Productivity - Become Effective While Learning New Skills Online | James Hammond | Skillshare

Productivity - Become Effective While Learning New Skills Online

James Hammond, Coach, Student of Motion Design

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8 Videos (29m)
    • Class Introduction!

    • Lesson 1 - Goals

    • Lesson 2 - Finding Your Starting Point

    • Lesson 3 - Running into Barriers

    • Lesson 4 - Tools that Help

    • Lesson 5 - Prioritizing Time

    • Lesson 6 - Plan of Attack

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

This class is all about helping you achieve your goals. 

In this class, I give you all that I have learned in my couple of years of trying to figure out how to learn a new skill online. I don't have everything perfected yet, but I have learned A LOT!

In this class you will:

1 - Develop your own Goal Statement

2 - Build your own Tool set - What tools will you use to achieve your goal and learn your new skill?

3 - Dealing with possible Barriers

4 - Managing your Time 

5 - Develop your own plan of attack - create your own outline that will help keep you in check without detours in your adventure of achieving your goal.

I am excited to help you achieve your goals! 






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James Hammond

Coach, Student of Motion Design


Since I was a child I have always been enthralled with how graphics work. I started playing video games at a young age and I've always thought that I could make my own, and that is what I strive to do now!

My life's passion is to help people reach their goals. It has always been hard for me to see people give up on what they are most passionate about. Life gets tough and people give up. I hope to be of some assistance!

I have been working with people for the past ...

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