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Product Review Launch Jacking Case Study

John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

Product Review Launch Jacking Case Study

John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Product I Chose

    • 3. Picking a Product on Muncheye

    • 4. Setting Up Your Website

    • 5. Ordering Backlinks and Submitting The Site To Google

    • 6. Heavy Hitter Links and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this course I'm going to walk you through what most internet marketers would call "Launch Jacking". 

The process involves finding an upcoming product that will be getting launched in the next 3-4 weeks and attempting to rank a review article for that product on the 1st page of Google.

In February 2016 I followed a very specific guideline by Franklin Hatchett of to follow along exactly how he does it.

I made notes each day over a 10 day period on everything I did and the product review page still ranks on the top of Google an entire year later. 

Inside this course I'm going to provide Franklin's guide and walk you through my own case study of everything I did to get this product review ranked at the top of Google. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? Everyone? My name is John Shea, and what I'm gonna be talking about in this course is something called Launched Jacking. And this isn't something that I originally invented myself. It's very well known in many Internet marketers have also kind of coined this phrase, and, you know, they teach a lot of things surrounding this particular topic. So what I wanted to do is actually introduce you to more or less a case study where someone else lay out a plan for me and I took that plan put into action. And then I want to show you the results that I got from that. And I just really want to give you a better idea of how you can put this all together in this short course. So originally I was mostly introduced to the idea of doing this by a guy by the name of Franklin Hatchet, and he runs a blawg called online dimes dot com. That's actually where I am right now, so if you want to head over there you go toe online dimes dot com. I also pulled up. He has a copy of any book that he used to be promoting through his blawg. And this was where I got the idea. I signed up on his email list, and I'm gonna leave a link to this depending on where watching this in the course there will be a link to it. You'll be able to take a look at this, and it basically goes through and shows how he was able to make several $100 by, you know, doing this launch jacking technique. So he shows exactly how he ranked a site step by step within about 14 days. And if you do this, say, within a month before product is launched, then you can actually get to the top of Google and start earning from it. So I guess to explain this a little bit more, obviously gonna link you to this. The idea here is that there's a lot of people that are launching new products all the time , especially in the Internet marketing niche. Of course, this doesn't have to be in the Internet marketing niche, but it's something that's gonna be pretty common, and what you basically do is with a lot of Internet marketing products, you can sign up as an affiliate so you can earn a commission of the sales. So what this method entails is going out there and finding that product maybe 3 to 4 weeks before it's going to get released. There's some places I'll show you where you can learn about this, and what you end up doing is you rank a website that's really targeted towards that specific product on the first page of Google. And then when people go seeking information about that product on launch Day, then they hopefully go through you because you've offered some extra incentive, like a bonus if they buy through your link and you'll earn a commission from that sale. So someone selling $100 product generally they're going to do something like a 50% or maybe even 100% commission on a front end product that they have through like a syriza, different products they might be selling. So this is pretty common in the Internet marketing industry. So I'm gonna walk you through pretty much the full case. Dave, how I did this with a product I picked and went through and followed all of Franklin's advice. So this kind of explains long jacking. It shows step by step what to do, Like where you can actually go find the products. I'll cover some of that where you can go get website hosting where he outsourced the article. He gave an example of another site that he did, which is actually no longer running. So we can use mine is really the case study there talking about on Page s CEO. So he's got some information there. And then he also adds in the thrive leads tool to get some scarcity with, like, an extra bonus people in yet. And he also will even add in like a sidebar, you know, little little piece here to maybe drive some extra sales. I didn't do that with my site, but that's something you can do. And then he basically shows all the back link service providers that he used to go get this . So I'm gonna walk through all that and I'll show you all the steps I took to basically complete this within a span of under 10 days. And now it's actually been months and months later in the site still ranks really high And Google so, yeah, take a look at this article read through the whole thing on Ben. Come back and watch the next video. We'll keep moving through the 2. The Product I Chose: OK in this video. I wanted to actually walk you through the product in question that I decided to pick a time of creating this. It was about February 2016. So just about a year ago, and what I decided to do was I wanted Teoh pick something that I knew would be a product ID potentially even used myself. But not only that, but I wanted it to be a really good