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Productivity: Take a Mastermind Walk

Franki B. Kidd,

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6 Videos (17m)
    • Mastermind Walk Introduction

    • Drink a Mastermind Smoothie

    • What is a Mastermind Walk

    • Mastermind Walking Tips

    • See a Live Mastermind Walk

    • Stop Being Busy & Get Productive


About This Class

Being Productive does not need to be complicated.  As an entrepreneur if you unchain yourself from your desk your business is not going to fall apart, your idea is not going to blow away, unless you have a really sucky idea, and then maybe.

Seriously, productivity tools are nice but how about a good ole’ fashion walk, a 'Conscious Adventure' to gain focus and clarity and voilà that’s what a Mastermind Walk is in a nutshell.

Come along on my journey as I show you what I:

  • Best Smoothie Drink
  • Best Reads
  • & Show an Actual walk

 I'm not some totally in shape, health conscious guru. I'm simply a Mid-West empty nester who enjoys making money online, working from home, and a Freedom-ish Lifestyle.

Click & Enroll and let's get started.

Your online friend Franki (FBK)





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Franki B. Kidd

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Franki (FBK) is a writer's writer. She's an author who writes with a colorful simplicity.

The hundreds of eBooks that she's written for clients through online freelancing sites have become hot new releases and best sellers in their category.

She prides herself ...

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