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Productivity Mastermind Course: Work smarter not harder

Ngan Tran, International Leadership Instructor

Productivity Mastermind Course: Work smarter not harder

Ngan Tran, International Leadership Instructor

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14 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My story 10 years ago

    • 3. The correct mindset 1: Strategy is not enough

    • 4. The correct mindset 2: Treat your time as your money

    • 5. The correct mindset 3: Time saving tips won't help

    • 6. The correct mindset 4: The myth of work-life balance

    • 7. Right strategy: Choose wisely the outputs to focus on

    • 8. Right strategy for inputs: Focus: how?

    • 9. Create an effective work plan

    • 10. Managing communication for better time management

    • 11. Multitasking test_simple but surprise results

    • 12. Motivation vs discipline

    • 13. Continue the success in the long run

    • 14. A brief summary

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About This Class

Welcome to Productivity Mastermind Course: Work smarter not harder by Ngan Tran, the Harvard graduate, certified international leadership trainer.

There is certainly no shortage of productivity books, apps and ready-to-apply tools -all created to help you boost your time management skills. However, after trying many of them, you frustratingly realized that no matter how well designed those tools might be, they seem unlikely working. You are still struggling with your slipping deadlines, your unmanageable task list and your procrastination. Fortunately, wealth of research reveals the keys for making breakthrough in time management goals. There are particular mindsets and skills that separate time management success from failure. All of these will be explained in details in the course.    

Key lessons in this class:

  • Learn correct mindsets for success in time management
  • Understand why tools and strategy alone won’t work
  • Know what you should really focus on to improve your time management
  • How to create your budget of time and how to spend it wisely
  • Learn how to accurately assess your time management proficiency
  • What is the real work-life balance
  • How to smartly choose important outcomes to focus on
  • Know the strategy to improve your quality of work
  • How to create an effective work plan
  • How to manage communication for better time management
  • Taking a multitasking test to understand how it works
  • Understand the relation of motivation and discipline in time management
  • Know the keys to continue successful in time management in the long term.

By the end of the class, you will be able to gain and apply the mindsets, strategies and techniques that you have learned in the course to overcome time management challenges and enhance productivity. You will realize that you might not need any fancy tools and apps, instead the changes will come from yourself and will become your skills for the rest of your life.  

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone who are ready for making a breakthrough in their time management and productivity. Moreover, this is particularly helpful for someone who has tried “everything” but didn’t work yet. If so, it’s time for you to make the change!

You know you have a limited time budget in your life, right? So why continue wasting it? Let’s begin the course!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ngan Tran

International Leadership Instructor


Hey, it’s Ngan here!

I'm an international leadership trainer, graduated from Leadership Executive Program at Harvard Kennedy School. I have been teaching leadership skills for thousands of students in different levels and groups such as student leaders, corporate management leaders, women leaders, etc. However, no matter what your profession is or your position is, you will need these skills for every conversational and professional situations in your daily life and your career.

