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Productivity for your Next Semester: How to Conquer Online School

teacher avatar Jae Lee, I post more on yt, follow me there!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction to Productivity

    • 2. Dividing Work: The Secret to 4.0

    • 3. Best Planner App on the Market: Todoist

    • 4. How to use Music as a Studying Tool

    • 5. Get the Most out of your Sleep

    • 6. Converting Time for Online School

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About This Class

As online school approaches, I have accumulated a variety of different productivity skills to have for the next semester. The skills include Todoist, the most efficient way to divide work, using music as a studying tool, calculating time differences for assignments, and many more. If your classes start soon, take the time to just briefly go over these videos, and master the skills that will change your Cs into Bs, and Bs into As.

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Jae Lee

I post more on yt, follow me there!


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1. Introduction to Productivity: at August rolls around. I know a lot of you guys are going back to school, whether that be online school or offline school. Either way, we all want the same thing. Good grades. And I know a lot of guys think four point owes are impossible. It's really not. It's not that you're bad at studying is that you're bad at dividing work and how to be productive. So as someone who has a 4.11 high school G. P. A and a 3.96 college GPS, I'm here to tell you all the productivity tips and tricks that accumulated over the years things like how to divide the work in the most efficient way. How to use the best platter at on the market today, how to get the most out of your sleep and so many more little tips and tricks that will turn your season to bees and your bees into AIDS. So if you're looking to conquer the next semester, whether that be online or offline, please join me in this course, and I will teach you all my little tricks 2. Dividing Work: The Secret to 4.0: when it comes to completing work, it doesn't come down to you sitting down and focusing for the longest time possible. That's actually really in a fiction. It's all about how you divide work and getting the most efficient way to divide work. So this is how I usually it might work. I either use the mountain method of the straight line method. Now I'll explain to in detail what this is now. The mountain method is where you start your work, really in small amounts and then progressively add them while in the midst of your assignment, you do the most amount of work. And then from there on, you would again decreasing. I'm gonna work and finish your assignment right now. This is good because a lot of people, they do so much work in the beginning that it's there really easily discouraged and they usually stop in. Their productivity goes out etcetera. But this allows them to, you know, start off easy. And then when they get to a midpoint, they still have. They still are encouraged to work because they'll know that work will get easier, Right? So let's say the force and this is how it were, for example, let's say you have to read 300 pages per week. Now this could be anything. Maybe 20 questions, Yes, definitive. Finished 20 questions in two days or, you know, complete four readings in a month. This is how you would divide it, but they have to read 300 page in six days. Then I would divide it in this way, right. I would start off with 25 pages, then read 50 then read 75 every 75 every 15. 25. So you can see this. The little mountain effect that you're seeing slowly progressing your were progressively increasing your work and that once you get to a high point, you progressive the decrease it so that you can stay motivated throughout the whole process . Usually, if you start okay, let's say I'm going to read 200 pages on the first day in the 100 page on the second day and just rest the four days. It's really hard to complete this 200 on the first day, right? So we resort to this method where it's easy, you know, to start, and once it starts getting hard, you can still No, progressively go on because you know what? That work will decrease right now. The straight line method is much more simple to divide work. It's basically dividing from the same amount every day. So for this one, it would be just 50 for six days, right? 