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Productivity Boost: 5 simple Steps to Super Success

teacher avatar Philip Hofmacher, Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. The 5 Game Changer

    • 2. A book full of ideas

    • 3. How to track your finance

    • 4. Goal setting the right way

    • 5. The power of co-working

    • 6. Networking and the power of a follow up

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About This Class

We all have the same 24 hours every day. In this class you are going to learn five simple steps that you can use to get the most out of every day. This is class is for people that want to improve their life and get more things done every day. Elements of this course are:

  • A book full of ideas
  • How to track your finance
  • Goal setting the right way
  • The power of co-working
  • Networking and the power of a follow up

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Philip Hofmacher

Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT


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1. The 5 Game Changer: Hello, everybody. Welcome to my new class on productivity in this gas. I'm going to help you to be more productive. You're going to learn why I always carry an idea. Book with me. Why? You should do a swell. You're also going to learn right so important to track your daily expenses and how to set and a black gold so that you they know what you have to do today to be more successful and more productive in the future. We're also going to talk about Coworking. What is in Coworking space? Why shall join a co working space? And why does it make you so much more productive? And we're also going to focus on networking. Why shall exchange business cards? Why you shall follow up and why linked in. It's so important for you as a project. I want you to try at least one of these things or share your tips with me so that I can give you feedback how to improve yourself, join this gas and hope to see you soon. 2. A book full of ideas: the first game changing life back for me Waas Carrying a notebook with me all the time. This book has some benefits. 1st 1 is you can take notes wherever you are that say, I'm a conference and I'm listening to a speaker. I have my book with me and I can take notes all. Let's say you want to have something to do and you don't want to miss This can also market into the book for sure you can go deeper into it. You can add your own style in this book. But first, let's start with how that's my book Look like this is my book, you see size about the size of my hand so perfectly fit into my pocket. I can put it here. I can put it wherever I want. And what I also do is I have this little pen. So I carry this book always with my pen caring only the book helps me nothing because yeah , what shall I do with a book? If I don't have a pen, I always have toe look out to find a pen so but let's get deep into it. So show you how my book looks like paid like this and yet sometimes drawing sometime notes . And yeah, I have a simple system for this book. I used this book for things that I want to remember. So in this case, I only write down the notes. I always thought the notes with the date. Then you went where I saw this guy or this girl giving the speech where I met this person and then start writing this notes If some of you might know my natural language German. Yeah, for sure. We in Austria, we speak German language will run this. We don't have our own language. And I also fluent with the English language sissy. So for myself, I kind off makes my notes with English German. Normally, I try to take down as much as possible in English. But, for example, if an at the German talk and the person speaks really, really fast don't want everything to translate into English. So I just went down the North German. So this book is kind of a mixture off general in English, but it fits for me where we go. So I write down the notes that I get from keynote speeches from talk to other people. But I also write down his ideas ideas like for my new business. My concepts are just thinks that I think could be changed in life. Um, I marked them within I for idea and a circuit around. So when I called my book, I can always find some ideas and you can tell some off. That's great. Let me find one off these. Yeah, one off. The idea says, let's create and skill share for the German people because skill share Right now it's almost only English. Perfect. Can this bread from also cool to exist in German? So the next thing I do is when I have an idea friend skill Check us. I market in this book Double s and also circular rounded. So whenever I crossed the book, I see two s It means ok doesn't idea, friend skill shock us. So let's say when I want to create the class and I don't know what to talk about in this class. I cross my book and I see Okay, this could be cool. This could be called This could be cool and then I start shushing on the Internet And then it decided I want to make discuss or not. And the next fingered I used in this book is and square so something. This this is my check box. So whenever I have something to do or when I want to do something, I started with a check box and then a right texts of what I want to do in the scale with this checkbooks let their checkbooks call your mom because you lawful. And once I've done this task, check it out. These are basic things. I to be honest, I didn't hit them when I started with this book. I think they had this book because I wanted to take notes when ever had a conference talk. But from time to time to improve. So first thing I came up with checkbooks and I came up with the ideas which they had this idea with skin S s for skill show because I don't want to mark them. No other ideas. So yeah, let's see what's coming next 3. How to track your finance: the next big improvement, I realized what's when I started tweaking my expensive At the beginning. I started with this book as well, and I wrote down everything. I spent money and also the purpose and what I spend it on, then categorized it. Let's say Wake