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Productivity Class For People Who Work From Home

Sorin Constantin, Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

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5 Videos (25m)
    • Welcome To The Class!

    • Challeneges of working from home

    • Payoffs of working from home

    • Distractions Of Working From Home

    • How To Create A Productive Enviroment At Home


About This Class

Hello and welcome to this class.

If you are here you are probably involved in an activity which allows you to work from home. Now, if that is the case, we both know that working from cool can be very exciting and fullfilling but it can also be a total disaster because it can destroy your productivity completely.

So, in this class I've decided to talk to you about the advanatages and disadvantages of working from home but also about how to keep a productive home envioment.

Needless to say that if you want to become more productive and also enjoy working from home, you can enroll in this class right now and discover some tips that will help you to become a productivity monster in the comfort of your own house.

So, join me right now and let's get started!

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An awesome (and short!) class for folks who work from home.
Jenn Bradshaw

One Woman, Many Hats

I have been working from home for years now, but I always thought I could manage my schedule adhoc. Based on what my energy is on a given day, what my priorities are. I wanted to be able to take breaks during the day for the cost of working ore in the evening. I thought it is good to not think of work as work and everything else as fun. And I still do. But a fixed schedule separating must have tasks from freedom to do whatever you want is necessary for your sanity and reduces guilt and decision fatique. This short class tells you to make a fixed schedule and take care adjust your environment. Something that everyone working from home should hear and implement, even though (or especially because) it's common sense.





Sorin Constantin

Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

Hello guys,

My name is Sorin Constantin and I am an Online Entrepreneur since 2011 and Network Marketing Professional since 2013. In the last years I've started more projects with success in the online world in e-commerce and affiliate marketing. I've studied and developed two network marketing business, the first being a lesson for me, the second being a real business as a result of personal development and appling the principles of being a network marketing professional. I want to sh...

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