Productivity with Command Prompt and Batch Files

Naeem Malik, Automated Testing Engineer

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9 Videos (31m)
    • Course Introduction productivity with command prompt

    • Getting started with Command Prompt

    • Introduction to batch files

    • Launch multiple applications from one shortcut

    • Using shutdown command

    • File system navigation in command prompt

    • Create a folder hierarchy with a batch file

    • Using Windows Task Scheduler To Run Batch Files

    • Launching Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox from batch files and run dialog


About This Class

Learn how to improve productivity using a 30 years old technology from an experienced programmer & trainer. You'll also learn how pros use the run dialog to make ops faster. Every Windows PC contains this wonderful technology so why not leverage for your advantage.  

In this course, I am going to introduce you to the command prompt. Once we've covered the basics of command prompt in about 10 minutes, I will show you some really interesting productivity hacks using batch (.bat) files. 

PowerShell, which is Microsoft's latest effort to combat Linux BASH is a totally different topic. The good thing is that all command prompt commands can be used with PowerShell as well. 

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For the length of time, this is a great starter for command prompt. Thank you for the efforts, I'd love to see something like this expanded to more.
This class is really useful, and easy to understand.
As someone who enjoys playing around with these sorts of things and finding new, faster ways to do something, this has been very entertaining for me. I would like to learn so many more things I could do using command prompt, possibly advancing to more complicated commands as the course progresses.





Naeem Malik

Automated Testing Engineer

I'm an experienced computer programmer and a creative person. I've worked with many programming languages(Pascal, C, C++, C#, Java, Delphi) in past two decades. Apart from Windows, I'm well versed with Android & Linux. I worked as a freelance app developer for a while too.

Since I come from the good old days of Microsoft DOS and Novell Netware, I use the keyboard like a pro to increase my speed on the system.

Self taught in video making, I've got a fairly active Youtube channe...

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