Productivity Genius: The Most Productive Way to Schedule Your Meetings for Free! | Diego Davila | Skillshare

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Productivity Genius: The Most Productive Way to Schedule Your Meetings for Free!

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Optimizing Your Online Meeting Schedules

    • 3. IMPORTANT! Your Final Project

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn the easiest way to organize and schedule meetings with your clients, partners, friends and family, saving hours and hours of time.

We'll use an Online Free tool that will connect with your main Calendar (Google or Outlook Calendar), and present to your clients and partners only with your free time.

I hope to see you in the class!


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Meet Your Teacher

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Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: every time I need to schedule a meeting with a client or a partner. I sent an email with a date and time for the meeting on my client's reply, saying, Hey, I cannot meet at this time. How about these day? And we keep sending emails on losing a lot, a lot of time until we find the perfect data work for me on for my clients. If this happens with you in the past, you will absolutely love these cars. You will learn here how to use a 100% free tool that will automate all this cattle in process. It will connect with your main calendar. If you have a Google calendar, upper calendar of our look or any other calendars, it will connect with your calendar. See the time, the free time you have, and show that to your customer so they can pick the perfect time for the meeting. By then off the course, you will have a totally automates system to schedule all your meetings. Click on the road, no bottle and let's start doing that right now. 2. Optimizing Your Online Meeting Schedules: Hey, guys, welcome to the course, and happy to see you here inside the training. Now we will start creating your own lines. Kavaler with a great tool. And this is the also you right now the end picture. This is what you will have by the end of the course. Basically, you will send a link toe any off your followers to any year off your subscribers on bacon schedule meetings with you on this all lines. Candler is linked with other calendars you have. So if you have a Google calendar or Apple calendar, these systems this free software will sink with your current calendar and will show up only the free time that you have available so they can scale with total confidence. This is the bed. Absolute best way toe. Integrate your current calendar with all lines Candler on is the easiest way toe this cattle meetings for you. So this is the end picture. This is what you will have a day off the class. Basically us, in this case are sent a link to my customer for a very minute. Skype call with Diego Davila, which is me on in here. They have the available dates. You see all the blue circles. These are the dates on October 1920 21 go on on. If I click for example, on Friday, let's say Friday off over 21. Here we have all the available time so the customer or your client can just click on. Any time on this system will calculate the local time for the customers. So you're you don't need to worry about Easter time, Pacific time or if you live in another country, you live in here, up on your customer leap in the US the system will calculate all automatically. So if I click confirm here we're seeing here the resume saying 30 minutes. Skype Call attaining 10 a.m. Friday, October 21st Easter time on this is the scale. Oh, so basically, here I am asking the customer for their user, the Skype user name, and when they are ready, they click on schedule. At that time, this system will create a new meeting on my calendar on my Google calendar and also my customers go Google Calendar on it will actually save that time. It will block that time for the meeting is great the system also have a notification. So when the minis getting closer, you will see notifications from the system reminding you about this meeting. So this is great, and the AL show you right now in this course how you can achieve these very easily 100% free for your business, for your personal use us you want. Before we start with the calendar, I invite you to come here to the project's Ariane's. Kilchers called them a little bit. Powers the video on click on Star Project on Create a Project Introducing yourself well, more than five this project file while we're doing what we're implementing and creating your calendar. But other this moment the first stab you need to take is to go here, create your project, introducing yourself if you want, you can share your website or your Facebook profile. So you are introducing yourself to the community that we have here on this culture. We have more than 12,000 people that are fire off for community taking or classes every single day. So after this, we can go back to the class on start creating or calendar. So let's do that right now. The website. We're we're going to visit right now is called Calendar Lee, and this is the name off the tool we're using on these cars. Talent Lee is a free online scandal 100% free off course they have a premium membership to , but it's not necessary. I'll show you here how you can use it 100% free, so go to cal inlay dot com. And in here you see the pricing. Let me show you hear the difference. So you see the basic zero totally free, no creditor require, and this is free forever or the pregnant $8. Here are the main difference. So basically, with the free, you can only have one event, and with the premium you have unlimited events. That's the main difference. I, for me personally, works perfectly the one event. But in case you start using and you think it will be good for you to have more events, you can, of course, upgrade to the premium that's totally up to you. So let's sign up for these right now. You can sign up here, enter your email address. I'll enter my official email address here, So I am doing this with you. Step by step. And so you don't miss any off the important tips here on the process, so we can get started. Now. Enter your full name. This is my full name I'll