Productivity Masterclass: Create a Custom System that Works | Thomas Frank | Skillshare

Productivity Masterclass: Create a Custom System that Works

Thomas Frank, YouTuber, Author, Entrepreneur

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10 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Manage Your Tasks

    • 3. Set Up Your Calendar

    • 4. Take Your Notes

    • 5. Organize Your Digital Files

    • 6. Organize Your Physical Files

    • 7. Get Better at Email

    • 8. Use Quick Capture

    • 9. Schedule a Review Day

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Make 2019 your most productive year yet!

Transform your personal and professional life by creating a simple, customized productivity system with productivity expert and YouTuber Thomas Frank.

With over 1.2 million followers on YouTube, Thomas has crafted a career out of helping others get organized and improve their workflow with simple, straightforward techniques. Join Thomas as he shares his tried-and-true process for creating an end-to-end, personalized productivity system that works no matter how much you have going on in your life.

Key lessons include:

  • Task management essentials
  • Digital and physical file organization
  • How to take (and keep) notes
  • Email tips and tricks
  • Staying organized for the long haul

Whether you’re a freelancer aiming to streamline your project process, a grad student balancing a full-time job, or a hobbyist looking to carve out time for a passion project, this class is your ticket to crafting the life you want. In just one hour, you’ll have the tools you need to go after your dreams, achieve your goals, and be your most successful self yet!





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Thomas Frank

YouTuber, Author, Entrepreneur

I’m an author, YouTuber, and speaker who is passionate about helping students succeed. Most of my work today is done at College Info Geek – a site I created in 2010 in order to share my experiments in becoming a more effective student.

Today, College Info Geek is one of the world’s largest and best-loved resources for students, and includes a blog, podcast, and a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers.

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