product, something that looked like it be really solid. I felt confident recommending it. It wasn't something that was garbage. And what I came across was this new product coming out roughly in the March time frame called sales Envy. And what this product does is it actually turns your Skype dialer into a CRM, which is really cool. It actually adds right into Skype. And as you're making outbound calls with Skype, you could basically, you know, see data for you know how many calls you made the time you can add another information about that particular call email addresses all kinds of other basic data that you might want in a CRM. So I thought this was really cool, and I foresee that is something that I might even use myself. So I decided to use this is the product that I would do on this. Um, you know, for this launch jacking for my affiliate promotions. And I also wanted Teoh promote something that had a little bit higher price point, I believe when they originally launched, it was just a one time fee during the initial launch stage. But now it's actually a monthly fee. So during that time frame, I was able to promote it and, you know, make some extra money that way. So let me show you, um, kind of the idea of what ended up happening here. If you type in sales envy, review. I mean, you can't get any more specific than that. We get the sales envy website as number one, and then you also get a YouTube video showing up number two. So someone was able to use basically the similar strategy to get this ranking really high on YouTube. But then you've also got my listing number three here, And as you go down, you start to get all these other sites. You've got warrior form, which is an authority forum for Internet marketing products. This guy easy. Best reviews. He's probably doing all kinds of product reviews, somebody utilizing the JV Zoo platform with some sort of upload, So they're kind of utilizing these other authority sites. Crown reviews. This is another site that does a ton of these product reviews. Brian's reviews. He does a lot of those and then some other people also trying to sneak in, Um, these exact match domains. As you can see here, they get highlighted in the domain itself and other people even adding in things like a Z or using different variations like a dot info or a dot net. And as you keep going through the pages, if I go to Page two, you'll see there's a ton of these reviews. I mean, there's even someone that took the same dot com is mine and just added another s This guy's got ah, you know, hyphen. This guy's ah, more. Authorities cite another authority site. Lots of authority sites, um, Facebook pages, people trying to utilize. So I mean, the list goes on and on here is someone trying to utilize linked in another YouTube video. So I mean, as you can see, this is extremely competitive. There's it's not like there's five people that were just trying to rank this. I was one of the many people. And if I keep going back, I mean, I'm now on page four. I mean, you've even got Pinterest pages, another WordPress blawg. People trying to use other authority sites. Here's a TV site. I mean, I'm now on page five and I've still got people doing this so extremely competitive. Um, you know, people using all kinds of years of dot org's someone used, and I was able to basically get to number three, essentially beating out all of the review listings. I'm showing you guys what I'm gonna share with you in this case study. Here's another one. Sales envy reviews dot com. So instead of review, they just did that. That's the one with just the S at the end. So I thought that I thought that was really funny. Um, and I'm gonna show you exactly how I beat all these guys. And, um, pretty much give you kind of a breakdown of everything that I did to do this, and you're gonna get a cheat sheet that actually shows the step by step, day by day, what I did over a 10 day span. I also want to show you the sight in this video. This is the actual site, so you can see it's pretty nice. The fonts really easy to read. There's a privacy policy and about us. Contact us Page, and I'm using a very basic WordPress theme. It's a really in depth article. It's got a video. I gave away this bonus where people could get access to some of my courses that I had created. And then I even added in this little box at the end, which summarised the whole thing, and I gave it a nine out of 10. So I gave people the option here. You ready to grab my bonuses, go here to buy and this is how you're gonna get access. So I thought I'd I'm sure you guys the site and let's keep going through a walk issue to step by step process kind of following Franklin's method of exactly how I did this and we'll go from there 3. Picking a Product on Muncheye: Okay, So in this video, I just wanted to elaborate a little bit more on Franklin's suggestion of using Munch I to actually find a specific product. So I'm here doing this. This is about the beginning of just about the beginning of February. It's the end of January here, and you can see on this site. This is specifically for Internet marketing based products. But what this allows you to do is see stuff that's actually coming out at a later time so I can see right here off the bat. It's just about 30 days out. Mark Thompson is actually the same person that helped launch the sales envy products. So I know that his stuff is generally a little bit more higher quality. So I might be able to take a look and see, you know, Hey, what's Mark up to with these new products? So this looks like something for creating video based sales letters, and this might be, you know, something worth actually promoting due to the fact that it's gonna have a really solid price point a Z go through here, you can learn a little bit about the products, see what it's all about. It's someone that would be promoting It is an