With more than 10 years experiences as top managers in sales and marketing for multinational corporations, I have worked with top leaders worldwide. Besides professional environment, I have been traveling and doing volunteer and charity projects for NGOs. I have taught motivational speech for... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I guess as you have been tried, a lot of tunes, readings, a lot of books and advice about communism and productivities. Fluctuating realities. You realized that all of those tools seem not working Ray. And soon after the new year, just maybe one or two months after the New Year. Or our big determination, our productivity goals have been forgotten. So why that? Highest man, I'm a leadership and personal development China, Harvard graduate. In this course, I will go over with you the reasons why on a build tools alone won't work. What you need to do is to learn how to develop and build atomism and skill. The first important things you need to do is to have the correct mindset. And over the course, I will talk with you all of the important correct mindset says you must have to creat the chain, the brick to indoor productivities goal that you haven't been able to get yes for long time. Then up to the correct mindset, we will discuss about the right strategy. How to improve the qualities of the inputs, the output in the productivities equation. And last but not least, we will need to talk about how you adapt to the chain. Adaptive sense is important skill for you continues a succesful in the productivity journey in the long-term. This course is great for everyone who wants to improve their productivity and time management skill. But I think is particularly helpful for someone who has been trying a lot of thing but didn't work yet. If so, it's time for you to create or chain is time to make the break to interrupt productivities. Hong. You know, you have very limited time in the light ray. So why continue wasting it? Let's begin the course. 2. My story 10 years ago: I'm telling you my story when I was working at the first company after I graduate from college. At that time, I remember I was given a very big important task. That's good. Decide whether one of our biggest MOOC Messiah contact with us or not. And the task will also important for me because if I were able to get a Pajek, i could be considered to be promoted at one of the younger managers in our company. And we're very excited. I said to myself that I need to focus working on this. I need to be successful to get a project. And as is have to wheat and teens, a deadline that I have to present it to our customer. And then once we're gone and I didn't start anything yet. And then the second week, the first few day went by very quickly to when I realized that isis have today laugh. I was very stressed out. And then one day Lab who I would totally freak Hall. I took one day our loved me in the room working on their projects trait 24 arrow without sleeping. And the next day before I came to present the position, I have to try to wake me up during Solara coffees and pretend to look fresh. But actually is I will vary tires and stress inside. And after the presentation. Luckily that the customer said that test will one of the best presentation they ever had? No. Is this Keating is whizzes in my dream, the real limited didn't happen like that. At the end, customers thin decide to sign a contract with us. But There's a small Paulson up the proposals that we present to them, not the whole proposal. And I also didn't get the promotion to the manager position that I wished. You know, it says bin is worth a few years. I have to struggle with my book estimations and MyTime minis magnesium ion. We put myself in the last minute. And then I have to work crazy stressful only to finish the task or the prosaic. I remember there was one time that I will working in 48 hours today continuously without sleeping. And I have to add up to admit to emergency hospital. And, you know, after checking up, the doctor came to say to me that I have to change my lifestyle because I already sold the symptoms of depression. I will stop at that time. I couldn't believe it. How come I could have the symptom of depressant. I was so young at the moment that I sitting on the hospital bed, I will talk to myself. What did I do to myself? I put myself in a ham condition. I've ruined my health and my life since because I didn't know how to better manys my time, how to do a work-life balance. Then I say to myself at that moment, I have to chain it. Now. I have to successful to balance my life and better at my time management. Possessed with the story more than ten years ago. I look back at it. I can say to myself that I am proud myself from what I have been doing for the last ten years. Now I can say that I am a lot better at MyTime managements and my productivities. I could do a lot of things at the same time like graduate from top university in US, have Harvard degree, working at a top company and had my own training center and my own company too. But I still have time to enjoy my life. I still have time for my family, my friends, and for my hobbies. My friends always say to me that when they look at me, they said how come you all will look so relaxed. You don't look like a very hard-working or a very busy person. But actually is, I am doing a lot of things at the same time. And I say to them that, yeah, I'm proud myself too. But you know, it's not easy to be able to reach to this level. And I am here today to share with you our mind normalised my experience to have you to improve the up productivities and amazement skill. And I were able to do it. So you can do it to less than. 3. The correct mindset 1: Strategy is not enough: So the first thing we're going to discuss here is that you need to have the correct myself. And the first correct mindset that's is Stratasys is not enough, I guess as it had been trying a lot of tools and have a lot of books and advice about productivity and time management. But why are those tools seem not working? You can see that there are no state of 2m and advice out there for use. And you also have been trying a lot of things. But why it didn't work yet. You can see it simply like that. If you are equipped dot kitchen with our adult professional life, High-end kitchen equipment and expensive ingredients. Would that make you instantly become a good trap? Or if you want to become a great photograph, a guru thing that buying are up the expensive camera and lens could make you become a great photographer. Here or there's some time that I saw my friend took amazing photo. They look very professional and atavistic. And when I asked them, what did you use? And I expect that the good you're very professional and expensive camera and big glands. But I was surprisingly found out that this is used their iPhones on basic camera to take out of the picture. So take though photograph for example, we asked ourselves how they could capture all of this beautiful picture with only the basic tool that they have. So I think that we all agree that they are the person who loved taking photographs. They love to discover new things. They love to capture the beautiful moment in their life. So with that attitude, they could try their best to make the best photo they can with whatever tool they have. The good, try a different angle. Ss, lighting. Learn from H photos they took to be better and improved in this skill. And in the controls. There are some other person who my own way thing that they need to wait until they have to be able to save money to buy fancy camera, to take the photo. Then the moment we're gone and never come back. So the bottom line, I am trying to say that you need to learn to develop the skill are of no equipment of two goods, just be supporting tools for you. Then now we talk about how to develop this skill. Will you in a situation that you hit the cell being podcasting nation all the time, uh, not being able to be disciplined. What do you tell the cell? What is the identity that you sell? You tell to the cell. Did you tell to the cell that you are all way a podcast innate person? You are not a disciplined person. It's too high for you to chain. That is something that you are born with, that you cannot chain