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Productivity Masterclass Step 5: Trusted and Simple Systems

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro: Productivity Masterclass Step 5: Trusted and Simple Systems

    • 2. Keep it simple

    • 3. Emails, a Special Inbox

    • 4. Lists Somplify Everything

    • 5. Lists on Timejar

    • 6. How to Use Your Calendar

    • 7. Skillshare Project Step 5

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About This Class


I will show you in 7 simple steps how also you can bring clarity to your inner and outer chaos! This class is on step 5: Trusted and Simple Systems

This course helps all entrepreneurs

  • to get ahead of their every day to dos
  • and have clear priorities on what to do
  • and to develop a simple system in order to see the greater picture
  • and thus to work efficiently on the most important task (at any time)

A clear desktop and a clear mind are the direct consequences of this simple system!

- and lead to more leisure time and improved usage of all resources

This course addresses entrepreneurs but will also be of great help for employees or students and the like.

Step 5: Trusted and Simple Systems

Once you have establishe systems, everthing flows a lot easier. I show you how to establish systems regarding your emails, your lists and your calendar.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro: Productivity Masterclass Step 5: Trusted and Simple Systems: Hello and welcome to my productivity masterclass. It's a program in seven steps, and my name is Mikey Hoon Bata, and I'm very productive. I would say I'm very active and them very creative at a lot of online courses and other online product. I do a lot of business coaching, and I'm also an only mother to my two Children. So often people just ask me, How do you manage? How can you do all these? And sometimes they're asking me if I have some time management secret they don't know off. So it's an answer to this question. I started to record some courses on productivity. The 1st 1 is from vision to reality, where it shows you how to set in the chief goals than 1/2 a time management course. And now we're in the productivity course, and this is a seven step program, and you can find all these courses on this platform. So what will you learn here about this Productivity? Productivity is all the things that keep you busy all day, and it doesn't matter if you're employed or if you're self employed or if you're a student or maybe just mother to some Children, All of us have so many things to do, and we just seem not to have to keep on track with them. And I help you and the other show your seven steps how to make life easier. Okay, so what will you be learning in step number five? Step number five. It's all about systems about trusted in simple systems that you should apply in order to have everything clear and taught not to drown in your own chaos. So what systems are we talking about? We have already been talking about systems about the inbox and also about your filing system. And I will go into more detail about how you can have lists, which is very important. There are different kinds off, how you can have a list and also about how to have a calendar. How this works and also emails is very important. How to handle your emails. So we will be talking Maura about systems that you have everything in order with that and yes, enjoy 2. Keep it simple: Okay, now we already have Step five off our seven steps to more productivity. And my step Number five is systems trusted and simple systems. There was a time when there time management waas talked a lot about by many people, and they're meant many people thought that there would be more important if they had a big file effects. There was even this move with his eighties movie file affects, and it seems the people had their whole lives in the file effects, and there's a whole industry of selling very difficulty and expensive time management systems. But the thing is, the more difficult it gets, the less you will really use your system. So the truth is that the secret is that you really keep it a simple assed possible. The more simple it is, the more you will use it and the more you can trust it. And this is what what should happen. So actually already showed you all that you need for a system that really works. It's only four different items. First off, all its your inbox is sort your physical inbox and all the other in boxes like email. It's your list. They can't be on paper, also on the computer or somewhere in an app. It's your calendar. This can also be electronico chest on paper. And then we already talked about filing. So the violin system we already talked about and now I want to get closer to the other three things. What you have to take into consideration where you have to be careful. 