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Productivity is the key to success

teacher avatar Supitcha, A skillshare and youtuber newbie

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Eisenhower Box

    • 3. Ivy Lee Method

    • 4. Reading changes the world

    • 5. Motivated Mindset

    • 6. Sleep makes a big change

    • 7. Natural Light

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, there will be my 6 suggestions for to guide you towards increasing your productivity. These might be something new for you. Thank you for watching and I hope you learnt something. It is actually the first time I made video and I am trying to improve!

My Youtube Channel :)

Meet Your Teacher

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A skillshare and youtuber newbie


I'm Supitcha, a girl who always tries to be a better version of herself. Since I was much younger, I always look up to my parents about how successful they are and now I am old enough to follow my own paths and chase my passions. 

My Youtube Channel:

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1. Introduction: Hi. I'm so Misha Ari, Someone of feels like 24 hours a day. It's not enough to get things done and you wish to get more things done. If yes, you've come to write class if not station because you might get some tips for me. And this cause will be sharing my tips that have changed my life. It made me so much more productive. And I get things done so much faster and so much more stuff that finished within a day. Thank you for what Shing and then for to get to join cost and I'll see you in the next video. 2. Eisenhower Box: Hi, Thank you for joining the class and will come to the first video. This video I'll be talking about, as in Harris Box It ihsaa theory or the productivity form that established by Dwight Eisenhower. He was the 34th person in the United States of America and who was serving two terms, and he was known as an incredible person who developed this theory. And he has productivity, that loss for not only one day or two days, but for decades. And this bogus call Eisenhower response in this bombed out there are angry on the top. You're right, label it urgent and not urgent. And I'm aside, you label it important has not important. The first part is a do box, so it which it actually means doing now. So the thing that you have to do, it's important urged, such as have to call your boss right away are and so certain emails. Something like that second mark is decide ball so you can decide whether you want it to do are not are you schedule it, for example, you. I want to do that exercise, but sometimes you have more important things and urgent things to do so you can't do it into Last thing is urgent. Not but not important. You can delegate it so maybe someone can do for you. For example, if you have trip to somewhere and your mom is going with me, so maybe you can ask her to do it for you because you have more important and urgent things to do and the last one a studded lead box. So it's not important. And Virgin Ross. So you hadn't eliminated, and you don't have to waste your time to do things like that. So you get more things done because you decided not to do it. So how can you different shape between important and urgent? So when something is important, it's mostly at last for long term goals on something that's gonna last. But urgent is something that you should do right away. It's needs to be immediate action. For example, you have to call your boss right away because this emergency you have to call your grandparent's right away because there's something going on that's what different shaped when important and urgent. I hope you get the idea off. What is this thought iss and thank you for watching and see you in the next video 3. Ivy Lee Method: Hi. Welcome to the second to in this tip. I'll be talking about Ivy Lee method. So I really is the guy who is best known for the word relation with the Rockefeller family . And he developed this method by using it in his daily routine so intensively, both of 10 minutes. The first thing that he do is that at the end of the evening off, every day he come and sit down and write 66 most important things that he would do tomorrow . So maybe you free. Do you maybe have Teoh the work like the poll point for presentation tomorrow? Um, exercise. You have to take care of your kids, something like those. And then your list out those sex things. And the second step is that you prioritise So which one is the most important? The the most important one for you and you make it the 1st 1 And this down from the third things that and next morning you start to do those things. So you do the 1st 1 first and then you finish. And you did the 2nd 1 and 3rd 1 and then into the six once and the last step is that you do that every day, and it has proven with him and his workers that is working. Why is working? First thing is that it's it's simple. So when it is simple, you can see it. You don't have to be overwhelmed what you have to do. And there are only six things, so you can get it on so easily. So I could want us that it forces you to do to decide the six most important things that you have. Tow Onley. Shoot six things that you should do on the last one is it requires only single house, so you can do only one by one step by step. And that's how easy it ISS and house and born ISS. And that's wise. It's working, so you should try it out and let me know and being for teaching and see you Innovex video 4. Reading changes the world: Hi. Well, come to the next tip, this tip I'll be talking about read something that interests you. So why do I have to read and is reading a really important? The first benefit of reading is it reduces stress when you read something, you are enjoying it, but you should choose the boat that you enjoy. So it's not too hard or too easy. If you had just a starter to read something off something new a