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Productivity Tools for Creatives - Gmail

Raquel Torres, Freelance Surface Pattern Designer

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8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 - New Gmail Overview

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Best Practices

    • 4. Lesson 3 - Labels

    • 5. Lesson 4 - Filters

    • 6. Lesson 5 - Email Consolidation

    • 7. Lesson 6 - Shortcuts & Add-ons

    • 8. Outro


About This Class

Is Gmail serving you? Are you making the most of your time allocated to emails or is it always something that takes far too much time off your day? 

If you want to learn more about what Gmail has to offer and get an overview or the latest Gmail updates with improved functionality and great features to save you time, this class is for you.

We'll look at how inbox tabs work, Gmail Contacts, new Gmail add-ons, how to use Labels, filters and key shortcuts to improve your productivity and save you time.

As a creative, I'd rather spend more time creating not spending ages looking for emails in despair of an ever growing inbox with no clear organisation system.

This is my second Skillshare class and I'm passionate about sharing productivity tools I'm using everyday..

Check my profile to see my other classes.


1. Introduction: hi and welcome to my productivity tools. So designers class on Gmail. As a freelance designer, I subscribe to lots of newsletters and receive a lot of emails from also to people and companies. So being able to keep on top of information of the load is a priority. Here you learn the best Gmail features we should know about the same time and improve your workflow for this. Have switched from the classic Gmail to the latest female version running as of June 2018. For this class, I'll assume you political Reggie Melancon on are not the sort of beginner with emails, So I'm not gonna waste your time with a long walk through step by sub Gmail introduction. But if you're using another service other than Gmail, this class quirky good taste of what Gmail has to offer and maybe even persuade you to switch. So what will you learn? We'll start with another view of females, latest fashion and actually some changes. I'll talk about best practices, which covers inbox, stops, contacts, general settings and advanced things. Then I move on to labels and filters and Al Kahtani Merkel validation As a bonus in the last lesson. I'll also highlights some shortcuts on Adam's that can benefit you think might seem like a lot of ground to cover, but I promise I'll keep this short and sweet so you can get your Gmail optimized in little time and effort, so let's get started. 2. Lesson 1 - New Gmail Overview: here is the classic dreamer, which you may have. It's easy to switch between the two Classic on the latest version. If you go into settings here trying your Gmail and if you're in the new version said things go back to classic Gmail. So what's different between the classic on the latest version will straight away. You'll notice that as you hover over an email, you have dis options, which he didn't have before. Archive. Delete Marcus Read or in Red and Snooze. The 1st 3 are self explanatory, so let's have a look at snooze snoozing. An email is essentially telling Gino to bring an email to your attention at a future date and time that you set. You can pick this presets or use the color option. When the time comes, G Mail's moved the email to the top of your inbox so you can work on it. This is grateful Dead Lights on automation. You can also see all your snooze e mails here. When you have an email selected, you have all these actions available, something else of notice. From this bundle menu, you have Mark as red or Michaels and Red, which you didn't have before in the classic view, you had to go select an email more than Marcus Red under your Google account, I can hear on the right. You might also have noticed that you have. I could go calendar, Google keep and pasts. And if you are new ordinance, which will cover later, you'll see the ones you have install here whenever you have an email open. If you want to get to your contacts in the classic Gmail, you find them here. Female contacts. In the latest version, if you go to the main menu here, you just get an expanded view. So this was just a quick overview off the main differences that I found between Classic on the newest Gmail version coming up, we're going to be looking at best practices to keep yourself organized using Gmail. 3. Lesson 2 - Best Practices: in this lesson, I'll talk about inbox tubs, contacts on the basic and advanced settings I recommend. So I like to keep my inbox organized with this three tops, primary social and promotions. This is a personal preference for me, as I don't like seeing a ton of unready emails all in one place. By the way, what you see here is not my day to day email, just one amusing for the purposes of this class. So, as I was saying, I paid the most attention to my primary inbox. Once in a while, I will scan the other two boxes, and if I find something I like to read, I will start it, and Gmail automatically moves a copy of it into my primary tub. For this to happen now, you have to enable it fast, so I'll show you how to do that. In a moment, Gmail learns from your actions, so if you do this a few times, it will remember your preference, and it will stop placing this type of email straight into the primary top in the future to configure your