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Productivity Tools for Creatives - Trello

teacher avatar Raquel Torres, Freelance Surface Pattern Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Trello Home Page

    • 3. Create a Project Board

    • 4. Trello Main Menu Overview

    • 5. My Project Boards

    • 6. Class Project & Outro

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About This Class

Hi! Welcome to my Productivity Tools for Creatives class series. My name is Raquel Torres and I’m a designer from London working in Surface Pattern Design (see my work at  

If like me, you've tried several online to do list apps but never got much out of them, you might want to consider Trello.

Trello is a versatile project management software which works with boards and cards so at a glance you can map out a project with all your tasks.  Each card (task) can be enhanced with colour labels, checklists, attachments, descriptions and comments. 

The beauty of Trello is that it works really well for project collaborations as well and each board can be linked to a "Power-up" which are popular apps such as Calendar, Google Drive, Evernote, Twitter, Time Camp, Sales Force and many more.

It takes seconds to learn Trello so in around 20 minutes of this class you'll be up and running starting project boards for work or hobbies.  I never start a Skillshare class without Trello now so give it a go and see for yourself how good Trello is for productivity and task management.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Raquel Torres

Freelance Surface Pattern Designer


I'm a Textiles & Surface Pattern Designer from London UK.  I love getting the most out of my day and spending as much time as I can being creative; whether sketching, painting or developing artwork in my computer.

For this reason, I've created a mini tutorial series called: "Productivity Tools for Creatives" suitable for anyone who wants to learn new tools that can have a positive impact on their creative workflow and time management. 

I've also created a class to show you step-by-step how to get a portfolio site up and running in minutes. 

If you use Photoshop for surface pattern design, you'll love my class on creating full repeats.

