Productivity Part 2: productivity fundamentals

Alex Genadinik, Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, busi

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7 Videos (21m)
    • Working On Business Vs. In Your Business

    • Automation

    • Productivity Budget

    • Chunks/Sprints

    • Deliberate Bursts Of Work

    • Habit

    • One Hour A Day Work


About This Class

This is the second course in a multi-part productivity series. 

In this course I explain to you the basic tenants and fundamentals of productivity which you should take with you for the rest of the courses in this series. 

This course covers topics like process automation in order to free up time for you to work on high value tasks. This course also discusses how to work in chunks or sprints in order to maximize your productivity and effectiveness. The course also talks about creating a budget to boost your productivity in many ways. With a budget you can afford to delegate, optimize and outsource automation tasks.

This course also explains how to begin to build habits, and which habits are good to begin to start. 

Go ahead and sign up for this course, and let's get started.






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Alex Genadinik

Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, busi

Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, business coach

3-time best selling Amazon author, creator of top entrepreneur mobile apps, and host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube.

I am the creator of the Problemio business apps which are some of the top mobile apps for planning and starting a business with 1,000,000+ downloads across iOS, Android and Kindle.

I am also an author of three business books (marketing to reach 1,000,000 people, on starting a business, and on the mobile app business).

I am also a business coach. On my apps and in my private coaching practice I have helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs. That means I can probably help you quite a bit as well.

My areas of expertise are mobile apps, software engineering, marketing (SEO and social), and entrepreneurship.