tops, go to settings, configure inbox. As you can see, Gmail has to mow tops. You cannot if you want to updates, and forums I have include starting my primary selected, so I don't forget to read an email. I've start from other tubs. If you want to move emails manually, right click moved to tub. If you want to see more options than go to settings inbox that things in bucks and remember to save changes, let's move on to compacts Now. At first I was puzzled as I couldn't find compacts anywhere. And this is because Gmail has consolidated compact in Google apps. So to access contacts, you have to go to Google Maps on such the contact Aiken. You can move it any way you like, and if you don't find it anywhere here, school down and move it up to save time, I recommend using the shortcut G C. That's Ah, go to contact. But for this to work, you first need to enable show cuts in your settings. To do that, go to settings. Set things again, General on school, down to keep boat show cats, UN enabled keyboard shortcuts on Remember to save changes every time you make a change. Well, look more shortcuts In the last lessons of staging for that When you're in your contacts page. One thing I found useful is being able to add label to your contacts so you can group them any way you like. So I'm going to going to my contacts page with short cuts, G. C. And you thought loads. And here I am in Google compacts. On the left hand side, you got labels. I have one already created with newsletter. First, you're going to take the ones that you want to select, manage labels up here, create label, and now you have enough hook list. In the next part of this lesson. We're going to go through the general settings, and I'm going to show you how I got my setting set up. So let's take a look a basic that things to go there. Go to settings here, settings again and wearing. General, we're going to start with under send. As you can see, the default here is cancellation period of five seconds, which you can change to longer in the classic version, which I'm going to show you here, said things general, that's something that you actually need to select before you can enable it. So it's cool that Gmail has that feature set a stunned it next conversation Beauty. I will leave that as on. And that basically means that the emails with the same topic are grouped together. Send an archive. The default is shows and an archive in the reply. I think this is great because Gmail has a very powerful such capability, and if you archive emails as you go through them, you will save a lot of time and space. However, if you're not comfortable with the idea of archiving and being able to find something in the future, then use labels and I'm going to talk about that in the next class. Next stop notifications. I have that set as Mel notifications off purely so that I don't get distracted whilst I'm doing something else if you do want to. Now, if you have received any new emails, there's another way, and that's basically to be able to see right here, where your female icon is the number of unready emails that you have in the classic version . You would need to go to settings and then loves on enable unready message icon with the updated Gmail. You need to goingto advance, and we're going to look at advance in just a moment. Let's go back to general stars. I only use the preset one star, but it could be good for you to set up a system for your workflow in terms of having a visual way of talking your emails with their an exclamation mark or the green you assign meaning two days. Of course, keyboard shortcuts definitely have done on if you're planning on using show cuts, and we're going to cover that in a moment. My picture. If you want to personal, I stream ill or you have a Gmail account for your business. It would be a good idea to upload a logo here. Signature. I would recommend adding a signature here. Just a simple greeting or thank you your name on links to social media. On website snippets on also leave the default setting because it's useful to preview the start of an email. I just remember that if you have made any changes in your general, said thinks they would only come into effect after you save changes. When you do that, Gemma will update itself and they will be safe thanks. We're going to be looking at set things in Advanced. Now we're going to be looking at some advanced features that you confined in your things. So let's go to set things setting again and look at the advanced up in the classic Gmail version. Some of these features were available on the Loves, So the 1st 1 that I strongly recommend that you use eyes can responses, which are templates. So this is a great time saver because it allows you to great template emails, and you can great templates for job applications and frequently use responses. So let's enable it on. Take a look. You always have to save changes here at the bottom, and Gmail is updating itself now. So let's open an email and created canned response. First, you want todo reply, and you'll have to go down here to this more options. I can't on go up to canned responses, and I don't have any safe yet, so I'm going to click on news com response, and I need to write the title for it. And then if you want to use your canned response in any email, you go. More options. Gun responses and, as you can see, you now have the option off using the con response that you created, deleting it or writing a new one with canned response. You still have to write your subject