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Kevin Siskar, Managing Director, Founder Institute

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8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Improve Overall Attention

    • 3. Hone Your Focus

    • 4. Decrease Distractions

    • 5. Prioritize the Right Tasks

    • 6. Create a Routine

    • 7. Final Thoughts

    • 8. More Classes on Productivity

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Project Description

Choose an attention management technique to start using today!

After watching the class, pick your favorite tip or trick to starting improving your attention management. Whether you want to hone your focus or improve your prioritization methods, even a small change can have a big impact! Questions to consider:

  • Is there a moment or time each day where you consistently feel off-track? Consider creating a routine to smooth pain points throughout the day.

  • What is your main source of distraction that takes you away from the task at hand? Focus your efforts there first, then move on to prioritization and creating a routine.

  • Do you know at the beginning of each day what tasks to pay attention to first? Consider integrating a to-do list into your workflow to keep your attention focused.


Class Tools to Try

  • For meditation, try Headspace or Calm
  • To lessen blue light, try night mode on your phone or f.lux on your computer
  • Reduce notification by turning them off or using Do Not Disturb
  • To track screen time, try Escape 2
  • Save reading material for later with Pocket
  • Automate your email with Rivvly

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