Productivity Tools for Creatives - Track Customer Leads with Airtable | Raquel Torres | Skillshare

Productivity Tools for Creatives - Track Customer Leads with Airtable

Raquel Torres, Freelance Surface Pattern Designer

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4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Airtable Overview

    • 3. 3 Track Your Customer Leads

    • 4. 4 Outro & Class Project


About This Class

Class CRM template

This class introduces you to Airtable, a free web based database and spreadsheet program that will transform the way you manage your projects. 

Airtable allows you to create simple and complex "bases" to track data for all your professional and personal projects.  I use it as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manangement) tool so I can stay on top of all my client leads.

What makes Airtable special is its visual, easy to use interface which you can customise in minutes.  There are hundreds of free templates available for just about any project.  

See link included above to the simple base I create in this class ready to use and customise to your needs.


1. 1 Introduction: hello and welcome to this class about at a table. This is part of a series called Productivity Tools for Creatives, where I showcase programs uses a designer to keep organized. That table is a Web based database and spreadsheet program, which you can use on the go as an up for virtually any purpose to record track unorganized information and content in a very simple visual way. There are a talent in place to choose from, so you don't need to start from scratch unless you prefer that this could be useful professional purposes like infantry Job applications, HR management. Petra all you may want to use that table for something like planning a holiday wedding waterfall, the whole you name it. It's possible the focus of this class is to show you how that table can become your CRM. That's a customer relationship management to so you can keep track off new client leads when you work for yourself, finding new clients can take a lot of time, so having a good system in place to record leads on outcomes is key. As a bonus, I'm including my own Sierra template for everyone to use, so just follow the link in the class description. Of course, you could just great the simple spreadsheet. But in my opinion, unless you're quite familiar with spreadsheets, you'll be quite limited in how to display the information in a very fun and exciting way. And you certainly will have to create something from scratch. So the table is a lot easier to use than much more visually stimulating for let's take a look. 2. 2 Airtable Overview: So once you've signed up with Table, which is free to be able to find templates two years other old piece, three sections basis templates our universe. If you really want to see what's possible with that table like Jesse starts on the universe here you'll find loads and loads of basis on their all these different categories, which you can look and back inspiration from. So click on many that tickle your fancy. You could explore the base. You can have different views over the space that some great basis here for everything under the sun. Trouble is a really cool one. This'll person created a few where you could take your itinerary. It's great if you like this color. You, which is quite useful, could see a month to week three day on. All of this could be yours if you just copy the base on, customize it. So I said, you also can look at the complex section there are listed in alphabetical load up. You can start straight away with any of these, or have a more thorough look rich category. Once a click on one, you'll get a full description on a preview off base you could click on your larger version so that you can see exactly all the feels that are part of it. Closes stash to expand the view, and it could go ahead and copy if it's of interest to you. Whenever you click back on home with it, you get taken to the basis section here. You'll find on example basis, which again are templates ready to use anything that you are from templates? Universe gets out of here so all your basis appear like this on they can be moved around. Yes, my. If you click a list that era, you can rename it, change color, change the icon, share it with someone else, duplicate it or move it into another workspace. So, for example, one called clients kind they have been working on. I can just drag here on found that in point by clicking on other base, I can stop with template, which will take me to the same place section Important spreadsheet. If I have one already, for example, a Google spreadsheet during Microsoft's spreadsheet or I could start from scratch. When we click back, we get the same menu. Theun. I'm going Teoh, Move it here by dragging and dropping it. And when I open this spreadsheet, as you can see, he won't have anything populated so I could stop from scratch. And this is what we're going to do in the next lesson. Let's go back to a table. And I just wanted to point out as well that in this basis section you also flying video tutorials on that opens a female link here you, for I am a list of really good tutorials, including a video, have two important spreadsheet, a table and another one on how to use calculations in a spreadsheet. In the next lesson, I'm going to show you have two great from scratch base that you can use for trucking clients on sleep. 3. 3 Track Your Customer Leads: So now I'm going to show you how to grate the base from scratch based on one that I've created a serum, A CRM is a customer relations management tool and we're going to use our base as that. I'll stop by adding a workspace. I'm gonna call that skill ship. I can then add the base that I've already created that if I want to share the whole workspace, I can go here on other email on then decide on what access rights I want to give that person. So this is grateful collaboration. This is one I did a few minutes ago. So let's go into it. And as he conceives completely black for now, I'm going to make the space available to everyone taking this class. So you find this exercise useful If you want to tweak a based on play that you picked from anywhere in the templates available already in them a table, you can share any base that you create from here. So I have different types relating to different markets I sell to. So I'm going to create different types here. So the first thing I do is I write clipping to the first field and rename it so for Rich Market. I will have the following categories now let's customize each field according to our needs to customize the field. You just need to right click on it and then click customize So I'm going to