line, and I also recommend having a greeting already set up. And then it's as easy as adding the Newcombe response and then sending the email. If you want to override, then you can respond so about it. Some text to this you go back. Teoh can responses on and click on the one that you were using to begin with, and the then confirmed that you over writing it. And of course, we can create new ones, and then we'll have multiple ones to pick from. Let's go back to the advanced settings, and he also have custom keyboard shortcuts. We're going to look at shortcuts in the last lesson, but let's enable it for now and see what options we have later. Next is multiple inboxes. This is another great way of customizing email groups. So, for example, if you just want to see a list off threats that can be organized by label or start messages or draft or any such that you want, you can enable this. The only other one that I use is Thean Red Message icon, which I talked about before, and basically, this will allow you to see how many and read messages on there are in your inbox. Just a quick glance right here from the email top. So I prefer this because I don't like having the email notifications turned on, but I still want to be able to see if there are any new emails at a quick glance in the classic version off Gmail. You will find that under loves. So this is the classic version I'm in Settings labs. You also have come responses here, custom cable show cuts and at the very bottom on Red Message icon. 4. Lesson 3 - Labels: labels act like the full this concept that we're familiar with from using other email accounts and computers. In general, however, labels are more dynamic than folders because the label is essentially attack so you can tag one email with different labels, which isn't something that folders allow you to do. For example, you can't move a message to more than a folder unless you duplicated, which I'm not sure it's even possible or email. The way I work with labels is I'll have different color coded labels for different clients I work with on different things, like invoices, a label for up work that I've sold Basically anything you can think off there will ultimately help you group emails that share something in common and allow for quick retrieval. You can create sub labels as well. For instance, you could have a label called Invoices, and the sub labels could be 2018. Another work could be 2017 etcetera, so you can manage your labels it from three different places within Gmail. First, you're going to set things, things on the label stuff, which is next to general. Here you can cheese whether you show the labels in your list here on the left. If you don't wanna show it, then you hide it on the default labels that Gmail comes with the's ones inbox, stars news important etcetera, saying with categories which Arthuis inbox stops that, and right here you can create a new label. And if this is the sub label, you contest it under another label. Once the label is created, they will appear here on my list on the left hand side, and you can click on more options and add a color to it if you wish, and through the drop down menu, you have other options. And if you click on these down, arrow hangs, scroll down. You have manage labels, and quick new label here is well on. The third place is directly by your in box, so if you click on a message, you can go here to labels directly at the label to an email. This way. Create a new one as well. Great new create, and it appears here, and I'm going to give it a color custom color and apply on the labels. Appear right here next to the title off your email. You can remove them straight from here, and from here you can select as many labels as he wish and then apply. If you click on manage labels, you'd be taken back to this settings page. So I suggest that you come up with a list of labels that suit you on your workflow and you'll see that in combination with filth. This which we're going to cover in the next lesson. Gmail can really help you streamline the time you spend doing emails and stay productive. 5. Lesson 4 - Filters: filters are a great feature of Gmail To configure your filters, go to settings and then on to filters and blocked addresses. Here you can create a new filter you could feel to your messages from specific human addresses. If you want, or even messages that you're sending yourself, you can either word from a subject line or, if you want to keep it more general filter by a wet, for example, in voice and he have other options to. They can use filters to such. And this is the result off what I have in my in box, which has the word invoice. If I want to Greater filter so that an email that includes the word invoice is labeled. I'll go to Great filter and hear all the options I have. I could star it, for example, applying a label invoice. I might choose to forward it to a different address and so on. If it's a personal email like a chase, the inbox personal such email will know that any messages, for example, from a friend is automatically found on the personal, and it's not going to appear in any other category. Make sure you take this If there are other emails that Gmail has found, that much you'll criteria and then great filter. Once you've done that, you're back to this page and you can select the filter you created. And if it or dilated, let's go into great and you feel stuff includes the word unsubscribe. Apply the label. Choose a label new label, never market as important. Categorize it as promotions. Apply the filter through 34 much in conversations, and there you have it. So in the future, if I want to un subscribe to certain emails, I can go into undescribed and manually unsubscribe from whichever email I want to without having to go and search all around my inbox. In the next lesson, we're going to touch on email consolidation. 