3. Emails, a Special Inbox: okay, and then we talk about in boxes. Email is a very special inbox because somehow it's the same as the physical inbox. You get new things in there all the time, and often people treated the same way as physical in boxes because it's like a swamp. And some people have 102 105 100 emails in their in box. Why that? Because they just don't know what to do about it right now. But they don't want toe. Forget it. So they just defeat in their inbox. But if they really need it, they often don't find it, or they forget about some some deadline they have, and so on. So you should treat your inbox the same as your email inbox, the same as you should treat your physical invokes. The best is to have nothing in there. This is often called zero inbox or inbox zero. I saw it both ways, and this should happen at least once a day. And for some people, it sounds like this could never be possible. But I tell you, I do that so as you should process all your inbox is once a day, at least you should also process your email inbox once a day, and that this time it should be at zero. And this is really a big relief when you do that, because you know that everything is processed that you know that everything went where it should do. You should go. And it's the same. Like with the physical inbox. You ask yourself the same questions. Is there anything I have to dio? Is there anything I can do within two minutes? Yes. No, Anthony, just process it the same way the way I told you before in chapter for they do the same with your email inbox. And then you can go to zero once a day and gives your relaxed feeling This is a lot off distressing from, or Mike off my my email inbox will be exploding. So this is what I recommend you to do. And here are some some things that can help you too toe really achieve that and many other positive things. The first of all, you should only have one account. I know sometimes it's tough. Maybe when you when you were also work in some office and you have your your company in box and then you have a private one. But then you should stay with to. You shouldn't have more today. You can collect all your different accounts if you need them ago. But you can just direct all emails to only want to come, for example, your Gmail account. Or maybe you have an account to with your webpage, but you should stick with you should really stay with one account and should direct all the other in boxes to this one account so that you have it on one spot and then you have folders like the same like you usually having a computer. You have far folders, document files where you can put your your emails. And many people have lots and lots of folders. But this is just not necessary because today in any EU member around the search function, really, Berks will. So you can search by the name off the other person. You can search by their re furans. You concert by parts of the text, so if you have lots of different files, you have more files where you have to search for a specific email, so make it a simple it's possible. Just have one bomb folder for your private stuff and one for you. For your business. I have. For example, 11 folder is called Printing, and when I process my emails on on my mobile, which I also do, I don't have a printer with me. So what usually people do if they, for example, getting appeal, and they they want to print it for their counting, they would leave it in their in box because they know that they can't print now what I do. I just put this email into my print folder, and as soon as I'm in my verify off my printer, then I can print it and then I can use put it into my accounting folder. Juices varied finally, states just to have a difference. If if I have any, any text texts person coming and asking me for for Mayer for my folders. So just have a minimum number because you can find any email easily by the search function , and it will only get harder if you have more folders because you have to search in more Fullers. Okay, then all of us get lots and lots off junk emails. Just don't bother if you bomb subscribed for it because you needed it once and you just don't want to have it any more than you usually have an unsubscribe link and just use it. Just just unsubscribed fun, anything that you do not want to to get any more. And then, of course, there's also lots of chunk that you have never subscribed for and which is not really official. So you don't have an up unsubscribe link, then just put it into your junk folder and then it won't appear again. And this is very important to that. Really? Any time you get an email you don't know, you know that you do not want to have any more. Just unsubscribe it right away or put it into your chunk and one function many people do not know is that you can automate your inbox like, for example, with Gmail, you can say any email that comes from that in the person doesn't even appear in the inbox. It goes directly into folder, ABC, and this could, for example, be all your newsletter. So newsletters you do not want to unsubscribe from newsletters you really want to have but usually new leper. Let us come at a time when you don't have time to read them. Anyhow. I mean, it's the same with physical newsletters. When they come in with your normal male, you don't take them and read them right away. You read them when you find time for that. So instead off getting them into your inbox and putting them into the newsletter folder yourself, you can automated and can say, OK, all these newsletters go into my newsletter folder right away without me having a look at it. And then when you have the time to read your newsletters, you just find them all nicely in this folder that you dedicated for that one very important thing about the use of emails is that you turn off all notifications. You often get sound notifications, or even, even normally in right lower lower corner. You get like little pop ups that say you just received a new email by blah blah, and this is really not necessary. Many people recommend that you only open your inbox your email box once or twice or three times a day. I don't do that, but I wasn't. Don't go with any notification that there is a new email and I don't check them all the time because it just interrupts whatever you do all the time, and you shouldn't do that. So make sure you turn off all notifications and just check on your email. It's really as possible. Don't make yourself crazy just to eat us off, miss. You need to answer or all your emails as clients expected to