Productivity: 3 Fantastic Tools To Save Time While Browsing The Internet

Walter Serdville, Certified Sales Coach & Marketer

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8 Videos (12m)
    • 1. Intro - What this course is about

    • 2. Overview

    • 2. Introducting first tool

    • 3. Interface and uses of first tool

    • 4. Introducing second tool

    • 5. Second tool's interface and uses

    • 6. Third tool's interface and uses

    • 7. BONUS TOOL


About This Class

Have you ever dreamed of being able to stop time? Or how would you like to have additional hours in your daytime?

... Well we can't do that :(, but this alternative comes pretty darn close!


These 3 often underheard tools, combined, will help us actually put our knowledge into best use! This is not some common sense about being productive and not multitasking, this three extremely solid and useful tools without which I couldn't even imagine getting work done, like ever. What these three simple tools will prove us with:

1. How to organize all your ideas, to-do lists, notes and reminders.
2. Have a complete overview of how much time you've spent on being productive.
3. How to beat the temptation of visiting Facebook. Whether you want to or not.

... and much more! I've included a sweet bonus, the 4th tool that will tenfold our productive time for sure. It's been described as adderall without all the chemical effects to your body, that's how effective it is!

How would you like to make most of your time and get more done? Simple, start by clicking the 'ENROLL' button. That's first and you'll meet the second step inside. Lets start!

PS! Sweet, sweet bonus for all enrollers who submit a project, find out now!

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Nice class. Tools were great. I liked Cold Turkey
Shiva V.

Learner, Sharer, Website designer

Great tools to mentioned in this course to improve productivity.
Damian K.

Capital Elites - Entrepreneurial University





Walter Serdville

Certified Sales Coach & Marketer

*A wild European accent appears*

Hey! I'm Walter and I like dogs, cats, humans and food. I sleep a lot. When I'm not busy sleeping you can find me coaching other people on a plethora of subjects. I specialise in marketing and sales, but I'm obsessed with technology, literature and design on top of that. I've been told I'm a great teach, but recording things online is pretty new for me. So have some patience with me!

Street credentials:

  • Founder and the head Sales Trainer in MK Sales Agency
  • Founder of Sales & Psychology
  • Co-Partner in WSMP International Ltd.
  • Top SEO freelancer on Upwork
  • Moderator at private internet marketing forum Imnovative
  • Blogger at
  • Graphical design expert
  • I'm also Google certified on AdWords Search Engines
  • I'm also HubSpot certified on Inbound Marketing

When I used to work for other people then this is what I did:

  • Former top salesman
  • Former marketer
  • Former designer

Hmm what else.. I like pizza? I'm friendly and eager to improve further to teach other people the ways of an independent digital nomad!

PS! Also I'm one of the very few people in the whole world who has managed to rank 1# on Google for the keyword "SEO Services" - outperforming hundreds of agencies for that spot.