Productivity Hacks Part 1 - How To Plan A Perfect & Productive Day | Kuunal Desshmukh | Skillshare

Productivity Hacks Part 1 - How To Plan A Perfect & Productive Day

Kuunal Desshmukh, Learning Never Exhausts The Mind, Let's Learn...

Productivity Hacks Part 1 - How To Plan A Perfect & Productive Day

Kuunal Desshmukh, Learning Never Exhausts The Mind, Let's Learn...

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. First Tool In Your Arsenal

    • 3. Second Tool in Your Toolbox

    • 4. Plan Your Perfect Productive Day

    • 5. Your Project And Conclusion

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About This Class

Everyday we have a hectic schedule. Some of us start with a plan every morning and write down our tasks. Many of us don't. However, at the end of the day we all are not even close to what we wanted to achieve. We have not scratched off 20% of our list we started in the morning. 

If you are one of the above, this class is for you. This class is going to show you how to map out that perfect plan in a fun and efficient way. And more importantly how you can stick to the plan and complete it everyday, not just once in a blue moon. 

This class will show you two amazing tools that are free and can help you map out your perfect daily plan in a most efficient and fun way. Wouldn't it be nice if you had fun with the process of creating your daily plan and also have fun working on the plan and in fact completely finish the plan regularly. 

That is what I am going to show you in this class. I am going to show you how to plan a perfect day and complete all the tasks you assign yourself regularly and create a habit of it. In turn, you will get to be successful by doing specific focused tasks which will get you near to your goals. 

So, Enroll now and lets start planning your perfect day and start our journey to success. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Kuunal Desshmukh

Learning Never Exhausts The Mind, Let's Learn...


Hey there, 

How are you doing today? Hi, I am Kuunal and I am so glad to be connected to you on skillshare. 

So to tell something about me, I am an internet marketer from the past 5 years by choice. Now, what do I mean by that? See, by academics, I am a Mechanical Engineer. I have a business of manufacturing from the past 10 years. 

But, internet marketing is what I like the most. You can say it is close to my heart. I love marketing on internet, creating websites on wordpress, shopify and much more. 