affiliate, and you can learn kind of what the up cells are in the entire flow of, you know, launching an actual product through this so you can see the initial price points about 67 bucks, then they charge $10 a month, and then they have a bunch of up cells and one time offers. So this is like a graphic library, a bigger package at 97 bucks a year and then two other packages at 1 97 to 97. So this would be a really good one to go after, because generally marks products are pretty high quality. And at the same time you got something that's got the potential to make you some really solid money. So what you're ideally looking for is the launch dates and times You just want to make sure you've got enough time to actually get your site out there and get it to a point where you could actually Rankin in time. So, um, one of the biggest things I look for and as you could see when I showed in the last video, is a lot of people just utilizing these different domains to pick up some extra exact match . No main power. What I like to do is look at the products so I could see with this easy V s l I could go over to go, Daddy. And if I do easy v sl Review. Let's see if someone has taken that. Oh, wow. So someone actually has taken that. So maybe if we change it toe like Adam s also extremely expensive, maybe we could add, um, we could do a dot net and see if that's available. That's taken. So this is kind of what you need to look for. You start going through and you can start looking at variations like I could checked out orig. I could see if you know a lot of these air available so the dot or could work. We could use that and definitely go off this. Obviously, the closer to dot com you can get, the better. You might be able to do the dot com and just adding something like you saw someone did. The two s is it looks kind of ridiculous, but it totally works and you can see it's available. So that's ultimately where you want to look for when it comes to the products themselves. Let me go back here. Let's see if we can find another example one that looks like something pretty solid, really, what you want to look at It sees price points and find something that you know really has some long term capability. Um, Mike for main, I'm I know Mike very well, so that might be something worth looking at. He's got something coming out called the Review wizard, so it looks like it's a plug in that comes with step by step training, and it's got some other software upgrades that are part of it. So this might be something worth looking at as well. Generally, a lot of Mike's products, he launches them here with Brett Route techies and both their stuff is really amazing. So you know, generally what you want to do is just look around these products, look at the JV pages, see what they're doing and just figure out if it's something that's gonna be worth putting some time and effort into, and if it's going to be something that's out for a while, Um, one of the things to that I've noticed with some of these launches is they'll sort of shut them down. So that's something commonly Mike will do is like for three days only. So there gonna have a launch on this and they may shut it down and make it so you can't make any more sales after that time has expired, so you may want to look at more longevity. They generally do that for scarcity and, you know, just to really boost the sales during that launch period. But in my opinion, I would see if you could find something that's going to ultimately be sticking around for a while. Maybe they increase the price but don't necessarily shut down the cart. That was with something that actually happened with me. With sales envy is they actually no longer have the cart open. So in some ways, I don't want to say I made a bad decision by picking that product, but it wasn't really They decided not to stick with opening the cart at just a higher price point that actually shut it down entirely after the launch period. 4. Setting Up Your Website: OK in this video, I want to bring you into the actual tracking sheet I used when I originally set this up. So following along with Franklin's guide, I actually decided to throw together this little Google sheet. I called it, launched jacking for sales envy, and I basically just made notes of everything that I did all the way from the eighth of February to the 18th. So between that time, that was the only time that I spent on this was roughly 10 days, and beyond that, some of these days I wasn't doing anything at all. So there was a big gap here between the ninth and the 12th again between the 12th and the 17th. And then it was really just updated notes on getting some of the reports back and just seeing how things were going eso in this video, let's focus on ultimately what I did on the eighth. And then as we move through the next video, we'll talk about more, So I got the sales envy review dot com for 999 on Go, Daddy. If you've never used go Daddy, you can actually get 99 cent coupons if you search for 99 cent GoDaddy coupon, you could likely get the domain for even cheaper because I already had a go daddy account. That's what it costs me again. I installed WordPress, which if you're looking for information on that, I do have another course that's 100% free on how to get started with WordPress. If you're just a complete, um, you know, complete newbie to WordPress. You don't know how to do that. I show you how to go get started with website hosting and how to go get your website set up with WordPress. It's very easy if you pick a good hosting provider. So beyond that, um, Franklin was using website called Scale Social Review, which was the product he was promoting. So I took a look at the theme he was using and then ultimately kind of started looking around. Other themes. Um, I decided to install theme called Splash, which I'll show you here in a second. I also