it. Would that story that you tell yourself in the mind. If so, you would never be able to chain even how many books are. Advise you read, how many tool you use. You would never be able to find a way to chain because don't mind already set effect that you won't be able to do it with what you say. I have to try everything but never work. It last year. Did you try to change the way you think about those cell yet? I can take one example. Like for example, you are sitting on the course watching their favorite movie. And then the Amanda's coin you, hey, can you come to the frieze and grabbed vinegar border for me and us as enjoying the movie. You don't want to do that. Then you say to the mom that, I don't know what is the vinegar border you come to graph the cell and the mother's sick come to check it. It says a why border in the middle of the Frisch then is unhappy. Please go to the fridge, open the fridge. And then you say, I don't see any white Bordeaux in the fridge. Gunman came and say, this is the y bar. This is the vinegar border in front of the eyes. Why you couldn't see it? Because as decimal men in domus already saved that, you don't know what is a vinegar bottle. You can see the vinegar bottle. You will not see it. That is due when they'll tell you that you couldn't do it. You are not a disciplined person. You own way procrastinate. And you know, when you think like that is take our aggdata MOOCs and Don motivation and you will not be able to do it. It's time to tell those cell a different story. Now every day when you wake up, look at the mirror, talk to sell tickets, to own up the energies that you can do it. You are productive person. You are a productive person. You can make today at one of the most productive day, you have a half In the Life. Talk loudly with AARP dot M20 or them. Do it everyday until you feel like you believe it. And it's when come true. And we also discuss about breakthrough moment. Tell me about a moment that you feel like you have the map pain a bit. It's hard to sell that. You have enough of it. You can stand it anymore, you have to finish it, you have to change. You have to make a difference in the life. I guess if all of us have those type moment in our life. And when we look back at those moments, we can pile up our cell. So the folder productivity is gone sometime you also have to put yourself in that kind of moment. In a moment that if Phil, Hugh Have the nasa, it is time to chain is termed to become a better person at Tammany cements and more productive. It could be a very painful or same for moment. For example, the moment you feel so same for bipolar cell. Or the moment even you disappoint the person you love. I know that it's not an easy disease, an uncomfortable moment. But you have to accept that. And Abdel moment. You have to decide to chain. And they also another way that opposite with the painful moment, that is a happy moment for you to create the brick to. You actually can fly the example around you, some of the pupil, they have the story that really motivates you, inspire you to make the chain. Or maybe you can listen to the story from a lot of famous person. For example, I mentioned about illness before. He's the richest men in the warm. And when, you know about his work ethic, you know that he's worked crazily. He worked at bought cheaper than nominal every hour that one person could work every day. Then you ask yourself, how many hours are you working everyday now? How big is a dream? How much effort did you put in to make that happen? You know, he was able to do it. Then why not? You? You don't need to become the richest man in the womb. Liheap is, I'm not saying that. But at least you can overcome the self. That's its own ready the success. 4. The correct mindset 2: Treat your time as your money: Are you a good investor? Are you good at personal finance management? How do you spend the money? Do you spend the money on a central thing, the important things in the life, trying to save the money to invest to other thing, to create more money. Then how do you spend the time? Then uses realized that US spanning they'll term so freely that you even didn't think of it. A for money if thing that you have to work really hard to earn money. So you are very careful when you're spending the money. But for the term is a thing that is something you already have. You don't need to work hard to have the term. So is span it without even thinking of it. But you know that the market for money, when you work hard, you can earn more money everyday. Before the term is have a limited amount of time in our life. And everyday is that have less of it? No more of it. You can see here this is all of the boss of the month in human life until new or 90 ESL E ora, our life quizzes have 3,240 bucks. Then how many buffs Did you already film? And how many bugs you have left? Did you use your time work? So now you should think twice before you spend the time, when you spend your time on something as so sell it this word to spend the time on it. Or is this a thing that create more value to the life? Is similar to the money investment mindset. You saved the money to invest in something, to make more money from it. Then when you spend the time is also the same. The span time on the thing that heavier to reach the goal, the Korea goal on the personal life gone. And if you spend too much of their time in one thing, it needs to be careful. Look back at it. As a cell, it does worse for you to spend vast must amount of time on that thing. Similar to dollar investment. You need to be careful when you pull our app.js in one bucket. So now if I asked you how productivities EY how a curate everything, you can answer this question. Did you ever take any productivities assessment before? You know, there is research that have been doing on 11200 people. The results so very interesting that people are not ACT ONE good at their self assessment of their productivities proficiency, then there would be a suggestion that you should try the own assessment to see how a curate ui.R management skill. You could do an assessment lies is micro simulation. You go to, slash communism and try the micro simulation to see what score you get from it is also there are the way that you can ask people around you. For example, the boss, the college, who are working with you for a long period of time to see what did their idea of how productivities you are, how well you're doing at minister term. And also you can set it the cell to I did it before myself by recording all of the things that I am doing every day. You can do the recording by using an app or late for myself, manually write down every single thing I would doing, what time I studied, what time I finished it. And I were doing it for a few days. Or maybe you can try a week to see how actually you are spending the time. And when you decide to do so, you need to be very honest to yourself. You need to pay attention to detail bigger. There, there are a lot of time that we randomly spend time on some small things or random things. But even the random thing like that, you need to record all of that in the record so that you wouldn't be able to accurately a set how you spend the time and the result could be very supply for you at the school. For me, I didn't know that. I spent so many of my time on all the nonsense thing, the thing that did not create any values to my life. And I also didn't realise that I spent a few hours on social media on my Facebook. Why? We complain that I don't have time to spend with my families, my friends, to go to GMP or do more work. Then when I have desk, I agree course, I rely on that. What is the things that I am doing everyday that wasting my time. Then I make blend to cut out from my daily leads. By example, I decide to delete on the social media app on my phone, deleted out from my form. Then after that, you know, I actually have a few more hours spare every day to work on a lot of more important things in my life. Then I will success you to try that, to try to record all of the things that you are doing every day, a few days or a week. Then you could realize and list down all of the things that you are doing that wasting of the town and make blend to cut on a plateau L. So talking about cheating, they'll term like