6. Lesson 5 - Email Consolidation: I am in settings on the top forwarding and pop slash. I'm up so you can have all your emails. Forward it to a different address or certain emails if you create the filter. So let's add a forwarding address, and this could be any email provider. Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever you like. Com. Proceed. The confirmation code has been sent to the email address to very five permission. So here's the email to confirm their request. You just need to click on the link provided unconfirmed again, and that's it. So now I have to enable it here. Undecided. Whether keep a copy of the email in the inbox like the copy is read, archive or delete, I'm going to click team, and then I'm going to create the filter for that. Any emails that include the word payment. So in emails with the word payment, I want to apply LaBella's well finance. And here I can choose to forward it Teoh theme and address that I have linked and also applied filter to five much in conversations, and you have here a message saying your filters a forwarding some of your emails to blah, blah, blah. This notice will end in seven days. This is just to remind you that you have that set up. If you need more information, click on land more on help. Pop up box will come up with everything you need to know. The next section here is spot download on what this enables you to dio is too build up in your messages from Gmail in other male clients that support this pop like out. Nick, I just personally prefer to keep Jima's my mail client on Have, um, other email clients forward it to Jima. This way I can make use of all the Gmail features that I'm I used to, so I'm not going to cover pop download or I'm up access. There is another interesting feature that I like to cover, however, on bond, and that's multiple inboxes. And I enabled this under advanced multiple inbox enable. So let's go there. These are basically meaning inboxes the Google office within your primary inbox, and that you can organize your inbox based on the email type the topic over a personal preference or even a label. Think too not, however, is that you can't implement multiple inboxes if you're using Gmail promotions, social updates on the forum tubs, which I am. So the first thing I'm going to do is to remove thumb, go to settings, configure inbox, antic social promotions, safe confirmed changes and this how different in now looks. So let's configure these multiple inboxes further. So first, I need Teoh get to my settings panel today that I have Teoh bypass these multiple inboxes on and go to settings here and said things on multiple inboxes so I don't really care about having any box will start email. So I'm going to delete that pop to the next one and delete that. Keep gut. Depending on your needs, you could create an inbox dedicated to a particular label, so your emails are even more accessible. So first of all, go ahead and create labels for each email type that you like to back it. So I'll do it for the other label that I created before on the former is if Cullen, on your label by default, it Theis extra panel position in is set to above the inbox. Let's have it to the right side of the inbox. Save changes. So this is what it looks like this might not be for everyone, but if you have a few things on the go, and if you create, it could fill this. This is probably a great way off visualizing everything that is coming in, and there needs to be worked on, for example, all in one screen and divided in different sections. I'm going to go back on our Social on provisions because I do prefer to work in that way at the moment, and that has automatically disabled what I said that before. A couple of other things that I like to cover here, going to settings on and next to in box go to account on import. One thing you can do here is you cannot an email account so that you can work just from one place on respond to emails as if you were in the other account. To set that up, you're just going to add email account, and every time you want to respond to an email that came from another account, you'll have the option off replying as your main email address or the one that you had link . I'm not going to show you that here, but I do want to show you that with the latest version of Gmail, you can grant access to your account so that others can read and send Mel on your behalf without giving them full access, like being able to change passwords and other things. This is a great feature. If you work with a team remotely and can obviously help you with delegating work, something else you might be interested in is under offline. You can enable offline mail on here. You can configure it as you like. The last thing I want to cover in this lesson is how you can create multiple addresses within one email address. The way it works is very simple. I'm going to show you how you can create a new email address on the go. All you have to do is start with the first part of the email prior to the up and then enter the plus sign and whatever else you want. We'll just put one at gmail dot com on Send that email on. Here's a message, and as you can see, it did come through with that plus one added to it. So that's a nice little trick to know about In the next lesson, we're going to have another view off, short cuts that you can use and some useful Adams. 