Productivity Hacks: Master Productivity And Get Things Done | Ivan Yordanov | Skillshare

Productivity Hacks: Master Productivity And Get Things Done

Ivan Yordanov, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad

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20 Videos (55m)
    • Introduction And Welcome

    • Course Overview

    • Why Do You Want To Be Productive

    • How To Find Your WHY!

    • The Most Valuable Asset We Have

    • Let Go: The Art Of Doing One Thing

    • Number 1 Rule Of This Course

    • Blueprint For Success: It's All About Baby Steps

    • What You Should Stress Working On A Daily Basis

    • Start Off Your Day On The Right Foot

    • Super Human Morning Ritual To Plow Through

    • Organize Your Workflow And Boost Your Performance

    • Work Out Your Body

    • Avoid Lottery Winning Mentality

    • The Power Of Taking A Break

    • Deadlines Are Your Friend

    • Evaluate Your Day For A Better Tomorrow Preview

    • Be An Early Riser

    • Magic Fridays Concept Revealed

    • Identifying, Shrinking And Removing Your Destructive Habits


About This Class

Productivity Hacks: Master Productivity And Get Things Done will help you to increase your productivity, get things done and show you how to make the most of your time.

It's a step by step system, how to find your WHY, how to set your goals the correct way, welcome productive habits into your life, what you should stress working on a daily basis, the best way to organize your workflow, enhance your performance and way more.

This course is the right fit for you if...

  • You are open minded person, ready to learn new things and excel his own future;
  • You are willing to save yourself a few years of trial and error; 
  • You are ready to take advantage of the ultimate success and productivity blueprint and adopt it into your life; 


Here's just a small part of things you can start implementing TODAY: 

  • How to find your WHY by validating your ideas and selection the best and most profitable ones;
  • How to define your higher purpose;
  • Apply Let Go concept and The Art Of Doing One Thing;
  • Take advantage of guaranteed blueprint for success;
  • How to distribute your task into 3 different to-do lists;
  • How to weed out the dead-end tasks and prioritize the ones that bring you best results and grow your business;
  • How to start off every day on the right foot;
  • How to organize your workflow and boost your performance;
  • My superhuman morning ritual to plow through;
  • How setting up deadlines will help you to become more productive;
  •  Time compounding effect and the tremendous value in your life it's about to create;
  • The secret of Magic Fridays;
  • How to identify, shrink and remove your destructive habits.

...and much more!





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Ivan Yordanov

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad

I'm a passionate lifestyle entrepreneur, with more than 10 years of experience in direct sales and online marketing.

I help solo entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to succeed online, get more leads and sales, stress-free with no drama.

As a business consultant and service manager in Fantastic Services /one of the biggest marketing agencies in the UK/, I have managed to generate more than $10 000 000 in revenue for my customers in 2015 only.

I'm bor...

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