new, catchy glory, you can start to read something simple first and then get it. Make it harder, harder and if you really interested in, you will enjoy it because it makes you so you up in the book and the first benefit is about reduce dress. So according to a mind left international at University of Success, really, that reading reduces about 68% off stress, while music and walk it's only 61 40 42% respectively. The doctor Lois, who conducted this experiment, said that it doesn't matter what you read by losing its stuff in truly and crossing book, you can escape from the war, ease and stresses off the world, so that's why you're eight, and the first thing that because it helped reduce the stress, and we have so much things going on it. So that's why every price rush and reading can help you reduce dress. The second thing is it improves productivity. So when you open up yourself in a new experience, maybe this book is completely new to you. You have never it before, so much suggested to you. So you read this book and you completely open to next, furious because you have to have never read it, and you just start to read and you can get some new ideas. That's why so many people reach, and it didn't feel like it's a waste of time. Even it's slower than you watch a video, but it does have a lot of benefits, so don't forget to read on. Choose the one that you enjoy. Thank you for what? Shake and see you in the next video 5. Motivated Mindset: Hi. Next tip is the mindset. What ISS mindset? In my own terms, I would say my said it's something that you think and a new make the thought off it. And you what? You imagine what you want to be and what you want to do. So when you have a motivated my set, you tend to get things done because you're motivated. Imagine yourself that you want to go on this truth to somewhere example, maybe Canada and you plan on trips and stuff and you already So you have that mindset that you're ready to travel and you excited and motivated to go because you're everything is plan. But then something came up and you have to get that thing done, and then maybe you have to postpone. So maybe you feel a little bit the support tests so you don't want to go anymore. Now, many things that calm, but But when you actually have no things that this starts you and you have motivated mindset, you feel more, um, ready and you want to do that thing. But when you don't have a motivated my sent, you tend to be a little bit more tired and distracted by something that interested you more . And some have, as you like me to forecast name So surrounded yourself by something that you like all use you love because it helps you. Maybe with your parents your grandparent's all those people because it helps you so much And you get things done because you're more productive. Thank you. For what? Shing and see in the next video. 6. Sleep makes a big change: Hi. Welcome to next tip. In this tape, I'll be talking about sleep. Why do have to sleep? The first thing is because sleep helps you to be more awake and energetic during the day. When people are active, they use energy. At the end of the day, we are really tired because we use auto entity within ourselves. Don't forget to eat, too, because eating is also important. It's something that is untrue cious on. It helps your body. When asleep, it boosts your energy. From the next day you awake and it reduces fatigue and then forget to get some national lights. Because in light can help you with the witness and reduces fatigue. And I can't recommend menus. The book that I just read, it's about why we see and then name off the book. That's why we sleep. You can try to read that if you have a struggle to sleep and you can also read that in your relation time and you will see the importance of the sleep because sleeps sleeping is very important. It's the basic thing that we do as a human, and we should try to sleep if we want to get money for the kids in a day. So thank you for what? Check and see you next 7. Natural Light: is the last video. And if you're watching this, thank you for watching from them to here and the last tips that I would like to give us about environmental friendly environment, which means that there's no distraction that comes you. So you made environment that suits you, suits what you like me personally. I like the bright room, even in my country, where live is really hot. But when I get a natural light, I feel more alert and awake during the day, and especially the time that have to study a work. Um, according to the reason studies, it say that if you have the natural like come into your room are the workplace you get more alert and awake. That's why many offices that have windows that allowed a national light to come in and that's reduces different teak and also increases the witness within us. So thank you for watching 8. Conclusion: Hi. Welcome. So does the conclusion for all we have talked about. The first thing whenever we talk about is Eisenhower Box. It's the box Dad you can hire tries your things. Second, we have talked about, I think any minute it's a method that we do only, um at the end of the evening and only 10 minutes a day that it have soup I or tries to things only six things. And next it's about read something that you are interested in so reading house with reduces stress and increase the productivity because you get new experience on new ideas. And I say it's about mindset, how we thing about and how we motivated ourselves to have that energetic mind on active life. And we also talk about sleep, the importance off to sleep. And I also suggested the boat that I just read and last thing that we talked about his environment and no destruction because that is the one thing that makes you surround yourself by the thing that used it suits you. You feel more motivated. So thank you for what Shing am I hope enjoying. And I hope this is helpful to you and give watching and see you in the next class