50 pages, 50 pages, 50 paid for six days. Now both are really effective. Personally, I like the street lined with it because I just like having expecting the same old work every day. But some some of my friends who used this mountain meant that they see great results. They they finish faster, and on these days they're able to relax more. Yeah, both are great wasted. If I'd work now, you might wonder. Hey, I don't know which one is better for me. The best way to do two testes is like the example reading, so I would start with with 100 pages. If you feel like that's too much, you can go to 50 pages. But what I would do is I would get a book and then first read 50 pages using the mountain method, right? That would look something like So when you when you do draft amount of method. It's a bit harder to do it off by you need some calculation, but honestly, it's not that hard. Just like cut. Start small and then make sure you write the same page on the other side. And then they're subtracted from what you have to do, and then you will be able to see what's left. So it's just not like I did. I was like, OK, we used amounts of method on 50 pages. Let's say I read 10 pages. That means I'm gonna read 10 pages on the last day. Then let's say other 15 pages on the second day, 15 page on the other day, although we got already happened. So we're gonna do it in four days, right? So you're gonna write this little method of you know, you might have done 50 pages, 75 pages, but you would make this small mountain you test out, you'd reach 50 page in four days and well, you want to test is not how fast, but how well you retained it. And how motivated you feel, right? You want you want, you want to feel that consistent motivation, and then after you do this for four days. You want to read another 50 pages, but make sure it's like, consistent, like if you did 100 pages and 200 pieces. But let's say he did 50 pages and four days, then you want to do 50 pages four days using the straight line method. Now. Another point that comes up with this 55 by four isn't a whole number divided by four. Just for reference is told from five. If that some work for you, just do just round it to a whole number. So 13 13 13 and then on the last day, you just read 11 pages. So see how you divided into whole numbers. So you'll just read a loving pages on the end so you'll just compensate or what you have left, and you will try this out, right? This is Method One, and this is, let's say, this Method A and this is Method B. You'll try. Try out A B and C, which one feels better And remember, when you decide what feels better, it's all about number one. How much you retained informations. So let's say like, Hey, I I realized that I am remembering a lot more about, like the 50 pages that I read with Method eight compared to be then, A is obviously the better choice. But number two, let's say you retained the same amount, But then you should consider how motivated was I motivated, was I, you know, was this method too hard? I was reading 15 pages a bit hard. It was reading 13 pages each day a bit hard, right? This is some things you have to consider it last. Just want to point out that this works with everything. Let's say you have 40 problems in four days, maybe 20 readings in five days or maybe 600 pages, you know, in a week, right. So this is very versatile and a really good tool to have when you're studying online, especially because online you're not gonna meet with any structures, so they don't give you a set plan on what to study with complete. So this is a really good tool to have 3. Best Planner App on the Market: Todoist: in this section of the course. I'm gonna talk about to do it. The best planner app on the market today. I've used to do us for about 34 years, and I've accumulated a lot of tips and tricks, and I'm gonna reveal all of them in this one video. And the best part about this video is that everything every feature that I'm going to talk about is free. I'm not gonna talk about any premium features because on so you don't need it, I'm still getting a huge amount of productivity done even just with the free features. So first you gonna download to do it's just search it on Google making account, download it right. And then when you open it up, you're gonna see inbox today of coming and your projects and basically the other buttons which are self explanatory and labels and feature filters, labels and filters. We're not gonna talk about because these air paid the features and you don't really need them. Honestly, I'm gonna go through all of these features step by step inboxes, basically your general general tasks. So if you add a test without any assigning a project which I'll explain later. It will be added to the inbox you're today. Tab is basically all the tasks you have to do it today like self expansionary, and your upcoming is basically seeing your tasks in the future. So on tomorrow, Monday to direct because today, Saturday you'll see your task due tomorrow, due on Monday. I'm doing Tuesday Now when I say do on Tuesday, I don't mean it's like you like the Simon is doing Tuesday as in like you have to pursue this task on that day. And a lot of what a lot of people have a mistake doing is they use the planner APS as to write due dates, which doesn't really help you with productivity, right? But if you write the tasks you have to do that day, do that that day. That's gonna be very productive for you because, let's say, for example, isn't my first hit. Let's say your math test is on next week, so you have a math test next week in this time feature that I'm not a tenable later, so don't worry about that. Let's say you had the test. If you do this and you go to your today task. You're not gonna be reminded