use I'll choose some password. Here, let me see. Perfect. My password is done. Click. Continue. Now we're saying we're seeing here before. Continue unit to very five year email address. Please check your inbox for the confirmation league. Okay, here we have the email from Calendar Lee asking for confirmation. So all you need to do here is click confirm my email or copy these link and based on your browser. And that's why I'm doing right now. Let's see. Seek works. Excellent. Thanks for confirming you address blah, blah, blah. Let's going to a final lugging. OK, enter your password again. And here we are on the main on the work on the screen off gallantly. First, the first step is to choose your calendar. Lee Link. What is this? Basically yours. You'll sent to your customers specific links to schedule a specific events. So let's say you have a business where you do consulting for people and you have a 30 minute, a 30 minute meeting so you can create something like consulting 30 minutes with dear or something like that. Okay, so you can create any links that you want here on Dad Ling is the link that you will send to your customers in order to schedule your talent Lee event. So I'll create something like 30 minutes class, Let's see, is available. So Miley will be callin dllee slash tellingly dot com slash 30 minutes class any so I can give these to any person to any customer at any time. I can include that on my website. I can include that on my social media or my Facebook Content page or and any contact page where I want my customers to access my calendar. So this is my my currently, That's good. What's your time song? So my Easter time, so select years Here they are saying, here your current time is 10:18 a.m. which is which is correct for me. So you make sure your time is correct here before continuing. Who do you typically meet with? So you have the options here customers, partners, interviewers or others This case, I'll say customers and click on Next. Excellent. So let's connect with your primary calendar. This is important here. You will connect Calendar Lee this tool with your main calendar, and this is important because the tour whittle will use your calendar in order to see on analyze your free time and also, when you have a confirmation, a meeting confirmation for a new customer. These tour, tellingly, will add to your calendar as a new event. So in this case I am at my Google calendar. You also have here the old look plugging for Windows User, Google Calendar and Office 3 65 calendar on. If not you can you can click here. I don't need to connect to my calendar. So you you basically don't have the integration between between your main calendar and calendar. But I strongly recommend you to connect because that's where all the magic off the tour happens. So clicking connect here. Let's see. Now we need to logging on Google with your with your Google account. In this case, I'll use mine. Let's see here this is one of my accounts now is good. So is how we need to allow the permissions for callin. Lee to manage your calendar and manage your events. Click on Allow Here Excellence Processing. Here's a short video. How about how to get started? Let's jump these and go straight to the dashboard so we can start configuring your meetings . Here we have here we are in the dashboard, So basically, if you go toe calendar li dot com slash dashboard at any time you will be on your dashboard and you have here or your information now that we're here on the main dashboard, one off the questions that I receive very often for my Syrians East, How can I change my link? You see that my feeling right now is callin li dot com slash 30 minute class. If you want to change these to your name or your company name, I'll show you very easily how to do you Just click here. Click on account settings and in here. Click on my link and you can change to whatever you want. In this case, I'll try Diego Avila, which is unavailable so I'll try Diego de. Let's see this is available. Let's see if the villa is available. Davila No, let's use Diego de okay. Save changes So now my new my new link is callin li dot com slash Diego t this indentified better myself or my company So my customer knows who is sending the league. So next we need to click on event types event types east, where you create the events for your calendars. So if you have you have killed, for example, three examples that are 15 minute meeting, 30 minute minutes and 60 minute meetings so you can turn this on and off or you can add new events. So let's at a new event here, one on one or group this case will be 101 event name. I'll say Customer meeting 30 minutes. Okay, at location. If you want, you can add your location. Show location on scheduling page and confirmation page. Yes, that's good. That's recommended description. You can add any description here on here is the link off Devon, and this is the lingo you will be sending to your customer So calendar li dot com slash Diego de slash These so basically in here, you can customize again. If you want, you can say meeting with Diego, for example, Event caller. This is just for display purposes on when you're ready, Click on next. At this point, we already saved event and when we were in step number two where we're configuring the dates available for this meeting. So what is this? This is not you don't need to worry at this point if you have something. A scandal already for Monday in this case for Monday from 9 to 5. Don't worry about that. Assistant Calendar. Lee will automatically check if you have events or not. What you what we're setting here is your availability. So which days off? The week you will be available for these specific meaning for the customer. 1,000,000. 30 minutes. Okay, so in this case, I'll say, I'll be available on Tuesday on Friday toe just them Friday. And if I click edit here, I can change the time between one PM on five bn on Tuesday. Let's close this excellent. On Friday, I will obey. I'll be available for 9 a.m. Toe 11 a.m. Okay, so the seas and you can add other intervals if you want for the same day. And you can also apply the same toe all the days you want you just click here, and it will automatically apply for all the days off the week that you want. So you are. You don't need to go one by one and made the changes. I'll so you see here the events start every 15 minutes. 