the money you create a bucket upto term that you would have in a day or a week with does a batches Tom, you have how most of the time you want to spend on a most do things. How much time you want to spend on the thing you want to do, and how many of the time that. So spare time for you as the HR time for you to learn new things. And this is the equation of how you calculate the strategic reverse term is calculated by all of the time that you are a viable in a day or a week, or two, or a term that you are committed to do it, then how many term left, its strategic reversed time? This is an example of the strategic reverse Tom template. This table one is for Work. You can see here that all of the time that you are available for the week, for example, here is 40 hours this week. Then you remind us is with all of the term that for the test set you must do during a week. For example, the regular admin tasks, regular duties, catch-up work, and special required that car for total adult 38th our this week. So you have two hour left. That is those treated Rick reverse time. Then for some other width in my head, 0 term left, or maybe a width you have minus. Then when you have a 0, Tomlin doesn't mean that you have no extra term to do any other things or learn new things. It does ok for you. Or maybe if you have minus, it's time for you to look back and rearrange our of the tart to save more term. You must to re-prioritize on of the tab to be able to save more time to work on the things that are more important for you. And similarly, we also have the table for for home that's mean are of the hour after the working hours. Then it also depends on how much time you have left. You need to come back and assess all of the tasks that you're doing so that you can have more term in the things that is important. 5. The correct mindset 3: Time saving tips won't help: Talking about Tom saving tip. I love time-saving tips. And I guess you do to re, I will spend our, our searching on the internet for something like ten minutes recipe, how to tie a keyboard faster. And we're trying to save ten minutes from my lunchtime, a few minutes from a socket keyboard, to, to be able to spend more time on my gene when I taught. But I didn't expect that. I will end up spending it on watching a random TV. So with lat for hours. And sometime I tried to come to the office for ten or 15 minutes earlier. But then I was checking the in but for all that time. So you see that though, we are trying to say a little bit Tom here or there, but we end up spending it on thing that not matter at all. So what the point? For example, if I have a deadline may opposite that, have a deadline at the weekend, you know, the whole week. I will worry about it. I decided to cancel all of my social activity, family meter and even my exercise time to save our MyTime that I think that I need to work on the Pajek. And even for example, my friends call me my best fan. And I hardly say no to her. So I said okay, as as come to medium for a few minutes. But when I was spending time with my friend, I didn't enjoy it because I seen worry about the postdoc deadline. Then, you know, when I came home, I didn't go straight to work on the project. I open TV, watching TV a little bit. Then when it came to the desk, I start opened my Facebook, checking a new phase and is we'll end up a few hours. I came to bed very late at night, but didn't work at the Pacific AT ONE. Then I wake up the next morning. I feel tired. And if you hating myself, because I didn't start the opposite yet. And a few more worry about the music that I haven't done anything yet. So you see, how did the qualities of life exist? What is the quality of the light when you cannot enjoy any moment in the life that you are the person who's suffering the most for me. Then now you can chain it by making scheduled for the important things in life. For example, like I said, if I have a parsec that is important and I need to submit it at the weekend. And if there's a big postdoc and we divide it in smaller section. And I mean, scheduled to work on it, for example, Tuesday, Thursday evening, I would work on it to our every evening that I could finish around 70% of deposit. Friday evening, I wouldn't finish the rest up to 30% of the project. Then I will spend Saturday morning at a spare time for me to revive the Pajek before I can submit it on Saturday afternoon. And then as thin have Wednesday afternoon on Wednesday evening to spend time with my friend. And I steam can visit my family on Sunday morning after I'd already submit the Pajek. If c by that way, I could not have to worry a lot about it because I know that I already set up specific time on my schedule to work on. So sometime you are trying to save time for something. Instead of doing that SSL. What do you want to save time for? What are the more important thing you want to spend more time on it. Then if you feel like is really important, mix Gary for it and commit to do it. For example. If you feel like you want to have more time for exercise because you want to feel more healthy. Then make Zim scandal in daily tasks, lead and commit to do it every day. Then you wouldn't have to automatically cut out some of the less important things to make time for it. Or if you want to send to spend more time for the family. And my scheduled to visit the family twice a week, for example, then no other work would interfere to SAS fixed schedule. So sometimes we are so upset with saving a little bit of time here or there, but we totally forget the big picture. Saving a few more minutes. It doesn't do much for the life. But instead of spending our washing a random TV. So at night, go to bed early, wake up, early, Tang though unproductive, nice Our into a very productive next morning. And instead of trying to save a little bit time for something, if they are important things makes ghetto for it and commit to do it. I promise you the life would be a lot more released. An enjoyable. 6. The correct mindset 4: The myth of work-life balance: So another correct mindset that we are going to talk about, work-life balance. So what is the secret formula, work-life balance, how much time is spent at work? How much personal life to consider S balanced? The answer is, it depends on the personnel preference, depends on the values. And it also changed during the lifetime to, for example, when a young I works a lot. I spend most of my time at work and my coworker, they are also my friends. So I spent time with them, hang out with them, working with them. And I feel happy to do that. I feel happy to spend most of my time at work and with my coworkers. And at that time I would youngs, i will singer. And I want to focus to build my career. But I guess later, if you have family, you have keys. Then he when Swigert focus, even when you would want to spend less time at work and spend more time with your family racing, taking care of kids. And you feel happy doing that too. And at that moment maybe Doug Korea already stable. And the main focus is DOF family. So it really depends on the own definitions of work-life balance. And today, you know, on App Store, they are more than ten, hundreds of thousands of related AV on the productivities topics. And they are more than 5 thousand books that publics in a year in us on this topic. So productivity is exposed also give you a varieties of advise to, for example, Elon Musk. He would Apple or cheapo the average, our normal person. He's working super hard, 18 twenties hour per day, continuously without vocation. But that is the heat lifestyle. That is his style of working. But it's as feed for those die too. And also for other experts like theatre, for our work with book Timothy, he suggest you to spend minimum time of work every day to achieve the result in one. So you can see which die is more suitable for you. It does, ELA must die or T motifs die, or actually none of them. So the varieties of advice speak to the unavoidable fact that no one piece of advice I face arm. So you can see the solo sense out there S very at VR. So strictly that you tried to find out what works for you does die the desired lifestyle and that state of life. 7. Right strategy: Choose wisely the outputs to focus on : So after we talking about the correct myself, now