up in the morning and I go toe bison breakfast. I go to a supermarket and by it to make it at home. I take it as cruel shoes. Okay, let's say I go with my girlfriend for dinner. Then I track this either as it outside or its relationship. Relationship means all these categories. Where you engage with other people just helps me to categorize and say, Yeah, I spent this amount off my monthly patch it on, Friends on it outside, eat at home, Crucial. It's whatever. And this book has many benefits for sure, writing down the things. Okay, it's kind off. Good for you to know what you spent money on. But it's also where it on handed divided into the book because he always have to calculate it. Because of this, I talk to friends who also done this, and they told me about in Kuwait. Yep, it's called Tosel. I write it into the comments. He will find it or you go to Google. You startle that. Come type it into a search engine. You will find it. It's available for Iris Android and I also think Windows phone, and it also has a mobile Russian so you can use it from your left and this at first it up all the categories, And then every time you've spent something you categorize it to yeah, whatever purpose the spending boss, you can also notes, for example, that say, if you went a lot of times to restaurants and you eat outside for five times a week, you can add Also here was eating pizza. I was spending money on McDonald's or whatever the APP has many out of features. Example. You can also not only do the expensive side, but also the income side, and you consider a budget for different things, and you can compare this things together. So I tell you what I do. I only use it for expenses and set up several category with one, for example, is crucial is that say everything I buy at the supermarket and the next one will be it outside, so I have a little tweak here. For example, when I'm at the university, when I go to a restaurant, I go and call it it outside. But when I go to a supermarket and the bike, Rochel is to eat them. Right now, it's also kind of an eat outside, but then categorize it as socially because I only want to see when I go to West wants, because they're more expensive. So I want to track my expenses to maybe switch myself to eat more socialist because, for example, most time will help and a swell even much more cheaper. So we have groceries eat outside. Then we have some things, like a phone, Internet television. Then we have education. This is very important for me education, all the things I spent on books, but also on conferences and going to meet up. So we have to pay a little bit. It's an entry. Then, as a talk before relationships. Relationships is, for example, the getting access to a friend's party when he says everyone has to paid five years to get in because it's a home body, and with this money, he finances old twigs. All that say I find it's a birthday and we buy present together. This is also relationship. Then, for sure, I have spots meaning fitness center membership and so on. What else do I have? Let me think for a moment. Yeah. Also have back expenses, for sure. Let's say I have to travel somewhere and I'm trying to get this money back later on. And, yeah, there are many other things. They also tell you some things you can use that they please it up, that I've deleted most of them because I like to do it myself. Oh, and one more cool feature is you can Every time you have an expense, you can say I paid it in cash. I paid it, Discard a painted with this car. I paid it a debit card or whatever, So I just kind of also helps you to relocate in savings. And now the key learning that I had since I started tweaking my expensive is that I always think about buying something twice every time when I want to buy something odd. We really need to buy this to really want this and even this little trick this little mind help we save a lot of money food. Last week's so give it a try 4. Goal setting the right way: I also made some quick achievement with my goals. Up till a couple of months ago, I only set up goals for one year. Right now, I broke not Goldstone. I poked my yearly go down to or s sweet Month school, and this women scold also poke down toe monthly goals. And now I also implied weekly goals to the sounds were complicated. But it's not that the beginning of the year a line out what I want to achieve throughout the whole year, then split this full goals into for sub goals. The sub goals are also divided into month locals, and now, every week, every Saturday in the evening I stopped if it tried to finish it until Sunday midday. Why, No, it takes me a lot of time, but I'm getting better and better at it. And I want to lay out my goals for the next week so that I really know when I wake up on Monday morning, what do I have to do this week and from Monday on? I always try to have a little to do list for every day. Most of the time, simply posted that I put into my laptop or I write it into my book. This one. Well, you see this book in every day of the scarce So we see really attached to it. I really love it. And yeah, when I wake up in the morning and always know what I want to achieve this day and funny a lot. But if I wipe down sweet things, I only get sweet things done. But if I write down 10 things I get most of the time at least nine or 10 things done because it's kind of mind because Well, because if you know, you have so much time for something to achieve it, you will also need so much time. But if you only have so much time for it, it will speed up. You will only focus on the real important thing. You will get more stuff down. So what I want you to do is think about tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow? What do you want to chief tomorrow and write it down today? But because when you wake up tomorrow, you will know. Okay. I have to do this. This, this and this. And you will immediately start doing this another way won't be You don't write down your goals and you wake up tomorrow and tomorrow in the morning you say, Oh, I want to be protective but I'm a little bit sleep. Yes, Well, okay, so