until the day up, right until the day of the test rate of the Mathis. See, now, you had a whole week to prepare a nice group, so don't use it like don't had tasks to write the due dates, right at test that you have to do on that date. That's really important. My first tip, right? We're gonna talk about projects now. So what projects are basically folders for you to organize your tasks into? Usually, how you would divide this is basically divide them into subjects, right? So, math, English, science, biology Maybe I'm gonna just everyone working lets you take a literature on. The really important thing here is to give it different colors. Obviously, if you have more than these amount of colors, then I think that's too many projects. Try to keep it relatively short, but it's really important to have different colors for each project. Because when you go to today, today feature, you're going to realize that you can organize them into same colors. So let's say your English has the same color. That's a has the same color as math right now. What you do is let's say your English final just ended and you're not gonna have any English projects for the future. I have made this mistakes a lot. A lot of times, I just think, OK, I'm done with English and I'm just gonna really all the great tasks and I tend to get rid of everything on accident, right? So I really think it's important for people to have a color coded not to make that mistake and just to have a better time organizing things. Now how do I use projects is personally, What I do with projects is when I wake up, I the first thing I do, I just sit on my computer. Goto projects, right, click on the first head and then think about what tasks I have to do today for this project , right? In this case, my math course. Right on. I remember always my teacher said, I have to read or have to write about proofs. Okay, right. I've add that. And then from here I don't I don't just go to my today time after that, I don't touch today tab until I go through each one of my projects. So Now that I got the bed, Go to English. Let's say English. I check my notes that I took in class. Oh, he said we have to prepare way Have Teoh presentation today. Okay, Okay. I'll make sure I do that today for science. Right of my lap today. Okay, That's already added, And that's all I have to do. That's great biology. So you get what I mean, Going down each project, making sure that you're not missing in the assignment literature, like, OK, I have Teoh, I have to do 330 paydays. Kidding, right? Okay, that's added. And not that I'm on my last project. I can now go to today and just go about my day right now. I know because I got through all of my projects. I know I'm not missing any assignments. Obviously, if you feel a bit like you missed, something obviously can go through one more time. But pretty much what I do is I go through all my projects at all the tests. I have to do that today. The one some of the last project Just go back to today and I'm ready. Oh, tackle my date right because I just bet on my time finishing all this you might have seen me when I was addict tasks here adding the T o. D symbol Now these air time times. And it's also a very useful future and to do list. So when you add a task, I'm just gonna use math. For example, when you have a test, you can add tags that represent the time and projects. So what? What I mean by that is for time there's to do is recognize is a lot of different ways to tell the time, right? So let's say I just haven't example test and it will recognize the words like today, Right? And when it turns red like this, it means that recognizes it as a time, right? So you're not the task, Won't say example asked to the task Today is going to say example task. And it's just gonna put it in the today section of like the reference as a time reference. And it also understands we're like tomorrow, right and also understands abbreviations. So, like tomorrow or some are tomorrow, right? Things like you can abbreviate today to t o d you know you might want Know that it's next Sunday, that's all. You don't know the date, but I was always next Sunday. It recognizes it. It also recognize the date. So maybe like on August 20th August 20th the next year, Right? 2021. And time works as well. So maybe I have ah example meeting meeting that attend two on Wednesday at 4 p.m. Right here. So it also recognizes that at the time reference. So this is really important for you. Want to be exact about the time the tags about projects, right. So sometimes you're gonna be adding tasks somewhere else, Right? So let's say I want to add a task in the today section and I want to put it in the math project, but that I don't wanna have to I don't want to have to go to math and then add the task Hairy. I just want to add it really quick here. What you do is use the hashtag simple. Let's say Matt, past that, uh, also, if you want to cancel this, let's say you don't want it to be a time reference. Just click on it and it just says the literal words, right? And then I want to add it to the math. Part of the world is a hashtag