Productivity Systems - How To Use Simple Task Management Systems, Methods & Tactics To Get More Done | L.D. Sewell | Skillshare

Productivity Systems - How To Use Simple Task Management Systems, Methods & Tactics To Get More Done

L.D. Sewell, Choose Your Own Course

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10 Videos (12m)
    • Task Management Systems

    • Written Prioritized Tasks

    • Evening Review

    • List Your Top 7 to 10 Priorities

    • Follow Your Plan

    • Map Out Tomorrow

    • Morning Routine

    • Staying Focused On Your Tasks

    • Class Project Overview

    • Closing Comments And Additional Information Available


About This Class

Sometimes the most complicated answers are NOT the best answers. To get more out of your day, manage your available time better, accomplish more task completions in every area of your life, all you really need are simple systems that actually work.

In this very short class, you will learn how to use a written Task Management System immediately to begin changing your life for the better right now. Continue to follow the system and in a few days, it begins to become a habit, one that can dramatically change your life forever.

To help you do that the class project is a 30 Day Task Management System Challenge.

If you can successfully write down your tasks for each day, as we discuss in the class, and check them off throughout your day each and every day for 30 consecutive days - you will be well on your way to making this practice a lifelong habit that will serve you well for the rest of your life... 





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L.D. Sewell

Choose Your Own Course

Hello, I'm L.D. Sewell

I teach courses, write books and develop products that will help you set and reach your own goals in business and in every area of your life. You can find more information about all my courses, workshops and additional resources at

Business management, leadership, tactics, and systems have been a major interest and focus of mine my entire adult life and remain so to this day. I have been a lifelong student of personal development and prod...

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