be. And then two more points about etiquette. Because when you write emails with persons, you usually have like a ping pong, your answer and be right back and so on. You have some colleagues, Er's Some co workers were even some friends very email in a regular on a regular basis. And then just make sure that you always have a clear reference, especially when you write more offensive that you don't have to read the whole email in order to know what it is all about. And if you do that, other people usually tend to do the same issue, too. So this is 11 thing that helps you to have things easier, and then I would also recommend that your only that you write an email pair task. So if you have to ask three different things, right? Three emails, because you will for there for the quickest answer, you will get the email Greek up than if you wait for that. The other person arms us all three of them. And it's also always the possibility that you won't get an answer to all three of them because they just answer one, and then they forget about the others. So that's also good in this regards that you write three emails in order to get three emails back back each on one task. Yeah, this world were some points I want to mention on how to use your email efficiently. These are, of course, not all the bullets I could tell you there's lots of to do in regards off having your email box in a Cerro inbox, but I think these are some very important points in the hope I could help you with that 4. Lists Somplify Everything: Okay, so item number one for your very simple productivity system boss email. And now I tell number two are your lists. So once again, what a lists lists is where you collect all that stuff, all that loose ends, everything that is in your mind and that he usually just keep up at in your mind just juggling and be making sure that you don't forget. And it's so much easier to write it down just at that moment, that's it crosses your mind, and then you can be released off it for the moment and just have it written down somewhere . And of course, you can do that like this, like with a clipboard. But there are other forms as well. Like, for example, you could use index cards or you could use post its are just a nolde pet or, of course, all different kinds of electronic devices. Today there are lots of EPS like, for example, on the list that you can use for your mobile phone or also for your computer. So anyway, you prefer it. The most important thing is that you just write down anything that crosses your mind and that you are right it down Action orientated. So you should use a Virpi should say this is what I have to do. So there should be ever and you just make it half a sentence or a sentence and just make it clear what the exact next step is that you have to do. And what kind of lists can be half. So, of course, you could just have a generalised where you have write everything down. This will work for many people and I always tell everyone, keep it a simple is possible. Don't don't end up having hundreds of lists and so you should have as little as possible. But, of course isn't as many as you really need. So if you are in a lot of pro checked, if your work is very project based, then you might need some extra least for your different projects and just don't make every every very little projector or an old list put put. Put them on a more chin on the generalised. But big projected big stones should should happen and at least on the room. So this is one thing very can put down older all the next steps for each of your projects. And then once you have blocked your time to work, adds Project A, for example, you just take your list and you just know what to do next. And another very important kind of lists I already mentioned several times are the at lists because our brain works in a way that's not that practical for productivity. Like, for example, if you need, um, for your printer. If you need a new cartridge, you usually think of it when you are at the printer, so you're just printing something into see Okay. Red is almost thumb, but actually it would make much more sense if we would think of that when you're at the shop where you can buy some new cartridges. So in order to fulfill that, at least sorry, great help. So you just have different at least depending on what you usually deal will do. And, for example, one classical at least would be at the phone because, as you know, it's better to bundle tasks. So if you have 1/4 of an hour for making some phone calls, it's the easiest to have a list that says at phone, and you can do them all that once. Then you can, of course, have a list, like at the mold or even at a certain shop. I, for example, have a Nike A list. I'm attack years every half a year, and there's some things I like to buy when I'm there. But then men, I go there. I usually buy, like one big, big, bulky thing, some, some I don't know, some couples. There's a couch or whatever, and then often I can't really think of all the small things that I want to buy. So with this, at least at like years, I just know what I want to buy. And you're a normally with the Elektronik EPPS. You can also share those lists like you could share this list with the whole family. And so if your partner goes to act here, he or she also knows what to buy at. A Kia other at lists would, for example, be at home or its work. If if you need that, if you work it somewhere else than at home or at computer, I don't need that because I'm at the computer, mainly all of my workday. Um, then I wasn't mentioned, the at least for waiting. But this is a very good one. So if you're waiting for something, you just have one, at least where you just write