Productivity Habits: Time Management, Priorities & Procrastination

Ismail Raji, Passionate Online Instructor

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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome To Productivity Habits

    • 2. Take Charge Of Your Time

    • 3. Get Your Priorities Right

    • 4. Beat Procrastination For Good

    • 5. Thanks For Watching


About This Class

Do you ever finish your workday feeling like you weren’t able to accomplish what you wanted? You start with a plan, a list, a goal… but by the end of the day, you find yourself nowhere near where you hoped.

I get it. Being productive can be difficult if you don't know the right approach.

When mentioning productivity, most people think about complex software,  complicated 10 steps systems or confusing logic diagrams. But highly successful people don't think the same way.

Instead, they rely on the power of consistent habits to increase their productivity by 5 or even 10 times, and that's where Productivity habits comes to play.

Productivity habits is a series of researched and compiled science-backed habits used by self-made billionaires, professional athletes, straight A-students and other highly successful people to increase their productivity.

In this first course of Productivity Habits, you will discover 3 powerful habits:

First, We will discuss time and how you can apply a simple technique to take charge of your time.

Then we will move on to priorities, and how you can get them right, to achieve your goals.

Finally, we will talk about procrastination and how you can beat it by following some simple tips.

At the end of each lesson, I will give an exercise to help you incorporate these habits in your daily life and carve them into your mindset.

By trying just a few of the "secrets" I will reveal inside, I guarantee that your life will change forever.

Ready to become a Productive BEAST? Alright then , let's jump in.