it's time for it to discuss about the rise shape. You can see here the definition or the equations, productivities. So productivity is calculated by output divided by input in this equation. So we will discard our strategy to be able to improve the qualities of both output and input to boost the productivities in this equation. So back to the story. When you have a very busy day, you work entirely. Who day came home late and tired, but still doesn't know what did you do during a day with a time when? Because there's still a lot of important tasks that you haven't finished yet at the end of the day. And then when you look at all the things you have done during a game, he realized that they were on things like answering the phone, checking emails, sometime Facebook, fix this issue, that issue. And are of those tabs to any of them at any values to the word to so saw tongue goal, although long-term career goals. So you do think very fast is spend a lot of the time and what really hot, but not smart. When you this spanning Tom on the thing that didn't bring any values to go walk to the life. It doesn't count as productive person. We talked about how to improve the qualities of output in this productive Mathias equation by focusing on doing things that bring real value to their life. By doing the thing that are important to you that help you to achieve the personal goal, the Korea gone faster and quicker. So what are the important things you want to focus on in the life? Thing like this. Everything you have today have as result of a series of actions that lead to it. For example, when they were enjoying a bow for a Vietnamese noodle soup. I realized that to be able to get this perfect bow of for me, there's Zeno racing up Santa raisins of Vietnamese people have to work really hard on the right field to choose the right KaiA Bryce. And then they have to grove different KaiA perf in their garden and to the perfect job for me. And for that perfect combination, now, they provide a wonderful bow of for me. So it's like that for every action you are taking today. It's good lead to the result in the life in the near future. Like next month, the next month, or maybe two year, ten, year, 20 years. Or even the action you are doing today can create the impactful Zeno reasonable Xander reason after you. So now when you are doing something today, asked the sale, what good is a result? This accent to my life, one-year, two-year, five-year, or even ten years later. It might only meet going that I need to start up my own company in the next three years. What have you done to be paired for that? When you are checking Facebook, going down to new fees as so sell goodie tap YouTube views a company in the next 20 years. If no, why spending a few hours every day doing it? If the things are wasting of the term, remove it from the daily consuming time. What are the things that wasting the time every day now? For example, how many hours are you checkings Facebook, social media on the phone, NVDA. And for me it was surprisingly when I do the recording, all the things that I've been doing every day, I realized that I spend more than two or three hours every day checking my Facebook app. That's cool. So most of my time that I am wasting every day, that's why I decided to delay my social media Facebook app on my phone. You know, at the beginning, I didn't have the courage to delete the app on my phone yet. So I thought that I would He didn't my Facebook in a very hidden folder on my phone. That why my that's where I would be able to see it, to open it. But then because I knew it that I post Facebook app in dest folder, I still went to sass folder and open the Facebook and checking it. And I said to myself is worse than working this way, then I have to delete it completely out my phone. Then later, I realized that I have a lot more hours that I can spend more important things in my life. So you sued, lead down all of the things that you feel is wasting their time. Now, put it on the table that you can see it every day so that when remind you, whenever you are doing the things that wastes are term, then you wouldn't have to stop it. And you also need to have a plan to remove all of the time waster in daily consuming time. When you have to do a test set are taking to muscles of time, but being left value to the goals. Think about it. Anyone else could do this work better for you in the teams or maybe you can outsource it. For example, if you ask sale person, sometime you have to do a lot of admin things like paperwork, Excel, seed. An admin person could do it much faster for you. Good. This book would have you to reach the quadrotor yearly target or have you to Rick don't go on to become the best seller of the Year in the company and to the promotion to senior manager in the next three years, For example. If not, then why spending hours everyday absorb precious time doing so. Instead of that, focus on doing other things that bring you to do goal, for example, focus on calling the customer, go meeting with the customer, views a relationship with them that could generate more sale for you. Similarly for startup flower, you have. So most of the thing that you need to be done when you first start the own company, Ray, you tried to do multiple job fly. You worked at a sale person, at a marketing person, an admin, and also they Lozi, stick person, context, supplier, fire story. Then you feel awful lot. You burn out and the work are not progressed at you expected. So be smarter in the thing that you need to focus on. You might heard of many stories of successful one man startup, Hou Bu, multi-millionaire company basis. Only themselves, one person. They outsource everything, put Jackson's warehouse, Lozi stick. They focus only on the thing that they are good at. 8. Right strategy for inputs: Focus: how? : So now it's time for us to discard about how to increase the qualities of input in the productivities equation. Or in other word, we will want to increase the quality of the time that you spend on working. First, we talk about focus. How are we able to really focus when we are working? And why is important? Here we are talking about how we can work smarter, not harder. Just mean that we want to spend less amount of time to get the same outcome that we want. For example, if you have a task that you need to write a final report, and when you are able to really focus, you have a Greer mine in 100% focused on this tab is courses take you to our to finish the test. But when you are not able to focus your detracts from either the mice not clear. You feel tired. Then it could take you four or five hours to finish the same task. Then that's not how we work smartly. So to be able to focus. As I said, we need to have a clean mine. I'm a clear might come from a healthy body, healthy mind, to have a healthy body. And you already heard a lot of advice about that. And I hope that you also have a very healthy lifestyle for you. That you have regular exercise, eating good food. And when you are sitting, working for a long period of time, is to remind ourselves that, for example, for every one hour, just stand up, walk around, doing some more water. But that's way it's good. Have you to increase the blood circulation in the body as well as that blood flow to the brain. And now talking about heritage of mine, and I mentioned before, thinking positively is very important to get a healthy mind. If you are working over log stress family for a long period of time is stuck in the mind. You will not be able to create a new things, bring new ideas. And it's very difficult for you to be focused to del, productivity is when be reduced. Then as that time, the body tell you that you, so take a break for long-term is to take a vacation every few months, for example, for sorta. A free weekend is also happen for the mind to refresh you because the spend the weekend with their friends. I'm not where families are spent time on the Harvey are with the nature. Then when you come back at work the next week, the Morefield fresh and the brain is ready to focus. Another suggestion for practice. The focus is that you try meditation. I actually exist try meditation reasons Lee, because I first taught that making Meditation is only for the person who have transformed