7. Lesson 6 - Shortcuts & Add-ons: so to stop using Keyboard Shortcuts Festival, you need to go into your general settings and enable keyboard shortcuts here. Click on the link Land more to be able to see all the keyboard shortcuts for Gmail available, click on the drop down menu on you. Be able to see them all the ones that I use the most frequently R C for composed and I get the new message. Pop up so I can write the new email controlled Enter. I will send the email to reply to an email press are for reply Press F for forward to get to your contacts, press G C G for go and see for contacts G. C. And that loads your contacts. When you have a knee male threat, you can expand the entire conversation with semi colons. You compress empty, move across the conversations from the oldest of the newest one and stands for next in conversation on DPI for previous in conversation. So you go backwards. Another useful show cut is be full snooze B for Bravo, which will snooze be, and that will come up with this pop up where you select how to snooze and the last one I want to mention is the show cut shift and dee dee for tasks. So if you want to add an email to a task, press shift T and then add details according me. If you want to customize your own gay bushel cuts go to settings. Advance and custom keyboard shortcuts enabled that on. Make sure you save changes. To see the latest Adams available, go to settings, get adults and then the tree sweet marketplace will pop up and hear all the items that you can incorporate into your Gmail. Some popular once like trail Oh asana tomb sorted you might be already familiar with. You can also get into that from here. Get an ounce. If you don't see this right hunt side panel, then you're still own classic Gmail, which looks like this. You can update your Gmail from settings. Try new Gmail. So with these latest general version, you get thes three. Easy to access. Already loaded on adults, these are Google Calendar Google. Keep on Google's tasks. I'm not going to spend time talking about this in detail, but I'll say very useful. And if you're using Google across all of your devices, like me. It does make sense to access them by your Gmail to stay productive as well. A lot of people love Google calendar, so having access to this from here is a bonus. Google keep is for simple on the girl not taking and pass. Six. Allow you to create to do lists to a schedule that you set you can mark complete anything you've done at dates. Sub tasks on is very simple to use. I really like them both, and we'll start using than even though I'm already using equivalent ups on my phone and that stop PC to be more productive. It makes sense to use one up across all of your devices going back to the G suite marketplace. I definitely want to try trail Oh, on asana because I'm interesting. In these project management software programs, Salted is another popular one. It allows you to add a task or a reminder to an email, and one that set the email gets assorted label like I have here. You can unlock more features if you work with it as a crumb extension, and I'm trying it, but not sure I really need it. That's up now, I've also heard great things about boomerang, which allows you to schedule and send emails at a specified time set by you. You get boomerang from their website boomerang gmail dot com. As he could see, I have it set up, so I compose my inbox whenever I want. I can access it through here. And when I open an email and click reply, I have the boomerang send later here so I could send later. Boomerang this in one week if no reply or, if not clicked open or regardless so in a nutshell. These are the boomerang functions that are on offer, said later response. Trucking read receipts on responsible. I haven't really put Boomer onto the deaths because there's no functioning. Gmail can do the most basic things that boomerang offers, so you might not need more than that functionality, which is already built into your late the Stream l version. You can snooze an email right from here, and I covered this in an earlier lesson of this class. As of the making of this tutorial, Dropbox for Gmail isn't working as intended, unfortunately, so no much to say about it. You can get this as a crumb extension by other chrome Web store. Hopefully, those issues will get sorted soon, as I do use Dropbox a lot. And it would save me a lot of time to stay within Gmail to send big files instead of having to log on to Dropbox from a new window. 8. Outro: I hope you've enjoyed this class and got to grips with Some are females Powerful new features Being efficient with email is very important. If you want to make the most of your time on avoid email. Overwhelmed. It's all about customization and working out what works for you. Staying on top of things and being organized is not really about getting to inbox zero. If you found some useful takeaways from this class, I'd really appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up and even left the short review. If this class has benefited you, it makes it easier for other students to find and for skill share to recommending future. I'll continue to produce classes on the topic of productivity, so make sure you click on Follow Under my name to be notified of my future class releases. Thanks for watching