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Productivity Tips Series: 5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity At Home

teacher avatar Julio Lara, Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

We all have days where we wish we had more than 24 hours. While there is no way to give us more time in any given day, we can make sure we make the best of it. And when we’re talking about getting more done in the time we have, we’re talking about productivity, or more specifically we’re talking about being more productive.

That’s what this informative course is all about. I have a total of 5 productivity tips or hacks for you that actually work. They will help you get more done in less time, leaving you more hours for the truly important stuff like snuggling your kids, relaxing on the couch for a Netflix binge, or taking a spur of the moment weekend trip.

That’s why I decided to break this course into three different sections. You’ll find some general productivity tips that will help in any area of your life, some ideas and strategies that will come in handy at home (will be the second volume), and finally some things you can do at work (will be the third volume).

And remember, productivity is about more than getting more done in less time so you can work harder. It’s also about making time for the important things like family and hobbies. Work hard, be productive, and then reap the rewards and relax in your well-earned time off.

 Let’s dive right in with the first 5 productivity tips…

Meet Your Teacher

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Julio Lara

Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation


My main goal is to help others become better. Better in their personal lives, in their businesses and in their finances. I love to learn and I learn the most when I help others by teaching and learning from them as well. I am always looking for an opportunity to learn and to help others reach their goals. I hope that I am able to help you by motivating you, inspire you or that you help me in the same way.

"Some people come in your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons." Mother Teresa