life. Why I am good at balancing my life so I don't need it. But actually I found out that practicing meditations is also happening to train my brain, to detect me from all of this simulation in life to be able to focus. Now I feel like my ability to focus is really increase. We should learn how to really focused at every moment in life. If you are working at this time, this focus of drawing this, don't worry about other tasks. Eva spanning, enjoying time with friends or family, says in charges a term that you have with them. Don't worry about the work or add the stress from paying into life. To be able to really focus and enjoy every moment in Dubai is a good way for you to increase the quality of life. And you could be a morning person or an evening person, does mean that, you know, the best time during a day that you work the most productive. And for example, Ebola, a morning person. So during a morning hour window Mies really clear certain blocks as morning time to work on the most important task of the days. And remember, during this time, there should be no desktop. Uses focus on the task that you were working. No. Four, no checking, email, no other interruption. And actor may be our a two hours working on it and you finish it. Then you can check the phone or the email director. And also to be able to focus, we can create a good environment first to have the mood for working. And it really depends on the reference. For example, some person who like to have some musics when they are working. So it helped them to focus. But the others feel like they prefer to have completely quiet environment. Says Have them to focus better. And then you might think, maybe have some bland values are I have a green up galvanized desk that's maybe giving more motivation to work. So you know, what is the best environment for you, have the most of working and cleave that environment when you are working. 9. Create an effective work plan : How to be able to create an effective work plans. You need to start to learn how to prioritize our tasks. You can do so by asking experience or advice from people who have done the task before, for example, the Boston College. You can also ask the cell, the cell by using future Tom perspective idea for the task or the axon you are doing today. What could be the resulted bit in the future? Good, It really hurt you or have you in the future. What is R? The recent goal and the long-term goal in their career or their personal life. Goods attached you are doing would have you to reach the goal faster. If it is, then is it important? It is this weight up so time doesn't have you to reach the goal. Then let's consider it again. For example, if you have a blend that you want to quit the office dog and start to own visit in the next two years. Then after eight hour working at the office, you come home and you said that you already have a long day working. Is Tom for you in the evening to relax. Then uses watch TV, plays game, surfing, Internet. Good says chi of x and would lead you to the plane of starting their own business soon. And instead, you have to think like that. After a long day working at work, that is the office job. But then in the evening when you come home, it's time for you to work on the personnel Pajek. It time for you to start building the Steph's Dawn for the business so that you can quicker stat, DO ONE business and quit or feature. Then that's how you can decide what is important tasks in the evening you have to work on, rather than spending it on watching TV's. Wasting the time. If you continue to do so. How long do you think that you can create the effect of and stat to own? That is the first idea of future Tom perspective that I already mentioned before on. So you also need to decide where the task is important. And if the task is really important and, and both urgent and important, then you have to work on it. Definitely. But if the task is important but not urgent, you actually scan makes ghetto for it and work on it later. I can take one example of my college adapt Day. We have a meeting at 01:00 PM in the afternoon and see remember to pick up a step for the family meeting in the evening. So C went to the store to pick it up during the lunch time. Then see, we're late for the meeting. And it's actually worse than an important meeting. And she sued him, be late for it. So you can see that the task of picking up stuff for her family's That is important, but not as in C, actually could pick it up on the way home. So By the words that you decide the important and ozone up the task, better, prior tie the tablets. And another important thing that you need to estimate how long a task will take. The more accurate estimation, the banner you would make the workplace. So the best estimations using e come from experience. You should keep that note up on the work you have been doing in the past. How long it'll take to finish the work. Then keep it at a reference for you to use to make the work plan in the future. This is one example of an estimation template that you keep the task name here. Have some description of what is the task is. What do you need to do about it? Then the estimate time that you would finish the task, for example, he has 1.5 hours and then you know, the actual time you spend on doing it. It may spend more than or less than the time that you estimate before. You should note here some of the reason for the variance. Then by that, next time, when you look at the note here, you will note the best estimates of the term that you could finish this. 10. Managing communication for better time management : Minizinc communications is another important things you need to learn to be better at many time. The lesson here that you need to learn to say no, you choose people how to chase you. I can take an example of one of my friends, her boss, take a core hole anytime is could be laid at nine or even at the weekend and see all we have a habit that seg would read buy it right away. So I asked her cell, is this everyone do so too? Or is it in the job description? She said no, but I spawn to impress my boss. Then I say to her that It's not the right way to do it. You set an example of being a viable 24 plus seven for the board to do so. And its okay to set some boundary at work. You can have a very nice conversation with your boss that you are only willing to finish whatever tasks, indoor responsibilities. But you also want to spend time photocell and to spend for the families and friends. Do you need to have the personal life be beside the word. So if something and not super Earths in an important can visit this cut during our works, our instead of late at the evening or at the weekend. And I'm Sue, that her boss could understand that and know how to behave appropriately in the future. Or sometimes our friends, this corn yield for a party, meaning of meta. When you already have a schedule that you need to work on something, then you can say no to them. I'm sorry, already I already have a plan today and we can meet another time. Totally phi i think that the friends could totally understand it. That's how you learn to keep the discipline, that how you learn to keep the promise to yourself. I know that you don't want to break any permission to others, people, to their friends or their colleagues, rain. Then do the same to the self to you. When you already set a schedule to work on something. Then follow the scatter, keep this promise to the cell. Then we talk about another kind of communication which are email intake. Is scatter a specific term for checking email and text. Try not to look at it every time when he arrived. Wait until you have several of them. And also use classes, fights, or email into different in Buff photos. It could be the action folder to Information folder and the follow-up folder. If it is something that you can do right away, then you can doing it. Even some information email that you don't need to take any action, then you can move it in the Information folder. If that is an actionable email, you move it in the accent folder and schedule time to work on it. Email that you are waiting for response to the follow-up folder so it can come back to follow it up later. For example, maybe you get an email just add to send a document is just take