Productivity Tips For Busy People (The Productivity Nexus!)

Neil and Linda Shearing ☑, . Marketing online since 1997!

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7 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction to "Productivity Tips For Busy People"

    • Your Class "Productivity Project"!

    • Example of the Productivity Nexus

    • Productivity Nexus: Creativity

    • Productivity Nexus: Organization

    • Productivity Nexus: Emotional Control

    • Thanks and Next Steps!


About This Class

We're all busy people, and want to be as productive as possible in our working time, whether that's in our day jobs, or our entrepreneurial side-hustle! :-)

In this class we explain why being consistently productive is so hard, why productivity seems to elude us, and what gets in our way of being productive.

We explain our "Productivity Nexus" concept that productivity is only achieved when three things overlap...

  • our creativity
  • our organisational skills
  • our emotional control.

In this class you'll learn multiple ways to improve your productivity by mastering the three areas of the Productivity Nexus! :-)



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I generally enjoy your classes, and this one definitely did not disappoint!! It's given me a few pointers to try and beat procrastination and be more efficient in my different projects. Thanks for this class!!!
Will watch again
This is great thanks, different than the other productivity courses out there which all repeat the same thing (do your most important task first).
Neil Anderson

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Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ . Marketing online since 1997!

July 2018:
New class coming soon! :-) 

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