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Productivity Mastery for Writers

Valerie Leroyer

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5 Videos (11m)
    • 1 Trailer: Productivity Mastery Series

    • 2 Introduction

    • 3 How to create a compelling vision

    • 4 Craft powerful writing goals in 6 steps

    • 5 Your class projects


About This Class

How many times have you thought "I'm really going to focus today" but then found yourself getting sidetracked?

In this Productivity Mastery series, you’ll learn to cultivate a productive mindset, kill writer’s block and get ready to focus on writing.

Whether you’re a writer, a blogger or a student, this first class will give you the techniques you need to train your brain to create daily. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • To write a compelling vision statement9ede3923
  • And how to create powerful writing goals that will inspire, motivate and energize you in order to reach that vision.





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Dr Valerie Leroyer graduated in the field of family medicine in 1997. Prior to that, she graduated with a B.Sc Honour's in marine Biology from Dalhousie University and did a Master's degree in medicine (cancer research) at McMaster University.

Over the years, she developed a specific interest in time management at work with numerous clients and also from her own point of view being a full time professional and a single mom.

Valerie started blogging in 2012, taking a course with ...

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