down everything that you're waiting for. Your waiting for an email, you're waiting for a quote. Your make waiting for some. Let her to come and you just write it down. And so you make sure that you don't forget that there's still something missing. Then, of course, you can also use at lists for your coworkers or for your Children. If you don't see them every day than just write down what you need from them the next time you see them and a very nice At least it's off course, also for future projects that you just keep them in mind. So there isn't an interesting project that crosses your mind, and you think all that would be great if I could do that? But I'm don't have to resources right now. I don't have the time, so just in order not to forget it completely, you just have your own future, least our dream list. Or however you call that. So this is also very important lists which but you can then take when you need it. I like when you're at years you have your archaea list and then another kind of lists are checklists. And they're also very nice systems which make life much easier, much simpler. Like, for example, when I go hiking on the Camino, there is not much, but I can fit into my backpack. So of course I don't want to forget anything. But on the other hand, every everything I that I take with me that I don't need, I have to carry on my back all the time. So I'd rather be careful on what to put into my backpack. So isn't it nice if I have a checklist about it and don't have to think about each of the items every time or again? Another checklist on holidays. We may give a big, huge family meeting once a year where the old share one huge apartment and in apartments usually don't have catch up. You don't have sold. You don't have soap and things like that. So why not make fun checklist once and share it with my sister and my brother, who brings what so that we don't have to take care of with each time. So check its are for all the things that you need on a more frequent basis and very always need the same things. Uh and then you don't have to Iraq your brain every time you need it, but you just take your check list and check it and one more list that I don't have here right now. But that then I have already talked. They're all kind off flow charts, work flows. I'm I showed you earlier than simple one about the lamp that doesn't work, so name doesn't work. First, check the plot. If the plaque is in, then check the bulb lift about this. Okay, then repair limp. And you can do these kinds of flow charts for any things that you do on a regular basis, and you just can't remember it. So, for example, you have to load something up, but some specific webpage and this is a more steps you have to do when you don't remember them each time. Just do a little flow chart. You don't have to do it in an on on a program. You can just draw it on the piece of paper. So lists shall be here to simplify your life, to make it easier to feel safe and trusted, trusting that everything turns out fine. And of course, you shouldn't have, like, hundreds of lists make it ASL it'll as possible, but as many as you need. 5. Lists on Timejar: and in this video, I want to show you how you can use lists in the time char I introduced it earlier. It's for free, and it's very easy to use and all, but it's so far worse that we're putting some tasks in there and put it on and named it in box. So if you just would think of another chart a not a task like for example, they said, um, exchange night Bob in bedroom, for example, and this press enter. And then here you have another thing in your in books you could those right there, it's just the same. So this is the first thing that you get everything clear on your mind and that it just write down action steps, and you don't have to think where these action steps belong. So next thing that you want to do is, for example, have a daily game plan. So you decide. OK, what is it that I have to do today? Let's call it today, so and for me are rather have it on the right side of Thean books. So now it's fixed and now looking at my inbox. And of course, there's usually more than four tasks you can't just decide, OK? I want to bring the dress to the dry cleaners today. I want to make my appointment with with Mr X today. You do it just that way. And so you have you today list. And if you don't finish it, then tomorrow is today again. So it just stays in your things that he wanted to right now, you can prioritize in each of these charts. You can just put things up and down like that. It's very easy. What else can you do? You have, like, a journal so you can date stamp things. Like if you want toe. Remember that you did something on a certain day Like, um, call with Tex, Mr. I mean, so you just will remember later that you had a cold with Mr Dean from the text attacks office on that on that date, so I don't really used it, but it's a nice, nice I think if you don't need it, you can always archive it. You see here when you go here, you can just say archive, and then it's in your archive. And but of course, you can also bring it back from the archive, but I prefer to rather have little things as possible there. Okay, what else can you do? You have a doctor? Are where you can add doc documents. You have a busy week. Editor. Very can write text, but you can also upload you can. You can link hard feelings. You can upload pictures and things like that so you can at any kind of documents. Then you can occupy eight anything. So, for example, men you have to is on you to do list, and you're really brought the dress to the dry cleaner. You can just check market and the sun is ejected. It's gone off to the A list, and it's in your