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Productivity - Brainstorm - Step by Step - Goal Setting - Time Management

Daisy I Productivity Coach, Productive Planning Co.

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5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started , First Things First

    • 3. Areas that need our attention. What to work on.

    • 4. Group and Narrowing Priorities.

    • 5. Actionable Steps.


About This Class

Hello and welcome to this week's class. The first part of November  “Let’s Get productive” series.

In this class, we will work together through a series of exercises to define areas that need our attention and then create a set of actionable steps to get started.

The intention of the class is to help you take action and work towards your goals. Regardless of what those are, personal, career or health.

We all need a clear plan to stay sane and productive. 

As always I encourage you to use your planner if don’t have one, here are two classes to help you create your own.

I have also attached a set of worksheets to help you follow along with the exercises. You can print these and then copy all the important details to your planner.


I hope you enjoy this exciting project and come back next Thursday as I take you along to set up an actionable plan using ASANA. 


I will love to meet you and share our projects and planning tips over at our social media channels. PLUS, you can see how I have been using similar tools to stay productive and have fun while at it. 

Follow at @productiveplanning or find out more about at


1. Introduction: Welcome back to a recruit classes in today's class being the very 1st 1 off November productivity focused month. We are going to be talking about strategies on how to identify areas that were struggling with. And what steps can we take to handle that and sold the issue that we're having? Hello. My name is Daisy and I'm a productivity coach. Help individuals like you planned a predictive life in career. We are going to be using a planner. So you know that I am all about having an actual planner in hand. We dedicated the entire month of October to create in a Travelers journal one of these ones that I have back here. If you decide to create one of those of you have a favorite journal, you are going to be needing that if you prefer digital plenty. I have also created a class to show you how to create that. I'm gonna add those links below. As always, I want to invite you to follow us on social media efforts planning and learn more about us . At predictive planning coach dot com, let's get started 2. Getting Started , First Things First: the goal off the class is to help you focus in one area at a time. So we are going to go through a series of exercises to help us identify these areas and then narrow down to this one that we are going to be focusing for. So to help you do that, we are going to I'm going to be sharing my screen. It's gonna be a top of a presentation class. But I do need you to have a pen, paper journal, your digital planet. Whatever is that you decide to use, you just have to have something to write down the exercises and actually complete the steps that we're going to be teaching today. Now, I do want to ask you to please do complete the excesses. It's no good to you to just pretend that you are doing it. But you're not really into it where you're not really doing the work. Then I can tell you right now that the class of my not be of help to you you have to actually put into time the work the you have to focus and and be honest with yourself when you are answering the questions that we are going to be discussing today. The goal is that you actually do the work, and by doing the work, you will see results in that that we get that out of the way. Let's go ahead and get started with the first step. 3. Areas that need our attention. What to work on.: all right. So to get started, we need to identify the areas that we are truly struggling with and the areas that actually need our attention. In today's class, we are going to step back and look into the issues that were having all the areas that were struggling with, and we are going to only identify three areas that need the most of the attention from those three areas. Then we are going to narrow down and pick just one to work on first. Most of the time, people believe that that they have, like, all these areas that they need to focus on in order to make something work in order to make project happen or things like that. So, for example, I am a business owner. So, um, I do have a lot of areas that need my attention that is social media, product development, marketing, customer service, shipping orders, creating orders. There's so many areas that a business owner needs to handle. However, if I focus on just one area of the most important area, that will be first product development because I do have to have a product to sell, then I have to do the marketing to get the orders in, complete the orders and then the risk will kind of kind of fall into in order once I get those three areas taking care. So yes, the areas in need specific attention or special attention to each of the areas. But let's like that. I am creating a new product while while I am creating a new product, I'm taking pictures. I am dragging descriptions and copy and all that that takes gear off my marketing or my social media aspect. So I am taking care of those two areas at once. I am also taking care of the actual listing off the product because I am already writing a description in a copy for the product that I developing. So that is just a gun and give you an idea on how taking care of one area can also take care of other areas. So we don't feel that if you see it that way, you can be just gonna take that approach. It kind of helps with the overwhelmed that we feel when we kind of see it all by Chuck's. So the first step off this exercise of today's class is going to be to write down just three pig, just three areas that you feel you're struggling with. Take about five minutes to just identify three areas. If you over thinking you're gonna come up with a 1,000,000 areas that you need to focus on right now, I need you to pause the video, take five minutes and write down just three areas that you need to focus on in order to be productive, to reach that goal or complete that project that you have been working on. 4. Group and Narrowing Priorities.: right. So to give you an idea on what to do on this first step, where we are going to identify three areas that we feel