button, and it lists all your projects once you press hash tag. But let's say you have a lot of tasking. You don't want to scroll through all of it, just type it, type the name and then it's gonna give you the best match. Just click it and there you go. It's gonna be added to math, right? So if you add test, there you go. It's done in math, right? But if you don't do is, let's say ask and I forgot to add it in the I forgot to add it in the math project, it's just gonna add it to your in box. This is what I was talking about when I say general tests that are not in projects. The next thing I want to talk about is dragging two tomorrow. What that means is basically, let's say I have a task that I wanna work on every day in the previous section, talked about dividing a work evenly or in the mountain method. So let's say I can't came working with evenly method. I decided to active Eed. 40 pages have to 40 pages every day, right? So I just added today, right, read 40 pages today. And when I do the tasks and delete the task, what I would do is rather than clicking and adding it again to my English, what I would do is basically drag it to tomorrow. What that means is I know that I'm going to read four pages tomorrow too, because I did it today. So what you gonna do is, rather than completing and adding it again, you're gonna go to this button right here. And you know how my mouse changes into that cross hatch from the clicker to the process. That's where you can drag it around, right? So you're gonna click it, pick it up, and then you see, once you pick it up the bottom it says dropped to put postponed tomorrow. That's literally what it does. If you drop it in here, it postponed it to tomorrow. Now, postpone is a bad word because yes, your post warning, But this is a test that you're doing every day so you don't you don't technically postponing it. So it just means moved to tomorrow, right? So I move it to tomorrow and then let's say tomorrow comes here. Now I'm reminded again. All right. I have to read 40 pages and once I'm done with it, Okay? I have to do this for four more days, so I would keep dragging it down, down, like, every time I finish it right? These are all the features that I use for to do. It's and it has gotten me so much more productive you're gonna walk away with. One thing from this video is to wake up and just go through your projects incrementally. What that means is, like I said previously, math, right, The test tactical goto English. Write the tax. Have to do your designs, right? The task. But it doesn't have to be today. Maybe you You're writing about science, and you remember Oh, yeah. Next Wednesday, have to do something. Just add it. Right. And every day you did this, wake up and go through each of your projects, then it's gonna be really, really much less likely for you to miss an assignment or something out. So I really recommend that you get used to this To do. Is that 4. How to use Music as a Studying Tool: in this section of the course. I'm gonna teach you how to use music as you're studying Tool. Now that school's online, I know a lot of you guys are gonna be in front of a computer and a printer computer. You guys have a lot of these other media and choices to listen to music. I know a lot of you already. You listen to music while you study, but you're not using it as a tool. But once you utilize this as a tool, it's gonna help you raise your grade from B to a. Now, first of all, you're gonna choose a music that doesn't have the lyrics. I know some of you guys can handle it, but our brain does subconsciously analyze any kind of words that that it hears. So even though you might think that looks aren't affecting you that much, it is. You're still using a portion of your brain to analyze that lyric. So I really do recommend music without lyrics. Obviously a little this fine. But I try to avoid things like rap or things like better fast. That has a lot of words, because it does distract you too, of some level. So the best way to find music like that it's just too. Type a low fi type Knoller, and you have a plethora of low fi beats and little study tunes that don't have lyrics. And you want to choose a video version of the song. You don't want to choose thes things that says Life Now. So let's say I chose this video right? It fits all my requirements, you know, no lyrics. And it's saved video, right? No, you're gonna go to whatever you're studying. This is just an article that, like a random article and I found Let's say you have to study this article. So what you would do is you would read, take notes, solve problems. Well, you turn on the music. Obviously, I didn't turn on the music because for the sake of the screen recording, but you would just study, you know, scroll through. But make sure that the music is playing in the background, right, and you would do this every time you study, even like a week before your exams. Just keep doing this may 3 weeks before the exam start to leave this right and the important thing is before your exam. You would. It doesn't. It doesn't matter if it's 60 minutes before the exam, 30 minutes