Productivity Tools for Creatives - Adobe Bridge | Raquel Torres | Skillshare

Productivity Tools for Creatives - Adobe Bridge

Raquel Torres, Freelance Surface Pattern Designer

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15 Videos (55m)
    • Introduction

    • File Organisation Brainstorm

    • Sorting Your Computer Files

    • Sorting Your Computer Files

    • Bridge Overview & Customisation

    • Bridge Ratings System

    • Bridge File Stacking

    • Bridge Keywords

    • Bridge Labels

    • Bridge Collections

    • Bridge Batch Rename

    • Bridge Search & Filter

    • Bridge File Info

    • Summary & Case Study

    • Outro


About This Class

Hi! Welcome to my Productivity Tools for Creatives class series. My name is Raquel Torres and I’m a designer from London working in Surface Pattern Design (see my work at  

If you are a beginner at file organization and looking to find a solid solution to create a portfolio or just organise your artwork so you concentrate on doing what you love the most, this is the class for you.  

In just under one hour, I will share tips on how to develop a logical filing system and then introduce you to Adobe Bridge as a tool to keep your work easy to find and review. Bridge is much more than just an image organiser tool. In this class you will learn some of Adobe Bridge’s unique features including Keywords, file Stacking, effective use of Labels, creating Collections for your files and more.

I personally took to Bridge because on PC, I couldn’t preview Photoshop files in Windows Explorer and having to save Jpegs of each PSD file just didn’t make sense!  With Bridge I can see all file types I use without exception and once I found out all the extra features packed with Bridge I couldn’t go back to using anything else.

You don’t need any prior experience of Adobe Bridge and this class is geared towards anyone using an Adobe program for creative and/or business purposes..

To get started you just need to download a recent version of Adobe Bridge (CS5/CS6/CC).





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Raquel Torres

Freelance Surface Pattern Designer

I'm a Textiles & Surface Pattern Designer from London UK.  I love getting the most out of my day and spending as much time as I can being creative; whether sketching, painting or developing artwork in my computer.

For this reason, I've created a mini tutorial series called: "Productivity Tools for Creatives" suitable for anyone who wants to learn new tools that can have a positive impact on their creative workflow and time management. 

I've also created a cla...

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