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1. Productivity: Hello and welcome to productivity tips. Siri's Five Ways to Improve Your Productivity at home My name is Julio Lana, and I'll be your guide through this course. So what is this course? All of them? Well, the courses about productivity and productivity. It's about more than just getting things done in less time. It's also about making time for the important things in life, such as family and hobbies. Many books today, a swallows courses and articles focused on getting more done at work Well, that is certainly an important aspect of productivity. It is not the only area where being productive will help. You in this section will talk about getting more done at home. While no matter how much productive you are at work, you will still be stuck in the office for 40 hours a week. When you get chores done more quickly at home, then you get to cut out early and have some fun. And that's what being productive is freely about. Isn't it working hard so you can have time to play and have fun and enjoy with your family and your loved ones? So let's look at five productive tapes for home. These are focused on helping you be more productive at home, so all those chores get done quicker 2. Productivity: productivity tip number one Create routines to make things simple. One of the biggest waste of time is sitting there trying to figure out what you should be doing and in what order. Sometimes even the simplest task will take hours. So how do you make yourself productive? And how do you make sure that you get all your chores done in a timely manner? You create a routine or a schedule, and you stick to it normal, wearing about what to do. You just get it done, and after a while it will become second nature or or a pilot next to some simple examples created routine for yourself in the morning. Where do you get up? Start your coffee, and while it's brewing, you empty the dishwasher and go make the bed. By the time your coffee's ready, you will have gotten to daily chores out of the way, right down the bathroom counters when you get out of the shower and I started load of laundry while you're getting dressed up well on your way to creating some productive routines for yourself. So work little habits like this into your morning and when you first get back from work from school and add another few right before you call it a night and go to bed. If you do this before you know it, a big chunk of your chores will be done without you having to worry about a lot of house work. 3. Productivity: productivity tip number to simplify and de clutter. Did you know that it takes the average person 40% longer to organize and came their house? When there's a lot of stuff in it, think about it. That's 40% off the time and effort. Spend a few weekends or even just a few minutes here and there. The cluttering and simplifying. Get all those knickknacks out of the counters. Cut back on the amount of clothes that you have overflown from your closet. Cut down on your dishes, your pots, your pans and other household items to what you really need or what you really use. Break it up and make it a gold de clutter one area of your house each week. Over the course of a few weeks, you notice that cleanup will start getting faster and will be much, much easier. I didn't think about what you can do to simplify things for getting most of the pictures basis and other decorations off off the mantel would make it easier to keep things clean. We're getting rid of some of the pieces of furniture in the living room that you never really used, make it easier to move around, especially when you're vacuuming, would simplify your wardrobe, make it easier for you to get dressed in the morning and keep up with laundry. So think about items like that and reflect on that from what can actually make it easier and simplify in your household for your clean and de clutter, simplify and declutter, and then compare how much easier it is to clean and keep things clean compared to how we used to be. 4. Productivity: productivity. Tip number three. Planning your meals. Next, let's talk about meal preparation. Cooking and cleanup takes a lot of time each day. But if you add to that thinking about what you're actually gonna cook, and then your last minute trips to the store to grab the ingredients, it takes a lot of time. Four. You might just end up going to your favorite fast food place to grab some dinner through the drive through. Well, that's certainly faster than going to the store and cooking something. It still takes time, and it's not the healthiest for most economical option. Instead, you can save a little bit of time and money with meal planning. Plus, we have the added benefit of having healthy home cooked meals to feed your loved ones. Meal plans also come in handy when you're running late and your spouse or older kids can get dinner under way. Since everyone knows what's going to be in the menu. And best of all, you can get your grocery shopping for the week done in one trip instead of wasting valuable time running back and forth to the store. Thankfully, meal planning is incredibly easy. Sit down and come up with seven dinner ideas. Throw in a few options for lunch and breakfast. If your family eats those at home and you're almost done, go through everything on your plan. Grab recipes if needed, and make a shopping list that includes everything you need to prepare those meals at anything else that you need from the grocery stores. And you're good to go head to the store once a week or plan your meals for two weeks and safety the more time, and they're even a lot of meal planning templates available to help you online. 5. Productivity: productivity Tip number four Share the workload. Signed chores. While it may seem like things only will get done right and in a timely fashion when you do them yourself, there's a lot to be said about sharing the workload in the sunny shores to the rest of your family you all need from the home. Together, we should all take care of it together. Yes, I realize that it may take a little time at the beginning to teach the kids how to pick up the room, how to clean the bathrooms, explain to your husband how to do the laundry or show your wife how to operate alone more. But in the end, it would all be worth it for a couple of reasons. Recent number 11 of the first benefits is off course that once you've gotten everyone on board and they all know what to do, will be less for you to actually do. Many hands really do make the work Oh, faster, leaving you with more time to enjoy together as a family. Another great benefit is that you're teaching the rest of your family valuable life skills . Your kids will grow up and leave the house eventually. Shouldn't they be able to clean a bathroom and do a load of laundry before you send them off to college? Also, the best way to make sure that they're prepared for life and grow into fully functional members of society is to start teaching them early. And it's not just about the skills in housekeeping. You also be teaching them about responsibility, teamwork and that we sometimes do not have the options as to the chores that we have to do . Do yourself and your family a favor by starting to share the workload when it comes to doing stuff in and around the house. 6. Productivity: productivity. Tip number five. Take some time to relax. This last productivity tip may surprise you. Yes, I'm really telling you that. To be more productive, you also need to take the time to relax. Sometimes the most productive and efficient thing to do is to do nothing at all. We live in a busy and hectic world with too little rest, too little quiet time and too little sleep. And you know what happens when we don't get enough rest? We can't. Council trade and even simple tasks take us longer. Sometimes the best thing that you can do when you get home is to make sure that you're taking time to relax. Not only will this make you more productive and efficient at home, it also effects or productivity and well being in all other areas of your life. You'll be more productive at work and other work that you do getting enough rest and relaxation is crucial to staying productive the rest of the time. Take some off the time you're saving with the first productivity tips so you can relax and then in turn, implement the rest more efficiently. It's a self propelling circle that will keep you getting more done and allowing for more time for you to do things that you enjoy. How you relax is really up to you. You could read a good book. You could spend some time on a calming happy like gardening or knitting. You could listen to some calming or relaxing music. You could watch a good movie. You could go and take a nap or practice meditation. The key is for beautifying time to relax. 7. Productivity: thank you for your time, your attention and your support. So there you have it. Five quick and simple productivity enhancing tips for your home. So now go ahead and put them into action. Try one and master it, then moved to the next one until you're able to master all five. So our final project is to share your biggest productivity hurdle. And that's the group. We will brainstorm on tips and ideas to help you overcome it again. Thank you very much. And I look forward to seeing your products.