that we're struggling, which I am going to share, the ones that I have written down as areas that I think I have, I'm either struggling with or I'm having an issue being consistent. The first area that I wrote down with social media consistency think I am pretty consistent on my social media channels. However, I do manage a few of them, so it's It has become a little bit of a challenge for me to state consistent thes second area. It is my course development, have been working on a course for way too long, and I think that if I focus on the course, I could get it done. However, the same thing happens. I am trying to do so many of the things at the same time that I am feeling not in control and then the third content. I want to be able to share with you all the things that I do on a daily basis that have helped me. I want to be able to share that with you. However, I need to find it the class topics that make sense to share with you instead of jumping from one topic to the right. So now that we have identified the three area, the seconds that may go with the first step, which is trying to see if we can group this three area, whether it is just two areas group imbizo one or all three under one. In my case, I have social media, I have course development and I have class content. I have recourse development in class content because I think I could repurpose some of the the content from one area to the other one. Some of the information might be very good and I can reach arid in a different way. And then the other area was social media content. And I also think that social media content can come from the course and class development could group all three. But for now, I'm going to just group the class development in course development and the social media content will keep those two separate. So let's go ahead and take a few minutes for you. To do that, you have to see the three areas that you wrote down at the areas that you're struggling with and see if you can group them together. 5. Actionable Steps.: All right, so we have done two steps. The first step was to identified three areas that we were struggling with. The second step was to see recon group of toast together in. And now the third step will be to just pick one area to focus on. And the way that we are going to be doing that is to actually take the time to reflect on the areas that we wrote down and identified the area that really, really, really needs our attention first. So again, I'm gonna give you another example as I go through the excesses myself. I had three areas social media course development in class, content of group, the class, in course, development together. And then I said I kept the social media separate. That was my choice. I think it makes sense to how I work for me. You have to do it in the way that that works for you. Thirst step is to select an area that you know that you feel that you have to focus on first. In my case, I went for the class development where the class content thumbs are the class content. Because if I If I analyze it this way. If I focus on the class content, I can't crew. We ate the actual content from the content. I can take portions and move them to the course. And then from these I can create social media content or social media graphics. And anything that has to do with social media is really not complicated when it comes to social media, because all you have to have his image is good copy. And obviously some good information involve you to add to these the content of a graphic design, a graphic, images and things like that for social media. So to me, it makes sense to focus first on the class content creation. All right, so now that we have identified this one area that we want to focus on, we need to find a way to make it happen. So the way to make too do this is to actually create an actionable plan on actionable plan . Means that it is not a to do list is not that you're going to write down 20,000 steps To get this done, you have to be very, very specific up the steps that you need to take in order to make this happen. And again, I'm gonna give you an example of what I'm working on. First of all, if I want to create class content, I have to actually do some research, right? I have to know what topics are trending. I have to ask my audience what they what they would like to learn and do my own research, so that will be the very first step. So that is exactly what I wrote. Down first said, it's to find you think or ask for topic. All right, so that is an actionable step, and I can actually add a due date to it to the second step is to organize the topics in a way that makes tent. So if I'm gonna be talking about, in my case, productivity, guidance and tools to use an example is this clock to me, makes sense to talk about first, all the steps on the all the brainstorming in all the behind the scenes steps that I need to take in order to make my classes make sense. Now, the next week, I'm gonna be talking about tools that I use to make this happen and so right. So you have to do research or my case. I'm gonna be doing my research. Then I'm going to be organizing my topics in a way that makes sense. And then I'm going to be recording the classes and using the content from these records to separate them and repurpose them for the other areas. And then the fourth step to me is just released the class. So that means that by doing the class content creation, I'm also working on these other two areas as well. Is the course creation in social media. Like I said before, it makes sense to first of all, identify areas that you struggling with, then tried to group them, then try to identify the ones that you think are the ones that need your immediate attention and then to create steps that are actionable in for sites. All right, so hopefully you have been doing all the steps that we were working on throughout the class . And now we are in the final step and the recap of the clock. We've identified three areas that we were struggling with. We group them with selected, want to focus on, and we identify at least four steps that are actionable and will help us to get this project done. Next week, we are going to be talking about using a Web tool which is called Asana. I'm going to be shared with you exactly how you use it. How toe? How do I divide my projects and how it helps me to stay focused? I hope this class has been helpful. I do look forward to see you next week and look forward to seeing your assignments in the project area. Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you then.