Productive Prioritization: Tools to Build Your System | Learn with Trello | Brian Cervino | Skillshare

Productive Prioritization: Tools to Build Your System | Learn with Trello

Brian Cervino, Product Marketing Manager at Trello

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9 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Productivity

    • Goals, Priorities & Execution

    • How to Prioritize

    • Time Management

    • Your Toolkit

    • Productivity Through Trello

    • Conclusion

    • More Classes on Productivity

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About This Class

Productivity isn't just about "getting things done." It's about getting the right things done. 

In this 30-minute class, join Trello's own Brian Cervino as he shares tools, tactics and tips to make your day more productive, so you and your team can collaborate better and accomplish all of your goals with maximum success. You’ll learn to:

  • Strategically prioritize and execute your goals
  • Use productivity methods to work collaboratively with your team
  • Personalize your workflow to maximize your productivity

Learning these foundational tools will transform your day, so you can tackle your workday and personal projects with ease.

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Really good and informative course. Trello seems like a decent application but I'll stick to Asana. I like the User Interface more. But all in all: a recommendation from me! :)
Annemarie Broeder

Just an average slave of two cats.

This class is chalk full of gems.
Very nice short overview of key concepts in productivity.





Brian Cervino

Product Marketing Manager at Trello

Brian is the Product Marketing Manager at Trello. When he's not tweeting cat gifs and launching new product features, he gets into songwriting, coffee, and cooking.

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