Internet marketing give me a sense of completeness. It is the most amazing world within our world. I would love to teach you how to create business on internet, create a shopify store and many more things. I am so excited to teach you. Do you... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this class. I am Colonel. I am an Internet marketer from the past two years. And I also have an e commerce store at bona strained even dot com. I am very excited to feature this class. I hope you enjoy this. These was this Inter three video on If you like it, let's get started. Do you make less soft us every morning? Do you complete all the tasks at the end of the day? I bet you get disappointed after looking at all. You're incomplete lists off test every day in the evening. No need to get disappointed anymore. I'm going to show you an awesome process off planning your day, and I will show you a way to complete your list in less time. You will easily complete your lists and have ample of time for everything you truly want to do. But that will be with more practice off course. So buckle up and get yourself a cup of coffee and let's get started to plan your perfect day and I'm going to show you how plan Your perfect day in 20 minutes flat 2. First Tool In Your Arsenal: Hi there. Thank you so much for continuing with this glass. Now, before we go on to plan your perfect day before a show, you know how to plan your perfect day in 20 minutes. We need to have some tools in our arsenal. Two people size, we need totals. Now, in this video, I'm going to show you how to use the first stool and what is exactly the first tool that'll need. So let's get started now. The first tool that your you'll need was created by Francisco Sharlow and this tool many off you might have already known the stool. When you off, you might have already used the stool, But believe me, when we'll go to the planning the poor planning the day you'll you'll see that how the stool will help you in your in your planning. So the first tool is the poor Moroder technique. Now, many off you might have already known the stool. So let me tell you what exactly this tool is. For those who don't know the stool so far, Suarez Pomodoro tomorrow is an amazing, amazing, effective time management tool. It manages your time and it allows you allows you and your brain to relax while while doing your work, and that is very important. Let's let's take an example for this. You are You're having a task of writing a block post. For example, Onda, you start writing a block post and for continuous to us at the stretch you're still writing and you don't come up with anything else yet instead of that, instead of using this conventional way if you use the Pomodoro technique, I guarantee you that within just one are you will be able to get an amazing and effective block post return which you'll which will be written by yourself, basically so ah, what other technical so enables you to work with time, not just work against it. So let me show you, How exactly are you? Go? Ah, how it works. So first you choose your task. So let's say Let's take an example of the block post again. Your task is to write a block post or an article for something you for a website, for example. Then you'll set the timer for 25 minutes. So within this 25 minutes, whatever you do is just one thing that is the task. You will work on the task which is writing a block post for the next 25 minutes, and that I, after starting the timer and you won't do anything, is if you finish it before the time you will just revealed again and completely. 25 minutes after the time we're ends, you will take a short big now in the short break in the five minutes off the short break, which, as you can see, you will not do anything related to the task. In the five minutes, you'll just relax your mind and you will do this for continuously four times So which we call as the Form four po Maduro's on. After four times, you will take a long break off 30 minutes, many off your thing that we're taking so many breaks. How is this going to help and how is this going to increase my productivity? Believe me, by taking short breaks, your brain gets re energized again. And when you start the task again after the far five minute breaks, you get more ideas flowing through mine. So that's it for the first pool that you will need for planning a perfect day. Let's get on with the next video where I show you the next tool that will need for planning a perfect day. Thank you. 3. Second Tool in Your Toolbox: Okay, so let's move on to the next tool that you'll need to plan your day again. You might already know the stool, but when we get to the class off planning the day with the help of this tool, you will come to know about its importance. So the next tool that you need is simple ology so simple Ology is an amazing tool. It is basically a task management. So, uh, if you use this tool properly, it will do industria daily routine and productivity. So let me take you there and create your account for simple ology. I've provided a link in the north section for going to simple ology website. Once you go to the website, you'll see over you assign a bar which gives you what her did a free trial. So instead, off this 30 day free trial, I'm going to show you a way to get a completely free account with simple ology. All you have to do is how your mouse over to the clothes showing an exit intend and you'll come. You'll come to a pop up box like this, which gives you the light version of symbology for free. All you have to do is click the yes burden under your name and email. Let me do it over you and click the double my productivity for free button. After this after this you will be forwarded to this page which will show you that you have to click a link on your confirmation link in your email. So all you have to do now is go to a meal and you you will be given. You will be sent the link like this. Get into the 1,000,000 click this link after leaving the link your before worded. So this speech and that's all you All you have to do now is you'll get all the tutorials. How toe How to use this tool. Onder, How to complete your tasks for the day by clicking this link over here with stays Do today's training After you do toe there, do this training for at least three or four days. You will get accustomed to this Well, so this stool and you will be It will be easy for you to create a list off task that you will do for the day. So that's it for this video. Andi. Well, by using the stool. And the other tool, which is poor murderer technique, will be planning your perfect day for tomorrow. Perfect day in the next video. 4. Plan Your Perfect Productive Day: Okay, Now that you know about the truth, the 1st 1 that is promoter technique and the second that its symbology let's get started with planning your perfect day. So first, now, now your very first task every morning or every night before going to the going to bed is that you have to use symbology and create a list ofall the task that you're going to do the next day or this complete day. So let's go to Symptomology and create a list now. So I have created a sample list. This this is just a sample list, so you're less may be more than this. So first you do your today straining. Watch all the videos and and create a complete list off us that you're going to do for the day after this. When your task is complete, your daily targets are all set. You have to. I have given a link for foreign accent sheet that is basically a daily walk Shoot. All you have to do is go to the link that I have provided on goto file and make a copy or download as an exception. So that's it. Once you download this, uh, just the timings are just the timing slow march to the way you you wanted the basic I just go through. The exception now first is my day starts at eight oclock and 8 to 8 25 is where I'm going to do the test. And after that, from a 25 to 8 30 that is five minutes. I'll have a short break. I'll do this four times on at 10 o'clock from 10 to 10 30. I will have a long break off half an hour. So we are using the promoter technique as it is now. What? What do you fill in? This task is what simple ology comes into the eyes when symbology comes into the picture. So, no, while feeling that askew goto a symbology daily targets. Copy this. Go back to ex associate and just based it over you, and that's it. Right now, you won't know for a specific task how many promoters you'll require. So after a while, when you complete, when you do the starts again and again, you'll come to know exactly how much promoters you required for completing a particular tons. At that particular time. You can just copy in pace eso. Let's say about for writing a block books. You need four more murders, so you just copy and paste over here and well, and at whatever time you have alerted for that poor for the task, you do that same task and do nothing else. If you complete the task early, you had just the sheet accordingly. So that's how you create a complete touch. Shoot or what you can say a plan off a day, which is perfect, and we just fast and which is efficient for you. Andi. You can complete it easily and in a very proactive manner. So that's how you plan your day. See you in the next video. 5. Your Project And Conclusion: Okay, That's it, guys. That's how you create Ah, perfect days plan for which is very productive and which is very easy to create. So for your project, it is very simple. You just hear the plan for the day and posted in our project section and leave comments to other people's posts who have other people's projects, were posted the projects and are in a class. So that's it, guys, See you in the next class. Awesome. You've completed the class. I hope you enjoyed the class. If you did, please leave a positive review. It will help and encouraging me toe produce more videos on more classes for you. Thank you once again. And I hope you have a great day.