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Productivity Masterclass : Daily Habits

Sheetal Mulay, Artist / Teacher

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5 Videos (19m)
    • Set the goals clearly & revisit them every single day

    • Touch it once method

    • Drink more water

    • Work out

    • Wrap Up!


About This Class

Productivity Masterclass : Daily Habits

My name is Sheetal Mulay & I’m a proud mother of 6 year old.

Few year back when I decided to quit my corporate job & start my online journey.

Very soon I started facing two big productivity issues.

First I never had enough time.

And second I never managed to get enough done in available time.

I was struggling with these two issues for a long

I tried all possible methods, books, systems & apps. But nothing was working.

Very soon I realised I was doing 2 major mistakes.

First I was looking for some magic pill or magic wand which will bring in the changes overnight.

And second I wanted the solution for all problem areas in my life at the same time.

Then I decided to change some of my bad habits, slowly with my own pace.

Initially it was difficult, very difficult.

It took me long time to get things back on track.

But I did it.

And that’s the exact reason I decided to create this course.

If you are in the same boat similar to mine this course is just for you.

This course contains the habits I changed which bought a huge difference in my life

I have added PDF worksheets after every lecture to keep you on track.

Go slow with your own pace.

You must have patience and strong wish to change these habits.

This course does not talk about any time management formula or system.

It does not promote any book, formula, software or productivity apps.

There are no ‘Magic Hacks’.

The whole aim of the course is share simple habits that changed my life.

And I am sure it will change yours too.





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Sheetal Mulay

Artist / Teacher

About Me :

Hello, I am Sheetal Mulay from Mumbai (Bombay)-India.

I did my Engineering & started my career as a software programmer. Then, I completed my MBA & worked with a corporate for 10 Years. But a JOB is “A JOB”.

Even though I was earning well, there was something which was suffocating me. I wanted to do something more substantial and which could satisfy my creativity.

I was really trying hard...

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