decided to order an article from my writer, which is what Franklin suggested for about 20 bucks. You had you have to deposit in increments of 10 I believe, or 20 so I deposited 20 bucks in the article itself was 18 50. Here's the eye writer site. It's very easy to use. I'm not going to go through a whole tutorial on how to do this, but essentially, you come in here and just say, order content, sign up for an account and then you want to tell them that you want something really high quality and be extremely descriptive in what it is that you're looking for. So you want to tell them that you're having a product review written, and you could even send them a sample of something else. Maybe you look at some other past products that people have done product reviews on and just get something really solid written again. You could also write the review yourself one of the things a lot of people do in this sort of spaces. They'll actually, you know, get a copy of the product from the creator. So if I were to reach out to Mark Thompson, for example, I could say, Hey, could I have a review copy of your software and likely they will hand it out? So the intention is that you'll review the product in exchange for getting a free copy. In that way, it's putting some more eyeballs on the promotional aspect of getting people to buy, or you're potentially sending out to an email list of people that might be interested in the product. So anyways, that's what I did there. And then I got this splash theme. I'll actually show you where I did this. I believe the company is my theme shop. Here it is here. It's a really cool theme. This one's a little more expensive compared to some other WordPress themes. It's about 60 bucks, in fact, right now on sale. But this is an awesome theme. Here is like a demo of it fully built out. If we do, here's a default one all to show you that really quick. So here's kind of a built out version of this theme. I really love the layout, the text, the design. So mine was very simple. I didn't have this sub menu. I didn't do anything crazy with logo or the sidebar with the recent reviews or the slider. I just made the front page of Blawg posts, and then that was the content that would get picked up so If you wanted to have a full on block where you're gonna be doing lots of these reviews, you could potentially use this or just reuse it for other, you know, launched jacking, however you want to do it. But this was the theme I used again. You don't need to use a premium WordPress theme. I just wanted to, because I already owned it. Um, so beyond that, I installed another plug in called Thrive leads. And that's also again optional. Franklin mentions inside the guide. It's a tool that you can use for basically getting people often an email list if you head over to thrive themes. This is basically one of their many tools is thrive. Leads allows you to, you know, create these opt informs, and you could set up a little sidebar widgets. Franklin has an example of it. I think in here let me go to the actually go to the example. So here's one example of a pop up where you know, he says, Hey, claim you're discounting bonus. You only through us. There's only a few left. One sells every 30 seconds. You know this total bs. But here's another example. Early bird discount. He's got the sidebar ads. So he created those with thrive leads. And then the next thing I did was I added the review page content from my writer. So I think I had already ordered the article. Maybe a couple days before. Usually comes back within like 24 hours. It's really quick. I set the static home page so I would have the actual blawg post as the main home page. I installed the Yost s CEO plug in for WordPress. Um, I installed WP review, which is something that comes with that splash theme. That's what If I go, we go all the way to the bottom. That's what this thing is here at the very bottom. And then from there, what I did is I added the menu with a home page. Ah, privacy policy in a contact us page along with, I think, originally put a fixed widget plug in, which allows it so if you were scrolling, You know, I think originally I had something on the side bar, but I took that out. If you were scrolling, you could have kind of that widget follow you along the side bar and I decided to go with a full page because it just looked better. But the other really important thing, which Franklin does mention you want to get a privacy policy and put this up in the top here or in the footer somewhere. And just make sure that you have this page you could put, you know, this is an email address. I'm not even sure if it actually works, but I put an influence, sales, envy, review, and that's pretty much all he did. So once I got all this set up pretty straightforward again for the about us made that really basic. I just said its sales envy review. We take it upon ourselves to try out all the latest products testing, review these products so you don't need to. We like to create a comprehensive right up for our awesome readers. Make sure you check out the home page for an awesome bonus. Maybe you can contact us, so I left a contact us page, and this form actually goes to my personal email. The good thing about this is you don't have to put it publicly on the page, so someone does email you for some reason, you just get it in your own email and you can choose who to respond to. So this was something I do recommend because I did have some people emailing me. There were, like, a How do I get the bonus? So I thought I'd throw this out there and let you guys know that this was another option as well. And then, yeah, let's dive into some of the other more advanced stuff in terms of link building and some of the other services I had to order to get this role. 5. Ordering Backlinks and Submitting The Site To Google: Okay, so let's move on to the