before the exam or 10 minutes before the exam. Obviously want to date Do it on the day of exam. The best the way I found is to do it like 5 10 minutes before the exam. What you would do is he would go onto YouTube again. Find this video, make sure you save it somewhere. She can't find it and just play it and just listen to it. Don't read any of the material. Don't do anything just for a few minutes. Just listen to what you heard while you were studying. What does this is? It triggers memories that you associate with this music, which is the mature that you studied, right? The reason why people have time going from B's to AIDS is that they're missing small details on the exam. You'll realize that whenever you get bees on exam, it's those little small. You have the general idea, right? But you're missing those small details that changes. You were tested by a letter. Same foresees going toe. Avi's bees going to in a so use this as a tool. Obviously, some things to remember is obviously, you don't want to listen to the music while you're taking exams, because it might cause integrity issues. So don't don't play this while doing exam. Just plate like five and 10 minutes before, and you will see the difference. You will know what I mean. Once you try to this out. Just a few things to remember is, Don't do that. Will you take the exam and make sure it doesn't have lyrics and make sure it's not lie because if you choose Live live now, Lo Fi are usually plays different songs every time. Let's say this music. Let's say the title of this is missed by a lie. Look, this music will won't be played again when you choose. Live now, right so you can't go back to it. So it's really important that you choose a video form so that the same music place, because it's it's the same music. It's gonna better trigger that memory that you associate with studying and studying this material, right? So this is how you use music as a study tool on. I hope you guys try it out and really feel the difference 5. Get the Most out of your Sleep: in this section. Of course, we're not talking about sleep now. That's questions for online and especially for international students. A lot of years are gonna have to adapt to different class schedules. So people who are not turn on I have to take classes now in the day and people who lived during the day to take classes, you know, find me on for him really late. So it's really important that you develop a sleeping that doesn't interfere with anything so that you can take tests at full contention condition to work a couple condition. This is a very important section, of course. Now, in order, Teoh keep good sleeping habits. We're gonna rely on APP on the APP store. They're a bunch of these abs there, just called sleep trackers. You just type sleep tracker apps on the APP store and I'll give you like, a plethora of different maps. Uh, for today we're gonna use the app called sleep Cycle. I use this app every day and I feel that a lot of that. So I recommend using sleep cycle. So I'm taking a screen reporting on my but I want to show you some of the features and how this that works. Xterra. How does have words? Says when you sleep, you're gonna put your device next to you somewhere near you, right? Maybe like you have a little night stand where you put your phone to charge. I'll be perfect. Ideal situation. We just put your phone to charge late next to you and then the while you sleep, the device is gonna hear the microphone is gonna pick up your breathing patterns home asleep on Based on how you breathe, the app can actually track. What stages of the sleep you're in when you're sleeping. You're not sleeping the whole time. You you might be awake Sometimes when I'm doing light sleep you doing deeply being ran, accepted except right. So in order to track that, you just put your device next to you. That's how it works. Key feature that I want to talk about. This is the sleep section on the bottom left corner. So there are 33 capabilities of the sleep cycle works is the wake up easy and no wake up window and then no more. So I'll go through each one of we come Easy is basically Once you give it a time, let's say you know I am right. Let's say I want to wake up by Etienne. It's kind of hard says Wake up easy between 7:30 a.m. To 8 a.m. That means it's gonna look for the light sleep based drinks on 32 a. M and ring the alarm. So what this does is because you're waking up in your light. Sleep pays you feel less groggy, you feel more refreshed, and it's easier to wake up because the reason why it's so hard to wake up, let's say you said in alarm at 9 a.m. On the alarm goes off at 9 a.m. You know, you might fuel really growing it because what if you were at drink deep sleep, please during nine AM, right, So this prevents that once you give it a 30 minute window, you probably liked sleep at least once during if they give you No, no. So don't worry about that. It's just gonna ring, and then you're gonna wake up and you won't feel crowded or anything. No, wake up. When it was basically just get rid of that capability so you just It's just gonna