All my classes are suitable for complete beginners so join me in this creative endeavour and let me k... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to my productivity tools for creative class on trailer. If you're anything like me, you like to my part, a good plan Before you start a project, no matter how big or small, I'm want to try different things. I've used online ups like one note Evernote and offline. I worked with a bullet journal, which I love on the occasional white board, too. But if you're relying on to do lists alone, you're missing out. Trailer is a great free project management tool that can really help you get organized before you tackle. A project China seemed to face is very simple and visual, so he makes it easy to work with and get started in seconds. You start by creating a board which hosts your project, and add cards for each task to be done in each guard, you cannot comment, upload files, create checklists at labels you dates and more so for this class, we're going to keep it very simple, and I'm going to show you how you can quit decorate the project board from scratch, and I'm going to share a few of my current project ports to give you ideas and inspiration . But I just want to briefly also touch on a couple of things festival to let you know that you can access Trela on Web as a desktop up on mobile so you can keep working on your project on the go. And if you're collaborating with a team and assigning tasks to people, trailer will send you notifications and think across all of your devices. Also, Trailer is available as a Gmail Adan so you can up tasks to your project by email. If you have this enabled in Gmail. This is for the latest email version available, and I briefly talk about the game elegance in my previous class of skill share S. So if you want to learn more about add ons on Gmail, make sure you check that up and trailer office some extra paid for features called power ups There. These are essentially popular acts integrated to trailer, basically a lot of ups, which can really help a business with more complex name. So you have following the greater tune Google Dr one drive Dropbox, Mel trim Evernote amongst many, many of us. So let's get started 2. Trello Home Page: So after your signing for a free account on trailer dot com, you will be taken to your home page, which looks like this you can access any boat that is that creating here on the left up Akona and these can be start on our expandable. You get them through here, you'll see your recently viewed boards in a less form. Here you can greater boat here on also through this plus sign here. Here, you'll find information about trailer in general. Take a tour, have a look at their pricing options. Set you notifications here on here. It's your profile where you can access small settings, have a look at short cuts as well, and change your language. Once you start setting up more boards, you'll be able to see at any upcoming that lines that you have set on your boat right here . And trailer will always also give you some tips, and hence right here on this home page. Once you start working on creating different boards, our suggest that you start starring them, so you can I get access to them very quickly from here. Next, we're going to be looking at creating a trail aboard 3. Create a Project Board: So for this lesson, we're going to be looking at the main features that you have available when you create a trail aboard. So you could either go into great board here or here, which take you to the same place ideal both title and then select a background if you wish and create board that way and straight away you'll have the menu options open so you can work with that. But if you're a total beginner, I would adjust to actually use the untitled board hit. Because here you can see a template that trailer gives you, which are used for grating all of my boards. And that is the to do doing and done board. I think that's a great format to have every time you great aboard. I don't like this color, so I'm going to go into menu and just change the background quickly. You can either have colors or photos. Let's go for something more cheerful, and we're going to actually look at the menu in the next lesson of this class. So here you can title your board and we can start adding cards so each guard is a to do item. If I have a portfolio review coming up, I'm going to look for work. That's one. And as I enter, I get onto the next card where I can start typing the next to do item before looking at all the options available in each card that you have next to the title. Here you can start your board. It's set to personal by default by default. It's also private, but of asleep. By working with a team which trailer is very good at, you can change the visibility. This is me, the only member that is currently working on this. But if I want to invite someone to work on any given task, I can put their email address or name here and send them a link, right? Let's check what the cards do. If you hover over the card, you have a edit button, and here you can actually play around with options like labels, which you cannot sign a meaning to change members. If you're working with a team, do you date, which we haven't set yet? Archive, copy and move, and you have to click on save to come out of this. If you just click anywhere near the type. You'll be taken to this pop up, where you can always add a description. More information about what the task is about. If you want to, you cannot comments. I think this is quite useful. If you're working with a team here, you can also are members, labels checklists, which is something I really like to use. You can start by naming the checklist. These are old thesis up categories, all that work that I need to gather together for this portfolio review. I can set a date for doing this. I cannot in attachment and you got this additional actions as well. Activity is where trailer records everything that's been done on this task. So if you have members of your team who were signed task you be able to see as and when they're doing something, it's under this card. You can see that I have applied that you date, and I have a checklist with three items. Once I get started on a task, I can move it by drugging it on dropping it in doing board, and once it's done, I can also place it there. So this gives you a very good visual way off how a project is going on. Of course, you cannot extra boards by clicking here. So this was a quick overview on how you can get started using trailer creating boards in just a few seconds. In the next lesson, we're going to have a better look at the many options that you have with every project. 4. Trello Main Menu Overview: So now we're going to be looking at the many options that you have. When you're working in trailer, you got to show menu and as recovered before you can quickly change the background here on . If you want to have custom backgrounds, you have to upgrade. But likely there are many, many nice back when pictures that you can choose from and they come from splash dot com. Next, we're going to be looking at feels the cards on. This is really good once you have a lot of boards and you have, for example, a labelling system, which is color coded. So you could think of maybe having the color purple for your professional work. Maybe having the color yellow for your hobbies. Maybe blue could be any holiday plans. You may controller. Or if you work without the people on different projects, you could assign a color to each person. So for the filter into work, let's aren't labels, so you're going to a card at it label. And now if we go back to filter cards and click on the purple, we would only see the cuts that have that label and it shows here how filtering is on which you can turn off by kicking that again. Let's go into power ups. So with the free version off trailer, you can have one power up enabled. If you want multiple ones, you have to upgrade to business class or in the price. And if I wanted to add the calendar up to visualize trailer cards in calendar view, I just need to click. Add. So there are a huge number of power ups available, and you can look through them. Why are thes keywords? So you find Google Drive here on the phone management, famous Dropbox marketing and social media. Here you find Surveymonkey, Mel, Chimp, Evan, out, Twitter and so on. So just bear in mind that you can only have one allocated to project. If you are using the free vaginal trailer next, we're going to look at stickers. I find the stick is a little bit clunky, and as you can see, there's not many options. And if you want Teoh edit, stick our remove it. What you have to do is hover over it on, then click e the letter e click on it and then rotate, move or remove and then save. If you want access to more stickers off custom stickers, you'll have to also upgrade. Now let's look at what we can do in more more opens another list of options. Let's look at certain things. You're working with a team. You can change that here on demand, commenting