ninth. This was literally everything I did the next day and this stuff didn't take much time at all. So let's talk about this. The first thing that I did was the next day I added the website to Google Web master tools , which is very simple. If you don't know how to do that, just Google how to do that? It's very, very easy. You just set up with a Google account. You can basically submit the website, and what I like to do is submit a site map XML, which you could get from the Yost s CEO plug in that I would have installed the prior day very easy to do. And that just lets Google know that Hey, we got a brand new website and I want you to go basically put it into Google's index. And I want you to be aware that it's something out there. So that way you can get put into the Google search engine super quick and of course, optionally. You could also do this with being or yahoo some of the others. But, you know, it's not really, um, necessarily requirement. I really focus on Google. So I also added Google analytics, also very simple to do something I would say Just look it up pretty simple. Integrate that you can add in a code through the back in the WordPress so it starts tracking your traffic stats. And then I added that about us content, which I showed you in the last video. Um, Then I added the review scheme up summary section, which was, If you go back to my page here in the home page, I basically threw in this myself. So the person that wrote this on I writer, I sort of modified in like, Here's what you get and I had to make some slight tweaks like, Here's what you're getting for my bonuses. If you have questions, you can contact me. Learn about the courses here, and then again, I put in something like Here's a conclusion, which was mostly from what the I Rider reviewer wrote. I threw and ready to grab my bonuses as well as the summary block at the end. And generally what this does is it sometimes can add in a star rating into the review. Usually you don't see these always show up on home pages of websites, but usually on sub pages. I contrary a quick example of this. If we go back and type in sales. Envy review, there's none on the first page, but I know I saw one here. Here's one here high product review dot com They implemented a schema rating into the actual post. Again, this is really only going to work on mostly home, you know, sub page articles like this. This guy's night, you know, he's reviewing all kinds of products, so he was able to implement this, and it really just helps that stand out. You can see how much it really stands out in the search rankings, even way up here the top. It's still standing out to me way at the bottom. So this is something that you could definitely do. There's a lot of plug ins and tools that allow you to add review plug ins or things like that that you condone implement the schema very easily. So the next thing I did was I added that privacy policy, which I showed you already in the last video. And then as we dive in, what I'm gonna talk about some of the back linking stuff, and this was all just based off of Franklin's recommendation in the E book. I just ordered the exact services so already pulled up some of these pages on. And in fact, some of the services are still live here today. A year later, so shouldn't be any reason that these won't be here a long time from now. So some of this stuff I will also tell us a little bit shady. And the reason that I didn't really care about it was because I was putting out just a site to rank this one property. I didn't care if, you know. Ultimately, I threw this at like, say, my main blawg. It wouldn't be ideal because if it got me banned or got the site d index, then it would affect my entire website. If it just this one off site that I'm doing for this one product and it goes down, then who cares? You know, I just lose out on this one site didn't work out. You could do this 10 times over for 10 different products, and ultimately, you know, it's not really gonna be a big deal. If you know, one of the two of the sites just somehow gets banned and my never even did get banned, so didn't seem to be a problem. So I figured I'd throw that out there. You got? You know, it's kind of it's kind of cool because it's sort of a breaking bad theme. But what I did was I ordered this $10 service. They will send out 100 block posts over 12 30 day span, and each post has 123 links in it with unlimited keywords. And you are l So the base service, Only 10 bucks, and you get a whole ton of these blawg posts, so something definitely worth doing. And then the next thing that I did was I actually made sure I got approved as a JV Zoo affiliate. So you actually have to apply to approve, get approved for their program and make sure that you can actually promote the product. Essentially, what happens? Let's go back, Teoh. I don't know if I still actually have it open, so I go back to munch, I I'll kind of give you an example. You know, I'll actually do it live with the product? Because I was thinking I saw the thing from Mike remain. Let's see, he's doing in February. He's got that review wizard that look kind of cool. And it's actually useful product. If you're gonna be doing these reviews. This is like the perfect product. It kind of adds that little summary box. So if I go to the JV zoo page there is like saying hello. If I do get your links, it's gonna log me into JB Zoo and I have too long in first. So all this log in and then I'll go back and click on the link again. Now it will send me the right page, and I would just say, um, I'd like to try promoting this to my audience. Obviously, you might want to put a little bit more off some effort into this because they're basically approving you to be someone that sells their product. And if they don't trust you, then they could completely reject you. So you want to put in something here that