archives so that you know that they have done it and also on the complete list. I don't really need those a spell, so I would just put them into the archivist. Well, because I think, but what really likes here are colors. I think so. You colors would make it make it better over a few, so I want to have as little charges possible. Actually, I don't even need the doctor a spell, so that's just removing this well. And if you decide later on that you want toe get any off those back, you just go here and you have team archived Char's. And there you will find them all, and you can just bring them back. It just restore. But actually, I don't want to know. So leave. There's just for better overview, and I go back to my dish that this top. Okay, so this is my M box. This is where I put all my brain storming in everything that crosses my mind. And from that I say, Okay, this is these are the smallest things that I want to do today. This is, like, sort of a general to do list off a day, and then you can are at more lists Any time you want to Just go here with the plus, you have four different possibilities. You can add protectors Task Charles, journal, Jaws and doctors. So I want to show you how to add an At least this would be a task char and it usually shows up at the left side, but I can bring it anywhere want. So I said, like, for example, at four look, people enough to and lists. Uh, of course not here. Yeah, And foam. So this is one list where I want to have all the task that I have to do when I'm when I have some time to take. Take some phone calls and you see there is copal Paul. So it just can put it here to the at phone list. And I can add more like cold. You I can also add them here like cold, Mr Brown. I can put it here when I put it here First comes into my inbox, and from there I can, of course, also bring it there. So this way you can establish different at boxes. It's at chars, like at foam at at home or, for example, the at least for waiting or the at least for future projects. And so you just do as many off those lists as you want toe and the other The last one I haven't talked about yet is the project list. This is very important. And this is a list off all your projects. And like, if you have pro checked A and you have parole chicks B and you have project, see off course. Then you have this. These are actually links that link toe on old set off Charles for each of the project. So if I go here on Project A, I have a new desktop that I can just arrange for my project A so I could back here. You see, here it's his project is and I'm not the general desktop, but in my project, a desktop and I can arranged it again. Anyway, I want to you go back. So let's say making an appointment with Mr X belongs to pro checked, See? So I can just put it in there into pro checked, see? And if I now, if I not go into Project C, I find this year in my holding char I'm knowing project see. And my holding charter is one off. My next steps is making appointment with Mr Eggs. So even all decided I will spend some hours on project. See, I will have all the tasks that I need for project See right here. Nothing. That's quite nice. Okay, So just to check on it once more, going back to what I said about lists, you have a general list and you have pro checklists and you can also have at lists on Thistle in the program, so I think this is quite nice and it's for free. 6. How to Use Your Calendar: okay, and the next productivity to Lonmin to talk about is calendars. And, of course, you can have, like a physical color in the paper calendar. You can also use Outlook or a Google lender or something like that, and many people use calendars in the wrong way. This is why I am. I want to show you in the short video what you shouldn't do and what you should do. Many even time management trained people. They learn that they should put everything under calendar older to do so. Let's say, like for example, today is the 28th and you're planning tomorrow. And so you have different tasks that you want to fulfill, and some people just go there and say, OK, task are a and task being derided, of course, out like to do this into that and task See and task T and E and F until I'm so. This is what they are planning, what they want to do. And then the 23rd comes and the only can arrange to do and be all the rest is not dumb. So what they usually do, they take Task C and D and E again and put it for the next day, and maybe they even plan on doing some more. So, for example, they also have G at age, so and this is what you often even learning time management courses. But this is, of course, very frustrating. First of all, uh, because it's d multi waiting. If you see that you come to everything and that you have to take it and write it again on the next day. And second, it's you just electing any over few. So let's say, for example, that see would be the only thing that really is time relevant because it's a business meeting, a lunch meeting at at one oclock. And this way, when you have all these different tasks and no priorities and not sure if you and actually you're Eddie, sure, before that you might not be able tow fulfill the mom, then it just there is no overview, and the only time relevant task might be overseen because your PC doing all that on your list and you don't see that this is really time relevant. So and this is actually what I want to tell you it a calendar is not for to do lists to do lists, go some burials. A calendar is only for time, relevant things, appointments and stuff like that. Everything else should go somewhere else in either in the follow up system or in lists, but not in your calendar. Your calendar should only contain things