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Produc'ts photography mockups - style your cards, products, etc. for your etsy shop appealing

teacher avatar Giusy Di Bella, Italian Artist, Maker, Illustrator, Daydreamer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Mock Up for products on Etsy

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. Pick up a background

    • 4. Style your marketplace Photos using photoshop

    • 5. Give your photo the natural look like allure

    • 6. Saluti

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About This Class

Add a background collage photo to your artwork to show the items you sell in your marketplace better and give a consistent and coherent look at your shop.







Meet Your Teacher

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Giusy Di Bella

Italian Artist, Maker, Illustrator, Daydreamer


Italian Artist, maker and self taught illustrator - mom of one - daydreamer - soul seeker - poetry and tales reader - loving Art + Craft - 100% creativity and Zero compromises


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1. Mock Up for products on Etsy: 2. Intro: Hi. I am just a dip Ellen illustrator from Italy. I will teach you how to style the photo your product to using your your marketplace. Joep has a t or dot Honda to make a dipper browned off your heart work and proud of to look like they are on. Ah, really good table or background in this class. I wish for you all to select your background, manage it in photo shop in a very a simple and quickly way to give at your shop artwork. He made a consistent inquire into look. See you in the class. 3. Pick up a background: Okay. Welcome to my class. First of all, we will. Yeah. Look for background toe a worry mates. High used murga file where you can choose high quality A stock photo. Um, looking. What is the one? Ah, despoil for your product item artworks. Oh, this. No, this temple will be fun. Good. And not for my Purge it now. Okay. When you select the major, read the common sense. This. Ah, the lease licence. This is it. Okay for commercial use, you can use it. So according to this, I can, um, don't load this file. Read on day except, um, click to save the file. Okay. Storied in your computer. Um, you've done for for a moment. No. I will show you in the next lesson out to prepare your photo from this to this one. See you in the next lesson. But 4. Style your marketplace Photos using photoshop: Okay. This is on the major, I, huh? In my shop. And we can do this for now. This was for me. Newcomers at a little more cracked. So what we can do now is to transfer manure. Simple image in on in major in a table. Here is the table we get from the side. Another, uh, up in home, another major. And your artwork. So what you can do now is to play with your, uh, for the shop. So select, open all the major here is the table. What you can do is to recites in the major on the side that you, uh, that you need in this case, one under 1000 his goat size toe upload to your marketplace. So select in this image, I like the the sheet. So select with the hunker, too. Uh, yeah. Um, yeah. A copy. The selection, Um, a copy and passed it on your board just now. We have to just recites these. So transform in scale skill. The sheet until you have are good sides That go he your background? Um, it has to be, um, Rio. Ah, size so scale in a good manner. Um I mean, sorry I misplaced ups. Okay? No, I like her this thing style. And in this photo I want to spend that is really, really nice on I can select it with that hankered to whole around. Uh, it's very simple. Choose simply, major an element in in a page. This come from a stock photo to So you see, this is a very big eso. I was killed the pencil to so transfer scale again. Um, sizes. Okay, Rotate your a pen just to be a rial. Us, us if the table Israel to she it Israel Um, the pencil, his real. Okay, you have to style. Ah, lots. But it's simple and very quick. Oh, I like Okay, so no, I This I like a dis a pencil. McConnell, Pencil Teoh. So I want this Is this asked No background. So I selected a copy and best in your port. Um scale scale. This too rece icing at maintaining the the size of the same age. Um, taking your calm truck. Okay, Well, okay. And position your mechanical pencil in the shit. No, we can close this, huh? On go to your heart work. Ah, you can use. Ah, uh, Collazo celebrate the, um, to this tool again. The selection too. But ups the tanker are If you have a background that you can do it just magic want and in verse, your selection. So I have only dame age selected. Copy If you are satisfied off this selection copy and past ups is pretty big, huh? Scare a gay transformer scale scarce, scarce skill Make it really so Uh huh. Take your shift. Ah, breast down When your scale Teoh decides to remain the same The okay, No position it OK? I like it home. 5. Give your photo the natural look like allure: Okay. Night run away. We have our worry, major. Just ah, fake. Ah, lot of texter to it. Making shadow so duplicate. Um, the artwork lay year, Uh, and I don't want in under May hit in effect and with a calorie fat you create in this way a shadow so you can move it 100. My name first layer Can you are artwork Name and give it a lot off shadow, is it? Ah, lie shuttle hand, uh, glow the fact so it we can play with the effect to make more stepped in your name age We were the same you can do with the she Tonder and hold helmet. You're a major booked camp. Oh, okay. I hope you have confidence with the further shop m Try to move and give your Ah, your skill, Candace composition. I like to play with Teoh. Element him further shop his really, really NYSE toe. Find out something that works for you. Um, I like toe. Just shut up now, huh? To the shit under hopes eso you make your e made very, very, really interesting. Um, and and that Ah, very nice composition to your heart work and to present your work in the good way. I suggest you to ISS permit with your tool in style. So glow them or shadow. Um, make your cursor and ah, pick up your your perfect style. I did shadow. Now, um, go on this way. Oops. I really love this composition now, and it's time toe right. Your longer if you want. Um, I just it transform him, rotates. You can make your respect. Moment s usual him about the shop. What times? Foreman's camp it. Well, here, is it. Uh, this is, um, one option. And now save your Yura, save for web. You're the meat. And this ready to go in your shop? 6. Saluti: I hope you enjoy it. This curse I look forward to seeing your photo trying with Yuri made some post the result here. And now that you can give a coordinated in made to your artwork I wish you many, many sales in your lines shop. See you soon, Joe.