people you know, these guys are gonna, um, you know, promote and I know Brett personally because I have launched products with him and like so they'll just approve me and they'll also set me up and shouldn't be any any issue. So if I do request affiliate approval, it will submit this, and then they'll have to come back and actually accept it. So I can see here that one and 50% commissions on any of the sales that this product makes something pretty cool that you can do. And you just want to make sure you get that approval. So I did that. And then on a lot of these pages for the JV Zoo, um, you know the JB typed pages, You can see that sometimes they'll give you content that you can use for your launch. So they give me email swipes that I could check out. It looks like they're not ready yet. Your paws Mike there and then sometimes they'll give you a sales page preview so you can check that stuff out. But the biggest thing would be ultimately, you might get some banners or things that you can incorporate. So what I did was I actually found they were used. They were giving away this banner. Click here to sign up now So I incorporated this inside the article very easy to do. And I also another thing is, I made sure this used my affiliate link, so if anyone clicks on this, it doesn't just, like, open the image. It actually goes to the product page where they could buy. Um And then I ordered this other service for a social bookmarks only three bucks. So this service is also still available. It's called bookmark Hero. I don't know if the pricing pricing is still the same. So three bucks for this 600 social bookmarks use by it through PayPal. Get that rolling. And then from there, I updated the tagline of the site, which is basically just saying like, sales envy review. I use this submit to Google your l, um, to send the site to Google. All you do is you go here and you just type in the site. You are. L do that. I'm not a robot. And do submit in that way it will get indexed faster in the Google engine Google search engine. I disabled the header search in the theme. So in the demo that I showed you guys normally they would be like a search functionality appear in the top, right? And I decided to basically just get rid of that because there wasn't really gonna be anything for people to search for. And then I ordered 70 to block comments from this guy. At the time, it was the source wave marketplace. But it is now conquer is the name of it. So you can go here in order from this guy. Um, basically get a bunch of these links and he's still actively offering the service. The one thing I will tell you would just be I remember that when I ordered this service, I told him like, hey, make the comments really general about this. And he actually went and made my comment the actual comments. He took it so literally that he made my car. It was it was just hilarious. I thought it was so funny. Didn't seem to affect the site in a negative way. But that was what ultimately ended up happening there. I'm gonna show you one other thing quickly with back links, and I may be able to get somewhat of a preview. So if you type in sales in the review dot com into this site, majestic dot com. You can actually get back an idea of some of the links that were used in the anchor text, which is the actual highlighted link. So when I ordered those services, I gave them a whole bunch of variations, like sales envy review, sales envy. Click here sales and be discount. Read more. Learn more sales in your view dot com or information. Check this out so you can see there's like a huge good mixed ratio of the links. The bad thing is that the trust flow is really low, which means that not a lot of people were clicking through those links. So that was sort of expected, knowing that it was just gonna be kind of junk stuff. But ultimately I was able to get a ton of links from all these different services, and you can see it gave me a pretty good boost there. So that's what I would recommend when you're ordering the service, tell them what you are l and tell them what anchor text you want. Obviously the you're always gonna be the same, cause you're not. You're only sending it toe one page that main domain, and then you're giving them variations of this anchor text when you order those services. So let's dive in. I'll talk about some of the other things I did moving into the 12th and beyond and next video, and then we'll kind of wrap things up. 6. Heavy Hitter Links and Conclusion: Okay, so wrapping this up, I was able to basically come in, and I wanted to throw some really heavy hitter stuff with this. Now, this is completely optional, but I happen to have access to this, and I think it could have potentially help me get a little bit higher to the top of the search engine rankings. But I formally ran, um, a service called Lightning rink with a guy by the name of John Haber. And we use what's called p bienes. They stand for private blawg networks, basically websites that are really, really powerful forgetting links from So I as a co founder of this particular service, I happen to actually have access to use the network very, very affordably. Normally, to get a link on one of these sites. It's about $64 I believe. And what ended up happening was I decided to order three of them, but all I had to do was provide the actual articles for links. So I paid 27 bucks for three of them. When normally be $64 per again. This was optional, but it was I knew it was something I could do very affordably, and it would really boost me to the top so you could even do maybe even one of them. You could just decide not to do it if you want to follow the same case study. But what I ultimately ended up doing was I also threw in something called a safe link. And this is something that, um, basically uses a Russian website that is extremely powerful. This is the