that need a specific time. Like I said, like this lunch, for example, are a specific day. If it only concerns expletive specific day, another specific time. You usually have some space here. Up there doesn't look very huge in a moment because it's just a screenshot off my Google Kalinda, but it's it's broadens if I need more space, it just makes more space. And if you have a paper calendar, you make sure that it has some space up there as well. So what do you put here? You put hear things that you have to do on a certain day, but their mouth time relevant. So, like, for example, you know that you have to phone somebody are consuming a meeting that's on the next day, and you know this person is still on holiday the day before, so this is the only day where you can talk to that person about that project. But it doesn't matter if your phone that person a 10 or at 4 p.m. And the third thing that comes into the calendar are informations regarding a specific day. This can also go up here. And what could that be? Off course birthdays and special days, Or if you need some information about other persons that do not really, where you don't have to take any action, but still you have to know it like that your spouse is somewhere else abroad, or that your boss is at meeting are things like that any any things that are time relevant but where you don't have to take any action where you just have to know very just have to have the information on that day. Um, I also like, put deadlines, for example, and things like that. So this is what you put here, and one more thing for people who tend to be too late for any meetings. Um, this is usually because those people have don't think off old, but they have to do to get there. So just if if it if you're that kind of person, just start or not only putting your appointments into the calendar like, for example, of an appointment here a two o'clock 2 p.m. But because some people tend to think okay at 10 clock, I still can't make up another appointment. But this is out of your house. You have to go there and with finding a parking lot and finding the right office and wanting to be there some minutes earlier, you should cockle it almost one hour extra to get there. So if you're the kind of person who tends to forget about it, just blocked. This time is, well, you can treat in another color, so that disappointment doesn't only take one hour but actually takes three hours with going there in coming back. So you should do that. And in this way you can use your calendar, and you can really rely on it if you use it only for specific things. For time, really. One things and everything else goes. Some girls 7. Skillshare Project Step 5: congratulations. You have made it to the end off this course, and I hope you have enjoyed it and that there is a lot you can take with you. And, yeah, there's some final information I want to give to you. First of all, at skill, share this rating system with thumbs up and thumbs down. So I want to invite you to review this course in the hope it will be a guess. You find this part just above your video and when you juice when you picked the yes, the following happens, there's a pop up that looks like that, and you see there's three Yes, marked already. You also have the opportunity to give give it, give you rating specifics, like to tell me by exactly you liked it and not only tell me, but it because it's a public review. So you can tell everyone who is in the course of maybe just wants to decide to get into the course. And you also have the opportunity to give me private information if you want, and then you just click submit. So I invite you to do that and further on you have the possibility to share the course. Underneath the video, you find this the share button, and there is the same. You can always leave a review here and there. Some more settings here. And if you click on this share button, there's also pop up and what you can do. You can share it with your friends if you liked your course. And if you think of somebody specific that what maybe half a great advantage of watching my course. Just go for it and inform your people at the same time you're sending a link that to get the premium for just 99 cents for three months, and if the joint the premium program, you will get one month off premium for free. I think this is a great deal, and so you can send them for email. Or you can just take the link and put it wherever you want to. You can share on Facebook or on Twitter, and the last information I want to give you is that skill share is very project orientated to each course. Has a little project toe make you actively do the things that just learned so that you really can adopt them right away. So under your video, you you will find this bar and the communities all the sharing Zolder all the off a book people are saying about the course. The ballot is about the course, all the information and he in the middle. You have your pro checks and old projects. And if you click on your project, you will find the project description and you will find out what exactly assignment for the course is. And underneath you have to possibility toe load up your project if you want to, child. And ah, here, with all projects, you can find old project that half have been sent in so far, so you can see what other people have done. And now I want to invite you to join the Project of Discourse. Signed. A little assigned Monday project for this class is that you share which systems you want to apply. So what do you want to do in future? What you haven't been doing so far. So please share with me and with the community, and I am really looking forward to see you in the next class again.