permissions. We can go back and edit labels here as well. You got a few more color options here. Collections is something that looks quite interesting but only available with business class, and I think this is really useful. When you're collaborating with a team Archived items here you'll find the less double the archive items cards that you have archived. If you want to archive an item, what you do is you click on the board, for example, and click on archive this less. If you click on a card, you can also archive it here. Next email to board settings. The trailer automatically generates une email address for a board that you're working on. You can email yourself the address, which I have done. Trailer email address for adding cards. So via email, you can automatically add cards on the go Reply to this email to send Castillo Portfolio Review Board. So if I click reply and here has come up on what I wrote comes up onto a new card. Under the description you can set watch onto a car. You can also copy and print and export the board's. Once you finish with the project, you can choose to close aboard. And if you do so, Brother tells you that you can always reopen the board by clicking the board's menu from the header and selecting view close boards, finding the board and clicking reopen. And it's always a link to the board, which, obviously still private Onley members that I have set Teoh participate on. This board would be able to see it by this link. The only other thing that you can see here is the an activity list on this is every single action that has been taken on. This board is recorded by trailer, so you can keep an eye on what's happening in real time. So as you can see, there's a lot to trail Oh, and trailers, a very rested tile on the powerful project management tool. But really, it's also extremely simple to use and set up in seconds for the simplest off tasks, you could start using trail Oh, for shopping planning holidays. It doesn't have to be complicated at all, and it doesn't take very long to learn. In the next lesson. I'm going to be sharing a few of my trail aboard so you can see how you might want to start using trailer yourself, seeing in the next lesson. 5. My Project Boards: So for this part of the class, I'm going to show you a few of my current trailer boards that I'm working on at the moment so you can see how I've got them set up. So let's start with having a look at the welcome board. If you're completely need to trailer is quite a good idea. It just gives you some hints on explanations on what trailer does. So have a look at that. Okay, so I've got one calls kill share W I P. Which stands for work in progress. Just gonna quickly change the back. So I wanted to show you that not every board needs to have the same structure off to do doing and done. In this example. I've decided to have boards for the different classes on producing on what I've got to do and rework some of the classes I've produced. So I'm going to be doing these things. And perhaps as I'm doing them, I could add enable. So once I do that on I touch label, they will show that the task has been done. I also have a huge of channel board on this time. I've got the full month off to do doing and done, which is very practical for one of the cards. Thumbnails. I have a description, which it's just a link to a website that I need to refer to the great thumbnails for YouTube. For the next card, the blawg page have to check list items I've done one. When I think on one of the items, Trillo places a line over it and also tells me I've done 50% off what I had to do on my checklist. So that's a good way off tracking progress, especially if you have a lot of items to check off. As I progressed with this, I will sleeping, moving the cards into the doing, and the done thing can always add more. From here. This is normal designer. This is a new project that I'm yet to start, so I've attached the logo, which I need to update. If I don't want this to take up so much space here, I can go in their on removed cover so it doesn't bother me, and there's no se button. Here's a trailer automatically saves as your date things in your card so you can just close the card. I have quite a few things to do on a checklist here. So this is basically the set up of a website for normal designer skill share classes. So here I've got different boards on each board has to do with a Siris of classes that I want to dio that I'm doing on Skill Chef. For this one, productivity tools were creatives. This is the class I'm currently doing. So I'm going to also label that done. So this is a great visual way off knowing you know how many classes I can create topic on. Keep an eye on everything as I go along. What I might go to the doing next is adding a power up to each board, maybe a calendar. So on the free version of trailer, you're allowed to get a power up for each board that you have. Search Kalinda and I can also think the trailer boards calendar with my personal call enough. So here I could log when I started working on a class when I got the class published on skill share, I can also add a stick up to the best performing classes I've got and I could reorder the cards. So when I'm grating a skill share class, I have more or less a template to follow, which you can see here, plus research plus outline, a class creation checklist and then things that are specific to the actual class. Obviously, screen casting is one of them. And writing a script, obviously, is also something that comes up every time on what I could do is use one of the power ups that trailer office. It's called card repeater, and it's on automation. So what this does is automatically creates duplicate copies off trail, a card that said intervals for repeated tasks. My intention is the greater skill share class every month. So what I can do is have and my skill share class creation template linked to this power up . If you're not sure where to start with hello, Perhaps a good place to start is to actually look at the power ups because there might be a power up that you already using and that it would be a great idea to link up with driller. For example, let's see analytics on reporting. If you're a freelancer and you have to track your time you might already be using harvest, for example, both time tracking. So as you're working through a project and completing tasks, you could have harvest link up to that board track the time that you're spending on doing each task. So that's quite Hunde. There's another one, also called Time Camp, that I think that's the same thing. Let's look at automation. You might already be using a sun up another project management software. If you're keen on trying cello and not losing everything that you're doing on a Sana, you can perhaps at this to border and see if the power out connection with asana works well . Let's look at utilities. Both thing could be an interesting one. Perhaps you're just wanting to plan a social event family holiday, and you want to create Different cards were different with different ideas about what to do , where to go and share your boards with other people. You could link that board to this power up and get people voting on something. Communication and collaboration will hung out it here. One drive is here. Simple Feed Viewer, which gets updates from RSS feeds right into your cards. Surveymonkey is a popular one. Perhaps you're running a Facebook group, and you're using some surveymonkey to ask your audience about new products or confirm ideas for marketing. Similarly, if you're using cells falls, perhaps you're running an Etsy shop or a print on the month shop online and you're using Salesforce already marketing and social media. We got mail chimp here, Evernote, twitter and so on. That's everything. I wanted to show you for this particular lesson on its the end of the class. So I hope you got something out of it. In the next video, I'll talk about the class project for this class. 6. Class Project & Outro: for the class project. I'd like you to share a screenshot of a project board that you produced and tell me what your favorite trail of feature is that you have used for it. This could be color labels at power up. You've linked to a project board on so on. So I hope you enjoy this class and will keep trailer go for your next project. Having a plan before you start a project gives you perspective and peace of mind if you know where you're doing before you begin, as you've seen from this class really is very simple to use. But it's also versatile enough to offer more complex features, which you could need to run a business or a project involving a team of people. Please give this class a thumbs up if you've benefited from it and even leave a short review if you like to recommend it to others. Doing this makes it easier for other students to find the class as well. And if you like to learn more productivity tools, take a look at the other classes I produced and click and follow under my name so you'll be notified off upcoming classes as I release them. Thanks for watching