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. You can change these issue one. I'll say 30 minutes and click on close. Let's see. Excellent. And at then you have the question. How far into the future can events be scheduled rolling 60 days on this case, But I were recommended to go shorter. If you want. I'll never I like to do it the next 10 days. So they have the cable front today on 10 days in the future in these two days on Tuesday and Friday on this case. Or you can say for on these day to these day or indifferently so they can scale whatever they want. When you are ready with all these settings, click on next. Before we end these specific video, let me show you some additional options. And this is great because if especially if you're doing a Skype interview, our Skype call. So here we have questions form It's asking for a name and email on the four when the when. When your customer this is scheduling a meeting with you, the system will ask them for name and email this important in case you want to contact them . Also, you see here, add new question in here, you can add questions for your customers. Something like, for example, what's your Skype? You certainly. And you can say on off on if it's optional office or if he's required. If you are doing Skype interviews on Lee, you can click here on make. These are require field. Also, you can click on multi line or single line for the answer for these cases. Just describe user names, so I live in a single line and click on add. Excellent. Now you we have a question. What you ascribe. Use her name on his own and his require click on Safe and close. Excellent. On In here, the second box is inviting notifications. So what kind of confirmations your invites will receive? And you have here two options the email confirmation recommended or the joint calendar event events will recommend to keep it us the email confirmation because that's the best way for the system to work automatically. Skeletal. All your events. Let's go down here. More options off a vellum or availability options. Here, you can check, check and set black L Days in the in case you are off out of the office or you are not working that day. You can set that here on maximum number of events and all these things is good for now. We will not use in these. Okay, Now we're back to the dashboard and we see here. Mike Allen Lee, all the events we have on increase case we have customer meeting, which is the one we just created you can edit from here. You can email the girl off the event or you can copy the euro. Let's copy the euro Skopje and take a look on how it looks like. So open a new tab here. Let's see. So you see here that the actual U R l is callin li dot com slash Diego de slash meeting with Diego, which is all the links on exact phrase that we set up on the settings off this event. So here this is what the customer view excuses exactly what they are viewing. So you see here the name off the meeting, the times that that the customer East is in right now. In this case, I am on the Easter time. So that way is showing here and in here. We have remember that we set up only Tuesday on Fridays for the event. So you see here that we have only Tuesdays and Fridays available for the next day. 10 days. If we click on one of the options we see all the available time, let's click three PM confirm And in here we enter the customer's name on this case. Let's say John Montana, email address john at gmail dot com On watch your Skype name. Remember that we set up the question. Watch your Skype name on this has an ass trick with means that is required. If we don't enter these, they use her name and we can click on a schedule event. The system is saying this can be blank. So enter here. Jump Montana. Ease my Skype yusor user name. Excellent applicants. Kelo Event. That's it. At this moment, I am receiving a new notification on my calendar. I read the system. Collin, like Karen Lee, already book these on my calendar and also my clients calendar UNECE ready for the meeting . In the next video, we'll talk about your final project, which is super important because it will help you toe to take the right steps to see amazing results on your business. See you there. 3. IMPORTANT! Your Final Project: working to the final project. This is super important because remember that it's not enough just to watch the videos and watch the class. That's great. But the real results will can when you actually take action. When you apply what you learn on the class and you take action, that's when you see riel results. And to do that, we have three steps here and I invite you to complete this with me. Step number one of the final project is to watch all the electors. If you If you're watching this video this last video, I assume that you already watched all the videos. So congratulations, we completed step number one Step number two east to leave your positive feedback you review here on the class, you're honest. Review If you like the class I love to see your positive feedback that helps the class to grow on to reach more students. More people here in skill shirt that are looking for ways to be more productive on toe Our made all these scheduling system with gallantry on a step Number three is to create your final project here on the projects. Arianna Skill shirt. Go there to the project area on click on start New project. If you haven't doing yet on there, you can share with the community the link off you to your calendar Lee event. And that's important because I personally will take a look on your calendar, the event to the settings that you set up there on how optimize it is and I will give you my feet back on program. Sometimes I give you a suggestion to improve if it's necessary. So I hope to see your project there. Thank you very much for investing the time here with me on this class on. I invite you to check the other classes I have here in this culture. We have more than 80 classes, great classes about social media, Facebook, YouTube, productivity on all you need toe grow online and to grow more as a more productive person. I hope to see you in my other classes and half a Grady