live long. All the fields start require a simple and treat in this case is showing at attachment, so I don't actually want to add an attachment that so I'm going to right click, choose, customize field time. And instead of attachment, I'm going to to single text safe so that I can just enter the name of a person, for example, title again. This is set already up for single text. Anything with the letter A means it's a single text. In this case, we have more. So I'm going to replace that with a single text instead of long text stage. Okay, so business the field that relates Teoh at what stage off the process. I am act of this I'm going to customize on replace it with multiple select. In this case, I will say, for example, pending and I could change the color here if I wanted to have another option for connected , for example, which means that I made contact with a person, cannot another one for interested, meaning the client has expressed an interest on I leave it at that for now. So for my first entry, I could go in here and to enter something. I will click on this, plus choose one of them. This one is called Date, so I'm going to right click customize Field on, actually at the calendar, so I'll go down to day and you can choose the date format. So now if I double click on here, Calendar will appear and I can just click on the day. So potential is where I'd like to show in a visual way how much of a potential there is between me and this client. So I'm going to right click, customize the field and replace it with a star rating. This is available for free. All the others You have to upgrade with this client. I think I'm going to say free. This is just an example. I also like to record the country where this is declined based again. I need to right click customize feel on. I'm going to change this from a single line back two Multiple select click have an option. And of course, I can change the whole very far want to let this by dragging and dropping. And of course, I could click on the color. Change them if I wanted for this. Imagine your client is from the U. S. Where Campell. So I'm going to type U S. And as you can see, the entry comes up straight away so I can just enter. It is going to be safe. That's the title up. Director percent. I'd like Teoh have again multiple select pick one, and then notes, obviously, is anything but talk that I would like to add if I find that I want to have a field somewhere. So here between contact and title, I want to add another field. I just right click on that and I going to insert right and I'm going to put channel and again I'm going to put multiple select I'm going to add option. I'm going to put, for example, Gmail lengthen. Since the ground change, the older we can change the color. And so that's a double two channel. This one. Let's say I contacted by email type. The letter G on it will come up, so I'm going to next on a few more record so that I can show you how you consort your views . There are different ways doing some sorting off this information and different ways of viewing the information and grouping all of this. So I'll speed up the video on Come back when I've got more information to show you the case . So I've gone ahead on created more imaginary records. So let's start to look at what you could do with other features that are available here. Let's click on Sorting Picker Feel too, so by let's say I want to sort by channel on, I could pick another field to sort by, So I'm going to pick stage and then apply that everything was sorted by that criteria. I can also group that this will divide all my table into different groups so I could say, Divided by channel Click away. I want to have another record can also have to feel this good filter based on the for example, potential, which contains five stars with the most potential. I cannot more filters, and this will basically just show me everything as I sorted it with one field by channel on with the most potential. If I want to go back to our head, I just have to do those things and everything. We'll go back to how it was to begin with. I can choose to hide fields. So, for example, I don't have any information on U. R L a moment and I'm going to hide notes. Now they're useful is the very different views that you can have what we'll be looking at a school review. We can also check what the color reviews like. I can customize the cards in this way. They be by the age old country, essential so that basically aren't more information onto the card. Next, we're going to look at the calendar view. So this shows me when I made contact with which client, then I'm going to check convert you. Let's say I want to put us market. So what I could do it is Dr Drop any clients that I want. This is like having a talk to it. I can do another one just e market. Just clients This way. This is just an example, and at any point, I can collapse the view like this. I'm by clicking on it. I could get it back. So this is a great way of stacking the records that you have. If you're familiar with trailer, you'll be familiar with this stocking system. Let's have a look at form, and honestly, I'm not sure. How do you see this view? Let's go back to quick view. And just before I finish, I just want to tell you that you can expand the record at any point. Then when you do that, you will be able to see everything that we've created for that record, and you can change it from here as well. And if you look on the right side here, you'll see his revolt changes to do with this record. Another thing you can do is select one or more than one record press control. See your command. See if you're using the map, click on empty record and paste it. Control the orca monthly. If it's more than one record, you would ask you whether you want to expand table, you click continue, and there you have copied those two records. So again I'm going to make this template base available for you to play around with, and I hope it's going to be useful. There are many, many things you could do with this. You cannot more things right left, left right of any of these checked boxes. Quite useful. Let's call this in my news letter list. 4. 4 Outro & Class Project: So I hope you enjoy this class on. If you want to use the template shown in the tutorial, click on the link in the class description. The class project is the great another table base for a professional need or hoppy on share a link to it in the class project section. This way, others can also be inspired by your ideas. Don't forget to follow me so you'll know when I go on you class coming up on you might also want to check out other classes in the Siri's where a share how it is other great tools, such as a bridge on Trent. Thanks for watching.