bring it . If you send in a it's just gonna bring in 88. And then, obviously no alarm is it's talking about It's not gonna ring anything. That's just gonna analyse your sleep. This is a good this is good for like in the weekends when you don't have a tight wake up Just started, just let you sleep. You're being with. So this is really important for people who are who need to wake up really early to take classes. And this is not even for online students. You know, you can use this if you're studying offline, so you gotta knowledge and check. You just press start once you start is just my Julie. Put that device excuse. So that is charging. Just press. Okay. Make sure it's tragic, because if you do it a little better, it's just gonna run out of battery during the night. And then it's not a lot of courage, right? So once you step into nature, everything's OK Now, Now, in this skin of that, now it's recording your sleep. Now it's taking the breathing and whatever, once you're finished, when you wake up, it's gonna be another screen, and you just slide up to stop the large. Okay, so you just like to stop like lady, See him Experience. It's like to suck now because I didn't like I only did it for, like, a few seconds. It actually doesn't bring me to screen where it analyzes my sleep. But when you wake up, you'll see a screen where it has the full Onassis how you slept except except and yeah, this is a very important feature to keep when you're doing online school. And this actually helped you get in the sleep. Sleep cycle. Bet better if you sleep at the same time every day. It's actually you find yourself obviously very fast computer, you know, sleeping in 12 AM in one day 2 a.m. The other day, one of your in the third day, you know, make sure you're sleeping in the same at the same time so you can fall asleep faster. Some people asked like, Hey, but what if they don't have a Let's face trained 30 minutes when the apple just ring at your latest time? Possible? So if you said it, 19. So 8 30 to 9 a.m. on, but I can't find a light sleeper days during the eighth or determination, which really does. I know for some people, I think it does past it, but all the time. But still, if you can't under let secretase, it'll just ringing at 9 a.m. So the time that you set up to so you can just think as for wake up easy. The time you said is basically hey, at the feast, you need to wake me up that night and that the apple Fine. Okay. From 8 30 to 9 am, I'll look for light sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed. So this is an act that you have to use to compare those tests. You know, you have to be fully functional to take these tests. You want to make sure that you're getting good sleep on. Yet this is a really good tool to use 6. Converting Time for Online School: in this section of the course. I'm gonna talk about different time zones and how to convert them the best weight during online school. So now that online school people are located in different places from where their school or university was, the relays that instructors air now adding time zones to the due dates, for example, this is one of the summer courses I'm taking right now and my instructors telling me that this is due 11:59 p.m. Central time. This is because some people are located not in central time. Right? So the best way the most the fastest way to do this is obviously just a search on Google 11:59 p.m. In central time. In my time zone, the best site that I found is called world time buddy dot com. This is completely free. And when you come here, you'll start with a screen like this. And what you want to do is you wanna first choose time zone of your instructor. So which is central time, in my case, right? And you want to delete stuff that's not important, and you want to put your own times out so I put three in. There you go, KSD. Now, the reason why world time buddy is so good is because it lines the two timelines perfectly . So 3 a.m. the June 17 3 in central daylight time, which is where my school is is 5 p.m. In here. This way you can see how much time you have left and you can see the exact change of dates , right? Oh, so when it's nine am now it because June 18 The most important thing to remember here is you want to use this calendar, so I would go here. I'll go Sunday, this week, Sunday, and then make sure that I'm on the Sunday Times and then look at 11. PM right then I know that. Okay, this is due Monday of 1 p.m. So utilizing this not only in my submitting assignments on time, I know that I have more time. If I calculated correctly, let's say 11:59 p.m. all. I might submit it on this day because this is Sunday 11. 59 PM off Korea that I realized that I have actually ah, many more hours left to complete the assignment right. So remember to use this, especially for international students or the times over huge. But I know some people who are in the states or other countries. Even in the United States, different states have different time zone. So make sure you utilize this and not be late on your assignment. And in addition to that, have more time than you expected.