you a few seconds to send it, then you can do it right away. If does an announcement email to talk about some new role in the company, you don't need to take any action about it. Then movies to the Information folder. If they are tasked, email that do use in the next today, then that is you can put it in the action folder and schedule a time to work on it before the deadline. If there's some email that you request someone for information and see said that secret replies on Monday, then you put on calendar on Monday to follow it up. And you move the email to the follow-up folder. By that way, you can really easily to many's RLC dot email communication and Han, so easy for you to set the blend for you to follow up on it. 11. Multitasking test_simple but surprise results: Now let's try and multitask exercise is very interesting for you to see the resolved it. So I have a tree Pajek for you that is possess a music be 2xy. Fourth, possess a is about you to write a letter from a to Z in, under the column project a here for Pajek b. Similarly, if you ride a number from one to 104 plus xy, you when Ryan Roman numbers from one to ten in a separate lie here in the post exceed colon. So we are going to experience with the ability to complete its deposit. For the past one of the experience you must work on three possess simultaneously. So when you rise the letter a in a, you go to music be to relate one. And then you go to pose xy to ride the Roman letter one and then continue to do it in this way. Then we have a 15-second for you to finish the test. And we will see how much work you accomplish after 15 seconds. And it wouldn't be TOM up and I will make it 15 seconds for you. So stop when we say time's up. Now. So as already 15 second. Let checks how much of the work you have been finished after 15 seconds. Not so impressed by. Ok. So now we continue our experience. Now it can only look at one at a time. So you sue finished possess a dense that Pajek, be dense that pose xy. And you also have 15-second to work on this Prozac and this term. And we will see how much you're able to achieve this 15-second. Now ready, be ready to start. Then stop the 15-second finish. And now you can see how much you be able to finish up the 15 seconds is time and you can compare how much of the work system and the previous term. And we can easily tell that is could be a lot easier and more efficient for you to work at the second experience than the first experience. So by taking this kind of example, you see how I actually multitask really works in real life. So when you're switching from task to task, the brains have a difficult to concentrate at a time and is called the switching costs, is time for the brain to take, to switch from each tab to the add the task and B bag. So you know, in a quote from a Roman funeral so far, 200 CE, he said that to do two things at one is to do neither. So that's mean that you should really this focus to do one thing at a time. Sometime you tried to do Monte tasks, like do the reports, texting their friends, eating the lens, or at the same time. And you feel like you are very productive. But actually is something among them would be suffered from it. And you would actually takes more time to finish their task compared to you focus to do X test S1. But I know that some time at the work you would not be able to really do one test at one time. For example, sometime when you are doing one task and the bosses calm and said, hey, can you work on this task for me? You cannot say no because I already work on this and you have to wait. I guess that you couldn't have that kind of conversation with the baud rate. So if you have to leave this curing task to work on something, you better leave a note in front of it, like where you are at and what is the next step. So later when you come back to this current task, is when we take less time for the brain to catch up with what you were at. 12. Motivation vs discipline : Now we're talking about motivates an undisciplined. There are a lot of debate that with a motivation or DC breeds are more important to have you to reach the goal. And for myself, I think that both of them work well together to have you, to achieve your goal for motivation. If you have a too big goal, is could be difficult for you to get the motivation to do it. For example, C2 to those cell that don't go. You go to a best college to be able to get a good result and then you can get the best salary later and a very good live later. But the future us setting is too far away is my ten year, 20 year later from the point that you decide to go to college. So because it's too far that you couldn't see the result yet. That's quite difficult for you to get the motivation at this movement. Then for das chi, a big wall, you sub divide into small, little grown. For example, for this year, you have a goal that you wouldn't get the best result in the top 10% of students in the school for you to be able to get the scholarship that could carry you to cover the deducing fee this year. Then you break the gone into semester goal and two months and width goal. Then by desk way, when you achieve a weekly goal, monthly goal and then quarterly goal, you already start having some kind of motivation for you to continue to work on the big gone. I can take an, another example. Doesn't time I would study for an exam when they were in college. I have to start with the whole textbook. I have to read all of that textbook to prepare for the exam. And I looked at the books, I say that Obama is too long. I don't know how long it's gonna take for me to be able to finish this book for my final exam. They're nested loop my motivation. Then I decided I, when I start with the first chapter and after reading the first chapter of the book, eyes that look at the periods exam, to see how much of the exam I could answer form the normalised that I read from the first chapter. And then I realized that I already, I already was a boot too. And so they 10% of the questions in the previous year exam. So I get a little bit more motivation to continue reading the second chapter of the book. And after I finished a chapter, I look back at the pivot exam to see how many more of the questions I could be able to finish. Thus gave me motivation to the end of the book. And then I finally finished the book to prepare for the exam. And here are some time actually we have to put ourselves in a situation that we have no choice to get more motivation to, to have to do something. They say that if you want to be an Islands. You have to burn the boat. And that is the situation. Sometimes you have to put your selling to get pressure to do it. For example, we may decide to start my you to chain. I decide to post this on my social media that I will start my you to change it from two days and from now every ways I when publishing a new video twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, every single week. And then because I already public sits on my social media, so all the people that know me know that I'm going to do it. So I have to keep permits to them by following the planes that I already say. I'll maybe EBI and not the person that you want to publics the blame on social media. You could find a way to say it with the person you love or are they important person for you? Those person, you know, they would own way supporting new gave you more motivated to be able to do reach the goal, but also be good. You know that you don't want to disappoint them. And they all weigh power of you. So you win, try their best to make them continue proud you by following and getting the goal that you see it is m. So now we talk about these sibling. And there are a lot of debates about motivation and displays with comfort and which are more important. And I think that both of them work well together to have you reached the goal. To get some kind of motivation, we need to have first resolve or some kind of firsts achievement to get motivation. But from the starting point to the point that we first get some result, we must follow our discipline. And during this part, discipline is very important for you to be able to start to get to the first result. And they said that the first step is own way, the most important and also the most difficult. And when you