and maybe a drinking Telus and on trend, off share clicks than property is so invents the often don't chastity milky, the remaining close with under indictment tales in Class of eight and feels on the deceased . The moment ticketcity acts alone on prime unity of non on 16th is constant in all better. She what this has done it for Inter vented in. Indeed, off the premium program name Times of Crime or not in the 1996 sent onto Celts becomes end in Khost in those more often premium for Come vincey this name into cancers we to seize, they email tile orderto can stand for linking toe and said since March, we often have a patron to services orderto can. Steffy spoke with Twitter Often, I said, that's no orders to the West on any Basanta had the skills, you know, had simply projects the swindlers to our own. The harpist videos community is in fact, accounted. Discuss Toronto and, of course, about fingers to the heart of this quizzes. He does kill Shia course included endpoint wrecked the spenders to hear 70 of your approaching guests and send us to the for a project we share a bunk wont to can still but antagonise pork chop on the all projects. For instance, the other angle stand project is the constancy in vases and poetic gift on Yet toe under MPRI acted in practice to hear whiter indecent quest Martin canst the clarity here seated to end many frag If it isn't treatise If it isn't, Crystal is defrock. A piece to, of course, is how city its anchor shot our cities off working Norman House. All right, so then it Syria over the sharp stones may need something still in Britain, right into here with a pistol to calculate based sound to artistic political sanity. Lush Taken. Yeah, I said he gets the amid and seen on flight test or we get phone number. There is no me. And so opt immune or be with us for a meeting into those tiles with me on Meet the community. The magazine was finished under in North based summer Indian up life. Yeah, and also them for making go off without a pipe. These Hamlets especially it seems