Productivity with Command Prompt and Batch Files | Naeem Malik | Skillshare

Productivity with Command Prompt and Batch Files

Naeem Malik, Automated Testing Engineer

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9 Videos (31m)
    • Course Introduction productivity with command prompt

    • Getting started with Command Prompt

    • Introduction to batch files

    • Launch multiple applications from one shortcut

    • Using shutdown command

    • File system navigation in command prompt

    • Create a folder hierarchy with a batch file

    • Using Windows Task Scheduler To Run Batch Files

    • Launching Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox from batch files and run dialog


About This Class

Learn how to improve productivity using a 30 years old technology from an experienced programmer & trainer. You'll also learn how pros use the run dialog to make ops faster. Every Windows PC contains this wonderful technology so why not leverage for your advantage.  

In this course, I am going to introduce you to the command prompt. Once we've covered the basics of command prompt in about 10 minutes, I will show you some really interesting productivity hacks using batch (.bat) files. 

PowerShell, which is Microsoft's latest effort to combat Linux BASH is a totally different topic. The good thing is that all command prompt commands can be used with PowerShell as well. 





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Naeem Malik

Automated Testing Engineer

I'm an experienced computer programmer and a creative person. I've worked with many programming languages(Pascal, C, C++, C#, Java, Delphi) in past two decades. Apart from Windows, I'm well versed with Android & Linux. I worked as a freelance app developer for a while too.

Since I come from the good old days of Microsoft DOS and Novell Netware, I use the keyboard like a pro to increase my speed on the system.

Self taught in video making, I've got a fairly active Youtube channe...

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