already try it and you start getting some result, then is more easier, a lot more easier for you. And it gives some kind of momentum for you to continue to working on it. So this simply plays a very important role at the first part. When you start dog bone or decide that you winds that the warm. And we adopt we different with kids or children in a way that we can train our brain and force ourselves to follow the discipline or the plane that we set for ourselves. I have a friends who want to set up a goal to go to gym regularly. So he said his first gone for the first one that he will come to the gym at least three times every week and spent his anita spent only 15 minutes after gene X time. So for the first one, that is the plane, and to be able to reach this goal, he has to keep his this sibling. And he had to push him cell by a way that he sat with me his plan. And he said, this is 11000 US dollar. You keep it for me. If I would not be able to follow my gene blends is one. That's one for you. So by this way, he also pulls himself to follow the discipline that he had to come to the gym at least three times a week every single week for the first one. After the first month when after he were able to start getting the habit of go to gym three times a week. He get more motivation and momentum to continue go to gym the next month. And the month after two. And now is a is already changed. His life is already become a habits that parts of his life that he now going to gym every single day during a witch. And he spent at least 30 minutes, not 15 minutes length squared before. And it's with the experience that totally changed his life. Now he become a really fit, active and healthy person. And I didn't have a chance to get 11000 US dollar from him. So that's how a disciplines and motif placing Blake well together. And if you understand the concept, we know how to set up plan for those cell. So I reminded again, we break down our big goal into smaller goal and is must be achievable, measurable goal for us to be able to quickly get some kind of motivation. Then we give check of it. After we get the first achievement, we can reward far or sell to get more motivation to continue our momentum. During the first term is with the most difficult part for us to make the decision to start and to keep our disabling to, until the point that we get the result, the first reason to get motivation. So now it's time for you to set up the goal and keep the discipline to be able to get that score. 13. Continue the success in the long run: So now it's time for it to come to the last part of this course which we talking about adaptations skill, the skill at tests and give a login as duration that usually is involved in high pressures duration. The chairman's for you is how you can handle such situation without getting upset or detracts you form going to take your goal. So we're living in a world that every day we face with something unexpected and it could easily distract you from the plane or prevent you from following the discipline that you set for yourself. So you could easily maybe fail a deadline of failed or plan. And what would you do in that situation? Could you say to those cell that has this a loser, you back to superior story that you could not do it knows is not the way I tell you one fellow is this, okay? Just pick it up and continue the plan. You tell ourselves our identity, ray. So you want to keep the identity to sell. They we were discussing before, confirm with the cell who you are and you can do it. You are productive person. So how we can minimise our goal, our plane. It could be seen manner to our Pajek at work. How we deal with our budget is that we set up our plane. We start Executive, Our blame. And we must either is on the way how we execute it. We evaluate how well we're doing. And any adjustment are improvement in need to be done to get it better. And we wouldn't do a seemingly two minutes. Our personal gone blend too, and we set up our personal gone. Then with that execu are gone. And we also monitor how well we're doing it. We evaluate its reoccur only a wake-sleep ammonia quarterly to see how you add in doggone plane, anything that you need to access and you chain in me to improve the post-sale or to have you to reach to your gum faster. For example, you make a plane for today. And in the task leader today, then one important task that you need to finish the final report, an indoor daily plan you ask the made that the final report could take you two hours to finish it. But because it's the first time you do the report and you didn't know exactly how long it's gonna take. And then when you actually do it, it took me five hours to be able to faithfully Finis it does mean that you have to spend three more hours on the Buzek Dan you expected at the beginning because mean that all of the, all of the scattered during a day have to be chain. And thus have you will fluctuated If you're disappointed. And you look at the toughest Destin, a lot of things that you haven't been able to finish yet. Then what could you do? You have to look back at our of the tablets to re-prioritize it and to see anything. And you can edges are any chain you can make in the task of the day. For example, in the evening, you have a plane to go to meet up with friends. But because I still have a lot of tasks that you wouldn't be able to finish it yet and you have to finish this today. So we have to decide to call their friend that say that today you couldn't be able to go to meet her he because you still have a lot of work to do. And then in the evening, you have to come home and start what are of the task that you wouldn't be able to finish it yet. And then by the end of the day, you still be able to finish are of the most important tasks that you have to finish today. By that's where you see the way that we will be able to adapt to the unexpected chain happened. That's kappa to always keep track to follow our government, our plane. That is the key for you to continue to successful in productivity journey in the long-term. 14. A brief summary: Now let's spend a little bit of time at the end of the course to summary or of the contents we have been discussing during the course. At the beginning we were talking about the correct mindset. You need to have to break the chain. The first correct myself, we were discussing, it. Does treat disease alone won't work. You need to start with the correct myself. Rise story. You need to change the story that you tell yourself. The second correct myset it that time-saving tips won't work. Instead of trying to save a little bit of something, mixed scatter for it and committed to work on it. Then we talk about the mindsets of using money investment miser to manage your time. How you spend the money, how you manage and control the monies is how you bring this idea to manage the time. And then we talk about the midst of work-life balance. It depends on the reference, the values, and the state of life. Then after talking about the correct mindset, we were discussing about the rise treat dizzy. First, how to increase the quantity of output by focusing on the thing. The outputs such bring real values to the life, to the career, the personal goal. And then we talk about how to increase the quantities of work, the quantities of inputs. Indoor productivity is equation. We will discuss about how to be able to really focus act of work. Then how to create an effective workplace and how to set up the goal. How to manage communication to better manage time. Then we took a quick test, multitask tests to see how actually it works in really taste. And then we discuss about how multi-face and then disciplines work together to help you to reach the personal goal. And the last bus we will discuss about how you'd adapt the chain. How you overcome. Does a disappointment to the things that didn't work as a bland, That's have you to continue. Just success into productivities journey. You see, we have been going over a lot of information during the course. And I hope that by all of that information now you can be ready to make the chain ready to create the breakthrough in the productivity score. Let's say our observed result after the course. And good luck to all of you. See you in another course. Bye-bye.