let's take a nap again and wake up two hours later and then Okay, but now I really want to be productive. Piu what should I do? Okay, let's have a coffee first. And you see this can go on and on. Imam, if you really want to be productive, have to set it goes Goals should always be smelt meaning measurable. And so so when you set a goal really safe, why do you want to achieve it? When do you want to have it done and write it down? So you be remembered the next day and you can really, really, really focusing on getting stuff done because, yeah, you all into productivity. Otherwise he wouldn't watch this video. And in productivity, it's all about getting things done. So stand up and get things done. Write down your goals for tomorrow 5. The power of co-working: another huge impact on my productivity had starting to co book a co working space is an office where people come together from different projects and different companies, and everyone shares one room to work on his her own project. So co backing means sitting samba and working on a project while being surrounded from out of people who are also working on the projects. This is a great way for you toe expire and where we where we or some spirit, because everyone's highly motivated in this place is everyone wants to get Frank's down. But these people also really like to make new connections. So when you end a coworking space, make sure to have some business cuts because you will meet tons of people who are interested in what you are doing. And you should be interested what they're doing this well, because you can never know when a connection he wants made can help you. For example, I wasat a coworking space, and I met the guy and he says he's the level off online teaching, and I never haven't ever heard the work online teaching before, and six months later I found skills here and I wasn't twisted, and you can imagine the first thing I did lost contact him and since them he acted as kind of a mentor because, yeah, we had a great time at this coworking space. I was working on a completely different product, but I showed him that I'm interested in what he's doing and he was kind to me. And so I reached out to him, and now I really, really benefited from him. So whenever you are in a foreign city and you want to work spent, let's say 10 to 15 packs a day to get access to this coworking space instead of sitting in your hotel room and working over there. Kovacic spaces are really cool. Most of them have you ever very fast Internet. In some cities, Coworking spaces say they have two fastest Internet X in the whole city. So give it a try, meet new people, get some stuff done and, yeah, for example, you are low working in your room and you have a little problem. And you know this problem can be solved where we easily wouldn't it be awesome to have five other people in the room? Well, one off them pretty sure will know how you can fix this problem. So these are old benefits of Coworking. I would like you to give it a try whenever you're somewhere else. For example, when you're in your city, just go out to a Coworking space with it. It give it a try. For me, it was a game changer. I don't want to work alone anymore. Whenever I have huge sessions that 68 10 12 hours, we're going to work. I try to find a place for other people also working because they are inspired me to Ricardo . I inspired them. Hopefully also get more done and the other is a real game changer for me, it can be for us. Well, give it a try. 6. Networking and the power of a follow up: in my last video. It talked about how important it is to make connections, so it hit me. I have to do this one extra video whenever you make a connection with someone and to exchange business cuts. It's so important to follow up with them. Follow up can mean take out the business cut once you told at them unlinked in on any other professional network. For sure. You can also add them on Facebook. But for me, I have friends on Facebook and people I have working relationships with. I have them on linked in. You can't imagine how important this is. Let's say meet someone and you get his business cut and you don't follow up with him and you put the business cut toe. Yeah, the other 500 business cuts. He has a home or you have a home. You will never, ever be able to find him again without browsing through all your business cuts. So what I do for myself is when I get a business cut and they talk to someone after that, I take some notes in this business cuts. Let's say he gave me his business card and he was working for a startup in the coma sport, and he's also interested in tow online teaching. First thing I do is I write down, also interested in tow on the teaching. And then I fall up with him and say, Hey, dude, how you doing? Nice to meeting you because I know you're interested in tow Online teaching. You know what? I gave you a free month off skill share for 99 cents. Give it a try and I don't do this to everyone. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to make money off this, but this culture offer is in great example toe. Get someone into the thing he's really interested in. And the guy I won't feel that are spending me will be born nice. I talked to 100 people and he's one person. Remember what I'm interested in? And he's also sending me something. He's cool. I remember him. And the next time you see him, people remember you. Hopefully you will do it as well. So yeah, use your business cuts at them somewhere online. Lengthen 01 main benefit of Lincoln that I forgot this you have two faces off the people Let's say I have a business card here. You won't know who this business cut belongs. Toe. I'm not so sure if you can remember 500 or five fouls faces Onley business cuts. So once you added them linked in, you have to face to the person. And this can really, really help you remembering them in the future. And, yeah, remember when people building connections staying connected in achieving more together, give it a try, use business cuts, use linked in like my class and have a good time. See you guys and girls.