kind of stuff that could ultimately get, like if you had your own website. You like your own Blawg. You probably don't want to utilize it because this is the kind of stuff that could get you banned or in trouble. But again, for a throwaway site you don't really care about, this is something you go order. And I believe what I ended up doing was I literally just spent five bucks on, and I just didn't one of them. By this time, I had my blood comments completed, and I also noticed that a lot of the bookmarks that I had ordered from the ninth we're also starting to appear in back link checking tools like a trips or majestic. So that was kind of where I left that in terms of back links again. If you go back to the guide, you'll see here that Franklin actually bought four safe links. So my my opinion was I decided to do lightning rank instead of utilizing these services because I had access to it. So if you wanted to, you could just go through in order all four of these. He talks about the Zahra must and these are the heavy hitters that will boost to the top. They're only good for a month and they'll get deleted unless you pay again. So the idea here was that, you know, if you do this in a time frame like, let's say in this case I was doing this on February, Nate and I knew the product was going to be launching on March 10th. This was actually launching on March 10. I knew that the links would still be good by the time they went live here. I'm ordering them on the 12th. I knew they would still be good around this time and get me boosted to the point that I would rank really highly on Google. So that was my mentality there. And ultimately what I ended up doing on the 17th. You can see I just left here for a few days. So nothing was really going on. I started noticing that sales envy reviewers ranking number three for the target keyword by the 17 day. So that was literally within less than nine days. I saw it ranking and I then notice up to 150 referring domains and age refs. And I knew that most of more from that social bookmark order eso I left things alone until March 10th. I did come back. I noticed that one of the other reports for some of the bookmark and back ling stuff was coming back. And then I started noticed that there was a lot of varied anchor text like I showed you in . The last video is starting to come through. So my total investment, including everything that I did was I spent 78 bucks and 49 cents. Um, I'm not gonna share all the exact stats of what I actually made on this particular campaign . I ended up having some problems because I found out that after three days they have shut the affiliate link off So that was one of my made mistakes, was that I got the site ranking. I didn't have an email list to promote it, too. So the only source of traffic was people searching on Google. And ultimately I really didn't make a whole lot of money there. But I did some manual transactions with people who actually contacted me and were interested in the bonus, and I was able to sell the product that way. I also just decided that now they're no longer offering an affiliate program. With this, I would just give the domain away to the owners of the site if they happen to be interested in it. And that way they could maybe, you know, utilize it for their own benefit to get some more sales and product unless they happen to open another affiliate program. So I thought I'd share this with you guys really cool kind of case study something that obviously it's not super practical to go out there and spend like up to 60 $80 each time you do this. But if you think about it, if you took a product that sells for 30 or $50 you even made just a few sales. Then you're gonna make your money back. And that's kind of what you can see Franklin was able to do. If you go to the beginning of this case study that when the product launch, you know, he was able to get several $100 just from that that post, I think something that would have helped that I didn't do was adding in some of that scarcity with the thrive leads and adding in some of those extra bonuses. So again, all the credit to this particular method goes to Franklin Hatchet. Ah, one other thing I did want to mention I think if I still have it up here was I found this article over at Jeff lenny dot com. He's got a pretty good, detailed article in launched jacking, So I will include this as well, and he kind of talks about here how he made apparently $10,000 in one night, definitely something worth looking at. If you really follow everything I just showed you. I mean, that's kind of what I did. I saw what Franklin was teaching in this one little short guide, and I just said You know what? I'm just gonna follow this thing to? The letter was super easy. And it was a small investment under 100 bucks. I figured what's the worst that could happen? So ultimately, here I am a year later and the sites still ranking number three. And I'm beating out all those other sites So you could do this in any niche, any product, anything you want again, I just highly recommend if you're going to use some of those safe links or even some of these other services that you don't do it on like a main blogger website. You build out a specific website just for this purpose. In that way, if something does happen, you're not gonna have your whole site get destroyed because of it. So again, thanks for watching. If you guys have any questions, I hope this helped again. Be sure to check out online dimes. And if you want to check out my blawg, you can head over to no shame income dot com. And I've also got some stuff going on over there sharing kind of what's working for me now . Different income reports and I've also included a course on how I earned my 1st $1000 is an S e o consultant. So definitely check that out. And I think you guys love that case study. Thanks again for watching.